Nuclear war and nuclear winter — the video that supports the Van Rensburg prophecy about the fates of the northern and southern hemispheres

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I made a major, detailed post about this video, and FB simply deleted the entire thing:

The Shadow Peace, Part 1 – The Nuclear Threat
Sequel to The Fallen of World War II, The Shadow Peace is a web series that combines data-visualization and cinematic storytelling to explore the driving fac…


In a nutshell, it coincides with the Nicholas Van Rensburg prophecy: Trump (he was clearly predicted, even his physical features, and how he would succeed a “black boy” as US President — all this way back in 1917) starts WWIII with Russia, resulting in megadeath in the northern hemisphere (Russia, Europe and North America)..

Africans and South Americans survive, being neither hit by missiles nor suffering a severe “nuclear winter” (“just” a 30% reduction in sunlight for two years). Germans (not Germany in Europe, other Germans) win the war and, very ironically, the white race flourishes (Germans and Boers) down in resource-studded Africa. A terrible scenario fur us up here in the north, but whites win in the end and rule everything.


Simon Roche: South Africa, the coming all-out race war, certain GERMANS to the rescue, Trump, WWIII — and the visions of the prophet Nicholas van Rensburg 100 years ago


These Germans are the Fourth Reich that evacuated in 1944-45. They have nukes. They have UFOs, and they have been lying low in their bases, unable to defeat the US or to be defeated by it because they are dug-in and heavily armed — a badger strategy.

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

Russian state television did a serious, one-hour-long documentary on the reality of the Fourth Reich in 2006. The Germans evacuated their top scientists — not the jet and rocket guys, the anti-gravity and laser guys — in 54 U-boats with snorkels (no need to resurface for air) to the Antarctic and also to the Andes mountains, where they have vast underground bases.



Massive, mysterious object detected by satellites under Antarctic ice — the German Fourth Reich?

Beyond that, we earthly whites are not alone. ““We aren’t God; we aren’t angels. We are humans. We belong to the human race, like you. There is a human race in the universe.”



My goal is, of course, to stop WWIII, and shake Trump to his senses. Otherwise, he will go down NOT as the man who made America great again, and the West, but as the worst, stupidest man and the most infamous lackey of the J-Team who ever lived.He will be remembered with a curse as having caused billions of white deaths in a truly pointless war with Russia into which the Deep State will have pressured him, but then again he will totally KNUCKLE UNDER to them.

The prophecy even describes his weird hair style (like a fluffy wig, and flared up at the edges) and always stern look.


Because of Trump, Russia is destroyed, England ceases to exist (Van Rensburg says it betrays America and America betrays it right back), and the USA is crippled for decades, and becomes a minor country focused on rebuilding.

People should rent and watch “The Road” with Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron to comprehend a nuclear-winter America.

Here is the entire, harrowing movie (low visual quality):

I can probably stop this, but only with YOUR HELP. Right now I am barely hanging on, cutting five lawns a week, painting, scraping walls and doing audiobooks.

In the end, earth humans do not deserve to be saved, and should not whine.

Even the brave ones in this life now were likely cowards and do-nothings in previous lives. (Read Henry Ford: “the American people don’t want the truth!”

That was and that is the attitude — someone-else-ism. (someone else should definitely do something 😉  ) — that over generations has gotten us to this dire and final stage….. millions upon millions of individual acts of white silence and white doing-nothing, despite knowing the stakes.

But deserve life, fight for a white future if not too late, and then, under a new NS, you can thrive once again — and as never before. 🙂 The universe wants us to win.

That went pretty well 🙂 I’ve begun to “come out”




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