One-sided Ickean view of reptilians leads to pessimistic defeatism

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Yukon Jack does very interesting and controversial essays on how “Christianity” mentally makes us pro-Jewish:

I was however appalled at the defeatist tone of this essay, and wrote:

Dear Yukon,

If this were the Third Reich, I would first give you a steak dinner, a fine cigar and a good brandy as your last meal — before hanging you for promoting toxic gnostic pessimism and wrong-headed defeatism.

How can you consistently cherry-pick only the negative and horrifying out of the vital truth that we earthlings are NOT alone?

Your article contains many important truths — but it makes a huge detour around the fact that beyond the icy Greys and the psychopathic reptiloids, there are many benevolent species, among them the powerful Nordics, who are humans and blood relatives, that both want and also need us earth whites to awaken to our peril. This is simultaneously THEIR OWN peril if the important planet which we call earth is incorporated into the anti-human empire.

I recommend my essay and that it all be read and then ruminated on.

We are far from licked, Yukon — but we are if we believe we are!

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians


…..To a skeptic

Although I appreciate your efforts, please do not send me any of this alien stuff.
I’m a very open-minded White man and I’ve looked at this topic long ago. I no longer have any interest in it.
My concern is the extermination of the jews and anyone who’s a traitor/sellout to them.
No more alien stuff to my e-mail address.
Respectfully, L
(I responded)

Dear L,

Of course I will respect your wishes.

But you should ask yourself some day why the Jews are unlike any other people that has ever existed. If you have read the Protocols, and have you?, it is an intelligence that seems to not be entirely human.

There is no one on this planet more “interested” in solving the Jewish problem than I am and going back to  1978. Few have given up more, such as being disinherited by a multimillionaire over my many public antisemitic actions.

I would ask you to read just the first page of my essay, where a powerful Russian rabbi, Michael Laitman, states repeatedly and baldly on a worldwide broadcast, given on the solemn Israeli Memorial Day, that Jews are aliens sent to conquer the earth. If actually all humans descend from colonists sent to one of the few ideal planets, this makes sense.


(L back to me):


As a hardcore anti-jew do you seriously think I haven’t read the Protocols ? Of course they’re “alien” to us  !!!
As for your Rabbi example, as you well know they play all sorts of games with us.
I have looked at this alien issue in depth many years ago and filed it away when I got to the bottom of it.
Jews bleed and die just like we do so I’ll be keeping it earth based until further notice.
We must concertrate on exterminating them and rebuilding the mess we have become due to their attacks.
Thanks. L.
(me to L)
All aliens bleed and die just as we do. Only a machine would not.
Have the courage to read just the first page.  As the old Italian food tv ad said, “Try it, you’l like it!”*:) happy
(L to me)
Has nothing to do with courage John. As I’ve said, I’ve looked at this topic extensively.

I looked at it yesterday out of respect for you.
Much of what rabbis say is psychological warfare and I don’t believe in the existence of christ for one second. Not a shred of evidence for that fraud. Another topic I’ve looked at extensively and filed away.
I’ll concentrate on my skill sets of putting bullets in their faces from up to 800 meters and CQB room clearing cuz that’s what it’s come down to.
(Me to L)

Dear L,

All true, but also, sorry, wishful bravado. We are totally outgunned. The ZOG has full-spectrum dominance, including a huge chunk of WNism via infiltrators.

We have no chance as things stand. 


Other factors must enter in. 

Just as France, Holland and Spain entered on the American side in the Revolution. THAT is why we beat the Brits. It was in the self-interest of other powers.




…..Excellent Icke video on reptilians and psychopathic genes

What makes some people, about 5%, utterly unfeeling to human suffering and even hate humans?


As silly as this graphic seems, clearly someone does have a human-extermination agenda!

Russians warn US of nuclear annihilation; Moscow rabbi boasts that Jews are ALIENS sent to conquer the earthlings

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