Parrott and Heimbach counter; Sen and I fire back

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Jack Sen and his daughter Alexa

My army of informants sent me this, referring to the last blog on Hymbach and Parrottbeak:  

Doubly wrong:

One, there was no reimbursement. The disgusted donor redirected his largesse from Heimbach to Sen for a totally different project, the video series with Sen interviewing the two former Members of the European Parliament, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons.  (Both  excellent videos are down because JewTube just closed the channel.)

 Two, and Parrott and Heimbach may not “get” the concept, but there is something among Aryans called gratitude.

You do not attack someone that proved himself your friend in a dire hour of need. Parrott and Heimbach pled for the money because they were destitute. Sen spoke for hours with Heimbach via Skype webcam, and saw that his trailer house was a shambles. He pitied the man, his wife and kid, and decided to help.







……Matt Heimbach wrote:

I truly loathe getting into the pig slop of old movement nonsense, but I want to set the record straight. John DeNugent has now accused me of a whole host of things, and yes, that John DeNugent [sic; it is “John de Nugent” with a small “d” and a space before “Nugent,” something that even a Towson State grad should be able to master] who LITERALLY believes that he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and that he is the “Provisional President of the Americans.”

When I visited Europe two trips ago, i was supposed to visit the UK for a speech. As many of you know, I was banned from the UK just prior to my trip, thus costing several hundred dollars in nonrefundable travel expenses. My plan was to then follow the example of Cmmdr. [sic] Rockwell and get into the UK through Ireland into N. Ireland and take a ferry to the UK.

To accomplish this, the organizer of the event Jack Sen (who has now turned against London Forum organizer Jez Turner and almost all solid UK nationalists) offered to help cover what would be the second round of UK travel costs. I gladly accepted this offer of help. After my speech at the NPD conference in Weinheim Germany, my travel companion and TWP comrade had a heart attack. Beyond the UK I had also planned to visit comrades in Spain, which had to also be cancelled as I stayed with my comrade at a German hospital until he was stable enough to be flown back to America. His wife specifically asked me to stay with him, which i gladly did, after all No Comrade Left Behind.

I apologized for the problem and cancellation that was beyond my control. Several weeks later, my comrade who had suffered the heart attack actually sent Mr. Sen over a thousand dollars in repayment to help British Renaissance purchase a nice camera for their videos (something Mr. DeNugent [sic] confirms in his own article) to make us even and apologize for all the inconveniences.

Now two years later, John is defaming my character and lying about my comrade, in a petty attempt to insult me, after I blocked John over his endless attacks on Richard Spencer and other nationalist leaders and groups.

I also have been accused of insulting Mr. DeNugent [sic], and when asked for proof, he has stated it was all in secret and thus has no evidence BUT HE KNOWS, so facts are irrelevant.
If push comes to shove, I’d be happy to get a statement from the NPD comrades who spent time with my comrade and I in the hospital, or from my comrade in question to confirm 100% of what I am saying.

A week out from Unite the Right we have a certified movement crank attacking myself, and many in the nationalist community, seems like odd timing to me….

My purest desire is for nationalist unity, personal attacks are to be expected by those who do not desire unity and put ego ahead of the Cause, but I feel a sincere need to answer lies and false accusations.


……Jack Sen replied:

“I won’t spend too much time on this nonsense, as Heimbach is a joke in every sense of the word.

Anyone that takes $200 from someone, then resorts to abusing them on the Internet after they’ve received the money, is not worth knowing.


I am only responding as this clown has been abusing me online for months, and blocked me when I tried to ask him why. I only learned about this nonsense when a friend sent me a print-screen of this trashy Parrott creature referring to me as a “Paki” from the cosy confines of his Facebook account.

I was annoyed as I sent this impoverished piece of trailer trash $200 once so he and Heimberg could pay for food and tickets. My guess, after seeing how much fatter Heimbach is this year, is it went on fast food. The fact that Heimbach was Christian Zionist just a few short years ago, and has gone from Evangelical to Roman Catholic to Eastern Orthodox, and from an anti-racist to a national socialist, and from telling me he hated Richard Spencer bc Spencer was pro-gay, to begging Spencer for forgiveness (only due to the fact that Spencer is successful, classy and somewhat attractive and he isn’t), all this switching around in just a few years time, should tell people he is no good.

