North American comrades tell of reincarnation-like flashbacks to NS Germany; wonderful song on Holocaust by John Niems

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…..John Niems sings beautifully while exposing the massive, criminal Holo-fraud

Great singing, great sax, and great visuals.  It is an interesting technique to address such a serious and grim subject in a happy voice, but why not? The truth shall set us FREE! 🙂 Free from guilt and free to see who our real enemy was, and who our friend was!


…..Humor: Steve Jobs of Apple dies and goes to heaven, but….



…..Flashbacks to living in NS Germany in Americans today



A few weeks ago I ran this wonderful video on Nuremberg then and now:

Under Hitler there was beauty and bravery, and now only ugliness and despair.
Exterior of planned Kongresshalle; started 1935; suspended when the war began in 1939.
the beautiful facade
the planned interior upon completion
Thank you, Jewmerica….for destroying beautiful Nuremberg and a hundred other German cities.
 US Sherman tanks prowl through a desecrated jewel of a city
From glory
to this cold bareness


I am also known for my view that reincarnation is a proven, scientific fact, backed by massive evidence.

…..Video series “Are God and the soul real?”


40% of patients brought back from the dead on the operating table reported being conscious AFTER DEATH and many saw the famous “tunnel of light”! This was the largest-ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviewing 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria.

Fog Shrouds Rural England As Cold Snap Continues


As the French say, “peu des science nous éloigne de Dieu, beaucoup de science nous y ramène,” “a little science takes us away from God; a lot of science brings us back.”

Electron split experiment: This “electron double-slit” video is a sophisticated scientific cartoon that merits being seen twice — so it sinks in (and does not remain a mere factoid) that the whole universe is a holograph and definitely not entirely “real.” Electrons most certainly should not “care” whether we are looking at them or not! BUT like a diva, they do, indicating the whole physical universe is basically staged! As I say, watch it TWICE! Then start thinking what this means! The cartoon scientist is Fred Wolf, who is a Jew, but a legitimate physicist who fights atheism among scientists. In fact, all physics for the last 120 years points at the existence of a higher reality, not materialism. But his fellow Jews promote the idea that only the material world is real, God is a myth for the weak, and there is nothing else. When you die you are dead forever.


Wolf, however, is on a crusade to say “But modern science proves the very opposite, that it is this material world that is an illusion!” This electron anomaly was observed by the great mathematician Leonhard Euler of Switzerland and the famous American scientist and politician Ben Franklin already 250 years ago, and the experiment itself was first done by the British scientist Thomas Young in 1803:

. How can electrons act like both particle shooting forward (the arrows below) and yet also as  waves? Why does it depend on whether you are looking at it??? What the heck is going on here? 😉 A bullet (particle) is simply not a wave. This is a definite anomaly and contradiction, suggesting God is dropping an enormous hint on us NOT to view this world as something to be taken overly seriously, but instead like a tearjerker movie or a romantic comedy. With movies, we simply accept the illogical things in the plot for the sake of the story. As the easy-going yet wise Italians say, “Si non è vero, è ben trovato.” = “If it is not true, still it is well told.” ;-)


Atheists try to debunk Wolf, a very experienced physicist, and the plain meaning of this electron double-slit experiment. They are also at pains to gloss over the “quantum leap” in modern physics, where an electron leaves an inner shell and goes instantly to an outer shell, with no lapse in time at all. But how can a physical object travel a distance in zero-comma-zero seconds? In reality, it is literally vanishing at the inner shell and re-appearing at the same time on the outer shell…. This too suggests the material world is an illusion, although a very elaborate one. The world is just a classroom for young souls, an elementary school. ;-)double-slit

There is indeed a totally opposite way to explain — that everything is real, everything is matter, even heaven and God, and where we go when we die is just to a higher-frequency area. Then there is no more dichotomy between spirit and matter, religion and science, and people have less of a sense of us talking about fairy tales here, God being unfortunately the biggest fairy tale of all to the materialists. What we really are talking about is a “multiverse,” not a universe, with many dimensions existing and all occupying the same space — but on different frequencies.


In the same way, your house is occupied by cell phone calls, tv signals, microwave, wireless internet perhaps too, and of course radio — and all are occupying and penetrating the same house from top to bottom, all co-existing, and interwoven, but usually not interfering with each other. They are usually smoothly separated (except a microwave oven can cause static on a radio). In this scientific way of seeing reality plus religion, it is normal for an electron to vanish and reappear — It ducked into another dimension, where none of the rules of our dimension apply at all. It made a shortcut.

