Oregon fines bakeshop couple $135,00 for not baking wedding cake for two lesbians

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On the Oregon couple with the bakeshop facing a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians:



  • Paul DiBenedetto Since when do Christian men wear earrings?
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    • John D. Nugent I saw that too…. but otherwise he seems sincere.
    • John D. Nugent The younger generation and the post-military draft (post-1975) generation have gotten used to effeminate things that our fathers and grandfathers would have found incomprehensible.
      Even saying “I don’t hate gays” is part of it. In my father’s day it was considered a disgusting perversion.
      major-james-nugent-1965-bristol-4th-july-parade-marine-aide-ri-governor-chafeeMy father pulled a gun on a guy at a Los Angeles hotel in 1953 who came onto him. The guy had pled he was broke, and my father, a Marine captain returning from combat in Korea, said he could sleep on the floor for one night; when the light went off this devious queer came on to my dad.
      He pulled out his .38 Detective Special (Smith & Wesson) and told him he had one minute to get out of his room. (It had five notches on it from killing Chinese in the trenches. He did not trust his 1911 Colt .45 to be reliable, nor did most other officers. They carried their own revolver.)
    • smith-and-wesson-38-detective-special-snubnose.
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    • John D. Nugent This was a clear-cut case of a queer trying to seduce by guile a normal man, who in my father’s case had been a Marine NCO who had fought at Iwo Jima, then a combat officer in Korea. Of course my dad was both insulted and infuriated, and told the guy to get out or be dead.
      This is how men were 70 years ago, when our culture was not “low-T.” Homosexuality was beyond the pale.
      We all knew certain show-biz and artistic types were this way, but they were in the closet about it. Rock Hudson and others had to hide it carefully and their press agents made sure they were seen and photographed taking women out to restaurants. Nobody was apologetic about loathing homosexuality. The shame was on THEM.
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    • John D. Nugent

      Write a reply…
  • Michael Haake Hard core social-conditioning to establish the subnormal value system of gender/homo craziness by state authority. The final stage of “tolerant” liberalism using force.
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  • Brünhild Grangert …not normal…
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    • Randy Gray I sent FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request for a copy of the judges’ oath on April 9, 2015, and here is what I got:

      Dear Mr. Gray:

      Oregon administrative law judges do not take an oath of office. Therefore there is no public record to send you.

      Thank you for your inquiry.


      Marcia Ohlemiller
      Custodian of Records
      Bureau of Labor and Industries
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      • John D. Nugent Randy Gray, was the psychopathic creature who fined this couple $135,000 an “administrative law judge”?
  • Kirk Weaver In the future, bakers who don’t want to feel compelled to serve sodomites should just take the order and on the day of the event say the cake was dropped or it slipped through the cracks. As long as you don’t mention their proclivity to sodomy !
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  • John Cassidy Strategy appears not to overtly refuse but fail to deliver service, burnt cake or such a mess they wished they never asked. $100 fine for abysmal service delivery rather than persecutory damages.
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    William S. Hart I’d bake ’em a nice cake. Maybe add some experimental ingredients to make it taste better.
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    • John D. Nugent Only problem with that is they would be livid, since it would spoil their “special day,” and go on Craig’s List and everywhere else online, suspecting it was deliberate, run a photo of the cake, describe its horrible taste, maybe sue you for emotional distress, and bash the heck out of you. Or they call you outright a “homophobe” — and male queers dying of AIDS anyway and with nothing to lose come and smash your plate glass windows. You see, they are allowed to be militant, not we.
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  • William S. Hart I’d bake ’em a nice cake. Maybe add some experimental ingredients to make it taste better.
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  • John D. Nugent But, seriously, it is surreal that this discussion is even happening. Gay marriage wold be considered a sign of mental illness just one generation ago. Homos already had their “civil unions” and all the rights of next-of-kin or a family member. What they are demanding is that WE MUST APPROVE OF HOMOSEXUALS… and of masculine women and feminine men.
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