Nick Griffin on Antigentilism, “The Oldest Hatred”; HIS LETTER TO PARLIAMENT THAT SAVED SYRIA FROM ISIS; he & Jack Sen on Red Ice Radio on the future of white nationalism

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The oldest hatred —

As we await the spark that will set Europe ablaze,

a serious look at a serious problem

by Nick Griffin

This is my introduction for certain non-British nationalists around the white world to Mr. Nicholas John (Nick) Griffin, a famous man in our circles since the 1970s and a headline-making British politician since 2000; I have known Nick since 1983.

 I added all the photos, captions and sidebars found in this entire blog entry: 1) his Gatestone article, 2) his video interview (with my friend, the charismatic young British activist Jack Sen, as his fellow guest) on the prestigious Red Ice Radio, and finally, 3) his impressive three-part video with said Jack Sen.


Nick Griffin is a fearless and world-famous white nationalist leader who graduated from the elite Cambridge University in England… Here are the top eleven universities in the world on many lists….



Griffin has been described at various times as “the most dangerous man in British politics” and “the most successful far-right leader in British history.”

He has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15.

Griffin was always hard-core, at least on the inside, and I have always liked that. 😉


Griffin speaking in 1983; I met Nick for the first time around then … a dashing young activist who had been a very good boxer at Cambridge and was quite the handsome lad. He was visiting Washington DC, and I had the pleasure of him dining with me, my Austrian first wife and our then-toddler, Ingrid, at our home in Alexandria, Virginia.


Activists Joe Pierce, Ian Anderson, Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington at the National Front’s celebration of Britain’s National Remembrance Day (like Memorial Day in the US)

In 2009 Griffin was elected as a member of the European Parliament while he was also the leader of the British National Party (1999-2014), which he had softened outwardly and led well; it got 6% of the vote nationwide in 2009 despite absolute jews-media hysteria.

The Daily Mail tsk-tsked in 2009 about the BNP’s “extremist” demands:


As Griffin appears in London on the BBC’s famous “Question Time” show, insipid white females shriek in protest. (I guess they were yelling ‘We want more rape by muslims!’) … (Interestingly, women were denied the vote for the first 144 years of the American Republic, obtaining it only in 1920, and in France they got it only in 1945…. Sometimes I can see why…. 😉 )



The physical danger for activist Griffin has never ended.

Here is Griffin with one of his bodyguards after hard objects were thrown at him by leftists.


Here is Griffin at the evil European Parliament, powerfully denouncing white genocide as “the greatest crime in history.”


The weird EU Parliament building in Strasbourg, France


It is shockingly designed to resemble the unfinished, wicked Tower of Babel, to which God put an end ….. The poster even sports inverse, satanic pentagrams.




Mr. Griffin is now Vice-President of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Political Adviser to the British Unity Party.


[And now to the actual Nick Griffin article.]


“While it was not French Christians per se who fired the gun on the Jewish shoppers outside Paris in January [2015 — during the Charlie Hebdo shooting], it is legitimate to question the role that Christian anti-Semitism plays in creating this climate shift as Jews, yet again, become victims in their own homeland.”

[JdN: Excusez-moi, but is not Israel “the Jewish homeland”?]

This outrageous attack on Christianity in France tops an article which attempts to claim that the Islamist terror attacks in Paris are related to what it calls “France’s Thousand Year War Against the Jews”. This despicable and hysterical slur is the latest offering from The Gatestone Institute, a New York-based lobby group more usually known for its strident criticism of Islam.

Gatestone Institute website:


Many of our readers will have seen – and no doubt approved of – Gatestone’s material; indeed we have on occasion used some of it ourselves, because sometimes their well-funded research machine produces facts that everybody should know.

*** [JdN] an example of good info from the Gatestone website:



But as tensions between Muslims and the rest of us reach breaking point – ready to explode into bloody conflict after perhaps just one or two more terrorist attacks and then some apparently minor trigger – this latest Gatestone piece should serve as a reminder that the agenda of the ultra-Zionists who are behind the ‘Counter-Jihad’ Movement is very different from that of traditional Christians, and of those who really care about the survival and well-being of the culture and indigenous peoples of Europe.

JdN: Europe has always been “diverse,” but similar enough to form one race and civilization.


The article I found which so neatly sums up Gatestone’s underlying anti-European pathology was written by one Susan Warner. [JdN: No photo seems to be available about this key Gatestone woman….. Hmmmm….. Out having a nose job, perhaps? 🙂]

Warner is a Senior Fellow of the Gatestone Institute and is the Christian co-founder of an evangelical dispensationalist group, Olive Tree Ministries.

*** Excerpt from the Gatestone website (

Susan Warner
Olive Tree Ministries

Susan Warner is co-founder of Olive Tree Ministries, a Christian ministry based in Delaware, USA. She has been teaching and writing about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith for almost twenty years and is currently working on a book entitled “The Yoke of Constantine: the Root of Christian anti-Semitism.”

*** [resuming Griffin article]

The millions of dollars that fund Gatestone come from ultra-Zionist heiress Nina Rosenwald [] (photo); she is the heiress to the vast Sears Roebuck department-store fortune in the US) as part of her broader campaign to support the creation of Greater Israel through the expansion of illegal settlements on occupied land stolen from Palestinians (Christians as well as Muslims).

JdN: Now there’s a massive nose job for ya….


Unfortunately, the vast sums invested in recent decades in a parallel project to turn U.S. Christians into brainwashed zombie followers of the heretical Dispensationalist/Christian Zionist sect have been all too effective, as Warner’s ethno-masochistic drivel shows.

