No, nordics do not come from Cro Magnons; Smithsonian hiding huge discoveries of giants in California; huge cemetery found in Egypt with segregated blond and red-haired mummies

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 …..Little blond warrior girl does furious “Kata” !

……One MILLION mummies, many BLOND and red-headed, found in Egypt!


  1. Hi Mr. de Nugent,

    Is it not possible that the Cro-Magnon cavemen were the descendants of Hyperboreans or Atlanteans left behind on Earth by their ruling elites, before the occurrence of some cataclysmic event, and who then went back to basics and started to make do with whatever resources nature provided them with? Also have you ever noticed the strange circular indentations on the foreheads of many Cro-Magnon skulls, some separated in time and space by many millennia and miles? I have no doubt that it will be explained away by academics as some primitive cultural practice of body modification, but what cultural practice would persist so long, and without ever being embraced by non-Cro-Magnon peoples? Even a lifelike forensic reconstruction of a Cro-Magnon man depicts him with such an indentation. A possible reason perhaps for why Exonordics have fringes covering their foreheads! lol.

    According to Greek legend Apollo was described as golden haired and his mother was a Hyperborean by the name of Leto. Greek legends also spoke of a great Hyberborean civilizer called Abaris, who was said to fly around on Apollo’s arrow (cylindrical UFO?), that he found in a mountain (UFO base?), spreading knowledge throughout the world. Funny that cylindrical craft have allegedly been filmed entering volcanoes. Scythians, according to some ancient Greek sources, were said to resemble Hyperboreans in appearance, with both being described as blonde.

    The Guanches of the Canary Islands were primarily of two physical types, Cro-magnon and Mediterranean, and as Mediterraneans aren’t ordinarily noted for being blonde then I feel its safe to assume that the blondism among certain Guanches must therefore have come from the Cro-Magnon element.

    Prehistoric Cro-Magnons were also present in North Africa and it just so happens that light-hair was even to be found among some ancient Libyan tribes down to the Classical Greek age, as evidenced by contemporary Greek vases depicting the Libyan giant Antaeus with red hair.

    All the best kinsman!

    • Thanks for your email.

      We have to do a mental paradigm shift.

      We have no way right now of knowing how blond or brunet Cro Magnons were.

      We do know:

      1) Blondism erupted in the Baltic in 7,000 BC, long AFTER Cro Magnon times

      2) Entire civilizations in space are blond….

      3) Earth has been colonized by many visitors due to its midway position in the galaxy and attractions.

      There is no reason for blondism to evolve here when it is already out there and earth has been visited and is being visited now by ET blonds, when the Greek “gods” are depicted as blonds, and the Greek stories say the blond gods bred with earth women!!!!


      • Mr. de Nugent, are you familiar with the UFO sighting of the russian explorer and mystic Nicholas Roerich whilst he was travelling in the Koko Nor area of China back in the 1920s? It took place in an area not far from where the ancient Europoid Tocharians once lived. I once read about a Lebanese-Australian guy who allegedly had an encounter with a possible exonordic, from whom he acquired a sample of hair, which dna analysis later determined was connected to the Tocharian mummies. Nearby Lop Nor is also a ufo hotspot and Chinese nuclear test site. Take care comrade!

          • “”We all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving a great speed. Crossing our camp this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest. And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glasses and saw quite distinctly an oval form, one side of which was brilliant from the sun”. UFO sighting by Nicholas Roerich whilst travelling in Koko nor in 1927. Type in on Youtube “Qinghai Lake Haya” to see a music vid that shows the mystical beauty of Koko nor. I own a book by one Christopher I. Beckwith called the “Tibetan Empire in Central Asia” wherein a footnote on page 4 istrangely states that “The Tibetan verbal system is strongly reminiscent of Germanic tongues, but the language exhibits systemically entrenched proto-Indo-Iranian vocabulary”. One can clearly see that the proto-Indo-Iranians were Nordic in physical type from the forensic facial reconstructions of them shown on the Youtube video “Look of the Andronovo culture and people”. Now we know why the “Nazis” showed an interest in that now predominately Mongoloid part of the world. Check out the website “Central Asia | through the mist of the past” to see what has become of the remnants of our once Aryan relatives. I am not anti-Mongoloid or anything but it seems the non-White races have been expanding at our expense for far to long. Yet all we ever hear about is our “genocidal” activities against “indigenous” non-White peoples! How convenient for the anti-White agenda that the genocides against ancient Europoids in North Africa, North America, and Central Asia went unrecorded in history. But at least we have their skulls to remember them by. Good day kinsman

          • Thank you — very interesting facts!

            The references to “shiny” and “brilliant from the sun” would dovetail with the real meaning of dyaus (a “god”) in Indo-European. As my blog says, “dyaus” is related to our word “day” as in daylight, bright, shining, or beaming.

  2. Hello, John de Nugent!

    Do you think Cro Magnon was a descendant of the Hyperboreans? (Who were these famous white gods coming from stars?)

  3. Since Cro Magnon appears suddenly, I assume it was a case of nordics in this galaxy fleeing from war or invasion/occupation (by reptilians, greys, etc.) and landing here as a place of refuge.

    War in the galaxy BETWEEN THE NORDIC-LED FEDERATION AND THE REPTILIAN EMPIRES is the basic premise to understand many things about earth and human history.

    As the Ancient Greek, Heraclitus, said “war is the father of all things.”

    And earth, as 1) a relatively gorgeous planet (think of all the planets that are just bare rock and either extremely hot or cold), 2) very well-located and 3) with only the asteroid belt to slow final landing and also exit, is a natural place for both colonists and refugees to head for.

    Going back to the Cro Magnons, say my scenario is corect.

    Nevertheless, just a few weeks after landing, the spaceship batteries are dead and life quickly goes down to the Stone Age level.

    Or a pursuing enemy ship discovers your craft and destroys it on the ground. Then you are really stuck there. You cannot leave or communicate with your home planet if it even has any survivors.

    You better start hunting and you better start gathering. 😉 And what happens is the Cro Magnons did both better than the proto-semitic neanderthals, who were fundamentally uncreative.

    (The movie “The Road” with Viggo Mortenson shows a scenario also where life returns to the brutal basics…… highly recommended, despite some sad and ghastly scenes.)

    Imagine if tomorrow a nuclear war hit the US and everyone died except some Kentucky hillbillies. It would be bow-and-arrow time, and spear time.

    Even gunpowder and bullets, metal axes and metal knives would be luxuries.

    A further issue to reflect on is the apparently sudden eruption of blond hair and blue eyes in the Baltic region around 8000 BC. It would seem that some group of outright nordics came as colonists or refugees (or even, possibly, escaped convicts…. not all nordics are nice people.)

    I think earlier earth whites — Cro Magnons — were a mix of blond and brunet (brown eyes and hair), as shown in the docudrama depiction of the Solutreans in “Ice Age Columbus.”

    Zia, the clan chieftain’s daughter, confronts a loser who wants food but never hunts successfully.

    Zia runs into some exiles (criminals expelled from their clans)

  4. thanks for this detail John de Nugent! I also think cro magnon is a foreigner compared to all earth hominids!I think cro magnon is descended from the hyperboreans who probably came from the star system of aldebaran!

    anthropologically, all earth races, from the Y chromosome ( paternal lineage) come from cro magnon because he is the only human to be modern and to have a chin; no one before him had a chin!

    Rh negative blood type comes from cro magnon so humanity is a hybrid species from the mating of cro magnon with all earth hominids ( neanderthal , erectus, hobbit, pygmies…..)

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