Numbing-down; my dialogue with Obama

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A comrade wrote a comment ( on yesterdays blogpost:

* * *

I have stood at the Georgia Guidestones They ARE for real.

I replied:

* * *

Dear comrade Michael,

They sure are for real, as real as a heart attack. And this 500 million number is really being discussed in public speeches by NWO advocates. They are getting us used to the idea that a pandemic might not be so bad

The sinister Georgia Guidestones in central Georgia preach in several languages, including the Swahili of KENYA, that the world population must be cut down by over 90% by a world government.

Not so bad-for THEM. The idea is to release a government-made pandemic virus, and then only those to whom they give the government antidote to the government (Ft. Detrick) virus will survive.

The Georgia Guidestones are just like the totally jew-produced movies The Matrix or V is for Vendetta the government is numbing us down by stating its goal of global dictatorship in such a way that it gradually loses its SHOCK value.

The first movie, “The Matrix” (, produced by the jewish Wachowski brothers, and distributed by the jews at Warner Brothers, admitted that a gigantic government psy-op was in place to create a false reality world that conceals true reality, and that this secret government rules and manipulates America.


Then (here comes the strategic diversion) a negro (Laurence Fishburne) and a white-chinese mongrel (Keanu Reeves) struggle to liberate the world, and they do so in the name of, yes, and for, of all things, an entity called Zion!!

Hey, gotta admire the chutzpah….

The second, “V for Vendetta” (, produced by the jews at Warner Brothers, admitted that the government itself is behind terrorism so as to justify a police state. But the villainous dictator is a WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE (played by a faggy-acting-as-always John Hurt) !! — and the hero . is a c HOMOSEXUAL!!

Talk about cognitive dissonance. The fag fights for our freedom against the evil white Christian male….

“You have now entered the Twilight Zone….”

The purpose is confusion, because the human nervous system cannot act on confusing information. It can only act upon clear information.

Confusion paralyzes the will.

No white conservative Christian male is going to line up to follow a homosexual into battle.

Of course, Warner Brothers first gets you rooting for the V of Vendetta guy, then they spring this DEFLATING ANTI-HERO LETDOWN on you toward at the end of the movie. Let all the air out of your emotional tires JUST WHEN YOU WERE FEELING PSYCHED UP.

The technique is this: get you elated and then dash your hopes.

Over and over and over.

Freedom is tyranny, ignorance is knowledge, weakness is strength.

What our race needs is a counter-psychiatrist as its leader.

The NWO psychotrons themselves let the cat of truth out of the bag, partially and gradually, because they want us gradually to get used to despair, defeatism, apathy, misery and enslavement.

What do they wish above all else to avoid?


They want no healthy fury, no normal release of anger, and above all no concerted physical revolt. They want our anger to turn inward, upon ourselves.

The goal of the numbing-down is that we just get wearier and wearier at no one doing anything — and then we shrug our shoulders, moaning You cant do anything about it. Nobodys fighting it.

But that’s bull. The Eternal Solutreans is what we will do about it –the permanent white tribe that will survive the coming Dark Ages. As the Doomed Whites die out, including, tragically, most of the currently feuding, dysfunctional and government-infiltrated white nationalists, a huge percentage of whom are as childless as the outside white population. We cannot win with any of the previous models. They are not sophisticated enough to defeat psychiatric jewworld.

Below is a picture from a Hitler/NSDAP poster of the 1930s during the Great Depression, which New York jews caused (just as Goldman Sachs triggered THIS Depression we are now in) and which hit Germany especially hard. You can see the despair and emotional depression caused by the economic depression on the faces of German workers.

Depression 1931 Germany

Adolf Hitler, who had spun his wheels for eight years (he started the NSDAP in 1920 and yet in 1928 his party still got only a measly 2.6 percent of the vote) knocked his head against concrete for almost a decade trying to wake up the German public. (Germans are in addition both 1) stubborn as hell and 2) believe blue-eyedly everything they see in print.) He got his big electoral break ONLY when the Depression hit. (His votes went up by 1000 percent in 1930. It doubled over that in 1932, and in 33 he became chancellor, quite democratically.)