Assault on Christianity

Her article is a hysterical attack on Roman Catholicism in France [JdN: the majority religion there for 1,600 years!], which leads her to an even broader assault in general on traditional Christianity – which she describes as a ‘false doctrine’…

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


“In 325 CE, with a sweep of his pen, the Emperor Constantine, at the first Council of Nicaea, unwittingly signed the death warrant for millions of yet-to-be-born Jews throughout what is now Christian Europe.


“The writings of the Church Fathers such as Tertullian and Origen, who accused the Jews of killing Jesus (deicide), also assert that God revoked his everlasting covenant with Abraham (and the Jewish people) as described in ancient holy books.



*** JdN: Actually, the “wicked doctrine” of the replacement of the Jews by the Christians as God’s People, Ms. Warner, is clearly taught by a heretic named Jesus of Nazareth:

38 But when the husbandmen saw the son, they said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance.




39 And they caught him,


….and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him.


40 When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen?

41 They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men,

Sacking and burning of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Romans under General Titus in AD 70


The Temple, the centre of the Jewish religion, is burned, and has never been rebuilt.


The menorah is carried away by legionnaires


The Arch of Titus in Rome commemorates the crushing of the rebellious Jews.


…and [the vineyard owner = God] will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen, which shall render him the fruits in their seasons.

42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

43 Therefore say I unto you,

The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. [obedience to God and good ethics toward neighbors]


[Warner goes on]


“The Catholic Church has taken over that doctrine by claiming its rights as “The New Israel.”

In its arrogance, the Catholic Church arrogated to itself God’s Covenant, originally contracted with the Jews in Genesis Chapter 12, in which God promises the Hebrew people — through Isaac and Jacob — a land, a nation and a specific destiny.


JdN: Ah yes, that lovely covenant….Slaughter all not of your tribe and who do not worship Yahweh.



[Warner] “This doctrine, combined with the incendiary writings of the ancient church fathers, nurtured hatred for Jews throughout Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant majority nations from the 3rd Century, throughout the ensuing centuries, until 1965.

It was then that an official Vatican II document, “Nostra Aetate,” absolved the Jews of the ancient charge of deicide [JdN: Latin = “God-killing,” with Jesus considered as part of God in the Trinity, so killing Jesus was killing the body of a part of God] and restored at least a portion of their claims to the original covenant relationship with God.

At Mount Sinai the Jews agreed to a contract with Yahweh.


[Warner] “Sadly, “Nostra Aetate,” however, did not nullify the false doctrine[2] of “Replacement Theology.”

[JdN: yeah, that nutty Idea that JESUS had…]

Roman Catholic teaching still affirms the “Supersessionist” position that Catholics are the “New Israel” or “The Israel of God.”

The exact wording from the document is subtle but unmistakably clear; “Although the Church is the new people of God, the Jews should not be presented as rejected or accursed by God, as if this followed from the Holy Scriptures.”

[JdN: Jesus just has to be straightened out her on this point, for He said:

“He will miserably destroy those wicked men.”



A Catholic girls’ school in Pennsylvania



[Back to Griffin]

Actually ALL historical Protestant Creeds teach likewise [ = Replacement Theology]; it is one of the few things both agree on.

Only in recent times, mainly in the USA, have modern evangelical and extreme dispensationalist churches abandoned the standard and genuine creeds of Christendom.

[Warner] “The guiding principle of “Replacement Theology” is a silent permission slip to demonize and destroy the Jews and Israel.

In France as in the rest of Europe, it contributes to the political, social and religious atmosphere in which the growing influence of radical Islam merges with the long-held French inclination to ignore, disparage or minimize the concerns of their Jewish minority.

“Despite the secularism enveloping much of Europe, France is still considered a Catholic nation [JdN: wow, how outrageous is that?], with over half of its citizens members of the Catholic Church.

“The “Supersessionist” DNA, hidden beneath the surface of the society, is what drives secularized Christian nations such as France, Britain and Sweden to appease Islamists, who are working to increase their influence, numbers and decibel levels.”

We have quoted the article, which is heavily promoted by Gatestone, at such length because it sums up so well the deep and extreme hostility to traditional Christianity and European cultural and ethnic identity that underpins the thinking of these people.

Warner goes on to quote with approval Charles Krauthammer:


“The rise of European anti-Semitism is, in reality, just a return to the norm.

For a millennium, virulent Jew-hatred — persecution, expulsions, massacres — was the norm in Europe until the shame of the Holocaust created a temporary anomaly wherein anti-Semitism became socially unacceptable.

Pope Francis kisses the hand of holocaust survivors Joseph Gottdenker during a ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Monday, May 26, 2014. Francis honored Jews killed in the Holocaust and in terrorist attacks, and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors as he capped his three-day Mideast trip with poignant stops Monday at some of the holiest and most haunting sites for Jews. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)
Pope Francis kisses the hand of holocaust survivors Joseph Gottdenker during a ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Monday, May 26, 2014. Francis honored Jews killed in the Holocaust and in terrorist attacks, and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors as he capped his three-day Mideast trip with poignant stops Monday at some of the holiest and most haunting sites for Jews. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

“The hiatus is over.

Jew-hatred is back, recapitulating the past with impressive zeal.”

This absolutely sums up the reason why, for all the danger that Muslim immigration poses to ordinary, assimilated Jews, these elite racists have always argued and worked for mass immigration into Christian, European societies.

The fact that the artificially created ‘threat’ also acts to encourage Jewish emigration to the ‘safety’ of Israel is just a further bonus as far as they are concerned.


After all, someone has to fill those illegal settlements they’re funding, so if a few little people get machine-gunned in a deli in Paris or merely abused by neo-Nazi cranks demonstrating in Golders Green [JdN: a heavily Jewish area of London], it’s a small price to pay to encourage their fellows to do ‘the right thing’ and emigrate.

