Open letter to Andrew Anglin regarding his controlled-opposition bedfellows, Duke and Black; Duke plagiarizes entire William Pierce masterpiece; Stormfront publishes home address of mother of WN activist Jack Sen in England

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Faust, brilliant but frustrated, enters a pact with the Devil. Among other crimes,  he seduces a trusting and oh so Aryan German village girl, the blue-eyed virgin Gretchen, impregnating her — and her disgrace ends in her death and that of her baby. But hipster Faust and his diabolic friend are already off to other ‘excellent’ adventures. 😉


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….Subsequent correspondence

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—– Forwarded Message —–
From: John de Nugent <>
To: Andrew Anglin <>
Cc: Mike Delaney <>; Panos2160 . <>; Margaret Hochstätter <>
Sent: Monday, 25 July 2016, 12:58
Subject: I see you suspended me [for exposing Duke]



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From: Andre Anglin <>
To: John de Nugent <>
Sent: Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 5:12
Subject: Re: I see you suspended me

Yeah, I don’t want all these nasty things about Duke on the site. I think that’s in very bad form.

You’re welcome to come back if you can refrain from this.

……Open letter to Anglin now

Dear Andrew:
I have always liked you and your site, and your courageous stand on feminism, fagophile Richard Spencer, and on Russia’s Putin too (all of which positions I took long before you… 😉 )
By the way, that photo on your old “Total Fascism” site, I found it first, and I ran it first. I was blogging in 2007 back while you were still praising Asian chicks, still denouncing our mutual friend and my neighbor Mike Delaney, still doing Jones-ian “banksters” stuff, and still rejecting us evil racists and antisemites. 😉
And I have stuck up for you, saying “I admire a man who can grow and admit he was wrong. We ALL make mistakes, and a great man admits it.”

And this old warhorse still has some mileage. My readers often have master’s degrees and money.





And I offer it as someone who really, really KNOWS David Duke, Don Black, and Stormfront.

November 2008 Euro conference; from the left, Henrik Holappa, a Duke minion and now open traitor; myself, Paul Fromm of Canada;  Duke, who monologued interminably; his mistress Maria, a Russian lawyer; a Danish comrade; Internet radio host James Edwards; Derek Black, son oif Don Black, who abandoned our Cause in 2010; and Don Black, owner of Stormfront. 



DUKE/BLACK. Andrew, you don’t realize, in your understandable and laudable quest as a young fellow for success and influence, that you are making a pact with the very devil.

Duke’s two train-wreck, alcoholic daughters (I KNOW them; do you?)


The disillusioned son, Derek Black, who abandoned his father, the Cause, and $tormfront, which he would have inherited, in an open letter sent to the enemy organization SPLC


MY two daughters are both happily married with kids, Ingrid with a master’s degree from Duke and a husband with the Inter-American Development Bank;


….and Erika has a fine career in nursing and in art (realistic, not abstract) with a double major from the University of Virgina.

She is married to a John Hopkins PHD grad student. (After my divorce in 1990, when they were 8 and 2, I could no longer guide them into WNism. But I was able to transmit my basic values.)

Part of a mural by Erika, from



Andrew, every one of us of the older generation (Willis Carto, Eustace Mullins, William Pierce, myself, Ed Fields, Tom Metzger, James Warner, etc.) know from years of experience with Duke that he is the Bill Clinton of WNism; a con man, liar, thief, sex addict, narcissist, backstabber, and defamer.

Willis Carto (here with his wife Elizabeth) to me in 2005: “Duke is horrible, but he is all we got.”

 photo willis-elizabeth-carto.jpg

*** Dr. William Pierce on Duke


WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent


McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville


[In the year you were born, Andrew, 1984,] I sat in Dr. William Pierce’s office and he tossed a leaflet from David Duke at me with a snort of disgust.

“Look at this, John. He plagiarized every word, and even the graphics.”

To back up the timeline a bit:

I drove 900 miles with Margi in a small car with a very bad transmission to help save Duke’s November 2008 conference in Memphis, Tennessee, which was in danger of collapse after death threats, and many speakers had cancelled.

We both spoke there, and Margi sang a gorgeous song.

I was interviewed on local television about speaking at the “controversial event in the city where civil-rights leader Martin Luther King was martyred.”.


