Pedro Varela Geiss, National Socialist, great revisionist, publisher, leader and bookstore owner in Barcelona, Spain flees as lackeys of the Jews seal his bookstore shut and arrest four supporters

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Cover of a beautiful little book by Varela, especially designed for the young, “Revolutionary Ethics” (in Spanish only)

(From “Bocage,” a revisionist news source in France — translated by John de Nugent)

Latest news: It seems that, by order of the Barcelona court, the police have put seals on bookstore “Libreria Europa” of the Spanish revisionist Pedro Varela and are looking for him, guilty, they say, (yesterday July 8?) , of selling “more than 15,000 books spreading Nazi ideology.”



Four people were arrested.

We will try to learn more soon.

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…..A true hero of our race and movement

Margi and I know him well — a wonderful man, and a real man in every way — and we both gave speeches to his mostly youngish followers in Barcelona, Spain. I spoke in 2006 in Spanish (with the aid of Spanish historian Joaquin Bochaca) on high politicians who are psychopaths (this speech led to this essay later: ).

Margi, to whom Pedro had shown great helpfulness, spoke in 2012 on the writings of French revisionist Vincent Reynouard, who has very bravely “defended the Gestapo,” which of course has been a hate object of the jewsmedia for eighty years.


Pedro (Peter in Spanish) was arrested in 2006 and, to humiliate this  very masculine man (also a great dancer, hiker, and in perfect physical condition), it was done using “commandos” of the police who are feminine antiracists.

In fact, often in such cases the judge is a feminist woman and they send female, male-hating cops to arrest white male national socialists.


Vandalism in the past by the Antifa of his beautiful, modern bookshop

Damage-Varela-bookstore Barcelona-Oct-2-2010


They would also certainly have set the place on fire, but there are families who live above the bookstore, a parterre.

ataque-libraria-europa-marzo 2014-varela-side-window

On December 12, 2010 Varela goes to prison — for opposing white genocide — with thieves, burglars and drug dealers until March 8, 2012


The pain is visible in the faces of his young followers who admire and love him to the max. He is a true, charismatic, courageous leader, so the Jews fear him.





  1. According to the spanish press, Pedro turned himself in to the police today.
    You are more than welcome to send him a letter of support to his prison cell at:
    Pedro Varela
    Prisión Modelo (C.P. d’Homes)
    Carrer Entença, 155
    Apartado de Correos 20
    E-08029 Barcelona

    • John, I have only just now heard of Pedro Varela Geiss and will say that I support him and his cause without reservation.
      Any information about his condition status and/or circumstances is highly appreciated.
      Thank you for caring so much about this great man.

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