Israeli West Bank illegal settlers


Settlers attack Palestinian women


Different motives

When Gatestone – or any of the other interlinked ‘Counter-Jihad’ operations, all of which are funded by the same clique of ideologically-driven billionaires – attack the Islamisation of Europe (and of North America too), they therefore do NOT do so out of concern for the survival of Europe’s traditions, religion, culture or God-given national identities.

The ‘European’ society they want to ‘preserve’ is rather the deeply sick, ultra-materialist, multicultural, hyper-liberal capitalism in which the ‘rights’ which matter are:

–the ‘right’ of abortionists to murder unborn children for profit and of

–militant homosexual activists to preach their ways to four-year-olds, and of the advocates of

–mass immigration to mix up and destroy that ‘evil’ European religious and ethnic DNA.

JdN: French cartoon lampooning sex ed in French public schools: “kids, if you have two gay male parents, the one who gets screwed in the arse is mommy” and “if you have two lesbian parents, the one with the strap-on dick is daddy.” 😉




[Warner, Griffin says, wants] a society, in other words, which not only turns its back on its God and His teachings, but which consents to its own destruction, through mass immigration, a vanishingly low indigenous birthrate and socially engineered miscegenation, [and thus] it can never again commit the newly-declared ‘original sin’ of Supersessionism.


Nor is this only a matter for traditionalists and patriots in France, because Nina Rosenwald and her hirelings have interests and aims that go far beyond the West Banks of either Paris or Palestine.

As well as funding the Gatestone Institute, Nina Rosenwald plays a major role in a slew of other secretive but highly influential bodies. (

She is, for example, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is notorious as a key element in the Rockefeller network of shadow institutions promoting and serving as the embryonic ‘One World Government’ of the New World Order.

Council on Foreign Relations building on Park Ave. and E. 88th St. in Manhattan

112613-58E68-DM-1.jpg Exterior of 58 East 68th Street, home to the Council on Foreign Relations, NYC. David McGlynn 11/26/13

On the Board of Gatestone there sit various individuals of the same stamp, including John R Bolton, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, who is now one of the chief cheerleaders for the attempt to use the Washington puppet regime in Kiev to entangle Russia in a conflict intended to produce ‘regime change’ in Moscow — and so open up Russia to the same liberal, economic, and ethnic demolition job as has already been done on Western Europe.

** FILE** Undersecretary of State John Bolton speaks during a news conference at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, in this Jan. 24, 2002 file photo. Although presidential nominees are usually approved there have been exceptions and the latest fury surrounding Bolton, picked by President Bush as the next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has people wondering if he may be one of those exceptions. (AP Photo/Keystone, Laurent Gillieron, File) ** SWITZERLAND OUT **

Alongside him sits James Woolsey, former head of the CIA and foreign policy adviser to John McCain, the U.S. Senator whose appearances with kosher neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Jihadists in Syria sums up more shockingly than any other the revolting cynicism of the U.S. neo-cons.


Woolsey was also on the board of perhaps the most notorious and destructive of all the organisations funded by Rosenwald: The Project for the New American Century. []


The PNAC, headed by the Kagan family (now up to their necks in the bid to use neo-Nazi ethnic cleansing gangs in eastern Ukraine to provoke Russia into war in Europe), was the intellectual powerhouse behind the drive for the Iraq War. All those involved in it therefore share the dubious distinction of being the midwives and godfathers of Islamic State.


Thus Nina Rosenwald is one of the architects of the very Islamist terrorism which her hired-pen Warner now seeks to blame on the “DNA” of white “Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant majority nations”.

Tangled web

There is not room in this essay to draw a full picture of the giant and tangled spider’s web of interlocking and mutually supportive think-tanks, social media operations and foundations founded and directed by Rosenwald and her fellow Stateside ultra-Zionist billionaires, including Aubrey Chernick, Irving Moscowitz, Sheldon Adelson, Raphael Shore and the Mellon and Bradley Foundations. Readers who want to know more can simply google the names and follow their own leads.

But to get a mere glimpse of the spider’s web, consider these facts: Rosenwald , Moskowitz and Adelson all fund the Center for Security Policy (CSP), headed by former PNAC apparatchik Frank Gaffney. In addition to promoting the WMD (“Weapons of Mass Destruction” ) lie that led to the Iraq War, arguing for a U.S. attack on Iran and involvement against the elected government of Syria, the CSP is a cheerleader for NATO expansion in Ukraine and sabre-rattling against Russia.

Further – and this is of particular importance in the context of Britain – Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy established and now fund a subsidiary, the Center for Vigilant Freedom. On the CVF Board is Christine Brim, the Chief Exec. of the CSP.

Also on the Board with Brim is one Chris Knowles. A staunch Zionist from Leeds, England, Knowles runs the “4Freedoms” website and was a central figure in the foundation of the English Defence League, together with his millionaire associate Alan Lake [photo], aka Alan Ayling.


It was Knowles who organised the controversial 2012 International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights in the European Parliament in Brussels, at which the EDL’s Tommy Robinson shared a platform with Edward May.

May is editor of the “Gates of Vienna” blog, which continues to promote the writings of “El Inglès,” an English author who uses his extensive knowledge of “the Troubles” (Protestants versus Catholics in the 1970s-80s) in Northern Ireland to encourage civil war in Britain between Muslims and ‘counter-jihadists’.

One of these documents, “On Interrogation,” is clearly modelled on the IRA’s Green Book and is nothing more or less than a “Terrorism for Dummies” manual.

Seen in this light, the attempt earlier this year by Tommy Robinson to recruit people for a highly provocative series of demonstrations parading obscene cartoons of Muhammad in Muslim ghettoes all over Britain and further into Europe takes on a particularly sinister meaning.

tommy_robinson_pegida***JdN: Robinson (whose real name is Tommy Yaxley-Lennnon, is the son of Irish immigrants — see photo), and bends over backwards to bash Nazis, burn Nazi flags, and proclaim how much he loves the Jews.