Margi and I at the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue overlooking the Mississippi


But events there confirmed more than ever that David Duke was a ludicrously narcissistic person. He monologized the entire time, and just as bad, held just a one-day conference instead of two days, but kept the two-day conference fees. 😉

Now that is the Dukester for ya.

I remember back in 1983 how Dr. William Pierce expressed to me his lividity over Duke stealing the entire content of his famous jewsmedia exposé “Who Rules America” (a laborious, accurate, and welcome list of every Jew owner, reporter or executive in the US media by title, company and year of hiring — he did not CLAim THE JEWS RUN THE MEDIA, HE PROVED IT, and I am like Pierce, I prove things).

This lazy, lying, conniving, gambling skirt chaser and blower of campaign donations had published it under his own name.


Psychopaths in Power

The young Tony Blair



Pierce was not happy at this blatant plagiarism of his hard work. Not a word was changed by the lazy Duke in the Pierce text except the name of the author. 😉



Being born in 1984, you likely have no idea who James Warner was/is. He was a stormtrooper with George Lincoln Rockwell ( and after his August 1967 murder, Warner started his own organization in Louisiana, the Christian Defense League.

Warner was very well known in my generation, and he has known Duke since he was a Louisiana teenager.


He called me when the Duke-Black war machine cranked up on me in March 2009:

“John, Duke is behind this. He is the ‘good cop’ and Black is the ‘bad cop.’ Duke likes to seem above the fray, but he sicks Don on all his enemies or just his competitors. Duke thinks you are the coming thing.”

I personally also know that David Ernest Duke is an MK-ULTRA, mind-controlled and that is why his delivery is so listless. Yes, just as in the two movies. It is a real program. I personally know it is a real program. My father, like Duke’s, was a colonel in the US military. And I back up every word about this claim in very detailed and factual blogs.


Furthermore, Andrew, David Duke and Don Black are rightly HATED and REVILED by very many rank-and-file WNs who have been on the receiving end of tyrannical bullying on Stormfront.

They furthermore both have waged a (to use your word) “nasty” and surreptitious, cowardly and totally unprovoked war on me since 2009. To anyone whom they deem malleable, gullible and changeable into a de Nugent-hater they spread their venom that I am a disgusting, insane individual.
If you are perceived, Andrew, as being “with Duke and Black,” in the end YOUR OWN credibility and popularity will suffer.
Further, Duke has zero chance of winning for US Senate in Louisiana; he would need to landslide the white vote (80%+ ) to barely win in a state that is 40% black-mex-mixed.

Race and ethnicity

According to the US census estimates, the population of Louisiana in 2014 was:[75]

You are a very fine young man with huge talent, courage and energy, and you are doing great good for our cause, bringing in excitement, splash, verve and fun. And I say this not just to your face, but to everyone who asks me about you.
LOL — Anglin glorifies the Trumpster.  Hellzapoppin every day on DS!
However, I just blogged in manly forthrightness (since unlike Duke and Black I do not engage in surreptitious attacks) on my concerns about your choice:
DONALD JOHN TRUMP.  I have run at least sixteen major blogs favorable to the man, Andrew, and I had his TRump-for-Prez yardsign in front of my house on the main street here in town for six long months.
However, there exists the distinct possibility that, ironically, DJT could be the worst and most dangerous president ever due to Jew blackmail and extortion with respect to the Jeffey Epstein pedophile mega-scandal.
A historical context for you of political blackmail:
The KKK sympathizer, native Virginian, and re-segregator of the US Post Office Woodrow Wilson also literally:
1) got us into WWI;
2) the Jews got the Balfour Declaration and Palestine;
3) the world got bolshevism (and Berlin in smoking ruins, 30 years later, in 1945).
But why did he do all this???
Because the Jews, and specifically Samuel Untermeyer, the top Jew of the day, had blackmail on him.
THEY obtained by money his steamy, adulterous love letters to his jilted ex-mistress.
Woodrow Wilson
Untermeyer knew about Wilson’s underwear activities
Samuel Untermeyer


…….Woodrow’s ex-mistress ends up killing 98,000 GIs

Trump has a gold-framed oil portrait of himself at his Mar-a-Lago mansion on Palm Beach, a villa which I have seen. Do I like people who hang portraits of themselves up in their house? No, really, I just don’t, and every great world religion denounces the sin of excessive ego. I fear a man who worships himself — and how the Jews can exploit this trait to destroy his (I do think) sincere and brave mission to save America.

woodrow-wilsonWoodrow Wilson [PHOTO] was a staggering narcissist, convinced he would save the world. But when the Jews got ahold in 1913 of the married president’s love letters to his mistress, they totally controlled him via blackmail. ( and scroll down 1/4). He literally got us into the disaster of World War One because the Jews knew he would say or do anything to stay President of the United States.

