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The “Daily Stormer” is once again crossing the line. This is the banner on April 18, 2017.

Well, my fellow former Marine, Nathan Damigo, took the middle path; he hit the antifa girl who was hitting him, but not so as to kill her.


That also would have looked pretty bad on us if she had died, and girls CAN die, with their thinner skulls, if they hit the pavement hard.

A girl of 19 here in the icy UP of Michigan perished just from hitting her head hard on the icy sidewalk in Ironwood.


If I absolutely had to, I would deal a blow just to make her move off. It is a horrible thing to harm a woman. A man is something different. I hope we never descend to the level of the Bolsheviks or the Allahu-Akbar-ing Muslims.

My mother once told me how, as a little girl in the late 1930s, there was a fight in the schoolyard, and she waded right in. She hit a boy, who was shocked at first, and then hit her back, and hard. She told me: “I got out of there. I realized that girls should not fight with boys.”

Jeff Hewitt

22 hrs ·

Unpopular opinion: hitting girls is still wrong, even if they are commies.

John de Nugent

John de Nugent…/ds-banner-damigo-hitting…

Secular, godless, areligious WNism is not very spiritual, whether it is stealing material without credit, infighting and flaming, glorifying hitting women (ok, antifa women), or obsessing on hating negroes & khazars. We can only win with OUR strengths, as “Aryans,” as noblemen, and noblewomen, not as gutter orcs like our foes. I am creating a new religion because the mud path is not the right one for the Aryan race.
We condemn Trump for losing his honor, but so many WNs have lost it as well. Does any one think we can still win this without a miracle from the gods, the Force, or as AH said, “Providence”? We lack money, organization and The Leader, but if we also lack honor, we truly have nothing, NOTHING, to make the gods sympathize with us in our desperate plight.
And it IS now desperate in a world where Donald J. Trump has gone over to the Dark Side.
Kim Kammler John when will we be free of the jew tyranny ? will there be a mass awakening in europe and usa to the jew tyranny we live in so we can unite and throw them out once and for all ?


Kim Kammler
John de Nugent Kim Kammler If the gods are willing, I will create a religious answer to our foes, Judaism, Islam and kabbalistic Freemasonry. Then we will win. With facts and videos we are nothing.
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Kim KammlerJohn de Nugent why does Andrew Anglin hate women ?
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Kim Kammler I think he is just playing to his audience, which is frustrated youngish men who cannot find a good mate, so many white women being infected with judeo-feminism. I feel sorry for them all.
It is time for me to step forward, with Trump having demonstrated that NO Establishment politician can stop the Khazar juggernaut. If Kushner keeps ascending, things will not continue to just slide along. A crackdown will come, and Trump will be unable to say no.
Kim Kammler
Kim Kammler John de Nugent i will support you brother 🙂
Kim Kammler
Kim Kammler John de Nugent Don’t you agree that Anglin has to grow a pair and start respecting women? He will only alienate potential WN women from joining us by his hate of women.
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent Kim Kammler He is very brave and bright, but I am also very concerned that he is not lifting his readers up to his level, but going down to theirs. It gives him a big readership, but what is it worth?


Kim Kammler
Kim Kammler John de Nugent I think he’ll listen to you
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Kim Kammler Well, if my religion “flies,” he probably will. 😉
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Kim Kammler
Kim Kammler John de Nugent It will, brother 🙂 What do you think of the muslims in Europe – – Should they all be sent back to the Middle East ?
John de Nugent
John de NugentKim Kammler In time, of course yes. I would prefer to ally with them first against our common foe, BUT WITH THE UNDERSTANDING that they then go BACK into the Middle East and together we will create THERE a nat-soc for THEM.
No one is willing to move back from a white country to a destroyed hellhole, and it was we, the khazarized West, who with bombs, missiles, soldiers and the CIA destroyed Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. etc.


John de Nugent
Kim Kammler
Kim Kammler John de Nugent I agree  What do you think of adopting children from Africa and India and such countries into European and American families ? And. what do you think of race-mixed children?
John de NugentKim Kammler There are plenty of white children to adopt, especially older kids, from our own country and from Eastern Europe.
And anyone who does this should get a medal. Often these kids suffered abuse and neglect, and to give them love and fair discipline, and rescue them from a hellish foster home or orphanage literally can save their life — and their SOUL. 

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  1. Hallo Kamerad.

    Ich habe eine neue Seite auf der ich kurz und knapp darlege das Juden nicht das auserwählte Volk sein können:

    “Auserwählt… oder: Schuldkult im Weltraum”

    Ist auch nur eine kurze Seite lang. Kurz und knapp. Schau mal bitte rein. Das bringt zumindest manchen Zion-Christen zum Nachdenken.



  2. Obwohl… als Frau würde ich die auch nicht mehr bezeichnen 😉

    Ein geschlechtsloses, verlaustes ES!!

    Aber: Schönes Bild wo sich beide gleichzeitig treffen. Wie bei Rocky.

    Ansonsten sehe ich das aber auch so. Ich war zu der Zeit (2002) in der Bundeswehr als sie auch Frauen zu Kampfeinheiten zugelassen haben. Da war ich auch nicht so begeistert von. Ich war bei den Panzergrenadieren. Eine Waffengattung die von der SS “erfunden” wurde.

    Im Zivilleben sollten sich weisse Frauen allerdings schon in Waffen üben und wehrhaft sein.

    Danke für die Veröffentlichung.

    Mit besten Grüßen.

  3. I also think that this is too much. A man, especially in the rightwing movement, should never beat a woman in the face. It’s really NOT-Aryan.

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