Ominous Stingray “weather towers” going up all over America — and right by my house

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Mike Delaney of pointed out to me this cute little new structure in town:

It is not only spying on everyone but is line-of-sight to my house and desk 😉 It is a so-called “weather tower” that observes and records every car and license plate, and God knows what else it can do electronically. These “weather towers” are going up all over Jewmerica.


It has all sorts of traffic cameras and other mysterious “devices” on it…. I guess in case cars produce changes in the weather…. 😉



This thing is positioned to observe and record all license plates going through or into town, on the east end of a key bridge over the Ontonagon River….

I guess ‘cuz of all the ISIS terrorists in this town… 😉

(Fact is, this town is full of angry white vets who have killed many a muzzie and/or can still handle a weapon, including yours truly.)

You can see it is about 40 yards to my light-yellow house (on left with the white arrow)


Between all this and the plans to go to a cashless society AFTER the presidential election, and then force us to be chipped with the RFID chip AND vaccinated with the feds’ “special herbs and spices,” we have about one year left to save our race.

Otherwise they will know where we are every second and can just starve us by turning off our bank account.


….The Stingray program

The Stingray programa is the setting up by so-called law-enforcement (actually, law-BREAKING-ment) to pretend to be a cell phone tower — and get all your cell phone data, including illegally who is calling you, illegally whom you are calling, and illegally recording your conversations — all without any warrant.

Basically, they are Raping the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which says no unreasonable search and seizure, no fishing expeditions, and you cannot just put everyone under surveillance.

But we live under a Jewish tyranny.

And only a new Aryan fighting faith can save us.

The answer to Judaism, Masonry, Islam — the three crypto-satanic religions out to destroy us.



  1. Hi JdN, I read about Gunderson and The McMartin Daycare Scandal in the 90s. It was tragic how our JEWdicial System swept it under the rug, and the JEWmedia/Hymiewood made a movie about it, making the SATANIC perps out to be victims. It’s the same POS SATANIC system we have in CanaDUH. I know from EXPERIENCE losing my daughter in court.

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