Phone death threat to JdN; Jade Helm — deliberate cognitive dissonance; Freddy Gray in Baltimore a proven thug, the arresting officers black

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…..Phone threat

I got a recorded threat (voices from a movie, so untraceable) at 1:49 am this morning after this video on VIP pedophiles got 24,000 hits: (Engl. w/German subtitles)

(I could sense it was bogus so did not get up to listen. I get such calls frequently in the wee hours.)

It said a warrant was out for my arrest; and I had brought this on myself by my own stupidity. 😉

This was the weird, recorded PHONE threat I got at 1:49 am on Friday. (To hide their voices, the terrorists simply recorded some movie dialogue. They call this “punking.” 😉 )

I am clearly terrified, and stopped all pro-white activities immediately. ;-) Actually, I went for a nice walk instead….




…..”Jade Helm” military exercise — media has it both ways

This is why Marines go to a THREE-MONTH bootcamp, to learn to instantly obey ANY order…. but doing so in this case VIOLATES THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THE OATH.

“I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

Role players chant for food and water during alarming exercise.

Classic cognitive dissonance report: Martial law exercise “Jade Helm” is both harmless AND very suspicious. So you laugh it off — but unconsciously still feel deep foreboding,confusion, and jitteriness, and fear dominates your psyche. Then the brainwashing works more effectively.…

I can say for a fact as a vet (Marines and Army National Guard) that US infantry troops do NOT — and have never — routinely marched down the streets of US cities and towns, because it is objectionable, unnecessary, disruptive and intimidating! THAT is what only military occupiers do!
We kicked your ass and now we’re marching down your street.”


……Freddy Gray incident in Baltimore not racial at all

Who knew? I’ll bet you never heard this in the news. It’s now time for the big cover-up by the mainstream media. ………… Freddie was out manufacturing and distributing drugs on the streets of Baltimore and strenuously resisting arrest.

Freddie had a long criminal history (rap sheet): many pages long for manufacturing and distributing drugs and controlled substances, including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana. He had been convicted of numerous other felonies including assault, firearms violations, breaking and entering, armed robbery, receiving stolen property, and the list goes on and on from his 18th birthday. In Baltimore County , juvenile records are forever sealed except by judicial order. (www.mdjudiciarycaseresearch) Freddie, known on the streets as “Pepper”, was 25 years old, 5’8″ and weighed 145 lbs. when last arrested. He had been incarcerated at least 12 times, the longest stretch being 2 years in prison in Maryland .

Freddie had recently tried to convert his structured settlement from Allstate into a lump sum payment from Peachtree Funding, of Atlanta . Friends say he was confused by the paperwork and legal terminology.

Following his arrest, Freddie was placed into the paddy wagon by the police officers who had arrested him —- black officers, all of them. He could have easily slipped on the floor or bench, or twisted his neck or shoulders to reopen his recently fused and weakened spine. En route to the County jail, the paddy wagon stopped once so that officers could put leg restraints on Freddie to calm him down and restrict his movement.

Freddie was a dangerous career felon, well-known to the BPD officers, with a damaged and healing spine and neck, and was supposed to be home healing a week and a half after surgery. He should not have been running around on the streets of Baltimore committing drug felonies and resisting arrest.

Now, why are so many residents of Baltimore destroying their own city with looting and arson? Because it’s a good way to get new shoes and TVs for free? Seems to be. They sure know how to pick their heroes, don’t they?

By the way, none of the eight BPD officers who arrested Freddy has ever had a complaint against him for brutality or use of excessive force.
Freddie Grays arrest record:

03-20-15 dealing cocaine
08-28-08 possession of narcotics
10-05-12 illegal gambling
01-25-14 possession of narcotics over 10 grams
08-24-07 manufacturing and distribution narcotics
08/29-07 distribution of narcotics
09-16-08 distribution of narcotics
04-16-08 distribution of narcotics
05-09-12 distribution of narcotics
01-04-15 distribution of narcotics
12-31-14 distribution of narcotics
05-13-14 stolen property
07-16-08 distribution of narcotics
03-28-08 possession of narcotics
02-12-08 distribution of narcotics
09-29-13 distribution of narcotics
12-04-14 distribution of narcotics
12-04-14 possession of narcotics
03-20-08 burglary
03-20-08 possession of narcotics
09-21-07 distribution of narcotics
04-30-08 unlawful possession (two counts)

(Source Maryland Dept of Justice)

Freddie Gray, who died from spinal injuries while in Baltimore police custody on 12 April 2015, had a lengthy arrest record.
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  • John D. Nugent This is why I fear a race war (purpose: to impose martial law). There was zero reason for a race riot: 1) Gray was a proven thug, not a choir boy; 2) he ran from the cops, reopening his own spinal injury; 3) the three cops that busted him were BLACK; 4) the chief of police is black; 5) the mayor-ess is black, and 5) so are 48% of the Baltimore PD. … OUTSIDE AGITATORS STARTED THIS RIOT.
    We must end Zionist control of our country before we have a BLOODBATH and MARTIAL LAW.

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