One has to think outside the box, or one cannot explain an electron being both a particle and a wave and vanishing and reappearing elsewhere at the same moment. God is dropping here some really big hints that He exists, and if scoffers scoff, He is just fine with that too. ;-)

Note that in this article on quantum mysticism single Jew scientist listed — Einstein, Murry Gell-Man and Steven Weinberg — attacks the fact that modern physics supports the existence of God, and the Aryan scientists line up supporting the truth that modern physics proves God’s existence.

(But this god is neither a senile old man in a white beard nor some forgive-everything sort of yin being, or cutesy Baby Jesus. It is a realistic, stern, law-giving Father figure who gives everyone only what they deserve.)

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion advocate strongly that the goyeem be made atheistic, because then they will fear to die and, thinking they do not have a soul (just a myth, they are told), they fear they will be dead forever. 

MOST then prefer to live a long life as a slave, not a short life as a hero, and refuse to make the supreme sacrifice, laying their life down for 1) the safety and future of their women and children, and 2) the survival of their race and nation.

Atheism = worrying in the background more and more about how you’re gonna die – after a rotten and disappopinting life



Theism = God expects every man to do his duty, and you will face His fury in both life and death if you choose to live on as a coward — as your women and children are taken and physically or morally destroyed.

If you wish to join the Jews and scoff at God, then you will fall into a pit of despair and end up like Lasha Darkmoon’s articles, which list all the reasons we supposedly are doomed:

But this is God’s universe; you better believe in Him… because without Him, without that Divine Aid, then doubtless Lasha is right and it is over for the white race.


PART 2 – A

PART 2 – B

PART 2 – C




My encounter with one of the most reputable “seers” in America and, it seems, through her with my deceased British grandfather from Yorkshire!


Well, I just spoke with a highly respected NS comrade in Texas, who just told me a story of a jarring vision he had first at age 26, and then it recurred. (It was not a dream; he was wide awake, and it was like really being there.)

It was of being at a child’s height — and seeing row after row of shiny black boots marching by — and feeling ecstatically happy and proud.



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  • A comrade asked what is the point of reincarnation if we forget previous lives. I replied:

    In fact, there is a formal review process after each life; it takes place after it ends and one is FORCED to watch a brutal video of one’s life and its effect on others. In the telepathic world beyond this one, one cannot hide one’s true reaction to various scenes of lying, betrayal, and neglect of duty.

    • It is between earthly lives that the conscious, detailed debriefing happens.

      Then out of mercy and practicality, the conscious memories are weakened. Only kids who died young and were murdered or killed in battle remember details, which fade after age five. Most of us have only likes and dislikes we cannot explain.

      As Nietzsche said:

      All enjoyment in life comes from being able to forget.

      Heartbreak, tragedy, death of children, lost wars….

      If we rehashed earlier lives, often 50% pain, we would be bummed out forever. Every life is a fresh new start, and angels give us tasks to master appropriate to our level. How? Angels are experienced former humans!
    •  But some of us waste a whole incarnation, 70 years of making no progress, flaunting the same flaws we had in high school.
      Some justify stubbornly every foolish mistake in their head for hours on end, and pout — instead of taking an honest look at themselves.

      A the end of this wasted incarnation the angels sit you down again and you review yet another painful, frustrating, life you have blown.
    • John D. Nugent Reincarnation casts everything in a different life.

    In my forthcoming book, I go into this in satisfying detail. For most, it would be very harmful to remember all their previous lifes!

  • ᚨᛚᛂᛪ ᛖᚾᚴᛡ ᛣᛚᚪᚱᚴ I’ve had multiple dreams of living in NS Germany, meeting my wife, one of my friends convincing me of joining the SS , that it paid off greatly and that I would learn the ways of nobility, and dying on the eastern front
  • Gustav James My life is NS Germany. it’s all I can think about, though I do not have NS themed dreams. Perhaps I’m too young? Even in elementary school I would draw swastikas and hide them in my binder. It’s all I know.
  • Ralf Dörnbaum Lots of young men, who died in the last war, are living again today… I know it from myself.
  • Steve Collier Interesting yes ,,,, I used to dream I was on U Boots when I was younger ,,,,,
  • Dennis Russell wow. This is trippy. I thought i was the only one. I’ve know since i was a little kid. NS Germany is all I think of as well. This is not a learned state of mind… it’s déjà vu.
    • John D. Nugent Dear Dennis, Would you like to tell me more, perhaps in a private message? I am writing a major article on American NS who since earliest childhood, and with zero encouragement form their environment, find themselves “magnetically” draw to national socialism.
      This definitely applied to me. I can assure you that my father, a WWII vet, anglophile and Churchill lover, in no way encouraged my fascination at age five for all things German and for all things Hitler!
      I still remember seeing a framed AH stamp at my grandmother’s house — and my father’s angry reaction to my utter fascination. I was literally mesmerized.
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Well John, Ever since I was a child I had told my mom I had been a soldier in a past life. I would have dreams of fighting on the eastern front. I was always so cold in the dreams. I was killed by mortar fire.

