Would feds nuke US cities to crush rebellion? YES; muslim invasion: patient nordics stay silent and fiery Mediterraneans riot as they should!

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…. Feds nuke American cities to end revolt?


A Jew named Littell said the fed government will just nuke American cities to crush any rebellion. Then this writer, Codrea, disagrees, but I disagree with Codrea and his naive happy-talk: http://www.ammoland.com/…/editorial-says-govt-would-defeat-… I made this comment:

“Unfortunately, I must disagree with the author and agree with Littell, whose Jewish ethnicity is, by the way, not being even mentioned.

The bolsheviks rounded up wives and children of resistance fighters as hostages and shot them. The British did the same with Boer women and civilians, and 10,000 starved to death in what the British called “concentration camps” (their neologism). Eventually the Boer fighters came out, pitying their wives, sisters, mothers and kids, and laid their weapons down.

Lizze van Zyl, starved by Lord Kitchener so London Jews could get South African gold and diamonds under Boer land


As for military compliance, 1) our top ranks are now full of practicing satanists, pedophiles and homosexual militants (I am not saying all gays), and Obama has been purging generals and admirals for years who seem unreliable.

ENGLISH What is Eternal Solutreanism?; Obama OMINOUSLY purges generals and admirals; WNs who are afraid to die

11/25/2013 // 52 Comments

2) As for the lieutenants, captains and senior NCOs, most of them have their wives and kids on base. Then I refer to the hostage-shooting scenario. “Issue the order to fire, Captain Smith, or your wife and kids will be arrested and taken away.”

My background was intel in the Marines, and I blog. Let’s see if this is published.”


….Corsicans riot against Muslims

THE FRENCH HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ISLAM: Mosque Ransacked and Korans Burned in Corsica

I wrote a Greek-American friend of mine:


I read about this Corsican action — not surprising, once again, that it is non-Nordics taking ACTION.
Nords got ice cubes in their veins! *;) winking “Mustn’t make a scene, now, must we?”
Where did NS begin? In dark-haired Bavaria!
Look at French-Belgian Waffen-SS hero Léon Degrelle, the most decorated of the 400K non-German-citizen volunteers in the Waffen-SS!
Major Léon Degrelle with General Jungclaus
Look at top WN publisher Willis Carto, or George Lincoln Rockwell, or Robert E.Lee….. dark hair and eyes.
(I worked for him 1987-93 and 2005-08)
Robert E. Lee
He replied:

Good point, John.

This is the problem with many whites who have become racially aware. They often believe that the whiter you are the purer you are and that dark-haired whites have somehow been mongrelized by inferior genes. Unfortunately, the lighter-complexioned Nordic whites seem to be softer in the brain and more easily get duped by egalitarian pacifist nonsense.
The most naive thing walking this planet is a white liberal female with blue eyes. She will LOVE our enemies and HATE you if you tell her politically incorrect truth, because her college professor totally brainwashed her. I met a cute young blue-eyed woman the other day here in Ontonagon, who boasted to me she is s “social justice warrior.” 😉 So, like, black lives matter, but not whites’. I just appraised her and said nothing.
This story is so indicative of what is happening in Europe. The politicians and the media are either kikes or are traitors to the kikes who want Muslims to flood Europe. When the people have had enough of this and rebel, like this case in Corsica, the politicians and the media don’t support them but portray the Muslims as “oppressed victims” who need more laws enacted to protect them from the disenfranchised Christian white populations whose land the Muslims have turned into cesspools.
I replied:
Obviously the nordics have good genes and are pretty to look at, but I think we need to clearly see their serious flaws too. 
The adjective “blue-eyed” has the secondary meaning of “naive” in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish, and it is the third meaning in English also.
Which is the pussiest country in Europe? The blondest — Sweden.
Which was the first to have a vibrant NS movement (Chryse Afghi/Golden Dawn) in our times? = Greece. 
Part of this Corsican riot happening is there is a mafia in Corsica, and mafias actually often are nationalistic and rightwing (ask any Japanese!  Jap. politicians do not DARE “apologize” for WWII or they will be bumped off! ), and this major institution engenders also a folk mindset “we ain’t taking no shit from nobody, or letting you even look at my daughter without my permission.”
There is a tradition of getting violent, and not being wrongly “prudent.” Cowardice is never prudent!
I and my French wife of 2002-05 looked into Corsica for a hotel project. Gorgeous island, btw. Corsica – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Corsica also has an amazing male chorus: I Muvrini – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  If youclik on this you can hear one of their songs.

…My millionaire father disinherited me as a disgraceful Nazi, but then blacks robbed him on his deathbed in the hospital

The day blacks robbed my dying father, 84, a Marine combat vet; Michael Walsh on white treason

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