Ontonagon lady publishes letter full of understandable misconceptions

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My reply here, and in a letter to the Ontonagon Herald (a weekly) for the next issue:

Dear Ms. Paulsen (or Diane):

Your letter is well-intentioned and expresses concerns I can understand, but it contains many serious errors or misunderstandings regarding my views and basic reason for being here.

First, I have never, ever written on MY website (johndenugent.com) the phrase “God bless, in Jesus’ name.”  I have great and sincere reverence for Jesus Christ as a divine being and a leader sent by God to humanity to lead us out of lies, greed and hate. (Just enter the search word “Jesus” into the little search window, upper-left, and see hundreds of positive references to Jesus Christ.) However, I am not a traditional Christian, nor are any of my readers. In fact, never once have I written or even uttered that phrase in my entire life, nor have I ended any of my blogs with that sentiment since they began being published in the year 2008 .

Second,  I did not come here to carve some White Nationalist enclave out of Ontonagon or the UP [Upper Peninsula of Michigan].



Margi and I fled here for relief from federal terror by a despicable, vengeful, powerful, narcissistic tyrant (whom even his own wife cannot stand and just celebrated Valentine’s Day by flying away from him), a failure even as a leader who is squatting illegally in our White House, a certain Barack Hussein Obama.


His illegal-alien status, his lack of U.S. citizenship, his closet homosexuality, his communist upbringing, and his CIA relatives, all these things are huge scandals that I am proud to say I was among the very first bloggers in America to fully expose.



Even way back in the summer of 2008, I ran the scandalous pictures of his shocking, loose-morals mother, Ann Dunham, and photos of his real biological  father,  the Communist Party USA member and pornography writer Frank Marshall Davis.

Ann Dunham posed for erotic glamor shots for Frank Marshal Davis, who in his porn novels describes orgies and threesomes with a “Midwestern girl named Ann.” 


Ann Dunham, BO, and Frank Davis, first row; the Kenyan, BO and Ann Dunham again (BO looks nothing like the Kenyan, though he was born in Kenya for deceitful reasons, and thus cannot be president), second row. 


(Davis took the Fifth when flown by US marshals to Washington DC to discuss his communist activities in Hawaii before the House Un-American Activities Committee.)

It was for publishing the truth on this huge scandal involving the supposed President of the United States — which he is not, because he simply is NOT a US citizen — he is a citizen of all-Muslim Indonesia —  and my further exposés of other terrible scandals in 2012-14 related to Pennsylvania, such as the Jerry Sandusky pedophile ring (of which he was just the tip of the iceberg, which involved the first President Bush and the murder of district attorney Ray Gricar of the county where Penn State University is located), that I and Margi were viciously harassed by the FBI.

Three times I had to move everything — due to their terroristic threats, pressure and campaigns of lies and slander applied against our landlords or their businesses — just between May and September of 2014 — over there in a small old town of 1,600 where we had peacefully and uneventfully lived, a burg called Apollo, Pennsylvania.

Sandusky was ordered to take the fall alone for all the higher-up pedophiles, including the child-molesting, faggoty, limp-wristed former CIA director and US President George H.W. Bush.



The District Attorney of Center County, Pennsylvania (where Penn State University is located), Ray Gricar, disappeared forever in 2005; his body was never found, but his laptop was, along a river bank, with the hard drive ripped out. For not investigating this gigantic scandal, the disappearance of a DA investigating organized pedophilia, and to continue the coverup, the then Attorney General f Pennsylvania, the icy-cold Republican lawyer Tom Corbett, was rewarded with the governorship. (Voters turned him out after one term.) 


Tom Corbett

Further, our mail was openly tampered with (envelopes never delivered, or they arrived ripped open, with the key contents removed — and once even a important outgoing bill payment was intercepted by the US postal clerk involved and not delivered in order to cause me serious trouble. I called the US Postal Inspector and my Congressman — and suddenly the payment reappeared.  THIS is why I moved here, to get away from a terrorizing and out-of-control federal police state that is the opposite of what our American Revolution sought to achieve — a government that was our servant, not our master.

