My video speech at British Renaissance; my plan for the Blacks; Canadian on joke security for Canadian airports

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…..My video greeting to the first British Renaissance luncheon, held today near Liverpool

Mysteriously, my excellent video editor did not receive on time my full video-editing instructions — not on Microsoft-controlled Skype, whose security runs through Tel Aviv…. The Jews tried everything to sabotage even the editing of this video. All the video-editing instructions disappeared off Skype. so this was a last-minute editing job.

(I jumped in as a video speaker because two key speakers at the event could not come: WN and anti-homosexuality American Christian Matt Heimbach was banned by the British Home Secretary!! And then the other big speaker had a heart attack while in Germany…. I did not fly to England to speak because 1) I never, EVER, travel or even live unarmed,



and Britain would ban me also if I were a featured speaker, as they did to Heimbach.)

Mike Delaney was extremely helpful as the camera and sound man; it is his huge and adorable German shepherd you see in the video. 😉

Jews distorted this video to make my face look fat. Later you can see that it looks narrower.

The crypto-Jewish prime minister of Britain, David Cameron, who actually admits he is 1/4 Jewish, and has  the typical curved, half-semitic nose of the Judeo-Norman ruling class (My essay on the Normans, French-speaking Vikings from whom I descend — but in my case totally unmixed with any Jews — and showing my quite mixed feelings about this class:

 Close-up of the nose of Prince William; his mother, Princess Diana, was half-Jewish, her real father being a Goldsmith
Prince William in turn is married to another Goldsmith (“Kate Middleton”); you hcan see the Ashkenazi-turkic-mongoloid features on both

Instructions for JdN British Renaissance video [NOT RECEIVED]

Nov. 28, 2015


Length about 07:30 (around the seventh minute, for 30 seconds Mike Delaney [cameraman /TruTube video owner] is telling me the battery is flashing and therefore to „wrap it up“

Sun right in my face so every wrinkle shows ……

–reduce excessive lake surf noise


Thumbnail for YT:

Opening screen:


John de Nugent

Lake Superior, USA

British Renaissance Greetings

November 29, 2015

I start at 0:22….

01:09 „and Jack Sen saw it“

around 1:20 add pic:


02:06 „young muslim males“

02:11 „as a former Marine“

02:47 title


[huge numbers]

02:54 „John Thomas Coldwell“

03:05 „there is a video where I actually speak about him“

03:14 „one of the most important psychics“

03:19 „two HBO documentaries“

around 03:30 a long „uhhh“ pls delete! (and any other uhhh, liquid mouth noise, lips smacking, etc…)

03:43 „he would serve Yorkshire pudding“

03:48 „Chiver’s Olde English Marmalade“

03:55 „proud of my British heritage“

[LOL, the dog is taking a leak at 04:03 to the right 😉 ]

should be covered up maybe by this, not sure…..

04:13 „not exactly the band of brothers that we should be“

04:27 „We few, we happy few, we band of brothers“ please use this clip: and this segment: 02:02 to 03:17 „Old men“ to „upon St. Crispin’s Day“

04:44 „they live in fear of that knock on the door“

04:56 „I got a call from the White House“

04:58 „It said ‘White House Switchboard’“


t-y-p-e letters

(202) 456-1414

05:30 „We did create a written Constitution“

06:17 „threatening me and threatening my friends“

06:35 „storm your house with a SWAT team“

[07:06 the battery warning issue began, and lasted to 07:25]

07:29 „I wish the British Renaissance“ [brief]

07:49 „the British actually burned down the White House“

08:00 „somebody we’ve got to get out of there“

 ……On dealing with various Klans and with blacks

YC: Hello John, Frank Ancona and Thomas Robb? good or bad
JdN: Sounds like a trap question ;-) What is the right answer? ;-) 
I get along with both, but I do on principle as well. We have the same enemies and they are active and pro-white.
YC: Just curious about their leadership of their 2 different Klans
JdN: Not sure, but both seem very sincere and are active…. I met Pastor Thom Robb in 2008; good man and nice family…
Ancona, like me, is friends with anti-Jewish and pro-Confederate blacks…. (not with the average street negro, though!)
You may find this essay of mine enlightening, as to how many blax are seriously down on the Jews:

