INAUGURAL BRITISH RENAISSANCE EVENT A HUGE SUCCESS; homophile Larry Nunn, alias Max Musson, has envy rage

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We want to thank everyone who attended the inaugural British Renaissance event, which featured speeches from Jez Turner, Andrew Brons, the Occidental Observer’s Dr Andrew Joyce, John de Nugent and Jack Sen, for their patronage and support.

Guests included reps from the British Democrats, British Voice, UKIP, the BNP, the London Forum, Federation of Nationalists and Patriots, the local Southport community, several major churches, and the American Freedom Party etc.


The British Renaissance had a wonderful event yesterday where we pushed a well received multi-faceted approach. Via their talks; Jack Sen, Jez Turner, Dr Andrew Joyce and Andrew Brons elucidated the problems Britain faces, highlighted the need for nationalist unity as well as discussed the importance of utilising the electoral process in conjunction with traditional old school street ‘activism’.

Jack Sen told the European Knights Project and Daily Stormer reporters in attendance: “We attempted to bring a bit of respectability back to nationalism without compromising our core values. Patriots from an array of backgrounds enjoyed a gourmet meal, fabulous speakers, a traditional family oriented environment where women and children were not only present but felt safe and at ease. Most importantly, representatives from the British Renaissance, British Democrats, British Voice, UKIP, several church groups and the BNP came together for the good of the country. We signed up 12 new members as well as  took in several generous contributions. We are actively recruiting new members and will turn no patriot away regardless of their ability to pay. If you want unity, to be involved with the premier nationalist network, join us. There is a fantastic opportunity here to do good. We now need you to capitalise on it.”

Notes – Anyone that paid for a lunch ticket but failed to make it to the event will be entitled to a free membership. Anyone interested in joining the PREMIER nationalist movement in Britain, please write Jack Sen directly via our email address. We turn NO ONE away regardless of ability to contribute financially. We have backers eager to give selected individuals willing to donate time and a ‘physical presence’, free memberships.

In total nearly 50 patriots attended the event, well over 70 people secured a ticket, membership/patronage or made a physical or financial contribution.

A lady supporter, Jack Sen, Jez Turner, and Jack’s wife


First up is Jez Turner with a speech entitled ‘Don’t Mention the Jews’ which was pretty much the theme of the day – trying to give people the confidence to speak about the Jews publicly. There were representatives from most of the nationalist groups in Britain there, including British Democratic Party, UKIP, BNP, British Unity, British Voice etc. Jez Turner himself has been involved in nationalism for over 30 years and has spent the last decade fronting the hugely popular ‘London Forum.’



He started off with a quote from Lord Byron.  In his satirical “Age of Bronze” (1823), Lord Byron adopted a hostile attitude toward the Jews, whose emancipation he opposed and whose alleged support for foreign tyranny (Turks against Greeks) he denounced with many unpleasant allusions.

How rich is Britain! not indeed in mines,
Or peace or plenty, corn or oil, or wines;
No land of Canaan, full of milk and honey,
Nor (save in paper shekels) ready money:
But let us not to own the truth refuse,

Was ever Christian land so rich in Jews?

Those parted with their teeth to good King John,
And now, ye kings, they kindly draw your own;
All states, all things, all sovereigns they control,
And waft a loan “from Indus to the pole.”
The banker – broker – baron[340] – brethren, speed
To aid these bankrupt tyrants in their need.
Nor these alone; Columbia [= the young USA] feels no less
Fresh speculations follow each success;
And philanthropic Israel deigns to drain
Her mild per-centage from exhausted Spain.
Not without Abraham’s seed can Russia march;
Tis gold, not steel, that rears the conqueror’s arch.
Two Jews, a chosen people, can command
In every realm their Scripture-promised land: –
Two Jews, keep down the Romans,[341] and uphold
The accurséd Hun, more brutal than of old:

Two Jews, – but not Samaritans – direct
The world, with all the spirit of their sect.

What is the happiness of earth to them?
A congress forms their “New Jerusalem,”
Where baronies and orders both invite –
Oh, holy Abraham! dost thou see the sight?
Thy followers mingling with these royal swine,
Who spit not “on their Jewish gaberdine,”
But honour them as portion of the show –
(Where now, oh Pope! is thy forsaken toe?
Could it not favour Judah with some kicks?
Or has it ceased to “kick against the pricks?”)
On Shylock’s shore behold them stand afresh,

To cut from nation’s hearts their “pound of flesh.”