Lately he has been going to Germany to speak at PEGIDA rallies and bash Islam over there.


[Back to Griffin] More details on this Zionist cattle-prod operation are set out within the publication “What Lies Behind the EDL”, which will readily be found online.

[JdN: I uploaded it here; it is by Griffin, and superb: what_lies_behind_the_english_defence_league-nick-griffin-bnp]


Neither liberal nor pacifist

The present author, and the publishers of the websites where this article will appear, are definitely not liberals or pacifists.

We all have very long track records of opposition to the Islamisation of Europe and to the mass immigration – deliberately organised by an interlocking network of capitalist/Marxist/Talmudist elites – which has created the vast Muslim ghettoes which provide beachheads for Islamist terror. \

We know they threaten the gradual demographic destruction of our nations, our utter “replacement,” to use an accurate phrase – even if not a single shot were to be fired.

JdN: Assault on White Nations

But opposing immigration and Islamisation is NOT the same as actively promoting tensions and clashes which are deliberately intended to provoke a Europe-wide civil war.


THEIR clear intention is

1) inflaming European and American public opinion into supporting Western military attacks on Syria and Iran, and

2) the literally fascist plan to ethnically cleanse all Arabs from an expanded Zionist state “from the Nile to the Euphrates”.


We have now endured decades of the artificial promotion of mass immigration and government inaction in the face of aggressive religious proselytising by the Wahhabi Gulf States. [JdN: Wahhabism is a Saudi -backed form of extreme Sunni Islam.]


On top of that, the entire Muslim world has been destabilised by short-sighted Western attempts to – as Vladimir Putin put it recently – “play the terrorism card” by funding, arming and supporting Islamist terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, southern Russia and Syria.

For more than ten years now, Nina Rosenwald and her mega-rich associates have poured untold millions into using the Internet and social media to build on the ‘Islamophobia’ encouraged by the Murdoch press empire and other right-wing media outlets. Together, these people have whipped up a war psychosis every bit as strong as that created by the ‘yellow press’ in the run-up to the explosion of World War One.

Finally, Angela Merkel and David Cameron, between them, have piled the high explosive charges of 1,000,000 and 600,000 (respectively) Third World immigrants per year onto the camels’ backs in Germany and Britain, the leading northern European nations, while the leaders of the European Union have simultaneously poked their noses and sent their jet fighters into the Muslim world – while encouraging that very same world to send its emigrants over to dominate most of the cities of Western Europe.


Al Qaeda and ISIS are clearly exploiting this fact to move thousands of fighters into the EU, and they are not coming to run kebab shops.

One spark

With all these factors put together, the whole lot is waiting to blow. All it will take is one spark, and the whole of Europe will go up in flames.

There is no doubt that there are those who, for the reasons already examined, think that this will be a good thing. But it most clearly is not, because while we are busy fighting their war against Islam for them, their Long War on us will continue unabated.

And because, at present, our people are so softened by decades of ‘tolerance’ propaganda and decadence that we are very likely to lose.

Mass immigration and Islamisation in the West are most definitely disasters which need to be reversed.

But so too are the Western incursions into the lands of Islam and the fact that Western elites are dominated by vested interest groups working to their own agendas and against the interests of the vast majority of ordinary people.

No doubt, if forced into it, the traditionalists and patriots of Europe will be on the frontline of the coming desperate war against the Wahhabi invasion. But, just as with the previous Muslim invasions of Europe, we also need to remember who opened the gates of Toledo to the Moors, and who supplied the latest cannons of the day to the Ottoman horde outside Vienna.

If we are going to win the coming war, part of what it takes to do so will be finding allies. And the natural allies in what is in fact a worldwide war between tradition and identity on one side, and the genocidal forces of global tyranny on the other, are the Shia [muslims, the minority; the Sunnis are the majority].

Not just because they are a minority who will otherwise be wiped out, but because, since they do not have the doctrine of takfir, they do not have the ingrained tendency to want to conquer the world that makes Sunni Wahhabism such a useful tool for the Zionists and neo-cons.

***JdN: Takfir (

Takfir is basically declaring someone an infidel or apostate, so then you can kill them.

Muslim nanny beheads the four-year-old Russian girl in her charge



Certain enemies, and unlikely but essential allies

Let me spell it out:

Iran and Hezbollah are already fighting our war against ISIS and Zionism, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Syrian Army.

And that Army would not have been able to resist five years of international terrorism by our enemies were it not for the huge numbers of moderate Sunnis who have from start to finish served in its ranks.

Likewise, even though Vladimir Putin is not a full-blooded nationalist, Russia is already fighting our war

not just on the battlefields of Syria but also with

–a host of ‘soft power’ cultural and media initiatives of which RT (again, far from perfect, but a million times better than the BBC or CNN) is but the tip of the iceberg.

JdN: RT is very influential in both Britain and Germany; in Germany the host is the fetching young RT reporter Jasmin Kosubek


JdN: Putin has opposed every imperialist move by the Jewnited Snakes since the fall of Libya


And Russia too would be unable to survive as a military and resources super-power without the active support of large numbers of non-Wahhabi Muslims.

So despite all the neo-con propaganda, ‘they’ are NOT “all the same”.

There is a Wahhabi/Ottoman War coming to the streets of Europe. It will be a Jihad, a religious ‘Holy War’, but it is between us and a sect of Islam that kills other Muslims every bit as eagerly as it kills Christians and other Infidels.


The shock and catastrophic losses of the initial assault will, at least, utterly discredit and render irrelevant the petty little regimes of crooks and traitors such as Merkel, Hollande and Cameron. [JdN: This article was written before Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote.]

But to survive what is coming, let alone win it, we are, I repeat, going to need every ally we can get, and not just the Sikhs and the Poles, the black ex-squaddies and the Shia at home, and not just Iran and Hezbollah abroad.

