Paris massacre; are the mainstream media kaputt? by Michael Walsh; a video appeal you need to see

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…. Paris bloodbath


Someone was very depressed about Paris. I replied: In reality what is grimmest is that this Paris massacre proves drastically yet again that earth is a kind of purgatory and overall not such a nice place. … and we were sentenced here, which tells us something about us! 😉

 We must, in a way, distance ourselves from our self and even from our kids. We all have our karma… no angels in the lot of us….
I see even “me,” this “John de Nugent” character, just as a blip…. a bundle of fears, desires and blunders…..  I just see him as a project 😉 not as my eternal self. Paris? This too shall pass. 🙂 Our souls remain.


Paris-attacks-horreur Paris-attacks-horreur



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Rowlands Mathis

Rowlands Mathis I see many Sheeple jumping on the band wagon but its all clearly to see if one as eyes n not blinded by the Corruption of Propaganda n fooled by Hollywood Studio Busted Producing ISIS Videos.

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent “Bernard Bajolet, Director of France’s Directorate-General for External Security; John Sawers, the former head of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service; and Yaakov Amidror, former National Security Advisor of Israel.”

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John D. Nugent
John D. NugentGee, I wonder what they were “discussing”?… or “planning”…. Purpose: Justify a NATO invasion of Syria and try to push Russia out in order to drive out Assad — or get into an open war with Russia and Assad’s government, the ones really fighting ISIS.
Btw, I spoke with a friend who is an Arab linguist with a degree from Georgetown and who served in Iraq. He confirmed to me that the name Al Baghdadi (the last name of the founder of ISIS) is in fact a COMMON sephardic-Jewish name.
This video was taken down by JewTube after it went viral and hit 1.5 milion views in five days!




Mike Walsh
[All photos and captions added by me, JdN.]
Will media silence and spin over Western Europe’s refugee crisis prove to be the final nail in the coffin of what was once known as mainstream media? On November 6, over 10,000 German protesters pointedly passed the offices of Dresden’s Federal Press Association. As they did so they burst into the well-known chorus of ‘lügenpresse” (lying press). This protest song is routinely sung at German demonstrations.
JdN: This graphic says it all; A girl named “Truth” is being shot by a firing squad composed of the biggest newspaper, “Bild,” [which stupidly means just “Picture”], the biggest news magazine, Der Spiegel [ = “the Mirror”], and the two government-run tv networks.
These men unrfurled a banner saying “Lügenpresse,” which became designated Most Popular New Word of the Year for a leading German dictionary.
The lying press shrieked that “Lügenpresse” was actually the Worst Word of the Year, and a “really terrible Nazi word ” ..”because we always tell the truth.” Notice Pinocchio-length noses in this cartoon by the very gifted Götz Wiedenroth.  
Wiedenroth: The US media octopus (American Jews literally own most of Germany’s newspapers, magazines and private television channels) is saying “Look at the bloodbaths that Russia is committing in Ukraine” as the Jewish prime minster, Yatseniuk, plunges his dagger into the people in the Russian-speaking east of the country. Average Germans are to feel terror about Big Bad Russia in their NATO hot tub. Note also European Union yellow stars on the octopus’ arms.
The problem of press distortion isn’t new; the sinister MSM has always been focused on creepy mind-manipulation. John Pilger, Britain’s most respected investigative journalist is up-front: “We have almost got to stop using the term mainstream. It’s a misnomer. It is actually an extreme. What could be more extreme than institutions that propagate rapacious illegal war, deception about economic policies? What could be more extreme than that? There’s nothing mainstream about that.”
Britain’s Matthew Parris [] [photo] is another veteran journalist. The former Press Awards ‘Columnist of the Year’ was fuming:

“Television lies. All television lies. It lies persistently, instinctively and by habit. Everyone involved lies. A culture of mendacity surrounds the medium and those who work there live it, breathe it and prosper by it. I know of no area of public life, no, not even politics, more saturated by a professional cynicism.


If you want a word that takes you to the core of it, I would offer ‘rigged’. It is dishonest for the presenter (BBC Question Time) to imply that the pundit in the chair is free to offer any opinion, when the truth is that fifty pundits were telephoned but only the fellow prepared to offer the required opinion was invited?”