Jez went on to show how the repression of free speech has increased so much since the time of Byron that if he were to write the poem today, he would be attacked and silenced for being an Anti-Semite – someone who does not appreciate the Jews having so much power and speaks out about it publically.

7 June 2009…… Andrew Brons BNP European Parliament elections for Yorkshire and Humber in Leeds


Next up is Andrew Brons, who is now the chairman of the British Democratic Party and before that was a BNP MEP. Andrew’s speech concentrated on the distortion of scientific research into race. Nobody dare point out nowadays that being a criminal could be genetic, yet there is a wealth of evidence to prove this. The subversion of race research began with Franz Boas and Brons goes on to detail what has happened to the discipline of anthropology since then.

Culture comes from the people that create it, the culture does not create the people. You cannot parachute in low-IQ savages from Africa and then expect them to magically turn into civilised beings once they set foot on European soil. Negroes have had contact with civilised peoples for thousands of years, yet never have they been capable of maintaining a civilisation of their own and that is not about to change now.

If Europe is to survive then we have to stop allowing these creatures into our countries and the ones that are here already, have to be sent back. We need to have the courage to speak up about this and hopefully everyone at the meeting will now be determined to do so, knowing that they have the full support of British Renaissance when they do.

Some tiny supporters drew up a storm while the grownups solved world problems 


Please write to if you are interested in getting involved. Don’t be left behind!


…..Jack Sen and Matt Heimbach (BANNED FROM BRITAIN) on Red Ice Radio

Red Ice Radio – Matthew Heimbach & Jack Sen – Anarchy in the UK: Migrants Welcome, Nationalists Barred

Listen here:

red-ice-heimbach-sen-theresa-mayMatthew Heimbach is the original founder of the Towson University White Student Union (WSU). After finishing college, Matthew and the Towson WSU joined forces with other dedicated White activists to create the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), a group dedicated to defending faith, family and folk on high school and college campuses around America.

Jack Sen started up British Renaissance after leaving the British National Party (BNP). He was formerly a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for Northern England before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended by his party one week prior to the General Election.


Matt and Jack are back with Red Ice to discuss events surrounding the recent barring of Matt from the UK by the Home Office’s Theresa May. Matt was scheduled to appear alongside Jez Turner at the British Renaissance inaugural Patriots summit, which will be hosted by Jack on November 29th. Matt talks about the “extreme” ideas creating static around his reputation and prompting accusations of “anti-Semitism,” “homophobia” and other thought crimes against humanity. Jack describes how the BNP recently pushed him out for being “too extreme,” and we look at the pervasive theme of grassroots Nationalist organizations coming under fire for gathering and threatening the Orwellian status quo. We get into the scary reality of “freedom of speech” and the absurd double standards of hate speech laws, along with the utter hypocrisy of “safe spaces.” Matt and Jack illustrate how the disingenuous left’s fueling of the mad march towards Western multiculturalism is by design for the internationalist agenda to subvert culture and consolidate power. We discuss the lunacy of Islamic caliphates being allowed to organize within Europe to preach extreme hatred for the native populations and carry out heinous crimes against its women and children. We round off the conversation with strategies for promoting peaceful cooperation and solidarity within the growing traditional Nationalist movement.

Listen here:

Red Ice Radio

…….Vile attack on Jack Sen by jealous dweeb

I recently posted this article oin the EKP site:

So while our children are being molested and our women are being raped and BURNED ALIVE, the heroic deed of this “comrade” (Larry Nunn, whose fake name is “Max Musson” when writing for the notoriously homophilic “Western Spring”  and the fudgepacker-packed “Counter-Currents”) is to stop sending his ten pounds a month to The Occidental Observer because it has Jack Sen as an author!


So since Jack is 1/4 Indian, he is not white enough. (Click on the image on the left if you want to read it.)


Actually, high-caste Indians themselves are heavily white, going back to the ancient Aryans, Larry. The word “Aryan” is still used to mean “noble behavior” in everyday speech in India to this day. If you do a huge favor for a friend, he will say “that was really Aryan of you.”