And so 98,000 Americans died for nothing in the horrible trenches of death, Russia went communist, and everything took a disastrous turn that has still not ended — all because Wilson was A NARCISSIST.


Legless German officer begs in 1919


Wilson countenanced knowingly the most vile campaign of anti-German defamation (GERMANS AS RAPING GORILLAS) to demonize the German people so he could declare war on them — shockingly, just a few months after his 1916 presidential reelection campaign, whose slogan was: “He Kept Us Out of War.”!


Millions died for absolutely no benefit — except so Jews could get Palestine.


…….Wilson’s mistress




Now exactly why has Donald John Trump not yet unleashed his game-over exposé of Bill Clinton, the hubbie of his opponent Hillary,  as a raping pedophile?


Fearless Texas journalist Robert Morrow makes two important points.

  1. Epstein had 15 phone numbers to reach Trump in his book of contacts. Bill Clinton – 21 contact numbers.

2. Why on earth has Trump not yet unleashed the Epstein connection on the Clintons?

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC said in March that Trump would….

Pervy photo of DJT with his own daughter Ivanka, 15, NEXT TO TWO PARROTS DOING “SOMETHING,” while Trump was partying with Epstein.
Trump and Epstein both have mansions in Palm Beach and in Manhattan. ANDREW, if you had a daughter, would you take such a photo? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ???????????????????
This video of mine, which has 35,000 views on all platforms, and came out on Hitler’s birthday in 2015, goes into this stupendous Epstein scandal (and related matters):


Andrew, there is now a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan by a child victim of Epstein, backed up by an affidavit from a known Epstein procurer and claimed eyewitness, which directly accuses Trump of the gravest of depraved crimes at an Epstein home.

Whether this accusation is true or not, the Clintons do have this one thing on Trump — they do hold over his head his own open and notorious 18-year friendship with this vile ultra-kike, with this convicted child rapist Epstein, and they can use it against him.

Whether true or not, this lawsuit can be used to make Trump the most controlled president ever.

And whereas white America at least loathes Hillary as it loathed Obama, it might trust Trump as the last of the white alpha males, so HE, the height of irony,  would be the perfect one for the Jews to use or blackmail in order to introduce gun bans and the end of free speech, just as trusted conservatives brought down white Canada, white Australia (see esp. the Port Arthur massacre of 35, where a gun ban was rammed through the Aussie parliament THE NEXT DAY), white South Africa, white France (the Gaullists Pompidou and d’Estaing) and white Britain (esp. Margaret Thatcher).
CONSERVATIVE WHITE MALE prime minister John Howard just happened to have a gun-ban law in his drawer.
And this gutting of the First Amendment would put YOU, Andrew, Mr ‘Nigger this# and ‘Kike that’ *;) winking, straight in prison, and as the first one.
A word to the wise sufficeth. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
From him to whom much is given ( = you), much shall be expected.
John de Nugent
PS Are you aware that the Stormfront of Black and Duke has permitted a part-black, deranged, overweight troll, Julie Lake, whom even the BNP in England has expelled,
….to publish, and using the Stormfront handle “Bustared,” and via the subterfuge of putting out a domain registration, the home address in England of Jack Sen’s mother, the poet Faye Lowley, who is not even a WN, in order to terrorize him and his family, and that SF has deleted his account, and that of anyone who protests? 
Jack Sen, wife Natasha and daughter Alexa
Alexa Sen…Her dad his half-British and her mom is Swedish and Ukrainian.
Jack Sen and Nick Griffin, former BNP leader and EU MP, on Red Ice Radio (second appearance by Sen on Red Ice)

Jack with Nick Griffin — former Member of the European Parliament, Cambridge University graduate, boxing ace, and leader of the NNP in its glory days:

Jack with former Member of the European Parliament Andrew Brons:

Jack Sen with former British Home Secretary Alan Johnson
Jack’s book
35 MILLION search results on the name “Jack Sen”, a man banned by Black and Duke from Stormfront
Here, on Facebook, this same creature says “social services” is looking into Sen “prostituting his daughter” online.
She is also spreading that the head of the London Forum, where you spoke, Andrew, a Jez Turner, SAW Jack Sen hit his own wife at Sen’s own, hugely successful British Renaissance luncheon, and that Turner then had a fightfight at said luncheon with Sen.
[add pix]
Lake and her pseudonym, “Chris Burnley” (Burnley is an English town where the Nick Griffin-led BNP had huge electoral success 12 years ago)


And when Sen and friends protest on Stormfront against these monstrous libels, three of their accounts were deleted by Don Black! 

