Now this is why there was the Klan — and why brain-dead women could not vote

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Btw, I am sure the victim was white; 1) the nature of the crime; 2) Sioux Falls is 86% white — mostly Germans and Scandinavians.

“Funny” how certain crimes are more irksome than others. I cannot think of anything more savage against the very symbol of the soft and the feminine.

This is what would have happened 100 years ago, when white men were still men and we had the Indo-European patriarchy.

There was the realization that 1) white women who are young souls tend to be race-mixers, and 2) that black men must be brought to understand to never, EVER attack them.




……How white men acted Once Upon A Time




  1. I hate to suggest this, but maybe some of them (white wimmins) deserve it and God is trying to teach them a lesson…which they never learn anyway because their skulls are too thick.

    • One can in fact sadly confirm that most women (and also many liberal men) are young souls who simply do not want to hear the harsh truth.

      And the truth is what Hitler said in 1924 in Mein Kampf:

      This world is a place of struggle, and he who refuses to struggle does not deserve to live.

      As much as I grieve for this women who has been so horribly mutilated, she slept with this negro, and she probably a week ago was a big Hillary supporter, Trump-hater and leftist bitch who hated all her male relatives who found her getting knocked up by a black disgusting.

      Sooooo ….the gods in their wisdom, accepting the iron law of free will and that you-reap-what-you-sow, completely abandon such people to unprotected reality.

      With young souls, harsh consequences are the only way they will learn.

      Free will means their right to get it wrong, and then suffer horrifically so as to teach them that RACIAL TRUTH, INDEED ALL TRUTH, IS IMPORTANT.

      If they die as a result of their stubborn folly, in the life-review video which people are forced to watch on the other side, they have every ample opportunity to review their life mistakes, regret them, and resolve to change.

      National socialism, or, for me it is social nationism, means patriarchy.

      It means women accepting that men will overrule them when their estrogenic feelings get out of control and they begin getting all gushy about “the poor, oppressed blacks.”

      This woman will NEVER forget the lesson she has learned.

      And btw, that expression, “once you try black you won’t go black”? I know LOTS of white women who tried black and they sure did go back, fortunately after less tragedy than this fool woman suffered.

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