The empty-stomach groans of German workers proved louder than any lying jew propaganda, a lie-spew which (exactly as in my own case), claimed Hitler was 1) a homo, 2) a coward and 3) a crazy man which Don Black at Stormfront/Fanjul said or implicitly endorsed too, btw — just days after my right-hand man Henrik Holappa was abducted by US federal police under one “Kalias Muhammad” and spent 86 days in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Batavia, New York, adding defamatory insult to both Henrik Holappa and to me to the federal injury


You cannot feed white people losing their incomes, cars and homes with the lie that John de Nugent is a cowardly, crazy homo. ;-)

Nor could German workers eat Adolf Hitler is a cowardly, crazy homo.) They needed land, peace and bread (to use Lenin’s brilliant slogan).

Racially, Hitler was not Germanic but instead a west-coast Irishman and Kelt -- with a gift for oratory and drama, dark hair, blue eyes, a spiky nose and an ever-readiness to fight. He punched out a fellow soldier in the trenches in WWI who was a defeatist. Hitler's part of Austria was originally settled by Kelts, who also created the austro-keltic "Hallstatt Culture."

And just as in the 1920s with Adolf, I believe that baring my soul and speaking straight from depths of my real heart is what sets me apart from the usual leaders.

A Swedish lady comrade sent me a link (below) to this British video (full of hostile propaganda, but still of interest), and please look specifically at the time segment below. Yes, ponder it carefully: Time segment to consider is 0:50-1:09

The son of Hitler’s first press secretary (an Ernst Hanfstaengel, who was, btw, a Harvard graduate) explains that Hitler held nothing back from his soul to the German people.

Comrade Matt Koehl also sent out a powerful quotation:

A New Order of Things

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things, because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new.


Machiavelli’s “infamous” book was descriptive, not prescriptive. His goal was to reunite a divided Italy, which had been chopped up since the end of the Roman Empire into numerous little squabbling kingdoms, many run by foreigners, who fought endless draining wars that killed off the flower of Italian manhood.

Machiavelli wrote about the ruthless steps he felt must be taken to rebuild a sick and feuding Italian nation. Or, as he warned, any Italian patriot would lose exactly as Rienzi had lost, when the special interests in Rome manipulated a mob against the idealistic defender of the Roman people, Rienzi, whose dream had ben to re-establish the ancient and powerful Roman Republic, which had made Italy king of the world instead of the world’s doormat.

The most powerful opera in the teenage Adolf Hitlers life was Wagners Rienzi. See my article here on Hitler, on his “free death” and on the opera Rienzi:

No Way Hitler Escaped the Bunker (.pdf file)


A former Vietnam combat vet and WN wrote me:

* * *

Hey John, why not run for US Senate or Congress for the sole purpose of qualifying for cheap radio campaign ads ?? For as little as $10 per 60-second radio ad, you can advertise your name, phone number, and website address, as well as a lengthy message, to tens-of-thousands of people.

If you decide to run, Ill start a fund drive to raise money for the ads, and push it extensively.

Radio talk show hosts all over the country will be phoning you for interviews. Also, some TV talk shows, like OReilly and Hannity. And the ads will result in countless thousands of new loggers on to your website.

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Dear comrade,

I love your always practical suggestions.

ABOUT EVIL-SMILEY OREILLY. Well, Im sure Bill OReilly would prefer not to INVITE me but instead have me rubbed out — after this post of mine here ;-)

I doubt he will ever have me on his show, because I would kick his pompous derrire over his phony combat record and over being a sell-out collaborator with jews, just as I did with Oliver Steeds ( of the Discovery Channel (

Although I was never in combat, I also never claimed to be. What I did do, actually only shortly after the Vietnam War ended for America, was I volunteered in 1977 for (there was no more draft), and served in, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 1977-1979.

Without any war at the time, I stayed a weekend "Devil Dog."

I had three meritorious promotions there, serving under a Jewish captain, just like Hitler. And after the jew re-assigned me to an all-black Marine supply unit I obtained an “inter-service transfer” to the Virginia Army National Guard from 1980-81, and there was named Company Guardsperson of the Year in 1980 by infantry captain John Holt (another former Marine, btw, who looked like Errol Flynn).

And, as all well know, reservists most certainly do end up in combat and even wounded or dead.

From the American Revolution on, militia men and reservists have ended up in the front lines. In Iraq and Afghanistan, many reservists, once activated and given additional training, have fought the foe, been painfully wounded, horribly mutilated or even killed. I was only fortunate that there was no brainless ZOG war on when I was in in 1977-81, except for the brief Grenada invasion. I guess God was sparing me for the current fun. ;-)

HEN-NITY. As for Hannity, he used to be friends with New Yorker Hal Turner (a racist but also a turncoat FBI-collaborating psychopath), and Hannity knows the score on race and the jews.