I have no illusions about most blax, and am a standard, hard-core WN.
*** Amanda Blackburn case just happened to deafening media silence:
*** Blacks beat homeless white Philadelphia-area veteran into a coma in April 2015, from which he just now died.
In a coma from April until November — a terrible tragedy, and obviously also at huge taxpayer expense
But neither can one have any illusions about the average white… 😉
Neither Henry Ford nor Charles Lindbergh could awaken them (not even the Great Depression awakened them!), and Ford and Lindbergh were rich, powerful, and adored public figures!
My goal is to move willing blacks for mutual benefit into the Cotton Belt, a contiguous belt of already majority-black counties for over 200 years that runs from Texas to Virginia and where black slaves once picked cotton and tobacco.
(Blacks will be willing to go, because all welfare and affirmative action will end in white areas. To continue getting anything, they must move.)
My goal is to unite the US and Canada, creating a nation of 210 million English-speaking whites, and create an autonomous Québec for the Frenchies there, and liberal zones in the Pacific NW coast and in the Washington, DC-New-Jersey-New York-New England corridor, where hopeless white liberals, race-mixers and fudge-packers can enjoy all the blessings of diversity, and the glories of fecal sex. 😉
(The fact is that 90% of the white liberals will eventually leave this lunatic paradise, and beg for admission into our zone — for their own selfish safety and economic benefit.)
American Blacks — I know this — would fight us to the death if we threatened to send them “back” to Africa, where they have never lived in 400 years — and would not be welcome either.
Blacks know, very deep down, and despite ALL the equality bullshit, that they actually want to live under the white man, because they know which race is more fair and gifted. 
I have had many a heart-to-heart talk with black friends, and I know this to be a fact. 

Blacks are also as opposed to Jews, Islam, Mexicans and Chinese as we are, or more.

So I do not condemn Klan leader Frank Ancona… I would accept help from any black in the anti-Jewish main struggle if he rejects race mixing.
November 16, 2015

To the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau [the new prime minister of Canada, and son of the infamous PM Pierre Trudeau 1^968-79 and 1980-84, whom my father met at the White House after meeting with Richard Nixon],

Members of Parliament,

Provincial Premiers

Subject:    Will We Learn Nothing >From Paris?

I am a proud Canadian, and proud of our heritage of being a true global leader in Humanitarian efforts. Given the events of recent years and more importantly the recent week, however, I believe prudence requires a pause in our assistance package for Syrian refugees, and indeed all refugees and asylum seekers. I say this not in a tone of political partisanship, but one of Citizenship. Any Parliament, be it Liberal, Conservative, or NDP has as its first mandate the protection of our country and its citizens. This must take precedence over all other considerations and activities.

As a Retired Firefighter/Fire Officer of the City of Calgary, I have an experience I believe is timely and valuable. In my final assignment at the end of my career, I asked for and received a transfer to work on the Airport Crash Rescue Unit at the Calgary International Airport. A requirement for all staff working at the Airport is to undergo a police background check. In between the time the background check is initiated, and the time it is competed, an employee must be accompanied by another employee who has the appropriate screening and credentials. I can’t remember precisely how long it took for the RCMP to conduct my check, but it was several months. Bear in mind that this is for a person who was born in Calgary; completed primary, secondary and post-secondary education in Calgary/Lethbridge; had passed a security clearance to gain employment as a Calgary Firefighter, and had worked in this civic institution for 18 years at the time. I had also been vetted by the Provincial Government’s Lieutenant Governor Norman (Normie) Kwong to sit as a long-term member of the Alberta Labour Relations Board. In short, it would not be difficult to find information on me. I was also required to be finger printed as part of the process.

When the day arrived and I was notified that I had passed the security clearance, I was escorted to the terminal building by a colleague to pick up my coveted airport pass. While in the waiting room, I met and visited with what seemed to be a very nice man of Arab descent, who if memory served was from Jordan. During our discussion, he indicated that his pass had only taken two weeks to get, as opposed to the months mine had taken. He left after receiving his pass, and so when my turn came I asked the RCMP Sargent why on earth it would take so long for me to acquire a clearance when this person who indicated he was a recent arrival to Canada received his in two weeks or less. The answer I received haunts me to this day.

The answer: “We can’t really do that much of a search on these people. They often arrive  without even a passport or Birth Certificate, and unless they appear on an INTERPOL watch  list, we generally let them pass. Often the police departments from these fractured  countries are unable or unwilling to provide information or detailed data, and we simply  have to go with what we can learn. We also make sure they have no criminal record while  in Canada, which for many of  these folks is a very short period of time”…….or words to that  effect.

In the couple of years I spent at the airport, I never stopped thinking about that. These people were everywhere: loading aircraft luggage, cleaning the airport with access to virtually all areas right up to the jet ways, acting as security guards and everything in between. It was then and there that I realized that the issue of security was truly an illusion in our country. I do not say these things lightly. I represented Calgary and its 1500 members as the President of the Calgary Firefighter’s Association in New York in 2002 at the 911 Memorial which was attended by 77,000 firefighters from all over the world. The hole at ground zero was still a testament a year later as to the impact of what can happen when a country lets its guard down.