But beyond the dreams I’ve always been fascinated by the videos seen on television — the pride, the spirit . Everything was good; everyone was happy;everyone had a place.  Everyone had food. I’m more physically attracted to blond-haired people. I’ve noticed a difference in races since a young age; was never encouraged [to think that way]. Ive always known the lies, you could say. I’ve never believed the horror stories told of the “Nazis.” As I grew older, I did my research and learned of the Illuminati and the Jew elite. And it finally made sense.




I got a HUGE response to a radio show I did on reincarnation and typical of it was men who told me they felt a hypnotic attraction to the SS as small boys, and a horror of cold and snow also……

Here is what a new friend and comrade wrote me, also a former Marine with Heartland roots:


* * *

I never give reincarnation a real lot of thought, but have thought about it some. I think it sure is possible.

Now you have read me online talking about my German heritage.

Well, I can remember as a kid…. I think maybe in the fourth grade (I went to a Catholic grade school) we were doing book reports. I don’t remember what book report or subject I was doing, but a friend of mine (I still remember him and this moment I’m about to tell you about, and that was 30 years ago) was doing his book report on WWII.

asphalt-soldiersWell, Jack had some books — on the Army, Navy, Marines and so forth. No big deal, and I didn’t give them a second thought. Then I saw one book he had. It was Waffen SS — the Asphalt Soldiers. I grabbed that book as if I were mesmerized. I just looked at the cover in a daze and quickly thumbed through the pictures like I was looking for someone or something. I begged him to let me borrow it, and he did. I ran home with it and studied this book from cover to cover. I actually thought I knew these men. I was more giddy about this book that I came across then I would have been at Christmas receiving a train.


[JdN: Btw, this book, which I also own, was written by a John Keegan who was not yet prestigious enough (he is now “Sir” John Keegan) to dare on his own to really praise the Germans as they deserved — as he later did inSix Armies at Normandy. In this strangely named “Asphalt Soldiers” book ( Keegan barely manages to find any praise at all for the greatest fighting force that ever existed in the last 4,000 years, and I say this as a proud former US Marine, admitting myself that the Waffen-SS was the ultimate elite among large military formations. But the pictures were okay. :-)]


After 1929 the SS began to expand rapidly, and standards in personnel unsurprisingly began to lower. The political changes also led Hitler to call for the creation of a dedicated guard formation from the ranks of the SS, and instructed one of his oldest colleagues, First World War veteran Josef “Sepp” Dietrich, to set the wheels in motion. Dietrich quickly set about selecting a group of men applying rigorous standards, and by the spring of 1933 had established the SS-Stabswache Berlin, consisting of 117 men.


The primary role of this new Stabswache was the guarding of the Reich Chancellery [in downtown Berlin], and as a result they were quickly given the nickname “asphalt soldiers”.


Of course, none of the unit’s detractors would have known that of these initial 117 men, over sixty were to become company commanders or above, with three becoming divisional commanders. (

Now I was maybe eight years old and felt so strongly about these SS men. Also, when growing up as a kid — I have long since grown out of it — I hated winter and the cold. Growing up, I would get upset and almost cry over icy cold weather. I live in Wisconsin and winters can be rough. It was something about winter I just could not stand. I was miserable and wished for warm weather. My cousins or sisters never gave winter a second thought, but for me I thought it was tragic. I didn’t join the Marines because I was a wimp, but the cold really bothered me…..

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Your experience seeing that Waffen-SS book sent chills down my spine. That is just how I felt staring at that Hitler stamp (see below). I think MANY of our fellow WN activists will see themselves in your story! That ATTRACTION for German things…..was WAY beyond anything we were getting culturally as kids in our environment…..Hey, after WWII Germany’s name was mud in America and there was no pro-German talk going on at MY kitchen table in the 1950s. My dad fought in WWII and conformed to the “Hitler-was-evil” line, which is why he snatched away that framed Hitler stamp. My mother and father both had many jewish friends.