Now Max, here are some more ghastly part-Indians.



Dark hair and eyes — should we admit them to our club, Larry? No, we had better keep such woggy riffraff out of our movement, right?

(Actually they are Captain Archibald Ramsay, captain in the Household Guards in WWI, author of The Nameless War, MP, and Sir Oswald Mosley. Both did years in Churchill’s prison during WWII unjustly under “Regulation 18b.”)


Here is another frightful non-white, Larry, the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia of the Confederacy in the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee:


Here is Hitler with some, I guess, Egyptian non-white guy named, whosits, Goebbels, I think. (That Hitler, such a liberal race-mixer!)


And look, that Hitler with another non-white, a dago in fact, Larry!

Now here’s a REAL white man, the heroic Shaun Wright, who let Pakistanis molest 1,400 English girls in Rotherham as police commissioner. 

But his genes ARE impeccable! 😉


And here is a fine white man who brought down the British Empire, Germany and the whole west, and let the Jews take over everything that he did not give to Stalin:

The real problem, Max, is that Jack has star power, education, daring, and 48 million hits on his name on Google. He brilliantly leveraged his UKIP candidacy to rise up the ladder — and you, sir, seem at this point, sorry, like a jealous little man. Do we really have so many thousands of bright young men leading us that we can afford to spend hours, as you do, penning screeds against any of them?

If leafletting is so wonderful, why not stop bashing Jack Sen — and pass out a few yourself?

Don’t you get it?

“We are at war,” as Jack Sen said

at the dynamic Brit-Ren luncheon.


Don’t we have enough to do, fighting the Jews, Masons, pedophiles, satanists, and hostile mudlims and blacks?

Or why not just openly co-found a gay nationalist movement with your homosexual, homophile, bisexual and fag-voiced Facebook friends: Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, James O’Meara, Martin Webster, Matt Tait, and Jack Donovan?

UPDATED William Finck, Mike Delaney and Brett Light on homophile Richard Spencer and his NPI; Normans and Jews; superb movie “The Road”

11/16/2015 //

Larry’s (Max Musson’s) close friend on Facebook is “Richard Spencer” –listen to the audio of Spencer with open fudge-packer Greg Johnson and judge for yourself….  You can hear the bisexual-sounding, Spencerian voice here.



Jack Donovan 


“Yeah, I’ve been a top [sexual position, the thruster] for years.

I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad they’re not.”





…..New Jack Sen book! Sen-sational! 



Facebook post by Jack Sen
People interested in getting my book can buy it by following the link below/clicking on the cover below. I only make a few pennies from it but it’s about spreading the message – nothing else.

Other articles about the state of nationalism, Islamism, UKIP etc were written by Nick Griffin, Jez Turner, Andrew Anglin, Dr Dan Roodt, Andrew Brons, John de Nugent, Matt Heimbach and others.
Book is shipped worldwide for FREE

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Hannes CoetzeeAusten, Boers, as we are known, most certainly have bad apples in our midst too, but the majority (by far) have good principles as proven through our difficult history.

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John D. NugentAusten Davies is a jealous troll, and I just blocked him. I am friends with Jack, he has a wife and little daughter, and is struggling, What is wrong with selling a fine book (I have read it) which, I personally know, he worked hard on for many weeks?? The fact is: On Google there are 48 million hits on the name Jack Sen, and none on Austen Davies. wink emoticon

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…..British Renaissance praised

Introducing British Renaissance: British Nationalists Unite Against Islamism, Zionist Supremacism and Mass Invasion

Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.


BritishPoliceThe Enrichment of British Life

For several reasons, Britain has long been the “sick man” of European Nationalism. Aside from the British National Party’s string of local and European election victories prior to its spectacular electoral collapse of 2010, the story of British ethno-populism has, even in its earliest incarnations, largely been one of under-performance. Setting aside my own arguments and theories as to why this has been the case, one is astounded and horrified at the transformation that Britain is being subjected to. The Office for National Statistics has documented that between 2001 and 2009 the non-indigenous population of England and Wales increased by 37.4%. The mixed-race population increased in same period by nearly 50%. As of 2014, the non-indigenous population of Britain accounts for 80% of its population growth, with White births accounting for just 16.5% of the total in West Birmingham. White decline in Britain, as in much of the West, is not a putative future event — it is a contemporary crisis, an extinction in progress.

