Nine days until PRESIDENT TRUMP; my email to André Anglin about praising Breivik and Roof

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The power of the pedophilic, child-torturing NWO is symbolized by this statue on the BBC House in London, done by a practicing pedophile and literal dog-f—r, artist Eric Gill. The NWO has no shame or moral boundaries. 

….Trump ‘s safety

A comrade wrote me:


He’s got nine days to go.  Saying prayers every day for his safety.

I hope on the 21st he starts cleaning house, and putting those FEMA camps to good use.


I replied:

The problem is MKs taking Trump out while sacrificing themselves, as with, in 1967, Sirhan Sirhan and Robert Kennedy (who would have determined as president that it was Johnson who killed his brother, as he suspected); in 1972, Arthur Bremer and Wallace; in 1981, John Hinckley and Reagan, etc. All three men so blithely sacrificed themselves. Of course they were caught (even on camera), and never released.  

Same goes for Dylann Roof, 100% an MK.

Of course, people definitely do not want to read much about it, though millions saw either the 1962 Manchurian Candidate movie with Frank Sinatra, or the 2002 remake with Denzel Washington and Merryl Streep (as a clearly Hillary-type character!).

They can deal with the forced sleeplessness and the electroshocks committed on adult men, but definitely not with the things done to children, which stagger the imagination and chill the brain to the point of shutdown. 

It is however a source of great optimism and comfort to me that the aversion to reading what the jews do to our kids is so intense. It means there is still a taboo on harming kids, especially in sicko ways. And this is a powerful weapon I can use.

This video has 53,00o views on all platforms.


I know you do not want to see it, but please indulge me, for this is reality.

They really do hang children in front of other children. The little girl on the right with her two hands over her face is freaking out.

The problem is that the public does not understand how many MK’s have been torture-trained since childhood via rape and things really too horrifying to describe. I know because I was in it as a kid and I ran away from it at age ten.

People cannot bear to hear one syllable about MK, Manchurians or even a nano-second on ritual child abuse or murder.

With respect to the vicious accusations of homosexuality and pedophilia against me by Porter and others, those who know the look in my eyes when I am attacked with this slander grasp that there is no person on this planet who hates both more, and I mean I H-A-T-E homosexuality and pedophilia, and furthermore I HATE the psychopaths who call me that.  

I mean, I go Genghis Khan inside when agents within WNism of this Jew horror regime accuse ME, of all people, a victim, of such crimes.   

I tell you this: for them there will be no mercy.

My hatred of those who rape and kill white kids, and then slander ME of all people, is ice-man, zero degrees Kelvin. (-275 degrees Fahrenheit).

Going back to Trump, only the gods can save him. These MKs, if so ordered, will just go and take him out and heedless of the cost to themselves.

Think of it — mind control means an assassin who does not know he is an assassin!  Perfect for the NWO.

As far as I know, I am the only one who ever recovered from this.

Comrade not eager to read about ritual child abuse. Oh, I get it, but try going THROUGH it!

The test of the elite in Virtus will be to face the horror, and develop a hatred so intense that it commands victory, and makes defeat literally unthinkable.



…..My email to Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer on his articles glorifying Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof


I just posted this under the umpteenth Anglin article glorifying Roof:


I could not agree more, FatherJohn. [saying we should not glorify the deluded Breivik or Roof]
Going beyond that, there is no question whatsoever in my mind that Dylann Roof, and probably Anders Breivik as well, were mind-controlled.
What could possibly be more dishonorable and anti-Aryan (Aryan meaning noble in Sankrit) than killing some old black church ladies in a house of God?
Well, there is one thing: gunning down dozens of white children at a summer camp because their PARENTS are libtards.
Had Killary won, this Charleston Church Shooting would have resulted in a gigantic push to curtail both the First and the Second Amendments — taking both free speech and guns away and ending forever any chance of a white rebirth except maybe in a sealed-off Russia, and there only.
Everything about Roof reeks of mind control. I know because, until I ran away from my wealthy family in 1964, I was in a mind control program myself.
(Now watch the ad hominem FBI assets come out and troll me on this.)

