Pop goes the Weiner

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Folks, I couldn’t make this up.

Hillary sent classified emails on her personal computer. Then almost got caught, but deleted the classified emails. So no “smoking gun”.
But her right-hand woman, Huma Abedin,
…..has a weirdo husband, Anthony Weiner, a disgraced ex-congressman from Jew York, and this has re-opened the investigation.
He exposes himself online. Again, I am NOT making this up!
He showed what’s left of his masculine organ to an underage girl (15!).
And the FBI started investigating his weirdo shenanigans.
Turns out his wife Huma exchanged the classified emails with Hillary using the SAME computer that Anthony’s Weiner also used for his rather bizarre exhibitionism.
Hillary might go to jail.
Anthony’s Weiner and the rest of him is Ashkenazi Jewish.
His wife, Huma Abedin, is an Arab Muslim.
Both neanderthals, and so is Hillary.
I am NOT making this up!
Trump might really win, thanks to a weirdo Jewish man married to Hillary’s right-hand woman, and the FBI.
Bizarre stuff.

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  1. The despicable weiner is finally good for something!

    It is kind of ironic that someone from the tribe that Hillary works for, may put her in prison!

    By the way, your site was working very fast yesterday and I noticed today it has slowed down a bit.

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