Pauline Hanson, pro-white Australian — slandered by the Murdoch newspapers with fake nude photos — and the gullible white masses voted her down

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…….Murdoch papers apologize the day AFTER she loses

The white Aussies had plenty of warnings 20 years ago what was coming from their own WNs, such as Paula Hanson.

Look at this:


Pauline Hanson loses re election bid as paper apologies over nude photos

The far-right Australian politician Pauline Hanson has received an apology over the publication of 30-year-old raunchy photographs of a near naked woman that local newspapers incorrectly claimed were her, a day after she lost a bid for re-election.

The apology – in which a Sunday newspaper admitted they were “conned” by Jack Johnson, who took the photos and claimed he was a former boyfriend of Ms Hanson – came as the political firebrand lost her bid for a seat in the Queensland parliament, ending her controversial 13-year political career.

Ms Hanson, the former leader of the One Nation political party, had vowed to quit politics for good if she failed to win a seat as an independent in the Queensland parliament during Saturday’s elections.

A jewspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch publishes FAKE nude photos of her.

Dr Meiya Sutisno at the University of Technology Sydney says the nude photographs were not Pauline.


But she lost her political career over it. All her conservative supporters, especially in then all-white Queensland — were shocked. Then the Murdoch newspaper apologized for the fake nude shots — the day after she lost the election!


Hanson is back, and was even elected a senator in 2016. This was her speech, but the problem now is that the whole country meanwhile has been racially changed — and she could only be elected from one state, WHITE, CONSERVATIVE Queensland. The rest of “Oz” MEANWHILE has gone “mud”!

Btw, since Pauline’s speech discussed and slammed the wicked religion Islam, one of the whites murdered with eight stabs from a knife in the London Bridge massacre in England was an Aussie, Sara Zelenak.

Seeing the fate of Pauline Hanson, I cannot think of a better reason to follow the anti-democratic wisdom of our own American Founding Fathers.

We should abolish this one-man-one-vote, fake, “democracy” myth which our ancestors rejected.

Universal suffrage never is mentioned even once in the Declaration of Independence — or the US Constitution.

Not once is the word “democracy” used in either!

As the wicked Jews understand better than anyone else, the average person is not AT ALL cut out to do independent thinking and question and investigate the “facts” the media present to him.

He is best suited — for the vast majority of us are young souls — to follow and trust our leaders while “the average Joe” goes about his own life and his own business.

This is why the Founding Fathers had a rule that only white male land owners could vote, to try to weed out the mediocre!

Most people are far happier following anyway! Think of how kids are in high school, obsessed with what OTHERS think and desperate to met some standard of what is “cool”! Follow the leader! Be a jock or cheerleader! Or the nerd with the best computer! 😉

As Winston Churchill said, and he is hardly my hero, but he said many clever things:


Why is it this way?

This is because most of us are on our earliest human lives.

We are NOT old souls who have had many lifetimes of human experience, the lives that can give us wisdom when we sit down and take a hard, reflective look at ourselves and our mistakes.

We are, most of us, to be brutally frank, in fact just above the animal stage, and most of us are skilled humanimals with merely larger brains than the animals we WERE.

Most of us read no books, most of us never reason out our lives, or vow to discover life’s meaning, come what may.

And under the influence of drugs, booze, porn, and Jew tv and, music and movies, all deliberately designed to be RE-ANIMALIZING, we redescend to the purely animal stage of sex, food, booze, money, sports, cars, clothes, shoes and gossip.

Am I right or am I wrong? 😉

A lady comrade in California asked me:

I would like to know how you explain the millions of not-so-gorgeous Aryans who do not look like Chahlize Therrrrrron or Nicole Kidman.

Afrikaner Theron


Australian Kidman


My reply:

1) dysgenics — The best and brightest do not have enough kids, and here is a memorable stat for you: 42% of woman 42 or older with a master’s degree are childless.

2) bad karma — They got arrogant when they were all-too-beautiful in an earlier incarnation; it went to their head, they scorned others, and forgot that God is the source of all beauty — they did not make themselves! So they need to do at least one “life sentence” as a homely person and learn to stand out by their noble deeds, not their looks.

3) they just came out of the animal stage, and look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are humanimals!

An excerpt from










From “Vaught’s Character Reader”

Described as a criminal type


Interesting from a reincarnation point of view — Cows let literally any young mammals suckle: piglets, monkeys, human kids, etc. In reincarnation doctrine, the so-called “young souls” are humans now who were higher animals in their last life. And this would offer an explanation for the liberal: completely indiscriminate compassion.