UPDATED Dylann Storm Roof, MK-Ultra; Unshackled — A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan

Photo juxtapositions of Hollywood child actor John Christian Graas (on “Star Trek, the Next Generation”) and Dylann Storm Roof
Frontal photo
Identical ear shape between Graas and Roof; ears are now being used increasingly in identifications due to their detail and uniqueness
Addressing now Andrew Anglin:
I love your site, your innovations, your unique humor, and your success. I have said so many times in public and in private.
I have, however, gotten a number of emails from my backers hitting the alarm bell about your glorifications of the (let us be frank, and also think legally here) mass murderers Breivik and Roof.
There is a distinct possibility that you, and every person on your pro-Breivik and pro-Roof threads who applaud the deeds of these men, could end up arrested and indicted for intent to commit genocide if the winds change and Trump is assassinated and replaced by the neo-con Pence.
I am more than fine with genuine activism, and have done genuine, physical, tangible activism out in the real world and in the street for almost four decades, as my WN bio on my site proves with many photographs, details of when and where, and newspaper and television reports.
But praising mass murderers could prove a disastrous choice for you, your posters and us all.
I can understand an adult man wanting to killing another adult man as a dangerous tyrant in order to liberate his nation from disaster. But mowing down kids and church ladies — no way. Morally wrong, legally risky, and a PR disaster.
John de Nugent
With a painting of a kinswoman



  1. he also said the march in Montana will occur on James Earl Ray’s Birthday. Since then they have had to postphone it but excellent divide and conquer as well as hate messaging. Any wonder why Andrew is the #1 go to site in Jewstram media?
    In case a reader doesn’t get that, he is celebrating the guy who is charged with killing King’s birthday. Fucking amazing

  2. to remind, a year before he turned fascist he said white ppl went all over the world and fucked everybody. This week he’s posting how whites need to take over the world. Real morality doesn’t evolve like that, however, assuming new assignment objectives with so many dis info agents among us undetected who claim evolving intellect, makes it seem normal. Once I became Jew-wise, it didn’t touch my basic value system, I just became Jew-wise
    So I see Sinead go after gay men in the movement and I just can’t remove that picture of Sinead hovering lovingly over a black gay man in New York. So she becomes WN and her whole value system changes or she just selling a brand?

  3. Trump had better address the vaccine issue and do it big. A little bit is just going to not make a difference as they ramp up and up and up the number of vaccines for the little kids. The baby Whites today will not only be <30% of the population, half or more will all be utterly unable to live soon enough. In other words, the bottom line is AUTOMATIC extinction from the critical lack of functional Whites and this is already in the process of happening unless we reverse the damage that's already being done right now. It's a ticking time bomb.

    So many people are already suffering greatly from this. I myself have had bigger memory issues ever since taking the 2 mandatory college vaccines here in Commiefornia.

    As evidenced by that Daily Stormer article, most DailyStormer readers probably don't know a dime about life after death proof which is just 100% vital for getting to the right views. That's why you see comments like "All nigger vermin need to be exterminated" getting 26 likes, through atheism they cognitive-dissonance themselves into supporting mass genocide of all nonwhites. Even the one semi-sane commenter who voiced against DyRo is also a Flat Earther.

    And if you look at places where NDE knowledge might be more common among the alt-media in general, there is still basically nothing on reincarnation. Which makes the mentality this:

    "I don't care about the world anymore, I just have to be good and eventually I'll be in some care-free afterlife realm where I can do whatever I want and ignore everyone on Earth since they will all end up there eventually anyways." It leads to total complacency, the opposite but similar mindset to the atheist constant 'run away from the thought of the void, distract yourself' mentality. It's either a huge fear of trying to change things or an unjustified lack of caring about what happens.

    Reincarnation is probably the one thing that can give both the lack of immediate fear related to death, yet still give a long-term fear that is completely valid alongside the possibility of a universal great success. There is nothing that guarantees the Nordic Aliens and those higher races above them couldn't ever possibly lose, or that if they did all lose things couldn't get so bad that the entire universe was driven down to absurd levels of evil. It'd be just like in Orwell's 1984: "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever."

    Once people figure out that it is possible for evil to utterly win then they will probably be more likely to have that will to act and stop that.

  4. I’m an MK kid too, and escaped. It’s rough. I had a very strange awakening. They were clearly planning on turning me into a school shooter, but I happened to figure out that there were agents working on me before they pulled it off. God intervened. Have faith, sir.

  5. There were 119 comments on AA’s article, so it seems a lot of Stormers did not comment and possibly feel the same as you about Breivik and Roof.

  6., it is you whom I consider an agent.

    You keep pushing me into a war with Anglin and that is not in the interests of this cause or my own plans. So far I still see him as sincere and gifted, and though he makes mistakes, so do we all.

    Were I an agent, my site would not have been hacked for 128 days straight, the FBI and the WH would not have threatened me, and I would not have been disinherited by a multimillionaire with strong regime connections.

    I have no intention of publishing any more of your comments. If you are sincere, try sending me some serious money, which I clearly desperately need to keep my site unhacked, rather than trying to instigate fratricidal conflicts, which is exactly what an FBI/COINTELPRO asset would do. Remember, my friend was Ted Gunderson and he was involved in COINTELPRO. Starting shit and stirring shit is what they do.

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