Despite media silence, Britain faces several existential threats. The character of the nation is currently under severe threat from Muslim immigration. The UK Muslim population is increasing rapidly and Britons are concerned. In 2003 a British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey highlighted that 48 per cent of the native British were concerned that an increase in the Muslim population would weaken Britain’s national identity. By 2013 that figure had risen to 62 per cent. Before and since the latest survey, the country has been rocked by the side effects of this population increase — Islamic terror, Muslim grooming gangs that have subjected thousands of indigenous British girls to rape and violence, the ‘Trojan Horse’ phenomenon where Muslim hardliners attempted to take over city schools, and the fact that a 2011 study showed that 21.3% of Muslims living in Britain have never worked. Muslims, together with Britain’s other ethnic minorities consume a disproportionate amount of welfare and tax credits, even relative to their swelling population. 

Advertisement - We need you.

The multi-cultural experiment has been an expensive one for the indigenous British public. The character of whole towns and cities has been altered wholesale. The elderly no longer recognize the land of their birth and childhood. Muslim-patrolled ‘No-Go’ areas have been established in British cities, as in much of Europe, where Whites are prevented from entering under threat of violence. Much the same situation prevails in those parts of the British urban landscape that Black gangs have rendered lawless. Millions in taxpayer cash has been wasted on failed ‘integration’ efforts, expensive social care for ‘problem’ minority families, special policing measures, and supporting minority cultural events. Britain’s socialist healthcare system, designed and implemented in an era when Britain was ethnically homogenous, has been stretched and tested to its limit; it’s future uncertain. Temporary migrants alone cost the National Health System around £2 billion a year, with the figure for settling immigrants rising to even more horrific levels.

These facts, and others pertaining to racial, religious and cultural differences, are not open for serious public discussion because of other existential threats to Britain — cultural Marxism and increasing restrictions on free speech. Cultural Marxism, and the many branches of related thought under its umbrella, have permeated British politics, British academia, the media, and large swathes of society. As a result, a perverse Lewis Carroll-like lexicon has developed around the discussion (or lack thereof) of race relations in Britain. Even though the 2011 Crime Census published by the Ministry of Justice showed that those of African and South East Asian ethnicity were substantially over-represented across all crimes, particularly so in violent crimes and robbery, Britain engages in perpetual witch-hunts against any dissent from the dogma that we are all the same. In one of the most apt recent illustrations of the madness that has taken root, the nation which obsesses over ‘hate crime’ has refused to punish Bahar Mustafa, a Goldsmith’s University ‘diversity officer,’ who tweeted the phrase “Kill All White Men.” Contrary to the utopian claims of the cultural Marxists, Mustafa represented a perfect truth: the agents of ‘diversity’ are not motivated by love, but by incredible hostility to White Britain.

To date, how has British Nationalism responded to these threats? Enoch Powell once remarked that “The life of nations … is lived largely in the imagination,” and, sadly, British Nationalism has failed to inspire the British imagination. This failure is not completely due to tactical errors, but in part to the context of the era. In this age of consumerist materialism and instant gratification it is more difficult than ever to lead someone by appealing to something other than what they may gain in the “here and now.” Of course, as I’ve outlined above, the native British would be substantially better off in a less ‘diverse’ nation. There would be little or no terrorism and no grooming gangs; there would be safe schools, safe and more familiar neighborhoods, more money to go around, and an infinitely greater legacy to be bestowed on the coming generation of British children.

London: Before and After the Racial Revolution was imposed from above

But this future is too distant, and the path to it too obscure, for the great mass of the people. Their ‘imaginations,’ meanwhile, are occupied with baser interests — fashion, celebrities, social approval, the 9 to 5, and what to have for dinner. The great English pamphleteer William Cobbett (1763–1835), himself no friend of the Jews, once pointed out that “it is difficult to agitate a man with a full stomach.” A contemporary pamphleteer of sorts, I might say that it is difficult to agitate a man with satellite TV, an iPad, fast food and a luxury car that requires judicious polishing every Sunday afternoon. Appeals to heritage and posterity are, regardless of the merits of our cause, mainly lost on the acquisitive “me generation.” And as long as the pains of the demographic, cultural, and spiritual decline are dulled or masked by materialistic opiates, we will encounter difficulty. Nationalism, which in its purest form is anti-materialistic, will struggle to gain followers more than any other political ideology in this, the most materialistic age in the history of humanity.

