Politico: the Trump-Putin-Chabad Lubavitch Connection

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As Trump meets with Lavrov, I was studying the tea leaves on the side: Alexander Hamilton painting (bad, the original Fed guy); MLK and Churchill busts….. Covering all the bases….


People who want power, sometimes to do good things, make deals with powerful Jews. Simple as that.


      • The USSR is gone but not the Jews who helped Lenin and Stalin run it. There are still plenty of them in the Duma and other high government positions!

        Putin has to watch his back, especially after his crackdown on the Jewish Oligarchs who became instant billionaires when they bought up state-run industries for pennys on the dollar!

        Putin and Khodorkovsky

        These Oligarchs cousins in the Jew-owned and -operated US and UK keep the media spewing out hatred for Putin every day, 24/7…..

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