OMG! John 8:44 is John “88”! And my blue-eyed Kitler…..

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Amazing coincidence? John 8:44 in numerology is John 88………!! (Added together, 88 = 16 = 7 = idealism, Neptune, vision) (I was the one who discovered in 2011 that the longitude
+ the latitude of Jerusalem = 666)

John de Nugent
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John de Nugent

John de Nugent…/monster-energy-drink-666…

Even my kitten’s mustache is politically incorrect!

Daniel Demers
Daniel Demers “God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.
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Aaron Chapman
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Layne Lawless
Layne Lawless John, I don’t see any mustache on yr kitten…
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Rick Prohaska
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  1. Another one on the list of keys for introducing knowledge of the supernatural(although the afterlife and reincarnation are technically natural, just ‘seemingly’ impossible to the unaware) to the still atheistic Jew-aware type.

    Your Israel 666 graphic will probably work on many Christians but get the atheistic WN types to cognitive-dissonance it away due to it being an ‘anomaly’ in their belief system that there is no meaning to anything. I know from experience, I’ve myself found out about miracle recoveries from cancer back in my atheist times and waved them away as ‘Multiple doctors MUST have misdiagnosed Stage 4 Cancer’ due to the discomfort it caused to what I thought was the natural way of things.

    Just as I got woken up on supernatural facts due to the fact that the Winston Wu article I was linked was about proving Christianity to be evil first, and only then did I find mentions of supernatural claims inside, I did not have the ‘Cognitive dissonance shield’ up and was able to ‘ease into’ actually looking at the facts without being in fight-or-flight mode as in an argument,( then finally noticing how the facts all added up and didn’t conflict when put together and did not require an illogical model of consciousness(magically produced as an aftereffect of a primarily material brain) and was just 100% proven in specific, undeniable examples, with the materialistic explanations completely insufficient), this “John 88” example seems like good ammo for getting atheistic DailyStormer types to actually VIEW the proof of afterlife and reincarnation facts rather than using Neurolinguistic programming patterns to delete the uncomfortable information from their conscious thought. It even would probably work on Christians who know about Hitler already too, unlike many NDEs which might be rejected due to uncomfortably not fitting with the normal Christian dogma on the afterlife.

    • Great comment.

      As I have written, Jesus said in one of his tirades against the Jewish leaders “you cannot hear my words.”

      Out of self-interest and mindless passions, they had no ability to face facts and reality when it came to Jesus.

      “When the devil speaks the lie, he speaks from his own nature, because there is no truth in him.”

      If there is no love of truth, then no teaching or correction is possible.

      The greatest act of courage is not a fistfight or going off to war, but facing a terrible truth that no one else around you will willing to face.

      • Even words can save lives. Talking to a few people anonymously on the internet may not sound like much, until you realize your post about afterlife facts or how to cure cancer got someone to look into other facts that saved a relative from disease easily or helped them not commit suicide.

        “If there is no love of truth, then no teaching or correction is possible.”

        Sometimes, atheists can have less confirmation bias in many cases compared to believers in supernatural phenomenon who haven’t seen the real meat of the facts behind it, but they always make the typical mistake of getting defensive against the real facts, in order to protect what they see as an explanatory order for how everything works. Maybe it takes a bit of gentleness in a debate or something, to get people to remember that of course, it’s impossible for there to be an ‘anomaly’ in how everything works, for any ‘supernatural’ fact that observably did occur and wasn’t fitting as random chance, and there’s necessarily always going to be exact Hows and Whys for every phenomenon that occurs down to the tiniest little details, they just need to be found, and it’s inevitable that it would fit with all the mechanics of the physical universe.

        Plus, materialists really have plenty of reason to slow down, calm down, and listen carefully to detailed contradictory evidence that goes against their worldview, if just reminded that “If I’m right, you might end up a whole lot less depressed, you have lots of reasons to look carefully into if I might be factually right”.

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