So my questions to the Current Government and to the two opposition parties, and to our provincial leaders, in light of the recent events in France are:

1. “Who are the refugees”? How can you possibly screen 25,000 people adequately in such a  short period of time to ensure that none of these people pose a threat to me and my country?

2. What specific process(es)  is/are  engaged to determine the identity of who these people are?

3. What agency is tasked with performing the background checks, and has the capacity to  conduct appropriate checks on what amounts mathematically to about 800 people per day if  they are all to arrive by Christmas. I note that in the U.S.A., the head of the Department of  Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson admitted that “we don’t know a whole lot about these  people” and that we have “no real protocol for screening refugees” – My guess and fear is if  they can’t do it between the DHS, FBI, and CIA, there is no reasonable hope that Canada can  possibly have any credible system. I believe Canadian citizens are entitled to know this. I would  commend to you the words of Governor Greg Abbot of Texas who today said: “Given the  tragic attacks in Paris and the threats we have already seen, Texas cannot participate in any  program that will result in Syrian refugees — any one of whom could be connected to  terrorism — being resettled in Texas.” That seems like a very reasoned approach at the  moment.

4. Bill C-45 (2003), which became an amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada after the  Westray Mine accident, allowed the courts to find officers of corporations criminally  negligent if their actions either willfully or by gross negligence contribute to the preventable  death of an employee. Does this legislation reach to the political elite if, in the future, an  innocent citizen is harmed or killed by a refugee because the sitting government failed to  properly screen them? If not, we need to amend it. As I read the Act, Clause 1(1) extends the  reach of Bill C-45 to “all organizations”…..which I assume includes political parties. Would you  concur with this view?

5. What is the projected, long-term cost per refugee and what current, existing  benefits will  suffer because of this for existing citizens?

6. What is the demographic make-up of the refugees being allowed into the country? What  percentage are women, children, married men accompanying a family, and single men?

7. Will refugees be required to undergo a polygraph test, be finger printed, and be drug tested  as is required of several types of employment for Canadian Citizens such as the Calgary Fire  Department?

8. Will Refugees be screened for infectious diseases including TB, HIV, hepatitis, leishmaniosis,  meningitis, and the host of other physiological problems which have been identified with these  disadvantaged people?

9. Why are neighboring, wealthy countries of Syria with similar cultures such as Qatar, Saudi  Arabia and Kuwait not accepting ANY refugees?

10. There are reportedly 19 million refugees globally from places as diverse as Libya to  Myanmar. Are we to take them all?  In the case of Syria, is it not better to spend our money  pushing for a UN peacekeeping force to be deployed and contributing our resources in that  fashion so that these people can have the opportunity to stay put and rebuild their own  country? How we managed the war in Cyprus comes to mind. Is that not the road we should  be following instead of pretending that we are blind to what the USA and Russia are doing  there?

11. Terror attacks appear to be occurring in random places with high civilian populations with  little if any police or military presence. I have never been that concerned with gun restrictions, however like our brothers and sisters in France, we Canadians live a country with severe gun  restrictions.  Can you comment on how Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and  Freedoms squares with my inability to carry or possess (without significant restrictions) a  weapon for self-defence? Put another way, how can I possibly have the right to Security of  Person where I  don’t have a reasonable ability of self defense? Do you intend on travelling  anywhere (inside or outside of the country) without armed guards? While you will no doubt  have me look to the south (USA) for reasons not to re-consider this, I would point you east,  to Switzerland, which is  one of the most heavily armed, yet peaceful nations on earth.

In all of this, I am not suggesting that as a nation we turn a blind eye to those in need. We do have an enviable reputation in the world that each of us is proud of. Having said that, we unfortunately live in an ever-changing world.  For all of the forgoing reasons, I would ask that the sitting government halt the refugee program until it can be demonstrated to all Canadians that every single refugee being allowed access to our country, and being offered benefits that most of us have worked a lifetime to fund, have been thoroughly vetted.  I would also argue that it is time to re-open the debate on gun legislation from a constitutional perspective. We don’t have a “second amendment” as our U.S. brothers, but without the right to meaningful self-protection, the Canadian Charter guarantee of “Security of Person” is starting to ring very hollow.

In closing, are we going to learn anything from Paris? While social media is replete with people stating “we are Paris”, my suggestion is we make immediate alterations to the issues noted above, before that Facebook slogan changes from an echo of support to a prophesy.


D. S. (Scott) Wilcox
Cold Lake, Alberta

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