American economist Gerard Francis Lameiro says, “I believe the year 2015 is the year that America will witness the end of the mainstream media.”
Newspaper revenue (U.S) has fallen 19.6% and suffered a 34.5% decline in advertising income. News media has shed 20% of its journalists. A graph shows a drop from $66 billion to $19 billion. In the UK 52 publications closed in 2009; a decline that over time has accelerated.
It is a cataclysmic loss of influence that has seen 1/10th of UK periodicals cut frequency of publication in half, go online only, or shut.
Germany’s Der Spiegel lost 14.6% of its traffic over the course of last year. As Spiegel‘s anti-Russian pro-Washington DC bias became more obvious their readership began an exodus. This resulted in a 20% drop in sales over the course of five months. Source:
JdN: The largest newsmagazine in Germany, and modeled openly on Time magazine, it recently fawned over Angela Merkel and compared her to Mother Theresa.
JdN: After Russia’s Vladimir Putin put Russian-speaking Crimea back into Russia in the wake of the US-financed putsch in Ukriane, Der Spiegel openly beat the drum for a new cold war with Russia, exhorting Germans to “Stop Putin Now.” Germans were shocked and appalled by this cover, which radically broke with reporting the news and letting the readers decide. The cover slogan alone produced a catastrophic loss of confidence and readership. The photos depict dozens of high-profile German lackeys of NATO, the CIA and the US regime who endorsed conflict, sanctions and tension with Russia, a country with which Germany fought two horrific world wars in the twentieth century.
JdN: Der Spiegel’s vile founder-publisher, Rudolf Augstein, was a supposed Catholic who bashed Christianity in every other issue and promoted atheism, and  he ordered a 1996  interview with me, John de Nugent, by top reporter Matthias Matussek in Concord, Massachusetts to not be published. He admitted to his son Jakob Augstein, who also writes now for the magazine, that as a young German soldier he shot himself in the arm in 1943 to be flown out of Russia while his dutiful fellow Wehrmacht  comrades fought on in the snow and cold against the bolshevik hordes and perished to defend Germany and Europe.  This cowardly self-mutilation was a death-penalty offence that was strictly enforced in the German military. But Augstein, lying on the ground ,found a way with a stick to nudge the trigger on his rifle and shoot a large rifle bullet right through his bicep; he had cunningly wrapped his arm around the far side of a tree. It is sickening that such a coward survived — and so many good Germans stayed at their post and died childless. 
In Hamburg, Der Spiegel’s headquarters looks suspiciously like the evil Borg Cube in the science fiction series “Star Trek.”
The Borg demands all species and planets surrender, with the mantra “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” Then all captives are plugged by the brain into the Borg’s Intranet, lose all privacy, and can only think as part of a hive mind,”the Borg Collective.” Sounds like something else we know. 😉
A strange phenomenon has been revealed by a study of the world’s busiest MSM news portal. The London-based Daily Mail is not only losing readers, it is attracting the kind of subscriber they don’t want. Daily Mail news stories offer opportunity for reader comment. Much of this is now from readers poking fun at the paper’s bias or correcting its notorious mistakes.
Much of malevolent media’s readership no longer expects reliable news information. However, public thirst for information has not disappeared.
Online media has taken up the slack; it is estimated that 65% of readers now choose their news from the broader less biased and controlled internet

…..An urgent appeal

I sent this letter to a comrade in Germany

Dear comrade [name]:

I want to thank you again for the very generous financial sacrifice you made this spring, which saved the TruTube operation and my work as well.

How are things in Muslim-occupied Deutschland? It does seem many are now FINALLY WAKING UP! Here in America too, the media has been covering the influx of young, male Muslims.


There is no doubt in my mind that without the Internet – and the blogs and videos on it – that are exposing the Jews and the NWO, all our freedoms in the United States might now be over – and most hard-hitting websites used by Europeans have US servers…..

Thanks to both donors and activists, far more people are currently awake than in the 1960s and 1970s (I began in 1978), when the racial-truth community had no mass media such as the Net at all, just the Khazar-owned tv networks and newspapers churning out nonstop Zio propaganda.

People back then may have been bothered by what they saw, brother M, but they had no facts to go on to justify their suspicions. There were some pretty accurate „conspiracy theories“ out there, but no way to get the evidence backing them to the masses.

89% of Americans did not believe the 1965 Warren Commision Report on the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy, but they had no idea WHO DID do it if not Lee Harvey Oswald.  There were no videos and there was no Internet back then to expose this to the masses, just the totally Jewish “Lügenpresse.” The truth is that US Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (l) was a Jew via his mother, Rachelle Baines…


Mrs. Johnson, LBJ and his mother, all three with truly jet-black, beady eyes.


Johnson had his own boss, President Kennedy  (who was secretly very anti-Jewish and anti-Israel) killed an hour after this photo was taken at a luncheon on November 22, 1963.


Young Congressman Johnson with the arrogant Jewish smirk


Kennedy feared Johnson with good reason.


JFK was actually just three days away from destroying LBJ via leaking info on key criminal scandals to the media that his brother,  Attorney General Robert Kennedy (center) had already gathered.

Lyndon Johnson, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy

Kennedy would not let Israel steal uranium and plutonium from a nuclear-fuel plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania (where I lived for two years) in order to build The Bomb.


The Israelis dumped radioactive waste everywhere at night and half the people of Apollo got cancer from it and died.

My two major videos on the Apollo disaster on

I openly confronted the US Army at a public meeting of their “Corps of Engineers” about the foot-dragging “cleanup”! 