……Canadian NS in the VIP stands at Nuremberg

“John, when I was 16 I had this vision that I was sitting in the stands at Nuremberg, and some woman was sitting right net to me, with dark-blondish hair like Eva Braun, and we were about three rows back from Hitler on the right.

The weird thing is that I understood Hitler speaking in German.”




I had the strangest experience at around age five when I first saw a picture of this man. I had discovered a framed stamp at my grandfather’s house whicH displayed him as chancellor of the German Reich. I found myself just staring at it in some strange feeling of connectedness for 15 minutes until my father came upstairs, scolded me for ignoring him and confiscated the framed stamp, telling me Hitler was a “bad man, a very bad, bad man” (which is what Roosevelt had told American GIs such as my father).

AH stamp2

Right after this, again at the age of five, I began studying my first foreign language, German, in great earnest, and was able to hold a little conversation a year later in German with a lady from Deutschland on a flight from Providence to Pittsburgh to see my great-grandmother, n e Berlin, at her home in Greensburg.

It was one of those inexplicable occurrences — seemingly silly, a stamp with an unknown foreign leader impacting a mere five-year-old — a strange event….such as actually many people have, but they usually do not talk about it.

But such mysterious feelings mark the person.

I felt neither affection nor hatred for Hitler gazing at his visage, just distance, as if that man represented something somehow important but that had to stay firmly in the PAST someone perhaps to be inspired by, to be learned from, and then resolutely moved beyond.

I felt and I feel that we must look FORWARD.


…..Margi feels Hitler can do no wrong 


She and I always disagree on Hitler’s treatment of the Russians, which I believe was a disastrous mistake.  It always gets vehement, and when I look in her eyes, IMO it is, for her, about “loyalty to the Führer.” I think Margi was a woman in the Third Reich who adored Hitler. Though born in Florida and raised in Asheville, North Carolina and in Arizona, for me she is a reincarnated German, and she digs in her heels if you criticize her Führer. ;-).




Reincarnation usually does NOT mean a lot of specific memories; usually it is just strong feelings of like or dislike that you had even as a child and are not explained by anything in the environment, not your family, friends or school. It came with you into this world, and made you different from others. When you heard about national socialism, you did not fight it tooth and nail like the rest. The brainwashing that Hitler was evil bounced right off you….. because you lived then, and he was wonderful.





 …..Excellent color video of the Third Reich IF you turn the sound off (muting its usual negative descriptions and sinister music)

…..FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS and their guys after the staggering military blitzkrieg victories of 1939-40


…..ADOLF HITLER – in feeling his continuing presence “MY HEART WILL GO ON”



Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance,
And spaces between us,
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more you open the door,
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we’re gone.

Love was when I loved you,
One true time I hold to,
In my life we’ll always go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

You’re here; there’s nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on.
We’ll stay forever this way.
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

And, ohhhhh..



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We are eternal beings, and these troubles are opportunities to be unlike the selfish, foolish cowardly majority and use an incarnation to actually make spiritual progress.

It is said one can grow 30 time faster in such a time than when all is smooth and orderly. When everyone else is behaving themselves, one needs only go along with the rest, but now we are heroes — standing out from the herd, forsaking morally the degraded herd of the karmically  doomed.


  1. From a comrade named Duncan:

    Hello John. I don’t remember being in Germany previously, but I was certainly a Viking leader back in the 9th Cent. In Scotland at that time the Vikings owned northern Scotland.

    The worst thing I felt about dying after getting wounded was that I felt I would never see my fellow warriors again I felt a great loss as I died.

    What I do have is a total realization that Hitler and I both had poor childhoods; we both had a Great Struggle against many. I have a perfect understanding of the way Hitler thinks as it is in me also. Never give up! Absolute determination to survive and succeed! A mind that is steely, going in a straight line, never wavering against all odds; no deviation in the chosen path; the ability to convince others truthfully of what the world and some people are doing against us and our people.

    And to fight back against it so that poverty-hunger-sickness will not be inflicted on us any longer by a small group of people who now number 16 million worldwide.

    I understand Hitler internally. I can’t remember the German word for it; it’s one spirit and yes “Eine Vision”!!!

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