These are your new, justly hated, gangster friends. I cannot think of anything more beyond the pale than to endanger an activist’s mother.
When I counter-attack — after someone has already attacked and defamed me, harming my mission — they may survive it, but scathed, and with only their more gullible supporters left, and with a few thousand a month less in donations in their pocket.

His leftist, Jewish mistress who hates us antisemites; no wonderJared dropped his original antisemitism.

Robert Faurisson on the coward, liar and anti-revisionist Mark Weber


Is posh NPI director Richard Bertrand Spencer a homosexual, homophile or really straight?


  1. This is what has been your downfall to this point John, trying to reason with people like Anglin. I’ve always thought he looked like an albino negro. Not many people like him. Trying to be on good terms with one person pushes thousands away.

  2. I disagree. Many like his site, and, well, many handsome men and women are cocky. He does not come across at all that way to me. I hope for the best with Anglin, who is a real innovator.

    Unless DS becomes another aircraft carrier for Duke & Black from which to launch attacks on me, Anglin and I are still okay.

    It is entirely possible that, as a newcomer to WNism and a young man, he is just not aware that the grievances against Duke and Black are very serious.

  3. I don’t think he’s cocky, and I just noticed he’s changed it to “alt-right”. Maybe it compares to how I looked at VNN and stormfront in the beginning as interesting, but then when I became disillusioned with that I pretty much gave up on WN. I wouldn’t consider myself WN anymore, I wouldn’t say I’m alt-right, I believe in traditional National Socialism which isn’t practiced anymore. Put your nation first, pretty much what you’re preaching, if someone is black and is noble, they can be aligned to work with, it doesn’t mean you have to mix races, you just work together to destroy a common enemy. These are desperate times and the internet is not the answer. What people need is real activism, that’s the only hope. Look at what bernie sanders did even though it’s bullshit, look at what obongo did, they used grass roots activism, they didn’t rely on the internet. This is what needs to be done. There needs to be a compound of some sort, people need to cut down trees, help build it, then work from there. People have been blogging about the same shit for years and nothing has happened. If anything it pacifies you sitting in front of a computer screen. People need blood and soil, to see their work, to take pride. Something like the Aryan Nations compound. I predict Don Black and Duke will give Anglin a carrot and he won’t be able to resist. You need to start something, and not rely on others in the already tried and true failure of a movement to help.

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Andrew White above. Anglin isn’t going to change, because he’s most likely being very well-paid by the ADL to do exactly what he’s doing. Anglin isn’t worried about going to jail, because he’s the new, younger Hal Turner, which is why he, like Duke and Black, has a “get out of jail free” card. #

    As I mentioned earlier, a commenter on DailyStormer a few weeks ago, whom I strongly believe was Anglin, based on the “Internet cool kid” language he used, bragged about making $17,000 in just two weeks, and posted a photo of stacks of $100 bills to prove it.

    Now, how many WNs make $17,000 in CASH in just two weeks? The fact that it was CASH means it was payment “under the table” for services rendered. That works out to $442,000 per year, in CASH, which is chump change for the ADL, but more than most people will ever see. At that rate, Anglin will soon be a millionaire, if he isn’t already, and will be able to afford an Austrian ski chateau just like David Duke. Apparently, posing as a WN while secretly betraying one’s race is quite lucrative.

    That is most likely why Anglin works 80-hour weeks on the DS site, not because he really believes in WNism. He’s a mercenary, only out for himself.