In particular, for European and American nationalists to fall for the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ provocations of Gatestone and the rest of the ‘counter-jihad’ network would not just mean that we’d end up being used to fight for final Zionist world domination, but would also cut us off not just from the anti-Islamists in the Middle East, but also from Russia.

And anyone who thinks that elderly, disarmed western Europe is going to win the coming Wahhabi War without AK-47s, tanks and volunteers from the eastern half of Christendom is, to speak frankly, barking mad!

We are going to be forced to war.

So let’s be certain we’re fighting our war,

and not someone else’s!


Europa, awaken!




……Nick Grififn and Jack Sen on Red Ice

Nick Griffin & Jack Sen – The Battle for the Future of Europe – Hour 1
March 25, 2016

Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended. Jack then served the British National Party as its North West spokesman in 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute and finish his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets.”



Nick and Jack discuss their current political engagement and the series of films that BRPI is producing to document the work of British and American Nationalists and create a permanent public record unsullied by the warped and inaccurate accounts of the anti-European establishment and its controlled media.

We sum up the main concerns being addressed by genuine Nationalists, including the Islamification of Western Europe and the overarching state of dispossession the indigenous population is experiencing.

Jack and Nick explain how the White birth rate decline transpired at the same time as second-wave feminism, and we look deeper into the deliberately provoked, divisional force of this anti-male hysteria.

We also talk about the Zionist thrust to create a multicultural mishmash out of the West, and the issue of popular alt-news outlets glossing over the relationship between immigration and the rise of terrorism and everyday violence.

We touch on the turf wars going on inside the Muslim faction within Europe, and how attacks by radical terrorism networks are fueling more cause for the federalization of the European police force.

Then, Nick and Jack outline the APF’s objectives and its metapolitical mission to shift the Overton window to the right.

For the members’ segment,


we focus on the steps that must be taken to turn around the ailing state of England and Europe at large, which involves a bit of a debate over the viability of the current political system. Nick illustrates the sheer corruption and manipulation that surrounds the election process, and he describes his infamous “Question Time” lynching on the BBC that surprisingly resulted in a quadrupling of the BNP’s poll ratings.

Then, we look to the possibility of a European civil war erupting and the feasibility of an armed resistance by average citizens with an aversion to firearms and, conversely, the muslim population that is infatuated by and fully loaded with advanced weaponry.

Later, we discuss how Europe can rid itself of the liberal, cultural Marxist, SJW infection that has stolen the pride and identity of its people, and we consider how renewed ethnic cohesion can reinvigorate a desire for young people to have children and stand by traditional family values.

……My notes on the Nick Griffin & Jack Sen Red Ice show (both halves, the free first half and the members-only second half)

The show actually was a kind of sneak-peak at the three-part interview of Griffin by Sen that is founjd below.

NG [Nick Griffin]: the time for a new political party like BNP is no longer there; the demographics have changed in Britain to the point one cannot come to power by the ballot box [JdN: not as Hitler did way back in 1933 in a 99% white country]


Henrik Palmgren, host of Red Ice, said people seem to be waking up.

N: “We’ve been saying it for decades, and so just saying it isn’t enough.“

And now they do get it, but now they also feel doomed and that nothing can be done!

[JdN: In other words, by the time the last dolt wakes up, it is too late.]

We must accept that we will become a minority in our own countries, and become one that defends itself.

Palmgren visited Belgium three years ago; Whites walk with their heads down, atomized, with no social contact with others on the street — and non-whites everywhere. Gorgeous buildings built by whites…. and muslims everywhere on the streets.




NG: there is a “ladder of radicalization” [JdN: Trotsky called it a “conveyor belt”]; so a soft-core anti-Islam party can lead people to visit more radical websites, read more “extreme” books and meet true nationalists.

[JdN: Examples in the States: Tea Party, Alex Jones — many START there but then advance….]

We must interact with the soft nationalists, “fish in those ponds” – they oppose the right things [JdN: but will not name the Jew….]

Griffin on how the BNP [British National Party], once getting 14% of the vote, was sabotaged:

  1. The Establishment smears the party and its leaders [evil Nazi, fascist, they want to gas the Jews]
  2. The Conservatives make false promises [“this time we are really going to get tough on immigration”]; and creating fake nationalist parties which the media does NOT demonize because they are controlled — good example UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party of Nigel Farage, which expelled its own candidate, Jack Sen!]


Sen’s book on how he used UKIP — and how it dropped him like a hot potato when it realized he was a REAL nationalist and could not be controlled or a cuckservative


  • 3. Get internal strife to break up the party from within

Griffin on British changing demographics:

It is not just migrants pouring into London, where he grew up, and breeding; it is also that every year for 30 years, 100,000 English have left the capital.

A half-million non-whites enter Britain every year and 300,00o English leave (for America, Canada, Spain, etc.)

That is an 800,000 change every year, not to mention huge black and muslim families breeding.

On Griffin’s savage mistreatment at the 2009 BBC show “Question Time”– in the week after “Question Time.” BNP approval went way up from 4% to 22%.

So the BBC never had NG on live again!

[Biased Wiki article:]

Griffin was hectored by a London panel of Jews, non-whites and leftists as a hater, homophobe, islamophobe, and antisemite.

Farage, the cuck-servative, fake nationalist, former Conservative and City of London [ = Rothschild] broker, rather suspiciously has been interviewed on “QT” more than any other politico, twenty-two times…



Griffin: Hungary’s 10 million population to nosedive to 2 mio due to the white birth crash!

It is not just immigrants but whites having no kids!


Western Europe may be lost; nationalists may need to regroup in Central and Eastern Europe; and at least warn THEM to act.

Griffin: All guerillas need rear bases. Eastern Europe will be the base for the reconquista of western Europe.