But the truth — about what jews, blacks, and other minorities are doing to our white country — is secondary to Hannitys multi-million-dollar radio and TV career. He consciously sells out his race and nation on FAUX (FOX) and promotes the jew agenda and also anti-French racism and bigotry. (Faux, Sean, means false in French, the country that gave us what you call “freedom fries” and “freedom toast.” ;-))

I remember well the many episodes of “Hannity and Colmes” where the never-served-in-uniform, chicken-hawk Hannity slammed the French — from a safe four thousand miles away — as cowards and ingrates and accused them of hating America when in truth they justifiably hated not America but the warmongering idiot Bush just as we all now do. (Bush, whom Hannity consistently boosted even when others had woken up and smelled the coffee on Bushleague, left office with a pitiful 22% approval rating, which shows that any honest Americans can admit that the French were right all along about this neo-con richboy and incompetent fraud and his criminal, bankrupting, stupid war. The French had killed two hundred thousand Arabs themselves in the Algerian War — Sean, try to find Algeria on a map; it’s across the Mediterranean Sea from France — before the French woke up to the fact that no Arab country is worth even one white soldier’ slife, or eyeballs, legs or testicles.)

But Sean knows he (like the good-looking TV journalist on Broadcast News played by William Hurt) is not smart enough to lock horns with me on live TV. If Alan Colmes, a former standup comedian and a jewboy who mentally is fast as lightning, could not nail me (although Colmes was able to best Hannity regularly on the show they used to co-host), then Sean will be unable to beat me either, and that means in style, in pugnacious delivery or in facts.

No other Irishman can talk over this Nugent. 😉

In the future, what you can look to is both OReilly and Hannity (two very sad examples of Irish-Americans who like the Kennedy boys turn liberal on race because the oppressors of Ireland, the English, were also white) will be attacking me from the safety of their own shows, that is, from a very safe distance.

And I wager you will never hear OReilly say We invited Mr. de Nugent on The Factor –but he declined our invitation. No, OReilly himself will likely decline to invite Mr. de Nugent.

.because, you see, bullies only pick on the weak.

And Smiley O’Reilly would dislike a Georgetowner kicking his elitist Harvard/John Kennedy School butt. ;-)

WRITE-IN CANDIDACY. As usual, you have the good ideas. Heres the problem though:

In October-Nov. 2008, when I was a FEDERALLY-REGISTERED write-in candidate for president of the United Statees, the local radio stations ALL refused my ads, saying I had to prove to THEM (to their legal departments) that I had properly registered, fax them [yes, to the stations!] my birth certificate [!], prove to the head jew or black I was a serious candidate by sending campaign literature, let them study my website, etc. Then THEY would “determine” if I was a “bona fide” candidate. This is how they chewed up time in the final period before the election.

Here were those ads and other audio messages I prepared for the November 2008 election, which I frankly think would have been a bombshell:

* * *

(This was the top of the homepage of my website back in October-November 2008, except the jewish-run Photobucket — by closing my PAID account without warning — thus deleted the photos I had uploaded off my paid Photobucket account and that once had studded that beefed-up website you see before you.

Click on the four audiofiles at the top-center. They should play fine on the Firefox browser [or download the plug-ins you need for Firefox]. It plays fine on Internet Explorer and also on Google Chrome, that is, if you prevent all four ads from playing at the same time. Hit the pause button on the other three first. ;-))

My 2008 website's banner -- before it was redone by a gifted white South African -- and former cop and war vet.

* * *

The Pittsburgh stations — radio and TV — used every single subterfuge to not run my ads, and finally one BLACK radio station ran my ads at odd hours. They had my debit card number and after telling me they had decided to refuse my ads, they still without warning charged my debit card and ran the ads anyway — on Election Eve. Then a few black female college girls called me at my house. Whoop-de-do.

Im not saying your suggestion is wrong, Army Ranger, just that the J-Team sees me apparently as enough of a threat, perhaps even as a top threat (esp. after Alan Colmes live radio debacle remember how Colmes twice “thanked” me for having HIM on MY show ;-) ). My concern is that every jew-controlled station will pull out every stop to not comply with the federal election laws. Hell, there IS no rule of law when the jews dont want it. It’s jewmerica now, and we whites are now the slaves.

If there were any rule of the law or the Constitution of the United States, how could Obama be pushing federal health care? The Tenth Amendment says all powers not given explicitly to the federal government go to the states (or the people)? Where does the Constitution say Obama has to know via a federal computer the results of your last prostate or breast exam, or if you saw a psychiatrist or drug/alcohol specialist? Because he WILL, if Fedzilla takes over health care…..