I served my country, Diane, in the US Marine Corps with distinction — as did my father before me, even at the battle of Iwo Jima.



My father James: http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/about-john/james-waddell-nugent-obituary/



My oath as a Marine was to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies — foreign and domestic.” My ancestors came to America with Roger Williams on the good ship “Lion” in 1635 to Salem, Massachusetts. Rejecting the intolerance of the Puritans, Thomas Angell, the ancestor of both my parents, moved to and helped to found a new colony, Rhode Island, as the very first British colony with freedom of speech and religion. The First Baptist Church in North America was built on a parcel of land my ancestor gave from his orchard for the work of God.


I am not a typical “White Nationalist” because I do not believe in white supremacy. When Margi and I were thrown brutally on the street, cowardly white folks did nothing for us, but a black family that admired my courage took us in. My webmaster on my three websites from 2009-20011 was a black man from Los Angeles named Clark Lightbridge, and he even worked for four months at our home in Pennsylvania. (There are many pictures of him and me at Google Images.) My best man at my first wedding was a black man from Harlem named Randy. I have a huge photo essay on my website entitled “For African-Americans” with caring, yet honest talk about race.


I also have many close Japanese friends, and in fact took one of them to see my WWII Marine father for Christmas in the year 2000.  (They actually hit it off wonderfully.)

Furthermore I have several friends who are “in the closet” about their sexual orientation, and while I do not condone or approve of homosexuality, and find “gay marriage” an absolute abomination which I will never accept, neither do I hate people suffering from that misfortune, and I always have friendly chats with a well-known local gay guy here in town. Some homosexuals are nice and even talented people; we certainly overlook it in Tchaikovsky, the painter and sculptor Michelangelo and others, especially the artistic types. I will let God judge them — as He does us all.

But the Bible does say (Rev. 21:8) “…the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

If anything, Diane, I would say I am rather DISGUSTED with white people as they are now, and what they have let happen to our once great nation by their cowardly, politically correct silence.

In 1954, when I was born, this nation was 89% white, and our economy was flourishing, with good jobs at good wages. We had our liberties, our patriotism, many strong families, very little divorce, and our churches were full. Today, our prisons are full — and our hearts and wallets near empty. Many think of suicide more than once. America has become a nightmare.

And due to obscene Wall Street greed, by outsiders, this lovely little town of ours has lost its one and only remaining large employer, the paper mill, though it was making a big profit annually.

It was dismantled right down to the foundation and the railroad tracks, and I spoke at the Eagles’ once with a man who told me he helped destroy the million-dollar new scrubber the paper mill had used to take out the air pollution. It was not even carefully dismantled for resale, but chopped up for scrap metal. Insane.

This town was raped, and this nation is being raped, by Wall Street banksters, and no one ever dares to ask if THEY, Diane, are “Christian,” because we know they are not — but instead belong to that people that screamed “Crucify Jesus!” and “Give us Barabbas!”

Goldman Sachs Tower across from Manhattan


I am here to quietly write a book about what has happened to my country.  And then see if anyone cares… or if we want Ontonagon also to end up looking in 25 more years like Detroit. Do we also want the illegal aliens to be flooding into the UP? They are swarming all over Minnesota next door, and Somali muslims are raping the blond Minnesota girls! Our guns up here too will be confiscated, just as in New York City, Connecticut or Colorado, our free speech will finally result in prison time — as thy do now in Canada, Britain, or the European Union — and child molesters and perverts in high places will continue to prey upon our children’s bodies, just as filthy television and movies continue to prey upon their minds. The UP won’t stay a paradise, Diane. It is the ultra-liberals who are on the march, and they will wipe today’s Ontonagon out as a nice place to live, not I by being politically incorrect.