But if the task wasn’t difficult enough, there have been enough problems within the fold to make success even more elusive. For a movement that originated the rallying cry “No More Brother Wars” we are proof positive that old habits die hard. Europeans are distinctive for their fierce individualism, and the traits of the warrior bands of centuries past are still alive and well. We are the first to pick fights with our brothers, and in this age of crisis this simply shouldn’t be the case. This is not to say that genuine disagreements don’t take place, or that cases of corruption are non-existent in our cause. Corruption and decay should be ruthlessly rooted out, but never at the expense of unity of purpose. The British people cannot be expected to unite with or behind a group that is itself languishing in disunity. Perhaps more than any other Nationalist movement, that of the British has been particularly fractious. Personality clashes, corruption, pessimism, unchecked ambition, incompetence, conceit, tactical errors, splits over ideological minutiae and, yes, government infiltration have all conspired to weaken and break apart the bonds that might have forged a movement capable of meeting the challenges of the era.

Organizational longevity hasn’t been scarce, but the focal point and effectiveness of the British movement has been shifting and unsettled. The British Brothers League (1902-1923), the British Union of Fascists (1932-1940), the British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women (1937-1948), the Union Movement (1948-1966), the National Front (1967 – present), and the British National Party (1982 – present) have all had their modest day in the sun only to subsequently fade into obscurity and inertia. Observing the poor fortunes of British Nationalism, at close hand and from afar, has been a tortuous and frustrating experience for me, as it has for many others.

But (TOO writer) Jack Sen’s new project, the British Renaissance, brings some promise of change. For the first time in a decade, when I look at the stirrings now occurring in Britain, I feel optimistic about success there. I’ve followed the career of Jack Sen since his break with UKIP and subsequent interview for The Occidental Observer. Jack crossed a socio-political Rubicon in England by naming and shaming Jewish politicians like Luciana Berger for dual loyalties, something that hadn’t even been attempted by an English Parliamentary candidate since the early post-World War II period. What made the move all the more impressive was that Mr Sen, a husband and a father, was aware of the likely repercussions of this ‘outing’ of Jewish influence and, moreover, that he retained enough integrity to proceed despite having as much, if not more, to lose than many of us. Zionist-infiltrated UKIP wasted no time in exiling him from the party.

I wasn’t surprised when Jack moved to the British National Party, though I doubted the relationship would last long. I feel no great need here to dissect the current goings-on at the BNP (the internal workings of which I confess to knowing very little about) and I believe that Jack’s own report on his subsequent departure from that organization speaks volumes. Jack has informed me of a strong culture of fear and censorship at the BNP — an organization that seems to have lost its nerve and barely resembles the Nationalist party founded by the steely John Tyndall. Jack was castigated by BNP organizers for using the word ‘invader’ (the horror!) in a written piece on immigration, and was prevented from producing a documentary on the sexualization of children lest it offend homosexuals. Given the changes that have occurred in the BNP since the departure of Nick Griffin, and Jack’s unbending commitment to ‘calling a spade a spade,’ the eventual parting of ways was inevitable.

Whether or not one believes the current crop of financial allegations made against it by a female malcontent who took her story to the Antifa, the British National Party suffers from a crippling lack of trust as well as a current leadership that lacks the capacity to inspire the public. For all that may have been said against Nick Griffin, he was a media figure to an extent, and the British public at least knew who he was. Today, Jack Sen is more familiar to the British public than the current BNP chairman, a former teacher who is more likely to be remembered for his lifetime teaching ban after threatening a couple of his students and slashing the tyres of their bicycles. While the BNP chairman shrinks from the media, Jack has engaged the media energetically and continues to write, organize and speak prolifically. His ideas, and the narrative of his recent political history, are succinctly expressed in his newbook, How to Get Suspended From UKIP and the BNP in 10 articles and 2 Tweets, which also features contributions from Andrew Anglin, Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons, and Jez Turner. Meanwhile the BNP is currently languishing in a state of inert terror, vanishing from electoral politics, producing the same tired literature, and shrinking from the media and any type of statement or action that might attract scorn. Along with its catastrophic decline in electoral clout and influence even within the wider movement, this renders the BNPs current de facto position as the focal point of English political nationalism barely tenable. It must give way, and there will be, in its wake, a position left vacant.