Or how can the Constitution explain a creature such as the vicious Obama Jew Cass Sunstein Cass Sunstein, “president” Obongo’s appointee to head the “Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs” who says there should be a federal ban on guns within 3-4 years and a federal law to harass conspiracy theory websites?

(He openly advocates, YES, a federal law that all conspiracy theorists must link their blog to a pro-government website!)

The nightmarish Sunstein (Cass means break in French) advocates federal dictatorship, and as Wikipedia says:

taught at the [Rockefeller-funded] University of Chicago Law School,[1] where he continues to teach as the Harry Kalven Visiting Professor. Sunstein is currently Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, where he is on leave while working in the Obama administration.

And he is one of Obongos czars.

“Czars,” in the United States of America. Why do we have this Russian term czar, and is it democratic to have czars?

I thought czars were autocrats by definition, unelected hereditary rulers commanding obedience to their executive orders. (Well, that would apply to jews…🙂)

My strategy in promoting the peaceful, white survival movement called the Eternal Solutrean Tribe is to initially do Jehovahs Witness-type door-to-door canvassing, and train dozens, hundreds, thousands ans millions of followers to do that, just as five million JWs do it every Saturday morning for their religion, ansd we all know that the JW religion is unpopular and derided just as OUR worldview is also unpopular and derided.

The goal of the house-to-house is also, just in the initial phase, to avoid street confrontations with intolerant, hate-filled, violent, bullying Reds (like the mongrel OnePeoples Project et alia) and build up strength first, THEN hit the streets with our boots on, once we have sufficient numbers, and confront the Reds head-on and say:

Our white neighborhoods are ours.

Our white sisters, are ours.

Our white jobs are ours.

Our white guns are ours.

I can think right now of several almost pure German-American neighborhoods in Pittsburgh where the blax are now streaming in and causing infuriating trouble to those orderly people that have already welcomed me, judging by my several heart-to-heart conversations with the denizens.

As you know, I look extremely German with the rectangular face, and it is also amazing how perfect strangers open up to me. (Nothing works in this regard better than the old Roman adage, in vino veritas, or with Germans in beer-o veritas.
;-) )

I and a German friend in Northside Pittsburgh, outside Mueller's Hardware. (I was outraged to see blacks dominating white Deutschtown, and have had many encounters with racist blacks, especially males -- who called me "cracker" (as they do other whites) absolutely, totally out of the blue -- and other racist, black-supremacist epithets.) No one who calls me "cracker" out of the blue gets to call ME "racist." And no more white neighborhoods must be invaded and taken over by violent, white-hating black imperialists. The white guilt trip is ludicrously retro, so Sixties, and so wrong. Read Jim Goad's "Redneck Manifesto" and get an attitude adjustment.

These were all such a nice, neat-as-a-pin, proud Germanic neighborhoods, and now:

–the negroes stand there and block you passing by on the sidewalk;

–stand in the street and mosey around slowly, forcing cars driven by white motorists to stop;

–and come right up to you and ask for a cigarette or the time of day in a defiant, I’m-in-your-space way.

Its the first stage in intimidation, aiming at eliminating the last white neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. The black psychopaths (not the decent mind-your-own business blacks) who are doing this know exactly what they are doing. They just have no idea who I am, or what is about to happen.
Im not ruling out a write-in candidacy, Ranger Danger, just stating what I experienced in Oct.-Nov. 2008 as a write-in candidate. The Jews pull all the stops out with me.

The IRS came a-calling the other day unannounced, right while I was literally on the phone with the Discovery Channel, sending a black female with a Muslim name, just as one “Kalias Muhammed” in Pittsburgh was the one used by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA at ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to order the innocent political asylum applicant Henrik Holappa arrested, incarcerated for 86 days in solitary (that means no books, magazines or TV, boys and girls, just four concrete walls for EIGHTY-SIX DAYS) and personally put him on the plane back to Finland, and this ineffable Muslim tyrant who loves locking up WHITE POLITICAL ASYLUM APPLICANTS actually wanted to put him back in chains at JFK airport until the other ICE personnel objected.


I consider it thus as — at least — likely that all such federal actions by non-white Muslim bureaucrats in the federal machinery in an 85% white and 90% Christian Pennsylvania represetns an indirect semiotic message from Barack Hussein Obama to his rebellious subject, John de Nugent. And I do get your message, Kenyan illegal alien. I’m glad you’re getting mine, skinny.

