On Agents Henrik Holappa & Carlos Porter; the dignity of white women though the majority of both genders consists of young souls

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……Comment from a reader and supporter:

He was reacting to this blog:

New outrages by amateur Agent Carlos Porter

[I add my comments inbetween in italics, and also added all the illustrative photos.]

Good morning, John.


Just skimmed that article at hate-speech.org [about the racial and ideological renegade Henrik Holappa].  Is that supposed to scare people?  It’s almost a recruitment letter.  LOLOLOLOL.


And Porter is just plain stupid.  Of course your ex is going to lie about you, especially since she has a political motive.  In fact, it sounds like that’s the only reason she married you in the first place.   The expression “consider the source” is one that Porter has never apparently heard before.

[She may have a financial motive. The collapse of our 2004 hotel project — the probably result of a Jewish banker conspiracy to deny us any loan to complete the purchase of a small ski hotel, L’Ourson (“The Bear Cub”) in the French Alps and make it into a year-round vacation hotel — left her high and dry in 2004, and I suspect she has been broke ever since. It is easy to imagine the Jews are paying both her and Porter.]

I enjoyed your blogs about how leftists can be converted to NS. (https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=liberal) Yes, after reading what I have, I did learn that it did indeed happen in Germany.  It also happens today. Apparently, some of the guys on TheRightStuff were actually on the left side of the political spectrum before they woke up.  Most notably is the co-host of  Fash The Nation who goes by Marcus Halberstram.  He discussed this past weekend how he was a leftist before he woke up, but to listen to him now.  He ain’t no leftist. 


Anyway…… I checked DS [DailyStormer] this morning as usual, and [Andrew] Anglin has an article (http://www.dailystormer.com/17-year-old-white-girl-missing-since-2009-discovered-to-have-been-fed-to-alligators-by-blacks/) about a girl that was murdered several years ago, and the information is finally coming to light.  The article starts off great.  I agree with everything he says, up until the part where it devolves into a litany against women.  He goes on and on with his usual shtick about how women are not capable of making conscious decisions.  I just want to say to Anglin,

“Buddy, most MEN aren’t capable of making conscious decisions.  It has nothing to do with genitals and everything to do with people being the victims of lifelong of jewish programming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”    I deal with people.  I know.”


It’s Jews, it’s always jews, it’s always been jews, it always will be jews.  They are the problem.


JdN: Martin Luther, the German founder of Protestantism, while learning Hebrew so he could translate the Old Testament of the Bible into German, ended up also reading the Talmud. 🙂 Appalled, he ripped into the Jews in 1543.


“On the Jews and Their Lies” luther-martin-on-the-jews-and-their-lies

“Know this, Christian — you have no more dangerous enemy than a Jew committed to his Judaism.”


They have poisoned our minds, and used our innate instinct to help one another, against us.  Granted, we have our own personality traits as a race that they exploit, but ultimately, it’s them. 


In fact, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t put together a website like “itISthejews.com” for example.  A central clearing house on jewish crimes and perversions through history.

Plus, the never-married Anglin lives in a freakin’ fantasy land if he thinks that the great men of history never made decisions without consulting the women in their lives.

JdN: I am sure Napoleon wished he had listened to Joséphine, who implored him not to invade Russia.



He’s doing a lot of good, but he’s such a douche at the same time.  I just think he’s ultimately going to end up like Duke.  Maybe not the selfish opportunist, but if Anglin becomes the new face of WN, he’ll drive away tons of ‘normies’ and prevent NS from becoming not only what it can be, but even what it was from 1933-1945.  Again, he could be the deepest cover mole out there too.  I’ve been reading his site for over a year now, and I still find nothing conclusive to suggest he isn’t a Fed.


The road to enlightenment sure is a bumpy one.

……My response

While I am highly concerned about Anglin being in bed with Agent Duke, who is my ferocious, treacherous and conniving enemy, Duke is a useful ally to him and he does produces great material. (That is why I myself befriended and helped Duke in 1989, and again in 2008.)

And Anglin has been excellent on the Jews, the blacks and muslims and on national socialism, and has criticized the homophilia of certain WNs. Also, he brought a whole new level of fun, community and prominence to the WN cause.

But as for women, yes, you are absolutely right. Most men also are young souls. Many err on the side of too much violence, ego and selfishness, the offshoots of testosterone.


Holappa started out, thanks to me and Margi bringing him to America, then teaching him better English and how to blog, and promoting him constantly on my own blog, as a rising star in WNism.



But when he failed as a leader and was voted out by his own followers in Finland, as one wrote to me in detail….


….Holappa switched sides totally to go on tv and become an antifa. (“I founded a Neo-Nazi Organization”)



A Carlos Porter is furious that John de Nugent has millions of search result on his name (https://www.google.com/search?q=john+de+nugent) and he gets 8,700 (https://www.google.com/search?q=%22carlos+w.+porter%22+white&oq=%22carlos+w.+porter%22+white).

He is also an open advocate of immigrant genocide: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/holocaust-revisionist-author-calls-for-mass-extermination-of-illegal-immigrants/

No fact and no truth will dissuade him and his toxic male ego.

Don Black is the exact same sort of personality, capable of total savagery, lies and destruction campaigns toward “rival” white nationalists, as his former bodyguard wrote me:  https://www.johndenugent.com/english/henrik-holappa-an-agent-from-the-beginning-don-black-bodyguard-and-the-great-eustace-mullins-lets-er-rip-on-duke-and-black-my-awakening-duke-book/



Women often err on the side of liberalism, the by-product of their estrogen levels and nurturing instinct, and become insanely kind to our ruthless enemies:

Mississippi negro stabs to death two white nuns, nurse practitioners who helped poor blacks; liberal young souls learn the hard way

Update: the negro who knifed them had committed a bank robbery, done six years for that, learned nothing and then did a felony DUI, getting a year, before the double murder: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/latest-congregation-praises-investigators-working-case-41687325


But I think Anglin has had a lot of courage to raise this issue of white women being used as a SJW battering ram to destroy the white male.

If there is ever a white revolution, it will be by strong, masculine white MALES who know what has to be done.

White males march in November 1923 in Munich straight at the machine guns; the putsch, though it failed, and 16 were killed, inspired the Germans to sacrifice all as they had. 




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