Outing to Porcupine Mtns and Lake of the Clouds 17 June 2017; whites, heal thyselves

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I talk with Paul Wolfowitz

Part of creating a new Aryan religion is caring about people — and their lives and problems. Talking about Jews, Blacks and Muslims does not make their life better; in fact, it can sometimes ADD to an already unbearable burden.

I went on an outing Saturday with some real white people, all of whom are “survivors” of something very bad, which I will not reveal.

(Overeating, especially of comfort foods,  is no real solution to trauma; when you see overweight in individuals,  you see someone who is self-medicating with carbs — for PTSD.)

Location: Ontonagon County, Upper Peninsula of Michigan


At Bonanza Falls on the Iron River


Aerial photo from Google Maps


This is the water color of the Iron River in the spring and summer — an astounding, warm coppery-red!

Tamara (all names changed), who was in a group home after a very rough childhood, is now living on her own in Ontonagon. We met when she approached me at a local café, and just wanted someone to chat with. 🙂

Tamara — in the background is Sam, a hospice nurse, the niece of another friend named Judy. 



Tamara on Lake Superior; I dubbed the sandbar “Princess Tamara Island” to her delight. 

On Lake Superior on the AmericInn’s beach in Silver City

You can see why they call the “Lake of the Clouds” (which we will shortly see) by that cloudy name. Clouds and mist (see background) hover over the high valley where it is located.

On the path to the Lake of the Clouds visitor center with Sam and Judy 

Tamara and a stuffed wolf at the center

He and I had a tête-à-tête too.

Tamara, a falcon and a grouse

A mother black bear and her brown little cub, stuffed, at the center

Definitely cool — feeling a patch of real bear fur without repercussions

Up above the Lake of the Clouds 

Judy and Tamara

My first straw hat — a great invention; protects from the sun but keeps your head cool.

From the east end of the overlook you can see Lake Superior as well (the two white dots)

Tamara before the Carp River Valley, west of the Lake of the Clouds

Judy making a video of the lake and valley

 That evening we went for a walk on the Ontonagon Beach on Lake Superior, and Tamara and Sam waded way out there.

Sam beckons wusses to get in the water.


Judy’s intrepid Papillon dog, Oliver, was our bodyguard as monster waves crashed against the shore. His female Papillon friend Bella stayed “zen.” 😉

Thanks for watching!



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