No reason for taxes!

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Time to put an end to this thuggish daylight robbery

There is no good reason for the government to charge taxes. It’s a form of legalised daylight robbery by a bunch of protection racket thugs who have fooled people into believing they were “legit”. Al Capone style Chicago is everywhere, not just in London, New York and Washington D.C.

In the olden days, taxes might have been justified, because somewhere had the money to come from to pay for government services such as protecting the people from internal and external threats. Those days are gone and have been for a while.

To start with, the government is making enough money from all sorts of illegal activities. What most people don’t realise is that there is such a thing as a highly profitable government monopoly on the sale of illegal drugs. More than 90% of illegal drugs are sold by the government. Why else do you think – after decades of prohibition – it’s still easier to buy high quality illegal drugs, even in the sleepiest country towns, than to buy a decent second hand car?! Do you really think the federal police is that stupid that they can’t work out who is selling those drugs, when even the crackheads who are buying them can?! Those federal coppers are fairly smart and are well resourced. They could arrest them, if they wanted to and their bosses let them. The ugly truth is that they are only there to keep the competition out.

Illegal drugs are the world’s biggest and most profitable business, thanks to law-enforced and tax-payer funded monopoly protection. The money obviously doesn’t go into the official federal budget, where nosy and greedy parliamentarians could ask questions and interfere. It goes into the black books of the secret government where there is no parliamentary control. The surplus from that secret budget is invested in buying strategic assets, the likes of Facebook, Microsoft and Google. The dividends from those investments go back into the secret budget.

Our governments have been doing this for decades, ever since there has been prohibiton. This is why the secret governments are amongst the world’s biggest shareholders, with dividend incomes higher than the official federal budgets. In other words, if they wanted, those off-balance sheet incomes would easily pay for the entire federal households without collecting even one dollar in tax.

Not making enough money from selling drugs? Print it then!

Of course it would be a bit of an image problem for the government to tell the people, keep your taxes, we are making enough money from selling illegal drugs to your kids. And how would they pay for all their shady activities for which they prefer not to have any parliamentary oversight?! If they wanted though, they could just print the money they need for the federal budet. There is absolutely no good reason why they can’t.

The only reason why they don’t do so is because money is based on debt, debt to privately owned reserve banks and repaid through tax. And, of course, they would have to keep an eye on how much money they are printing, to avoid inflation or depression. Without taxes, however, government expenses would be much lower than they currently are. Not only would they save all the money it costs them to coerce businesses and private people to hand over 50% of what they earn through their hard work. I’m not just talking about income, goods and services taxes, but also the astronomical taxes they have put on things like gas, fuel and cars.

Some people might be worried about what would happen to all the people who would lose their jobs if there was no tax. Sure there would be quite a few of them, not just those working for the government. However there would be even more who would find employment for the very same reason. The economy would be booming in no time, creating more new jobs than were made obsolete.

Government expenses would decrease even further. With more jobs and money in people’s pockets, there would be less need for government handouts and probably less crime. If we also abolished drug prohibition there would be almost no crime at all. Prisons would be standing empty. There would be hardly any law-enforcement costs.

The Bad WarSimply printing debt-free currency to pay for government expenses would also make it easier for the government to make sure there is just the right amount of liquidity in circulation to keep the economy nicely plotting along. That’s exactly how the German government under Adolf Hitler went from Great Depression style record mass unemployment to booming economy and full employment in little more than 2 years. The bankster pigs didn’t like it because they had no more access to the debt-based currency trough. So they made England and America force Germany into war, murder a quarter of its population and destroy 95% of the civilian infrastructure. But that’s a different story. Read “The Bad War” from Mike King and watch the “Hellstorm” documentary from Thomas Goodrich, if you don’t understand what I mean or disagree.

Exactly because of Germany’s experience, and Libya’s too, we need to start the Rebel Bank in England and the United States. There is no point trying it the easy way, in places like Iceland, Cyprus or Greece, because the United States and England would turn them into a new Atlantis or erase them with HAARP enduced earthquakes or tsunamis. Regime change must start at the head(s) of the beast.

…. I [John de Nugent] replied:

  • Great article.

    In the British American colonies, each colonial government printed “scrip” — its own paper money — and many such colonial governments, such as that of the colony of Pennsylvania, paid their own bills — so there were no taxes on the citizens. In other words, Philadelphia (the capital then) ordered a road built, and printed exactly enough money to pay the road construction bill. (This is what Hitler did in the 1930s when he built the autobahns.)

    It would have been considered an outrageous invasion of a gentleman’s privacy to make him declare/reveal his income.

    The Rebel Bank idea must take off. The problem is partly fear. Any informed antizionist understands that anything that loosens the Jews’ death grip on our financial system will be vigorously counter-attacked by them as a mortal threat to their power.

    As for drugs, I was thunderstruck in rural Pennsylvania by how many country white folks were hooked on heroin. But then I read that Afghanistan was the world’s main producer of opium….and we invaded it, we are protecting the opium lords, and the US Air Force’s 911th Air Wing is right next to Pittsburgh Airport. Night flights. And who in the state police is going to stop an Army truck convoy with soldiers carrying M-16 rifles?

    In my 36 years of antizionist work I have concluded that 1913 was the worst year in human history, when the Fed was created, and the income tax, and the IRS (US tax authority) — and the ADL as well. Also, a Jew, Leo Max Frank, murdered little Mary Phagan in Atlanta, Georgia and the Jews began their first media hysteria campaign to vilify a whole state, and by bribes, blackmail and threats, they sought to get the sex killer off.

    But all their power goes back to money and buying up the media and the politicians. We must fund and launch the Rebel Bank!


  • …..Rebel of Oz

    That’s right. It’s none of their f****** business. It’s the same arrogance as those Jewish banks and shopping center owners who force their customers to open their book for them to decide how much rent they charge or money they lend them.


    When I first went to England I was shocked by all the heroin and methadone addicts, until I realised that it was a form of social control, that was before i was aware of the truth of our modern world. Britain is an island and if the british government really wànted to stop drugs, they would easily be able to police their borders oh i forgot the war on drugs was really the war of controlling the supply of drugs, just like the war on terror is the war of controlling and exporting terror.