Scenes from Cologne, Germany: libtards and the aftermath

Eric Holder, US Attorney General under Obama  2009-2014


NATO puppet German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier


Jewish media baron Sy Nyhouse


Abraham Foxman, director of the ADL 1987-2015


Fish-faced SJW woman

a grouper

A weasel


Jewish billionaires and Google owners Larry Page (with the weasel face) and Sergei Brin


Two elite US military with huge chins and jaws: 1) Army Ranger Pat Tillman (infamously murdered in 2004 after reporting US troops in Afghanistan were protecting opium producers)


2) A US Marine Corps drill instructor


Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary fund


The Armenian-American porn star and celebrity Kim Kardashian, married to a black singer, and a Russian wolfhound


A Frenchwoman marches for “the rights of man” and the “refugees” in Paris in October 2015 



Legendary US Marine general  Chesty Puller (most decorated in Marine history)


It is this refusal to face up to the real issue, the JEWS, that has led to our gradual downfall.

It is the refusal to see that the “Nazis” are the Jews themselves. The Jews are the “Master Race” seeking to cruelly humiliate and enslave the world. And anyone who bashes Hitler does NOT-SEE 😉 what is going on! 😉


…..Nice feedback

–I just wanted to say that I greatly admire the stand you’re making on behalf of our people. God bless you. –Leo K., England

–(first in German, then translated)

Hallo John,

Dies ist mein persönliches “Feedback” auf Ihre Veröffentlichungen im Weltnetz.

Mir erscheint es, als stünden Sie vor einer Herde weißer Affen…


und verkündeten denen die Bedeutung der Begriffe “Wahrhaftigkeit”, “Gerechtigkeit”, “Treue”, “Opferbereitschaft”, “Pflichtbewusstsein” oder “Gnade”. (Von Glaube und Gehorsam will ich erst gar nicht reden)

Ich weiß nicht, ob ich Sie bewundern oder bedauern soll, ob der Größe Ihrer fast unmenschlichen Aufgabe.

Der Marshal Will Kane in “High Noon”, nach Erfüllung seiner Pflicht, war vom Verrat seiner Herde angewidert, setzte sich auf den Wagen und fuhr weg in die Prärie.

Und Sie, John?

Als Kämpfer haben Sie meinen Respekt.

Grüße aus Magdeburg



Hi John,

This is my personal “feedback” on your Internet blogs you send out to the world.

It seems to me you are standing out in front of a herd of white apes


and preaching the meaning of “truth”, “justice”, “loyalty”, “sacrifice”, “sense of duty” and “grace.” (I won’t even go into “faith” and “obedience.”)

I do not know if I should admire or feel sorry for you, given the� size of your almost superhuman task.

In the cowboy movie “High Noon”, after Will Kane fulfilled his duty, then, disgusted by the treachery of his flock, he got onto his wagon and drove off into the prairie.

And how about you, John?

As a fighter, you do have my respect.

Greetings from Magdeburg


I replied (in German, which I speak and write fluently like a native, perhaps due to an earlier life; I began independently studying German at five; a translation follows):


Danke, Kamerad, für diese Respektbezeigung.

Wenn alle wie ich karmagläubig und Gottverstehend wären, dann verstünden sie, dass ich mich vor Höchster Stelle zu verantworten habe, diejenige, welche uns alle erschaffen hat, und nicht vor den Tiermenschen von heute.

Vorrang hat die Gründung einer neuen arischen Heldenreligion. Was nützt uns Politik, wenn die Menschen zu unwissenden Kriechwürmern werden?

Bedauern Sie lieber die Feiglinge, zumal unter den Männern, Kamerad, die saftlose Mikrohoden zwischen den Schenkeln haben und sich vor ihrer Mannespflicht zur Volksverteidigung verkriechen! Ein Rachegott sieht ihren Verrat!

John de Nugent



Thanks, comrade, for this expression of respect.

If everyone believed in their karma and understood God, then they also would grasp that I do not answer to the humanimal horde of today but to the Highest Authority, which made us all.

My priority is the creation of an Aryan heroic religion. What good is politics when men have become ignorant worms?

Feel sorry instead for the cowards, especially among the men, comrade, who have but juiceless micro-testicles between their thighs and scurry away from their manly duty to defend their folk! A vengeful God sees their treason!