    And is it true that Anglin still lives in the Philippines? Here’s an article about that – click on the photos to enlarge them. Those Filipino women he’s with are clearly prostitutes. Where does he get the money to pay them all, without a real job? But then, $442,000 a year from the ADL will buy a lot of hookers:

    Andre Anglin the pedophile Asian sex tourist:

    Anglin’s hate for White women and lusting for non-White women exposed:

    Anglin admits he engages in miscegenation:

    Anglin drunk messaging or can’t spell:

    David Duke is a liar and an idiot:

    By the same author, Rodney Martin, who is apparently a disillusioned WN himself – sadly, everything he says here is true:

    Here’s his main page – he even has an article on Joe Sigur, who commented here earlier. Geez, what a bunch of freakin’ losers, frauds, homos, race-mixers, pedophiles, etc. the WN movement is burdened with. I made the right decision in not getting too involved with WNism – it’s absolutely toxic:

  5. Apparently, though, this Rodney Martin character that I referenced above is a fraud and a POS, too. He accused Carolyn Yeager of being Jewish because her former husband’s last name was Kahant, but did no due diligence before posting his accusations. Here are Carolyn Yeager’s responses:

    The newspaper article Carolyn referenced in the above link:

    From the above newspaper article on Rodney Martin:

    “Martin, as busy as he is in his professional life, is a dedicated family man. He has been married to his wife Peggy, an Eastern Cherokee, for 12 years. The couple has five children: Johnathan, 11, Justyn, 9, Abby, 8, Destiny, 8 and Ana, 4.”

    So, the man who criticizes Anglin for banging Filipino whores and for not being married to a White woman, turns out to be married to a Cherokee Indian woman! Oh, the irony! This WN stuff is like a bad soap opera, where all the characters are equally despicable, and spend all their time stabbing each other in the back. Maybe this is by {{{design}}}? Is it any wonder that WN has never taken off as a real movement? It’s pathetic, and no White person in their right mind, including me, wants to be involved with it. Until genuine, respectable, incorruptible WN leaders with impeccable backgrounds and proven organizational capabilities arise and start a real movement, WNism will just be more of the same Internet mental masturbation, and a huge waste of time and energy.

    • Well, as you should know, WN leaders are held to a much higher standard by the Jew-owned media, so any minor character flaw or episode in a WN leader’s background will be magnified by 100x, and propagated nationwide, whereas Jew-owned political whores like Hillary Clinton could probably murder someone in broad daylight on a public street, and still be selected as President. And you yourself have pointed out how Donald Trump may have pedophile skeletons in his closet, due to his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein of “pedophile island,” which the Jews may use to blackmail him.

      So, yes, as unrealistic as it may sound, an impeccable, incorruptible background is what will be required for any viable WN leader.

      And that, of course, rules out David Duke immediately, and probably Donald Trump as well.

      • Hah. If one is pure as the drive snow, then the Jews invent stuff. Any potential leader whom the Jews fear will be smeared with lies or half-lies.

        The last perfect man was killed by the jews 2000 years ago and they defame him to this day.

        They accused Hitler of cowardice in WWI despite two Iron Crosses!

        I am not going to publish any more of your comments. Your goal is to start a war between me and Anglin, and upon analysis of your overall content, I now believe you are an agent.

  6. …it’s always a mistake to say -or think -that controlled opposition is “all we’ve got”.

    All of the handles, conversations, debate etc. may very well be scripted entirely…and from what I’ve learned they take deceit to unbelievable levels.

    No trust without verification…and there should be no Jews running WN movements. They can be involved…but allowing them to be spokesmen or leaders in our movements is suicide…as this post has inferred if not directly shown. Organizing outside of the Net is essential.

    Just my two cents….good article though.

  7. Thank you for your comment.

    There is simply no way around these three facts:

    1) that Don Black, who has been joined at the hip with David Duke for over three decades, is financially supported by the Jew sugarcane billionaires of the Fanjul family;

    2) David Duke never worked a regular job in his entire life, and his only non-WN job was for the Defense Intelligence Agency, a job his Army colonel father got him to dodge the draft during Vietnam;

    3) Duke defends Israel against the two most devastating, undermining truths possible: a) that Israel organized the mega-crime of 9/11 and b) that the modern Israelis descend 90% from Khazars, Turkish converts to Judaism, and not from the Jews of Bible times.

    Both these searing truths tend to totally undermine US support for Israel among two key groups, flag-waving American patriots and Bible-believing evangelicals, of whom there are 50 million.

    Dukoblack is a blackmailed, controlled business that must do as ordered.

    And they attack me on cue because I am not controlled, I am not controllable, I am relentless, and I represent new leadership with a radically new approach: a militant, passionate Aryan religion that is the answer to the religions of Judaism, Islam, Masonry and Satanism.

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