A truly nationalist speech (hinting at, but not using the word “Jew”) was recently given by Hungarian prime minster Viktor Orban: .


Jack Sen asked Griffin on the Red Ice show :

Can we not repatriate the non-whites?


No. Repatriation [forcing them to leave and “go home”] would mobilize them around Islam.

The government supports them staying, and the int’l bankers [JdN: with hooked noses 😉 ] would crush the economy of any white nation that “stepped out of line”.

[On another topic] Sen: White British have become pathetic wimps. In the gyms almost everyone lifting weights is a muslim or black. Whites are sitting somewhere, playing on their PlayStation!

***JdN This is Jack Sen’s informal new video on getting strong. Jack gets threats all the time, and so I found this short video “interesting on several levels.” 😉

That is 240 pounds of iron he is going to move 14 times. Whoahhh. 🙂




JdN: SCANDAL During the 2012 riots, a young Englishman strips naked on the street as ordered by a bullying negro.



Jack Sen: The English today have a horror of firearms. His wife’s girlfriends were shocked she shot and then ate a duck 😉

Non-Whites have lots of firearms and bigger weapons.

Nick: Reestablishing patriarchy as an ideology is the key. Society is riddled with cultural marxism.

(LOL — He calls television “the gogglebox” 😉 )

Griffin recalled how in 1968 in Belfast, Norther Ireland, 10,000 people moved in a single night as the Protestants and Catholics violently separated after generations of living together.

The whites and muslims could also radically separate.

And in 1968 a mere 400 IRA fighters kept 27,000 British soldiers busy!


…..(Three videos) Jack Sen interviews Nick Griffin for British Renaissance

Jack, wife Natalie and little Alexa


At Trafalgar Square



*Part 1 of 3


Sen and Griffin discuss their respective careers in British nationalism, including Griffin’s years in the national Front, the stints both had in the BNP (British National Party), and Sen’s with UKIP. Sen tells how watching the BBC Question Time abuse of Griffin hardened his attitude toward the Establishment, and asks Griffin what it was like to be ganged-up on, and the misbehavior of specious journalists and activists.

sen-interviewing-griffin-smile-fingerSen tells an anecdote about Alan Johnson, Home Secretary under Tony Blair, and how Johnson suddenly treated him like a leper when he said he was a candidate of UKIP (which is sickeningly  “moderate” compared to the BNP!)

Sen was politicking with the former Home Secretary (most powerful official in Britain after the prime minister), Alan Johnson


Until he found out — Horrors! –Sen was a UKIPer. 😉

Hahah — if Allan Johnson had only known this! 🙂 A beastly Yankee AND Nazi sent him $600!


(What a horrid man. Oh, it was me. 🙂 ) 


They discuss Griffin, trying to appear moderate to the brainwashed many, and dealing with the “Holocaust question.”

He also asks Griffin questions about both his triumphs and his mistakes in his 15 years at the helm of the BNP, and its rise and fall.

They discuss the penetration of misogyny (dislike of women), the perniciously growing tolerance or acceptance of homosexuality into nationalism, which both reject, then the “I-have-no-time-for-kids” activists. Griffin calls all this “pure poison,” and says to many nationalists have “crossed the thin line” from seeing the real gender differences, which the left denies, to an outright contempt for women. This mindset is disastrous for marriage and rearing a white family, which is essential if our peoples are to have a future.

Sen raises the issue of the NPI, the pro-gay outfit run by the American Richard Bertrand Spencer. []

Griffin: Eastern Europe has a low birth rate, but Western Europe has both that AND massive muslim immigration,and thus a nearing crisis.

He advocates a special tax on the childless, because those raising kids are making sacrifices for the physical survival of the nation, and they are not.

Jacky and Nick Griffin. They have three daughters,  Elen, Jennifer and Rhiannon, and one son, Richard.

BNP leader Nick Griffin with his wife Jackie in Welshpool the day after his party's success in the European elections. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday June 8, 2009. See PA story POLITICS Election. Photo credit should read: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
BNP leader Nick Griffin with his wife Jackie in Welshpool the day after his party’s success in the European elections. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday June 8, 2009. See PA story POLITICS Election. Photo credit should read: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Rhiannon, Jacky, and Elen Griffin


JdN: Sen, with a vibe like a good son, went out for the BNP to get Britons to relax and then express their true feelings on the taboo immigrant topic, this in a country where since 1972 any racial comment is illegal.


Griffin says “the Thirties” (Nazism, Fascism, and WWII) are topics that give the enemy the morally higher ground and are to be avoided.  He said “if there were no more Nazis, the government would pay someone to be them.”

Griffin discusses “hate speech” laws in England in view of his own three trials. Under the [British] Race Relations Act, it does not matter if something is true or what the intent of the speaker was.

If it is “LIKELY” to stir up racial anger, it is a crime.

Griffin says that the magistrates merely rubber-stamp the accusations of the police and prosecutors against nationalists, but if one can get a jury trial (in a “Crown court’) one has a chance to escape punishment..

He relates how a prosecutor offended the working-class jury in Leeds, and Griffin got off, by saying snobbishly that Griffin’s words might agitate people in a pub, though not “at Oxford [University].”

Finally Griffin advocate using the word “Talmudic” instead of “Jewish” or “Zionist,” and explains.

*Part 2 of 3


Griffin points out how the BBC boosted the UKIP party of Nigel Farage, which already had existed, in fact had been around since 1989 — so the masses would not stream into the genuine part, the BNP. He says that being democratically structured, the BNP was “divided and conquered.” RT (Russian Today) has an enormous influence on British audiences. Griffin relates the fascinating story of a Jewish intel agent, John Mort, who proposed a common front with the BNP against Islam. When Griffin said there would be no support for Israel, the deal was off — and both UKIP and the EDL (street activists) were pushed with the goal of destroying the BNP.