The British Renaissance project is more than just an attempt to fill this socio-political gap. The project marks a new departure in several respects. The faces, approaches and mostly importantly, the spirit of the venture, differ substantially from anything seen before on the British scene. I concur with Jack that the main difficulties facing British Nationalism are an apathetic public, an intolerant media, infiltration, and negative and selfish Nationalists. The central idea underpinning British Renaissance is that of unity, and ideological and structural purity. Jack is putting in place measures to screen out infiltrators and foster an atmosphere of co-operation and optimism. Already it is drawing on support from members of UKIP, the British Democrats under Andrew Brons, British Voice, and the BNP, as well as a number of smaller groups and previously unaffiliated members of the British public. If this continues to proceed on a larger scale, it will represent an unprecedented achievement for British Nationalism.

Perhaps just as crucially, the new venture has made it clear that the issue of Jewish influence will not be glossed over or made taboo, either internally or externally. The result will be an organization similar to AmRen or NPI, but with a more ‘aware’ message. In my own conversations with Jack, he has argued that concealing the issue “would be academically disingenuous and irresponsible.” Tackling this issue, especially in light of government-imposed restrictions on free speech, requires very careful treatment and subtlety. If it can be said that the silence on race has been harmful to the interests of White Britain, and damaging overall to race relations, in a truly free society we should be able to probe more deeply into the reasons for that silence. One of the reasons for the silence is of course the cumulative effect of successive waves of legislation targeting free speech. In Britain, the key figures in attempts to legislate against the discussion of race, and in race relations more generally, since the post-war period have been Harold Lever, Frank Soskice, Anthony Lester, Jim Rose, Harry Cohen, Malcolm Rifkind and, most importantly, Leon Brittan, architect of the racial clause of the 1986 Public Order Act. Taboo though it may be, it is an interesting fact that all of these individuals share Jewish roots, and this fact, along with any deeper implications, deserves to be discussed, analyzed and commented upon without intrusion by the State.

Unfortunately, Jewish groups in Britain jealously protect their interests in a manner that White Britons do not. In 2009 Channel 4 aired a documentary titled “The UK Israel Lobby,” which probed the manner in which pro-Israel Jewish organizations and individuals attempted to influence British political debate and public policy. The methods ascribed to these groups, and evidenced throughout the documentary, included: the formation of groups within groups (such as Conservative Friends of Israel); the use of media influence for the social ostracism of non-compliant politicians (such as an article berating William Hague appearing in The Spectator); the use of financial pressure (the withdrawal of CFI funds from Hague); and the lobbying of high level elites even on minutiae such as the use of descriptive language when describing Israeli military actions (specifically referencing a meeting between the CFI Director and Prime Minister, David Cameron). Predictably, Jewish organizations reacted quickly against the film-makers and Channel 4. The Board of Deputies of British Jews, along with the Jewish-operated Community Security Trust condemned the exposé as “anti-Semitic.” Following a slew of complaints to the media watchdog OfCom, the regulator issued a response adjudicating that:

Given the editorial content of this programme described above, and the way the programme sought to expose what it said was the way pro-Israel lobbyists use financial means to gain political influence, it is almost inevitable that many of the references to prominent figures and groups would be critical. However, such a critical analysis does not, in Ofcom’s view, constitute anti-Semitism. Importantly, Ofcom found that these references, and the programme overall were directed towards individuals or organisations because of their alleged actions and activities and not because of their religion.