I will respond to each point reluctantly. Unlike Heimbach I loathe this sort of thing, nor do Istart it, but his allegations need addressing.

“Pig slop?” Heimbach is the pig.

The fact he is insulting John, who is the most decent man I know, for his beliefs when he walks around like a fat Brother Nathaniel with his fake-ass,  gaudy cross and phony Orthodox stance, is rich.

Heimbach is a despicable clown who needs to hit the treadmill, get his face out of the Doritos bag, and get off the Internet.

Regarding the trip:

Matt Heimbach is lying.

We arranged to meet in Ireland, and he was going to be smuggled into the UK by one of my comrades. Like the bitch that he is, Heimbach simply pussied out.

Even before his friend took ill, Heimbach had already backed out.

He left my friend stranded, and failed to notify us he was no longer coming. He was a featured speaker!

We never offered him money; he begged for it.

He was hungry, he said, his wife about to give birth, he said…. and his friend Matt Parrott, who now refers to me as a “Paki,” literally begged me for the money.

I sent it bc I felt sorry for them. I saw the manner in which they live, the house in which that kid was to be raised, and I felt sorry for them. They told me they had no income as they couldn’t find work.

Re my “falling out” with British nats [nationalists], that is hilarious. Jez Turner is widely suspected to be a state agent, he was overtly in British military intelligence (Royal Signals Corps, as in electronic surveillance) and sabotaged an important BNP [British National Party] event I was involved in. He has trashed me to one and all, promoted my vicious enemies such as Julie Lake, and had homosexuals and paedophiles as speakers at his “London Forum,” which is dwindling in attendance because he is seen as an agent.

As for Jez Turner, he showed up, performed a quenelle salute that looked like a downward sieg-heil,  to the cameras and wrecked the BNP event.

He then wrecked my event by ignoring my strictures and giving an ultra-hardcore speech about jews that turned off the mixed audience, saying the Jews had green blood. This bile prevented us  from using the speech on YouTube (over “hate-speech”), which he knew. (Youtube just deleted, in fact, our entire British Renaissance Channel,with 500,000 views, even though we kept it soft on the racial and Jewish talk.)

All the one-time top activists of the Nick Griffin glory days are with British Renaissance:  Steve Squire, London organizer; Gary Tumulty, former Northern Region organizer for the BNP; and Edward O’Sullivan, the Salford organiser of the BNP. O’Sullivan he was the Manchester mayoral candidate (Manchester being the second biggest city in the UK, with 2.5 million area residents) as well as a Parliamentary candidate, and he has appeared on the BBC.

The English nats he is referring to are nameless faceless keyboard warriors, NOT genuine political activists, not people like John de Nugent, me or Nick Griffin who have run for office. The clowns he is referring to are homosexuals and pederasts that go by the name “Dave Yorkshire” (LOL), “Morgoth Penguin,” and the anorexic “Sven Longshanks.” These are all phonies who hide behind fake ID and their pix. THAT is why he couldn’t name them.

The claim I’ve turned on other British nats is a farce. Just visit our radio station.  The Who’s Who of British nats is involved. And our British Renaissance event was the single most successful event in years in Britain.


Matt’s then friend did send me money, but it was not to repay Matt’s debt. He did it because he felt I had been let down, specifically telling me that Matt “had a lot to learn.” He was clear that I should hold Matt accountable, and I should ask for the money back. I never did, as I felt it was pointless.

I also believe that Heimbach’s banning was far from being organic. I believe that Heimbach and Turner orchestrated the entire thing for publicity.
Again, I don’t want any involvement in this. Heimbach is a joke, and many, not all, of his followers are either gullible or low-quality individuals.

This man lied. He took money from me, then blocked me. Anyone with any decency would recognise how wrong that is.

And the pathetic, physically repugnant man I sent very scarce British Renaissance money to, Matt Parrott, called me a Paki.

Imagine calling someone an abusive name who sent you money so you could keep your lights on? These low-quality crooks should be viewed for the chumps they are. I won’t address this issue again, and John de Nugent is tired of it too.