Henrik told me after he got back to Finland that an ICE officer had told him at JFK Airport that

the highest levels of the government are taking an interest in your case.

As you know, Henrik was directly linked to me due to the eight months he spent at Margi’s and my place and the huge and successful campaign I and former Marine officer Bill Fox ran to get him liberated.

Barack is falling like a stone and now our time has come. This harsh winter too is a sign — a sign I think from God of disapproval of Mr. Global Warming. It may be warming up in Kenya, but not in the USA, Europe or any white country.

This is just as when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, not to liberate it as he should have, but to claim it for Greater Germany. He hit the worst winter freeze in one hundred years. That too was a sign, and that is when his luck (that is, Gods blessing) ran out.

We will win this because we will seek ever to be on Gods good side.We do not ask “Where is God?” but instead “Where are we when we should be serving our Creator?”


This is not a struggle between whitebeasts and darkbeasts as depicted by Darwin or Hitler.

This is a struggle for souls. God knows we have the FACTS. This is a spiritual drama, a cosmic drama, with us Aryans awakening to see ourselves as spiritual beings, as souls on trial for our karma on a human journey. And as Israhell and Goldman Sachs devastate the world, we see that we oppose veritable human devils both the infinitely greedy Wall Street jews, foreclosing on America, but also their white sell-out collaborators such as Bill OReilly and Sean Hannity, their tough-talking-to-us yet jewcraven shabbaz goyeem.

It’s time for Solutrea to Arise.

Your support in time, money and talent will help me make it happen. I am one man. And that flag will stay green — because that’s what I need. (And also because I want the Muslim vote. 🙂 🙂 :-))


I just came back, for once, from a traumatizing walk with the dogs at night. Though it is often dark when we walk — I never walk at a predictable time, for security reasons, and always am I armed – you can see the woodland path well in the bright, white snow, under the moonlight, and by the evening skyglow from Pittsburgh, 17 miles south.

Spike, our black-and-white dog, lagging a bit behind, had suddenly begun yelping pitifully behind me and Carmen, his mother, as we were heading through the woods ahead of him. Carmen immediately stopped her meandering and looked at me in earnest, her Australian shepherd ears pointing erect and alert, listening to every tone and frequency in her four-pawed son’s voice. This was serious.

That pooch was caught by the paw and crying — in a steel woodchuck trap on a steel chain.

But I had my flashlight with me, prepared as usual, and I cleared away the freezing mud off the trap with my fingers and moved away the chain. And I kept kissing that poor dog on the nose (partly so he wouldn’t bite me in pain when I kept moving things around ;-))

Finally, as Spike’s weepy golden beagle irises stared at me (his daddy was a beagle) — in hope and confidence that I would somehow figure out a solution — eyes promising me not to bite at me, as I examined the device — I discovered out how to pry that trap open. I pulled down very hard — I had never done any of this before — on both sides of the the frame holding the two trap edges together, and Spike was able to withdraw his smarting foot.

I was startled that Spike did not run off, but he just sat there, loyally, and looked at me so expectantly — as his “doctor” and his master — as if to say “Am I okay?”

I said, “Yes, Spikey, you can walk now!”

Then with our walk curtailed, he hobbled three-legged — in pain but okay — home with me and his mother, Carmen…..

…where he got his bath from writhing in the mud, and lots of love, at home. Then he got to rest on a pillow on this special occasion.

We will get, in the same way, the wise, the trusting and the loyal whites out of the mud; off their pitiless chain; and we will lead the real Aryans away from the steel trap — while the others who are doomed continue to writhe in the mud and to snap at their helpers.



  1. Have you watched the movie Watchmen it is full of symbolic references. Of special interest are the references to 9/11, the scientist with Masonic emblems on their uniforms, and the final stage set in a building that closely resemble the Israel Supreme court building complete with Obelisk and glass pyramid on top of the building.

    Apart from the visuals and action scenes the movie was not particularly good but you should definitely watch it and write an analytical piece on it. I’ve only saw it once so there are probably other references that I mist.

    Also there is talk that the Missile shield is being implemented with HAARP weather and communications warfare technology based of theories by Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.

    Brzezinski (who controls and runs the Obama foreign policy like he did Carter) in his 1970’s book Between Two Ages mentioned this would be the future of warfare development of technology to control the weather.

    CBC 96 report on HAARP

  2. Very interesting, Elvis! Who produced this film? Would yo say it is yet another case of the jews sadistically flaunting their conspiracy?

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