British Renaissance will undoubtedly come under fire from Jewish organizations that will label it, and Jack Sen, ‘anti-Semitic.’ However, I believe that Mr Sen, Jez Turner, and the other leading figures of British Renaissance are capable and willing to execute the delicate but necessary task of focussing, in a manner similar to the Channel 4 documentary, on the actions and activities of individuals and organizations who are demonstrably bringing harm to Britain, its traditions, and its future. In doing so, they will avoid the legal traps put in place by Soskice, Brittan et al (and pioneered by the very same Board of Deputies) while simultaneously ending more than a decade of concessions to imagined ‘respectability’ which resulted more often in a loss of integrity. Jack has repeatedly refused to stay silent on the role of Jewish influence in our current problems, as evidenced in yet another badge of honor when he was removed as a PEGIDA UK admin after referencing Zionist influence on their Facebook page. Jack recognizes that we cannot compromise with the uncompromising enemies arrayed on the Left. With the emergence of British Renaissance, we witness a rekindling of the principle that the best form of defense is attack.

As well as representing a new departure in some respects, the British Renaissance will hold firm to more familiar patterns and approaches within the wider movement. It will reject the materialistic, functionalist view of society and, with it, the definition of the racial problem as one of integration and assimilation of minorities into the ‘mainstream.’ The organization will remain faithful to the stance that there are empirically observable psychological and behavioral differences between racial groups, and that in addition to sharp cultural dissonance these differences render integration, assimilation and ‘consensus’ within a given society to be utopian in theory and impossible to implement in reality. The British Renaissance rejects multiculturalism as a dangerous ideology that is playing a pivotal role in the decline of the White demographic throughout the West. Promoters of this ideology, whatever their racial or religious background, are enemies of the people.

Although the problems facing Britain are large in scale, British Renaissance acknowledges that electoral and cultural tactics must be local in practice. Local meetings in established ‘free speech zones’ under the BR umbrella are being organized across the country. In these locations Nationalists can meet in friendship and solidarity to exchange and promote ideas. It is hoped that these meetings can eventually grow into significant electoral and cultural forces. In the meantime, the task at hand must be modestly framed. The fractures must be healed and the movement must be strengthened. Optimism needs to be restored. Enemies and infiltrators need to be confronted and expelled. Loyalties should be redefined. A renaissance must occur.

If external enemies weren’t enough of a challenge, we can also be sure that fratricidal habits will rear their head once more. Thus far these seem confined to conspiracy theorists who see every new movement as a spy-ridden puppet of the State, and those who have taken issue with Jack Sen’s heritage (his paternal grandfather being a non-European immigrant). The former I simply won’t engage with, since paranoid delusions are largely untreatable and even more rarely open to reason. State monitoring of the ‘far-Right’ has always existed (even Hitler began his political career by spying on the German Worker’s Party), but becoming inert through fear or apathy is not an option. To the latter I simply point out that the floor has been open for anyone who considers themselves of pure heritage to do what Jack has done, and yet either the talent or the will has apparently been lacking. As Jack has expressed it to me: “If there were more 100% indigenous people willing to risk their careers, societal ostracism and financial hardship, then I might not have taken the lead. But I felt I had no other choice but to engage, in light of the dire direction my beloved Britain is headed.” The goal here is to rescue white Britain, not to argue over ideological niceties. We simply don’t have that luxury.

We can rest assured that our enemies, within and without, will ensure we have many more obstacles ahead. But I believe that Jack Sen and his colleagues at British Renaissance will stay the course. I have been impressed with the contact that I have had with Jack thus far, and I have adopted an advisory role within BR in which I hope to assist him as much as possible in achieving great things in a country that has for too long been subjected to the hate of our enemies. Britain can, and will, be restored to the green and pleasant land it once was. Islam will not reign supreme. British policy, both foreign and domestic, will no longer be swayed by the financial clout of elites with alien allegiances. These lands will remain ours. The BR leadership has integrity, determination and, perhaps most importantly, imagination. And in these dark and dying days of the West we should remember Powell’s observation: in imagination lies the life of nations.

Jack’s book is available here. If you order it on Amazon-the cheapest option- it may say “out of stock” in some nations due to the fact it is print-on-demand but if you want a copy, merely follow the buying process, and it will be posted to you within 3-5 days. Your account will only be charged when the item is dispatched.


I am proud to say I supported Jack with over $600 when times were tough this spring for him, and now look how he is blooming! And look at who is attacking him? All the homos  — and even the Home Secretary of the UK banned his speaker, Matt Heimbach!




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