…..NUMEC – Israelis make a Pennsylvania town radioactive & kill thousands with cancer as they illegally steal plutonium for their WMDs & dump the waste

NUMEC Part 1 – Radioactive Contamination Kills Thousands

NUMEC Part 2 – John de Nugent Confronts The Army

One older comrade who has been at it since 1978 told me that were it not for the online 9/11 truther movement (not to mention the Holocaust, Jewish and racial-truth online activists) we might have had a second and far worse mass terrorism incident by now, not with 3,000 dead as in 2001 but with 300,000 dead.




We know who would have been blamed in this far worse false-flag attack. Our Homeland Security here, headed by two Jews and now a negro, demonizes veterans, “preppers” (preparing for the collapse of civilization with food, guns, water, etc.), constitutionalists, „Holocaust deniers,“ gun rights advocates, anti-vacciners, anti-chemtrail video makers, and homeschooling proponents. And the FEMA camps have long since been completed by Halliburton, and await their first busloads of prisoners.

FEMA camps across the US


I made a deliberate point in 2005-08 of going for a beer to various bars right around the Pentagon to sound out the officers and sergeants who go there off-duty after 3 pm, when the day shift ends. As we know (and as the ancient Romans already knew), „in vino veritas,“ that is, “in wine is truth,“ and that means people talk much more freely, they open up more, in a convivial setting and after a few drinks.

United States Russia Intercept

I found a high degree of awareness and anger regarding Obama’s birth certificate fraud, 9/11, black-on-white crime, and „gay marriage“ among our military officers and senior enlisted men. All this is because of the Internet. It sure is not because of the Washington Post!

I am proud of the results of my own online work, which in truth YOUR donations have made possible:,

and also its clones on the Australian;


and on the British;


Mike Delaney’s, which has had up to 50,000 separate visitors a day;




……the 9/11 documentary at, which was the first documentary to prove Israel-did-it and not just „the banksters“ or „Bush and Cheney“ and just as importantly, that 9/11 was no aberration by some „rogue“ element in the Mossad, but instead part of a long, sickening series of Israeli false-flag attacks on America going way back to 1954.


The bigger project in Mike’s life in recent years, as you know, besides raising his five loving white children with his wife, has been


Until TT came along in 2012, the market-dominating YouTube (owned by the Jewish-controlled Google) was increasingly censoring videos and channels exposing Jewry, false-flag attacks, and racial realities.

But suddenly meant viewers had an alternative. And its mere existence has pressured YT to censor much less – for fear of losing market share. No one likes seeing their videos and channels deleted!

Several months ago, for the umpteenth time, TruTube unsurprisingly was hacked again, and this time it was hacked by the experts.

Though Mike got it back up, the „code“ was so messed up that while the videos already on there are still playable, no new comments could be made, no videos could be „liked,“ and worst of all, no new videos could be uploaded.


In effect, TT became an archive site with no new life in it.


As a result of THAT, both traffic (people coming to the site) and donations plummeted. His site went therefore into a seeming death spiral: no visitors meant no donations, thus no money to repair the site, which needed expert help.

However, the webhost miraculously and generously kept the site up! He did so even though Mike was unable to pay the big monthly hosting bill. At least all the 30,000 videos on TruTube that I, you and others have uploaded have all been preserved.

The BIG GOOD NEWS NOW is that the webhost found, and installed AT HIS OWN EXPENSE, a special „plugin“ that now means the site is technically totally back to normal.

New videos can go up, and so can new comments and likes.

But here is the rub: the webhost himself has been carrying TT’s expenses now for two months out of his own pocket. Mike owes him $700, and when he gets that money over to his host, then he will reactivate the site – „good as new.“

I feel better than ever now that 1) TT has been repaired, 2) the webhost patiently kept the site up even when we were 60 days late on the bill, 3) we once again have our own jew-free video platform, 4) its mere existence as competition forces YouTube to censor less, and 5) I and comrade Jamie Anderson just helped Mike to build a new, small office building behind his house.

Mike and Jamie Anderson


Jamie Anderson


Yours truly


Here Mike can escape his five little blond darlings – and focus on building Trutube bigger than ever, and also plan new activism, not just online but getting back on the street just as he used to do before he and Renée had their first child in 2009.

He and I both hate being just Internet activists; we both like to get out there with The People, and ESPECIALLY NOW.

It seems the angels have indeed watched over us during the last few months, and I am grateful that, due to a very sympathetic webhost, TT is ready to make its comeback. I hope I can ask you, comrade, to make another sacrifice, just as you nobly did before, so Mike can get TruTube back into the battle for the overthrow of Zionism. We must not let the Google Jew-owned YouTube dictate what we see.

You know what the NWO would mean; you see what is happening in Germany; your donation indirectly is saving lives.


jdn-mike-delaney-apollo-may-2013 (me) (Mike)


….Mike Delaney’s new video on TruTube and its POSSIBLE comeback!

It is up to you!

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