“If you want to live, then fight. And if you refuse to fight in a world of eternal struggle, then you do not deserve to be alive.” –AH

John de Nugent

interviewed by CanalPlus tv in France



Thanks to a comrade sending this gold Swiss coin!



Eric Thompson, inventor of the term “white nationalism”:

“Americans are entertainment-addicted materialists.”

But I am a hero, too, John! I “liked” you on Facebook! 😉 Do you realize how much time and effort went into that? The downward pressure I had to put on my mouse! Puff, puff!




And the Jew-looking cowboy, played by Lee Van Cleef, loves the cowardice of the white townsfolk. A whole town sits and frets, and not one man goes out there to support their own marshal, Will Kane, against the Lee Van Cleef types.



“‘Do not forsake me”

Meanwhile the “cowardly” French are having mass demonstrations against gay marriage (here is the cute granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen speaking), and in Greece and Hungary also things are boiling.

And in America when I asked for donations in 2013 like any candidate to run for sheriff, I got :


“Why don’t you get a job and stop whining?”

Actually, I worked regular jobs that made Jews richer from 1970 to 2008….. window washer, clerk, salesman, teacher, Marine, steam carpet cleaner, bindery worker, proofreader, writer….

But the entire WN movement in America could not  support the ONE candidate they had with a winnable race. An open seat for sheriff. 98% white. Hated blacks. Rural Appalachia. Pro-gun.

858,000 hits on Google back then — and no donations. 😉





06/29 @ 02:38 : Wellen, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
06/29 @ 02:35 : Englewood, Colorado, US
06/29 @ 02:35 : Bielefeld, DE
06/29 @ 02:35 : Ljubljana, SI
06/29 @ 02:34 : Zagreb, HR [CROATIA]
06/29 @ 02:34 : Thulendorf, DE
06/29 @ 02:34 : Las Vegas, Nevada, US
06/29 @ 02:33 : Boston, Massachusetts, US
06/29 @ 02:33 : Glasgow, GB
06/29 @ 02:33 : Munich, DE
06/29 @ 02:31 : Seattle, Washington, US
06/29 @ 02:30 : Viersen, DE
06/29 @ 02:30 : Zagreb, HR
06/29 @ 02:29 : Glasgow, GB
Scottish baby swims underwater
06/29 @ 02:29 : Denver, Iowa, US
06/29 @ 02:30 : Viersen, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
Bismarck Tower (close to the Dutch border) (nahe der holländischen Grenze in NRW)
06/29 @ 02:30 : Zagreb, HR
06/29 @ 02:29 : Glasgow, GB
06/29 @ 02:29 : Denver, Iowa, US
06/29 @ 02:25 : Redmond, Washington, US
06/29 @ 02:25 : Dinard, FR[ANCE]
In Brittany
06/29@ 02:25 : Homburg, DE

06/29 @ 02:23 : Warsaw, PL

06/29 @ 02:22 : Warsaw, PL
06/29 @ 02:22 : Vienna, AT
06/29 @ 02:22 : Zambia, ZM
06/29 @ 02:20 : Paris, FR
06/29 @ 02:20 : Rome, IT
Trevi Fountain
06/29 @ 02:19 : Cartersville, Georgia, US
06/29 @ 02:17 : Düsseldorf, DE
06/29 @ 02:16 : Tampa, Florida, US
06/29 @ 02:15 : Itzehoe, DE
06/29 @ 02:14 : Joliet, Illinois, US
06/29 @ 02:12 : Johannesburg, ZA
06/29 @ 02:12 : Switzerland, CH


…..Contact and support

–30 June 2017 check from J in Maryland


–29 June 2017  PayPal from L in Australia


–28 June 2017 book on national socialism by Christof von Kanwetzburg


–27 June 2017 PayPal from J in England, P in Connecticut,  B in New York, and P in Maryland,

and a check from J in Utah

–15 June 2017 cash from M in Oregon

–10 June 2017 donation by check from G in New Swabia

–5 June 2017 cash in foil, letter and nice card from S in Germany

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  1. An Australian wrote me:


    Dear Sir,
    The article you wrote about Pauline Hanson is correct. The photos were a dirty trick but now she has more power and support than ever before ! She is calling for a royal commission into Islam and a total ban on mudslime immigration.
    Have you seen the latest article by Jonas E Alexis on Veterans Today –

    If a black man can tell the truth about the drunken dirtbag, then why is it so hard for many whites to do the same?

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