Oliver Stone reveals deathbed confession from a Secret Service agent on JFK assassination

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Lee Harvey Oswald was no angel, but no assassin either. He was set up by his own organization, the CIA, and was indeed a “patsy,” exactly as he said, before the Jew hoodlum Ruby murdered and thus silenced him at the Dallas police station.




Btw, Oliver Stone was indeed a US Army combat soldier in Vietnam (correction: not a US Marine), and received the Bronze Star.


with his squad in 1967-68 (not “platoon” — sheesh. reporters should not write about military things if they have no clue)


Here is the truth: JFK was killed because he had (made) many, many enemies, including extremely dangerous men at the CIA; the FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover; the crypto-Jewish vice president, Lyndon Johnson; the “Italian” mafia (which also contained many Jewish gangsters connected with Las Vegas); rightwing Cubans furious that JFK had not overthrown Fidel Castro; and the so-called military-industrial complex, which wanted a full war in Vietnam in order to make obscene profits.

And yes, there is also the “exopolitical” theory. Kennedy had been demanding that the very hostile CIA release all its files on UFOs, ETs, aliens, etc. (It was not just curiosity; Kennedy and the Soviets both had been very worried that a massive UFO sighting on radar, especially of a fleet of UFOs, might be interpreted as a surprise nuclear-missile attack by the other side, and trigger WWIII.)

The CIA had resisted releasing its files on UFOs, and the Air Force general, Cabell, at the CIA whom Kennedy had fired had been in charge of those UFO files… Well, it so happens… that his brother was the mayor of Dallas…. (The theory of a UFO coverup is connected to an X-Files theory, claiming that the US was in bed, involuntarily, with hostile aliens, who were swapping scientific and weapons tech — which the US craved during the Cold War – for the “right” to abduct “a small number of” Americans who supposedly would not be harmed… This is an involved topic.)

Anyway, Kennedy had many enemies, and thus many stood to benefit by the murder and by a successful coverup.

But his most dangerous enemies were the party alluded to in “the Apollo Affair” on Wikipedia. They were going to get The Bomb at all costs.

Wikipedia on Shapiro and NUMEC in Apollo, Armstrong County, Pa.; the war between Israel and John Kennedy

We must remember that the media, then as now, was overwhelmingly liberal and it simply loved John Kennedy for both his politics and his charisma, humor, glamor, beautiful family (Jacky., John-John and Caroline), etc.



My Rhode Island high-society parents met and talked with her in Newport, Rhode Island before she married JFK. She was not very bright, my mother said to me, but very charming, disciplined and dignified, a perfect First Lady.










John-John cries as his daddy leaves on a trip



Kennedy was no peacenik or hippie, but a WWII war hero who was also very anticommunist, anti-Soviet, and anti-Castro, plowing lots of money into elite troops such as the Green Beret (photo) and the Marines. But he rightly feared Vietnam would prove an unwinnable war because the South Vietnamese people did not love, or feel loyal, to their corrupt government.





Yet this same Kennedy-loving media participated fully in the coverup of the Kennedy murder.

Therefore a powerful force in the US media must have ORDERED cooperation in the coverup. To repeat, I can assure you that the newspapers and tv were full of Kennedy worshippers; I was alive and nine years old when JFK was killed, and remember clearly from the reactions of my teachers, relatives and the tv reporters how almost the whole country was in tremendous grief. (Indeed, the whole world grieved: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/jfk-assassination-the-world-mourns/)

It was just like 9/11……a huge, unspeakable, emotional and nationwide shock. “They have slain your PRINCE,” as New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison said to the (braindead) jury, which went on, ludicrously, to acquit the CIA scumbags in New Orleans who were part of the murder plan.



So some force in the American media was so terrifying and so mighty that the fear of it outweighed this great love that reporters and most Americans felt for their president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Even the most uninformed, ignorant and average American SENSED something really big, and really horrible — some catastrophic change — had happened to the entire world. Anyone who could kill Kennedy and get away with it was both extremely powerful and abysmally evil. This the world sensed.





Radical leftist Jewish lawyer William Kunstler admitted in his autobiography that Ruby, his client on trial for murdering Oswald, told him he killed Oswald (whom no one has ever said was Jewish)  to protect the Jews.… and of course Kunstler says Ruby was merely mentally ill. 😉








Kunstler was lying; the issue was not Castro….. but Israel getting The Bomb.

My 2011 discovery: adding the longitude and latitude of Jerusalem gives the demonic number 666.


The Monster “energy drink” is owned by jews and the Hebrew letters mean 666. https://www.johndenugent.com/english/red-bull-can-kill-you-monster-energy-drink-and-666/



Major Russian-Israel rabbi tells Israeli soldiers on Israeli Memorial Day that Jews are literally aliens sent to conquer the earthlings:

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians



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  1. Ah yes…. another conspiracy theory that leads us away from the most logical assumption. That Kennedy was murdered by the Left as a precursor to their takeover of the Democrat Party in the years leading up to 1968.

    • There is some truth in that…. Kennedy was definitely a compassionate conservative, and an anticommunist, pro-military and pro-free enterprise Republican, and a man’s man, especially by today’s Democrap standards. 😉

      But I suggest you read this blog and its links.

      I was in Marine Corps military intelligence, graduated top ten percent from Georgetown, and am no fool.

      The ultimate taboo is to talk about the Jews.

      Can you man up to that?

      Since many conservatives like Winston Churchill, I would urge you to read this: http://library.flawlesslogic.com/ish.htm

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