Portrait of a lost young soul and her pathetic p.c. dad

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Kayla Mueller, nice, liberal German-American girl with her brother and parents in Prescott, Arizona



“Let’s go to Syria — I have no prejudice against Muslims like Donald Trump and the white supremacists!”

“Hi, Dad, I have a cute Arab boyfriend. Isn’t it wonderful!?”


Al-Baghdadi [the sephardic Jew/Israeli who founded ISIS] would occasionally stay at [an ISIS operative’s] home and [said] that he ‘owned’ Mueller during those visits, which the FBI says was akin to slavery. 

Mugshot of Al-Baghdadi at US Camp Bucca in Iraq in 2004 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Bucca  The US Army under Bush put 24,000 muslim extremists together in one camp and let them rule it. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/camp-bucca-the-us-prison-that-became-the-birthplace-of-isis-9838905.html  Ten top ISIS commanders came from Camp Bucca.


Then he was a “moderate Syrian rebel” and met with Senator John McCain (right)


A Yazidi teenager who was held with Mueller and escaped in October 2014 said al-Baghdadi took Mueller as a ‘wife’, repeatedly raping her when he visited.

“Please let our daughter go.”

(Hey, dumbass dad, in ancient Rome a man could execute his wife and kids for disobedience. Did you ever think of laying down the law and forbidding your daughter to go to Muslimworld?)


Looks like somebody’s dad had “the talk” with this girl in contrast.


Mueller was killed in February last year, although it is not clear if she died at the hands of her captives or due to a coalition airstrike. 

 An ISIS fighter with heads of white and local captives


……Neanderthals, Jews, Arabs and other semites


Neanderthals & Semites


…..Islam the worship of the Arabic moon god of war

Moon-o-theism — Islam is “submission” to the semitic MOON GOD of WAR; Muhammad was raised from ages 6-8 by his 3/4 Jewish grandfather


Psychopaths in Power

…..On young souls

Reincarnation Evidence

….Where else can you read this information that goes beyond mere race-and-the-Jews?

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