Obama refuses to describe Orlando mass killer as “muslim”; Pastor Steven Anderson on God’s judgment on homos; anti-gay activist Sorba asks queers what made them that way — being molested as kids by adult homos

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…..Jayda Fransen on Obama the white-Christian-hating Islamophile


….Crazy weekend of death in Orlando, Florida

Trump boosted as 50 homos shot by muslim in gay Florida nightclub; Christina Grimmie murder — MK-ULTRA hit? Dylann Storm Roof “showed white males should not have guns”

A comrade wrote me:

Man, what a weekend.  This Orlando thing was like the October surprise, only against K-illary,m and happening now!
Omar was a Registered Democrat.  A son of Afghan immigrants born on U.S. soil.  Passed background check.  FBI failure AGAIN!
And so many other reasons why this can only help Trump.
And did you hear any of the interviews with Omar’s dad?   There is no remorse or even sadness over the loss of his son in his voice.  Now maybe part of it is that he isn’t a wussified American, but man, it sounds like his biggest concern is that Islam isn’t further badmouthed by the actions of his son.

…..Antizionist and nationalist pastor Steve Anderson on the NWO agenda and gay-nightclub slaughter 



Anderson – who has been condemned for previous comments about President Barack Obama, the Paris attacks, transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner and AIDS – quoted the Bible and Book of Leviticus as he tried to justify the terror attack at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub.

‘The Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death… obviously it’s not right for somebody to just shoot up the place because that’s not going through the proper channels,’ he said. ‘But these people all should have been killed anyway but they should have been killed through the proper channels as in they should have been executed by a righteous government.’“These homosexuals are a bunch of perverts and pedophiles, that’s who was a victim here, a bunch of disgusting homosexuals at a gay bar,” Anderson said. “The good news is that at least fifty of these pedophiles are not going to be harming children anymore. The bad news is that a lot of the homos in the bar are still alive, so they’re going to continue to molest children and recruit people into their filthy homosexual lifestyle.

Anderson’s rant has been viewed nearly 100,000 times and has received thousands of comments from viewers who blasted him for spreading hate.

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Pastor Anderson’s superb video exposing the Holocaust fraud


Pastor Anderson’s excellent video for Christians on the Khazar Jews




….Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick : ‘A man reaps what he sows’:

Texas Lieutenant Governor sparks outrage with anti-LGBT tweet just hours after Orlando gay club massacre


  • Dan Patrick, Lt Gov of Texas, put anti-LGBT psalm on Twitter on Sunday
  • The message implies all men are responsible for their own fate
  • It was posted an hour after a gunman massacred 50 in a Florida gay club
  • Another 53 were injured in the attack, officially the worst in US history

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637672/A-man-reaps-sows-Texas-governor-sparks-outrage-anti-LGBT-tweet-just-hours-Orlando-gay-club-massacre.html#ixzz4BWWLcq3b
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….anti-gay activist goes undercover into gay bar, asks queers about molestation and “what made them gay”


A documentary video that seeks to influence the Supreme Court justices as they rule on marriage features an undercover investigation that challenges the belief that “gays” are “born that way” and, therefore, should be granted special rights.


Equipped with a hidden camera, journalist Ryan Sorba went to a “gay” bar where he recorded candid answers to his questions. He found many men who identify as “gay” were molested as a youth.

He contends his findings have implications for the high court as it decides whether or not the traditional definition of marriage discriminates against people who identify as “gay.”

Many of the “gays” he interviewed, he says, not only were molested in their youth but went on to become molesters themselves.

In the opening of his documentary, Sorba says,

“I interviewed individuals at an average gay bar on an average night and I discovered that I was literally surrounded by child molesters and victims of molestation.”

“Who Killed the American Family?” is the question posed and answered by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly. It’s available, autographed, at the WND Superstore

Sorba makes it clear he is not saying that everyone who identifies as “gay” is a child molester, but “many people who do identify as gay were molested, and many of the children and teens will go on to teach others kids their own age or younger what they learned from the molester.”

Sorba says he made the video “as an informative piece for the justices.”

Many Americans do not adequately understand the issue of homosexuality, he says.

He begins by asking of “gays”: “Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?”

He says what he found was shocking.

“I learned that many attribute their own sexual orientation to molestation.”

He says that after finding out how many claim they are “gay” because they were molested, he decided to change his script in an attempt “to figure out who was doing the molesting.”

He learned that old men aren’t the only culprits.

“Woefully, I learned that after being molested by an older man, many children and teens will teach their friends what they learned from the molester,” Sorba says.

He warns that the content of his video is explicit but insists it is “necessary.”

“Parents, be on guard,” he says.

“If you know and child or teenager who has developed same-sex attraction, let this footage be a warning to you. It is a red flag that the child has been molested, by an adult, a teenager or another child.”

He ends his opening with a plea to the Supreme Court.

“If you do not already know and understand what I am about to show you, then I would urge you to practice judicial restraint and uphold the will of more than 50 million American voters and millenia of human experience,” he says.

“America needs more time to fully understand this issue, its causes and its consequences.

Article printed from WND: http://www.wnd.comURL to article: http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/hidden-camera-gays-admit-theyre-not-born-that-way/

This is a powerful undercover video by Ryan Sorba. Note that several of the homosexual men in the video tell how they were molested as boys. Tragically, an adult man CHOSE homosexuality for them. For example, at the 3:20 mark, a man at a bar says, “I was molested when I was 13″; he says it was by a “family friend who was 21.” The man says that he “liked” the initial sexual experience, but that it “was one of the most terrifying moments I ever had.” And at the 10:00 mark another man says, “I became gay when I was raped”; he was just a 12-year-old boy and his rapist was a man who was his next-door neighbor in Mexico. Yet another “gay” man (11:05) says he was molested as a child “and that affected me!”

You won’t hear about this in the “mainstream media,” but homosexual molestation and predatory seduction are one of the key entry paths into a “gay” identity and lifestyle for many males. Yet for decades homosexual activists like Harvey Milk (who himself was molested as a boy; see the book, “Mayor of Castro Street,” by Randy Shilts) have ridiculed any connection between pedophilia and homosexuality. You don’t get much raw truth on this issue, anymore, so share this video with your family and friends who have bought the lie that homosexuals are “born that way.” We regret that the video contains profanity.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=afa_1431479511&comments=1#O57qc50tbRgTOvqW.99



    • Well, it is easy for a gay man to get sex. They just go and do it in the men’s room (see “glory holes” — yukh).

      But he clearly was repressing that he was a queer inside. The nerd in high school, thE militant muslim, the body-bulding, the domestic violence — he was sitting on the lid of his own queerness.


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