Finally, I was molested as a kid by white people, Diane. Whiteness does not make anyone an angel. We white Americans WERE a great people, but now many of us are either wicked — or silent about those who are. I pray that through my book and if desired, my spiritual values, we will become one nation again, under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all —all who have legally come into our country, learned our language and conformed to our traditions, not forcing their ways and lingos on us. All our Finlanders, Swedes, Germans, Slovaks and Poles learned English; why can’t the Mexicans show some respect and learn and speak English too? I am not afraid to ask these questions, because I am an American.



Mexicans demand free everything

But if Barack Obama gets us into a war with Russia, that limp-wristed amateur with zero military experience, God forbid what comes next. I will fight only for our freedom, not to interfere in yet another insane foreign war to enrich Wall Street while the body bags come back by the thousands or, against Russia, by the millions.

Under Obama we have the openly gay military; the father of a friend of mine was in the US Army for 20 years as a warrant officer, but said he would never become a commissioned officer because “I do not want to have to s— d—,” and he meant that literally.


I hope this letter gives you a better grasp who I am and why I am here. For freedom to peacefully write a book. And if people like it, then we can take back our country — before we descend into a fully atheist, fear-ridden, communist society where no one dares to say what they really think around the would-be dictator, Barack Hussein Obama.


Maybe the real purpose we have stuck our snout into Ukraine and spent $5 billion to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government and replace it with the puppet Poroshenko (real name the un-Slavic Weitzman, and son of a convicted swindler), and we now are seeking conflict with Russia — which crushed both Napoleon and Hitler —  is so we can have a military disaster too, an economic collapse, a race war as people fight for food, heat and water, then declare martial law here in America and Obama takes away all guns and freedom of speech. Then we have the Soviet Uni-ted States.

Ironic that Edward Snowden, the NSA official who revealed the NSA is illegally spying on everyone,  had to fly to Russia for freedom of speech. So now they are our “enemy.”

After all, if Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were such fun and they were small wars, why not start a big one?


  We caused an unnecessary war on Ukrainian soil; maybe it would be our karma to have one now on ours.





…..Donations for a new spiritual revolution



A Yooper comrade on Facebook wrote me:

We have a paper mill in town that suffered the same fate as Ontanogan’s. The Niagara paper mill is now owned by a Jewish scrapper.

I replied:

Well, via the Fed, the Jews print money out of thinnest air, and then stuff it in their own pockets, then buy up America – and the media.

He answered:

Yes, I’m aware of how it happens. Everyone seems to shut up as soon as I bring up the Fed.


I like the idea of money being created and introduced into the system to benefit the general population. Print a $20 and put a road worker, teacher, nurse, fire/emergency, etc. to work. That $20 debt has then been paid to society via work. When I say that, the conversation usually ends. People have no understanding of money;it is some magical thing that just appears. 😉

I replied:

Well, I agree, you get that blank stare, and espeically if you trot out the dreaded “J word” (the Jews) 😉



I am therefore, after 36 years of intense frustration with clueless bumps-on-a-log, and with total national disaster looming, now following my true calling since my childhood, which was to someday found a new spiritual movement.

Brother K, if people don’t give a damn about the truth, or duty, honor, and country, if they have given up on their own lives and the lives of their children, then we are just talking ourselves blue in the face. I am starting this new spiritual movement because I believe in my teachings, and because I intend to WIN.

After I have some of Dale Venema’s sauerkraut. 😉


…..My old boss (1981-84), Dr. William Luther Pierce, on our duty


The only problem with Pierce’s approach is that it did not work well enough. His organization was very good, but never rose above 2,000 members despite 40 years of hard work. The other 180 million white Americans did not even knew he existed.

In the end, I think it likely the FBI poisoned him; he died suddenly of a fast-spreading cancer.


Politics and education no longer work; people are too far gone and the Enemy is too entrenched. Only a religion can remold people and transform them, making them ready to live and die for an ideal.

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