He discusses the BNP today as living off bequests, “a tiny clique living off themselves”–  and determined to do nothing…. Open electoral fraud by the System — postal (mail-in) ballots stolen or defaced to make them invalid.

Jack Sen discusses being expelled from the media-sensitive new Adam-Walker BNP for saying migrant “invaders” instead of “invasion.”…

Chris Barnett and his purges…. the BNP closing branches to seize their bequest assets…. Founding of the EDL in 2009…Griffin researches their money back to American neocons…It attracted soccer hooligans who are racist and antisemitic, but they were shocked to see gay and Israeli flags waving. Each regional organizer got 2,000 pounds cash from Tommy Robinson to rent buses and pay for events, and free beer and cocaine.

EDL activists in Keighley

Within weeks they had thousands of people….. but many became suspicious of the EDL, then read Griffin’s “What Lies Behind the English Defence League?” 


Griffin outside the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) with BNP councillor Richard Barnbrook during the great national media crisis about the Queen having invited the monstrous-racist-evil-Nazi-convicted-hate-speecher-&-Holocaust-denier Griffin (whew) — as a British Member of the European Parliament — to an annual garden party. 😉


*Part 3 of 3



Griffin on his work behind the scenes in 2013 as a friend of the Assad government  to preclude the huge danger of NATO (including the UK, then headed by neo-con Tory David Cameron) attacking Syria as had been done in 2010 with Libya.

A devastated neighborhood in Damascus, the Syrian capital due to US- and Saudi-backed “rebels”


The blue-eyed President Assad, an ophthalmologist who studied in London (at the Western Eye Hospital, part of the St Mary’s group of teaching hospitals in the British capital), is a Shiite and opposed to Wahhabi fundamentalism.  His regime is authoritarian and secular, the best formula for peace and stability in a country riven by religious divisions (Sunni-Shiite-Christian-Yazidi-Druze) and ethnic issues between Arabs, Druze and Kurds.


The Assad family — no burkhas here. He had no intention of ruling the country after his father (Hafez al Assad), but his brother’s death in 1994 led to his political rise, and he became president in 2000. 


Assad speaks perfect English; here he is interviewed about his conviction that the US government is sabotaging peace. .

Published on Sep 22, 2016 Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were ‘intentional’ and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US ‘does not have the will’ to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.


Assad meets demonstratively with the 5% of the country that is Christian (or was, until the “moderate ÃœS-backed Syrian rebels” began massacring them. (The whole area, of course, was Christian before the muslim conquest in the 700s.)



This bombing by NATO and the UK, which Griffin helped thwart, would have resulted in the collapse of the Assad regime and possibly a massive Wahhabi-Islamic-fundamentalist Califate in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.



This would have wiped out the Shiite muslim forces in the Mideast that had been allied with Iran. The next step (in the overall game plan of PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, as stated above in this blog) would have been to attack Iran.

Griffin discusses Putin as being like Viktor Orban in Hungary — not a nationalist at first, but gradually they grasp reality and then begin cautiously to act.

ISIS as competition to Al Qaeda (called “the Al Nusra Front” in Syria)….

June 2013 — Griffin travels to Syria as an MEP (Member of the European Parliament), meets various government ministers, they visit a just bombed-out police station with bits of bodies everywhere and the steel-ĺike smell of blood.  He saw and stated that most Syrians support Assad and there is no chaos, and suddenly the BBC changed his line and confirmed this fact!

He returned to Syria to help compose a letter to every member of the House of Commons, the British parliament, urging the UK not to support any NATO bombing of Syria (and thus regime change to an Islamist regime that would have also crushed the Christians).


Griffin says this letter he wrote IN AN ALL-NIGHTER had a huge affect on British MPs, with 13 decisive votes switching to being against the bombing of Syria. CAMERON LOST 285-272.



MPs have rejected possible UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government to deter the use of chemical weapons. David Cameron said he would respect the defeat of a government motion by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes.

As Jack Sen pointed out, this letter composed by Griffin for theSyrians to send to his countrymen and fellow politicians — knowing their psychology far better than the Arabs in Damascus — may have saved hundreds of thousands of human lives — and prevented an ISIS/Al Qaeda takeover of Syria.




“The American model of multiculuralism, the endgame, is everyone mixes, everyone is brown, everyone drinks Coke and eats pizza  while watching a Hollywood film where a black brain surgeon saves the life of an ignorant anti-black, racist bigot.”

Syrian model: communities with tolerance, doing business together, but no intermarriage. But add Wahhabism and violence is triggered.

He relates talking with a Wahhabite who said Nazarenes (Christians) are the problem, not the Jews!

Griffin: I might get some credit for the achievements [such as Brexit] of UKIP, for whom I prepared the change of mindset.

The “breach in the cordon sanitaire between real nationalists and conservatives”… Though we are taboo, some of our ideas are not.

He says that 1954-74 the enemy goal (the left and zionists) was to smash all nationalism, but now it is is to misappropriate it.

His pan-European movement now is true nationalism:



–pro-Christian heritage, and




–national sovereignty


He sees Eastern Europe and Russia as our hope and expects a reconquista, that a reconquest, starting in the East.

He sees the native British population slumping to ten million (now 60 million) by 2100 due to aging and cultural marxism.

In 1972 muslim Bangladeshis murdered two million Hindus, and some of them are here in Britain now.

He predicts that the old communist eastern Europe map may be a new dividing line, with the east staying white, and the west collapsing into chaos.


We must go beyond xenophobic nationalism to embrace all whites, unlike Hitler with the Slavs.

[JdN: See my and my own short video dealing with this theme of overcoming all intra-white divisions:]

British and English culture have been totally destroyed. Only home schooling is thinkable for good parents.