I will leave Matt with one word of advice. If you want to be taken seriously, lose weight, lead by example, and quit flip-flopping. It worked for Romney, as he was a handsome WASP with a solid physique. It doesn’t work for your beta ass.

And again, I never wanted any involvement in this. Heimbach and Parrott have been abusing me to my friends for months. When I asked them about it, they blocked me. They then took to their Facebook “wall” to abuse me once I had been blocked.

Not men, but mean-spirited hillbillies with more in common with the psychos in the movie “Deliverance” than with what “Aryans” should be about. Heimbach needs to take a look in the mirror, realise he is a laughing stock, and leave decent people alone. Just bc you’re angry with the hand God dealt you, doesn’t mean you need to take it out on others.

This is the last I intend to write about this matter. If I hear Heimbach or Parrott ever say anything about me online or to anyone I know EVER again, I will hit back, and hard. They need to forget my name and move on. If they want to make amends, they can reimburse me for the money I sent them. How they can keep money — which doesn’t belong to them when they didn’t live up to their end of the bargain — demonstrates they are as wretched as I’ve been told by MOST of the American nats I know. Either way they need to shut their degenerate faces and learn their place.

I have a family, and I have my work.

I wanted none of this.

I didn’t asked to be brought into this fat beta world. I want to be left alone. If I hear Heimbach or Parrott are trashing my name, I will hit back. If they leave me be, then I will leave them be. If they want to make amends, they can do the right thing — and refund me the money I sent them for the trip they never made.

If they genuinely want to “Unite the Right,” they will also quit abusing John, a man that has served nationalism for much longer than Heimbach has been alive.

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent

If Heimbach can keep his mouth shut and his keyboard on the real enemy, then this ends. If I hear he is talking s— behind my back, or ringing friends of mine, then it’s on.

However, if he leaves me and reimburses me for the misery he caused, then I’m happy to let this die now. ‘And John is of the same mind.

Now leave me alone. That’s my response.




…..My observation

I wrote to someone named”Adams” who accused us of “infighting”:



If it were your ox being gored, believe me, then you would care. You are apparently not an activist, and so if someone bashes you, you have no vital support and supporters to lose. To have your reputation destroyed is no laughing matter when you depend on your reputation.

Besides, it was $300 (not $200), as you wrongly claimed, TWO donations, and that was a ton of money to Jack and me, now as then. I almost had my Internet shut off at midnight because I did not have $85. 

You are also confusing perp and victim. Those two 100% started this infighting. If a woman is being beaten and raped, and she bites, scratches and screams, is she “infighting?” Sen and I said, did and wrote nothing whatsoever that was hostile against either of these two.

On Parrott, nothing at all before this erupted:

On Heimbach, positive things now and then — before this erupted:

THEY, the supposed Orthodox Christians, should be the ones to be ashamed. We do not run around wearing a cross.

Natasha, Jack’s wife, wrote me:

It’s very upsetting and disappointing about this Heimbach – such a backstabber! We invited him to stay at our home and spoke to him on Skype with his baby son Nicholas . It was kind of personal, you know….


John de Nugent


 I do not feel Heimbach and Parrott are shills, just two flawed and typical humans  engaged in very disappointing trolling…… or just kissing Richard Spencer’s JdN-hating arse and doing his bidding. Note the poster:…/unite-the-right…

I note that 5 of the 10 superheroes at this rally use pseudonyms. 

I do think the media love Hymbach and Thpenther….because the one is homely and fat 😉 ..,,, and the other, Spencer, handsomish in a sinister-looking way, like a James Bond villain 😉


“Casino Royale” Bond villain Le Chiffre




…….Contact and support 

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


–6 August 2017 pymt made for me by P in Albania (inside joke 😉 )

–5 August 2017 cash from M in Oregon

–5 August 2017 a jar of Napoleon garlic cloves from M in Michigan (Does this mean I should remember to avoid invading Russia?)

–5 August  2017 from R in Michigan a wonderful little book by Eckhart Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now

–3 August 2017 check from P in Florida direct to my webhost

–2 August 2017 check from K in Ohio

–31 July 2017 check from G in Cicero, Illinois

–25 July 2017 check from G in Nevada


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