Nick Griffin, Jack Sen and I on Milo, Spencer and the gay takeover

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Published on Feb 23, 2017

Nick Griffin challenges Richard Spencer to purge the aggressive homosexual element from the movement he helped create, as well as come on Resistance Radio for an interview.

BNP leader Nick Griffin with his wife Jackie in Welshpool the day after his party’s success in the European elections. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday June 8, 2009. See PA story POLITICS Election. Photo credit should read: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Nick Griffin and Jack Sen discuss Milo-gate (Milo Yiannopolous’ fall from grace), homosexual Millenial Woes’ ‘doxxing,’ and the conspicuously gay state and homosexual origins of the alt-right.

Little Alexa, Natasha and Jack Sen

The podcast is topped off with John de Nugent’s intense commentary and his call for Richard Spencer to prove he is not intentionally harming our movement with his conspicuously pro-gay agenda.

After all, “homosexuality represents implicit white identity,” according to one of Spencer’s latest tweets [sic].

…..My specific editorial on Spencer in this video

This is Resistance Radio cohost John de Nugent with some further thoughts. I discussed the case of Richard Spencer and Milo myself with Jack Sen, and would like to add these observations.

First, I would advise Mr Spencer to not be vain, which is how he comes across, and this preppy condescension hurts our cause with the toiling masses.

Now Donald Trump is a graduate of the Ivy League University of Pennslvania, and was born to some wealth, which he multiplied, but he is also sometimes called “the blue-collar billionaire” because he can connect to the working class,

….and as for his sexuality, well, three marriages and five kids puts that clearly in the normal zone, to say the least.

Unlike Trump, I frankly can see nothing original in Spencer, or deep, witty or charming, and others in our struggle also have possessed good looks, and an Ivy League-type education.

Spencer might consider that elite college backgrounds are not rare at all in our cause and never have been. Nick Griffin is a graduate of Cambridge, one of the top three universities on earth.

Jack Sen has studied at Princeton, and graduated from Syracuse University, a top school for media.

I graduated with high honors from Georgetown.

In previous years, Dr William Pierce was a graduate of the extremely prestigious California Institute of Technology…..

and George Lincoln Rockwell of the Ivy League school Brown University and then he was a commander in the US Navy.

I see Spencer as a possible threat to our whole movement and worldview in a way that Milo was not. Milo, for all his disgusting ways, was,


Milo bathing in pig blood

….as Sen points out, at least moving the so-called “normies” toward us, whereas Spencer, especially on sex, is now moving us toward the normies.

As for his 2016 NPI speaker, who uses the pseudonym “Millennial Woes,” Dr. Andrew Joyce sent a screenshot to us by email of said Millennial Woes, describing himself underneath one of his Youtube videos, since deleted, as a “chain-smoking, alcoholic homosexual”

and this Woeful … man admits he lived with two gay men. Reports say that this open homosexual is now living with the no-longer-married Richard Spencer in Whitefish, Montana.

My concern, frankly, is that Spencer has a gay past himself, and that this is, or will be, used to blackmail him by the FBI, ADL or other organization and make him cooperative.

And honestly, it is hard for me to fathom how some people of the younger generation cannot see and hear how overtly gay both his voice and mannerisms are. A fellow like that, 30 years ago, would have been beaten up as a queer by somebody in any high school in this country.

I am also concerned that Spencer is part of a greater plan to provide major financial backing to gay-friendly nationalists, and that this may be based on the predilections of one specific, wealthy white nationalist, whom I know, and who resides on the gay-dominated, steamy island of Key West, Florida.

Finally Spencer comes across to me, and again, this clever observation comes from Jack Sen, as resembling a sort of James Bond villain, slightly cold, slightly evil, slightly supercilious, slightly sickly and slightly gay.

No wonder the media is giving him so much attention.

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……Spencer’s funding, I strongly suspect as a 38-year-veteran of WNism (, comes from the checkbook of a wealthy  individual whom I know and who is now living in very gay Key West, Florida 


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  1. I wrote to a gay WN with regard to Milo:

    Well, I feel for the guy, who has suddenly lost everything on the eve of his big breakthrough (book deal and CPAC speech), and I agree with what Nick Griffin said, that since Bannon hired Milo, this is part of the conspiracy against Bannon, the consigliere of Trump.

    There have always been gays in our cause, and great gays in the art world, etc, and some speculate that General von Steuben, who was absolutely decisive in winning the American Revolution, was gay, but those men did not proclaim it was normal. I have read some gay humor and the good gays know it is weird and they just are that way.

    My greatest concern is the bisexual pedophiles who harm kids. I am not into witch hunts, and thus am not outing three gay WNs of fine reputation and achievements.

    Best to you,


  2. John, Do you have any proof that Richard Spencer is gay? We all know that Milo is a self proclaimed GRIDS magnet, but Spencer? Not nice to accuse if he is straight!

    • No, I have no proof in the sense I never saw him engage in homosexual acts. We have however serious indicators: gay friends, gay voice, gay mannerisms, defending gays and having gays as speakers twice in a row at his NPI and getting funds from a known gay WN with bucks WHOM I KNOW.

      • Personally, I do not think high profile Gay’s in the W.N. Movement helps the cause ! I am glad Milo is out and I hope it does not come back and bite Bannon in the butt as I hear he hired him for Breitbart !

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