In the Spanish reconquista, the Spanish who had first fled to northern Spain, bred huge families on the land, raising food, and forming armies in the non-muslim area.


And someday, starting from Eastern Europe, we will reconquer, over generations of struggle, western Europe and Britain, and retake and resettle our lands with our brave descendants, partly, of course, by having babies now! 😉


Jacky and Nick Griffin




…..Contact and support


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


–23 September 2016 euros in cash, wrapped in aluminum foil, from S in Germany




  1. On page 108 of the book “Iran under the Safavids” by Roger Savory it states:

    “In 1523, Isma’il I sent a letter in Latin to Charles, now the Emperor Charles V, in which he expressed astonishment that the European powers, instead of combining to crush the Turks, were fighting among each other.”

    Shah Ismail I was a Shia Muslim and founder of the Safavi dynasty of Iran who sought an alliance with Christendom against the Sunni Muslim Osmanli (Ottoman) dynasty of Turkey, which at that time was a great threat to both European and Iranian power.

    • Jews wouldn’t have had anything to do with that, right? As regards to the Gladstone Institute. I really don’t know how any respectable resistance site can turn to part of the NWO for their material even if it does reinforce some message, like anti-Muslimism that they wish to use’

      Rosenwald is little different than Rita Katz or Pam Geller. This Gladstone Institute proudly names Elie Wiesel and John Bolton among many other Illuminati turdballs as important contributors within their structure

      This whole racialist mindset of taking lying Jewish propaganda and twisting it into attack towards non-Whites, though I can sympathize with the helplessness within which it is done, is not a good practice.

      If the Jew is the number one enemy, his lying propaganda or unproven facts should always be questioned before those facts are taken and used for assault against other possible ally goyim.

      Of course, this is why infiltration within the movement is the first priority because enemies pretending to be friends will use every opportunity to channel our venom to where the source of the problem is out of the line of fire and indeed claim that the source of the problem is some Jewish enabled scapegoat. Those that would take shotguns and randomly kill Muslims or Hispanics or blacks instead of whooping up wrath to who deserves being aimed at first, the Jew, is like the mid-level business man with a tyrannical boss who goes home and beats his wife to feel better rather than confront his boss who signs his paycheck

      But back to using compromised, provable lying sources that never print anything unless it is good for the JWO, All I can say is Shame on any of you that do that. No compromised information should ever be put forth without mentioning the likely compromised fact that it is.

      However, in the JWO, all these goyim that wish to shirk it somehow think they can by adopting Jewish techniques of behavior to do so. That’s funny!

      . They have intentionally created an anti-Islamic mindset while I am sure they applaud the immigration of non-Europeans behind the scenes (Gladstone). Anything they write is self-serving. However, I will also say, alternative media pundits that take part in this extremely biased and negative view of other culture, who are the pawns and intended scapegoats used in creation by the Jews to exacerbate goy on goy problems, too, must be watched closely.
      Other than that I didn’t really read the article but skimmed it noticing the reference to Gladstone, a site used numerous times by anonymous blogger Lasha Darkmoon to promote white victimhood

  2. Griffin says that WW2, fascism and national socialism should be avoided as it plays into the hands of the enemy. Well, hasn’t Griffin himself said when interviewed that “Hitler was a monster”. Isn’t that playing into their hands ?

    If it was an attempt to appease the pc brigade on Question Time it didn’t work because they still treated him with contempt. He should have thrown it back in their face and said “Why do you support Churchill when it is well known that he was a racist ?”

    For instance he called Indians a “beastly people” and refused to send food relief during the Bengal famine –
    ou don’t have to say anything in support of Hitler simply point out the utter hypocrisy of their attitude when it comes to Allied war crimes such as this and those featured in Hellstorm –

  3. I understand your position fully, and I recall how I felt like vomiting when I first saw the Griffin BNP run pix of Churchill, who was a real monster.

    But knowing Nick as I do, he is 100% one of us and as hard-core as they get.

    But he is so right that “a wall goes up” when you say the word “Hitler.”

    I recall myself how I felt on the day in 1978 that I first entered the headquarters of George Lincoln Rockwell’s NSWPP, the National Socialist White Peoples Party. I was immediately confronted at the door — BAM — by giant posters of Adolf, glaring hypnotically…… 🙂

    The look says: “Are you man enough to fight?” “Are you SERIOUS?” “Do you understand it is us or them?”

    …. and there was Rocky, macho too, the navy commander smoking his corn-cob pipe, with the same look in his eyes. “Are you a man or a mouse?” 😉

    A wave of fear swept over even me. And I was coming as both a US Marine and an ideological friend!

    OMG, I was entering The Temple of Doom! 😉

    The rehabilitation of Hitler, not as a god but as a hero with flaws, the refutation of the Holofraud, and the truth about how he uplifted his nation in every way thinkable, is my task, not Nick Griffin’s.

    The problem is ultimately not factual but moral; it is selfish cowardice. It is spiritual and even truly religious. We have now made a very convincing case for nationalism, and Jew-triggered chaos, poverty, terrorism and anxiety are descending and impacting more and more white lives.

    But we still are rejected, and why?

    As the New Testament says, repeatedly, “for FEAR of the Jews.”

    ….for fear of “ending up in hot water.” I can testify how true this is. (1) 2) and 3)

    My new religion, “Virtus,” will establish what we are —

    immortal souls who are born and destined in this generation to fight, and to be judged by the gods on how we perform as men.

    (…even as Griffin says to Jack Sen, “we must re-establish the patriarchy.”)

    No one can blast Nick Griffin — who is responsible for both certain mistakes and for the glory days of the BNP — for dealing with the sheeple as they are.

    Politicians become party heads to win elections, not make futile points of logic to their own supporters.

    They must listen to the masses, and accept their massive limitations of brain and will.

    I will end now with a good quote from a very clever monster:

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