Black Republican Ben Carson points out Star of David on USA one-dollar bill; homophiles attacking me months before NPI homo scandal

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……Star of David atop US one-dollar bill  — black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, MD is telling the truth.

In 1935, by executive order, FDR, who was a Jewish marrano via both parents, changed the original design of the 13 stars ( = thirteen colonies) to form a Star of David. Previously, the stars had been scattered in a random pattern, like a real constellation, between the eagle’s wingtips. The article and the comments under it are by obscenely mendacious trolls kissing Jewish butt.



Back of US one-dollar bill before Delano Rosenfeld






FDR approves the new design (though the eagle and pyramid would finally swap places)



Roosevelt and the Fed cooperated to keep on strangling the US economy 1) so Jews could buy it up at fire sale prices, and 2) so WWII only and gigantic US military spending were able to get us out of the Great Depression – with its incumbent starvation, poverty, misery and despair — which he and his fellow Jews had caused!

The Fed actually CUT the money supply (money that farmers, businessmen and other citizens could borrow) in order to worsen and perpetuate the Depression!

Herbert Hoover, an honest, sincere German-American, recognized Roosevelt as a vile liar and traitor. and refused to even speak to him duringthe entire ride they made together to the US Capitol in March 1933 for the FDR inauguration.



Below is my constantly Jew-hacked video on how the Great Depression happened in the 1930s, and why we are still in the Great Recession of 2007 now, eight years later! The Jews have once again CUT the money supply – the Fed is bribing the Big Banks to lend their money insanely TO THE FED.

I saw Donald Trump on Lou Dobbs/then at CNN a good six years ago, and Trump asked in a very angry voice:

“Why cannot even businessmen — who are making a profit and have excellent credit — get loans from banks they have been dealing with for decades? I don’t know!”

A more recent photo of the two, with Dobbs now at Fox


The answer is right here! In this 2010 video!

My business professor at Georgetown University woke me up to what was going on in the 1930s and is again happening today! As long as the economy stays distressed, Jews can buy everything up for ten cents on the dollar at bankruptcy sales, sheriff auctions or from owners living on the edge!  And thus Jews end up owning everything!





What Ben Carson did not say is that the longitude and latitude of the location of Jerusalem on the world map adds up to exactly and precisely 666, the number of the beast, the Antichrist, in the Book of Revelation — and I am the one who discovered this.




666 is a number used constantly by Jews, satanists and NWO organizations.



The Jewish-owned Monster Energy drink has 666 in Hebrew as its logo.



Sinister and 666 drawings by children molested by practicing satanists such as Michael Aquino




Ben Carson Thinks There’s a Star of David on the Dollar Bill. There’s Not

Good Morning America
Ben Carson Thinks There’s a Star of David on the Dollar Bill. There’s Not


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Ben Carson Thinks There’s a Star of David on the Dollar Bill. There’s Not. (ABC News)

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition today, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carsontold a story about how the Star of David came to be on the U.S. dollar bill.

Only one problem: There’s no Star of David on the dollar bill.

Carson was telling the story of wealthy Jewish merchant Haym Salomon, who is said to have been a major financier of George Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War.

“Salomon gave all his funds to save the U.S. Army and, some say, no one knows for sure, that’s the reason there’s a Star of David on the back of the one dollar bill,” Carson said in Washington, D.C.

There is a conspiracy theory that a design of stars arranged above the eagle on the U.S. seal printed on the bill forms a Jewish star and that this was done as a way to thank Salomon for his generosity.

But the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s Wayne Homren says there’s no evidence to suggest any truth to support the theory that the stars were intentionally arranged to represent the Jewish star, let alone that it was done in Salomon’s name.

“If you squint, you can say there’s some resemblance but that certainly was not the intention of the designers, that we’re aware,” Homren told ABC News.

Ben Carson Calls San Bernardino Shooting a ‘Hate Crime’Ben Carson Falls From Frontrunner Status In a New National PollAs it relates to Salomon specifically, Homren said, there is no mention of the Jewish merchant in the extensive collection of historical documents chronicling the design of the U.S. seal.

“All I know is there’s nothing any of us have discovered in the documentation that would support that,” he said.

“There are letters and other correspondence between members of Congress and people in the government about what the seal would look like and what it would contain,” Homren continued. “There are at least two thick books written about how the seal was created and nobody recognized anything about a Star of David.”

In the course of his remarks toady, Carson also addressed the internal conflict between Hamas and Fatah, which he said is one of the biggest hurdles facing the Palestinian people, and mispronounced Hamas several times (it sounded like hummus) in the process before self-correcting to use the proper pronunciation.

He also made the case that it’s a “red herring” to argue that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a necessary first step to solving the broader conflicts in the region.

“I do not buy into the oft-heard refrain that in order to solve our problems in the Middle East we must first solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Carson said. “It is a complete red herring to claim violence across the Middle East is the result of this conflict.”

The Carson campaign has responded to the ABC News story, to say that Dr. Carson was re-telling a story of a common myth and not asserting it as fact.

“What should be noted is that American history is chock-full of legends and lore, many true, and many more apocryphal. Dr. Carson repeated one of these common myths about the six-point star on the reverse of the dollar bill,” Deputy Communications Director Ying Ma said in an email. “He was careful to note, however, that the story was unconfirmed, saying only that some believe this, though ‘no one knows for sure.’ We may never know why the origin of the six-point star on the bill, but it should not distract from Dr. Carson’s greater message, which is that we should always remember and honor the important role the American Jewish community has played in forging this great nation.”

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  • John

    Carson is telling the truth. In 1935, by executive order, FDR, who was a Jewish marrano via both parents, changed the original design of the 13 stars ( = thirteen colonies) to form a Star of David. Previously, the stars had been scattered in a random pattern, like a real constellation, between the eagle’s two wingtips. The article and the comments under it are by obscenely mendacious trolls kissing Jewish butt.

  • N

    NY2VA11412 6 minutes ago


    Apparently in this GOP primary election cycle, veracity of commentary is not only unnecessary, but frowned upon. Between Trump, the Cubans and this space cadet, the rule is to simply open your mouth and say whatever pops into your mind – regardless of offensiveness, National Security, public safety or old-fashioned truthfulness. 4 years ago, we lived in a different political world – a world where a candidate for higher office was mindful – to some degree – of the fact that he (or she) was vying to be the leader of the entire country, and not just the narrow-minded miscreants who dwell on the fringes of society. Now – the miscreants have been re-branded as “real Americans” and racism, bigotry, sexism and the absence of basic human courtesy and dignity is being celebrated by the media and hailed as “the end of political correctness” by an electorate that apparently has been suffocating in it’s facade of humanity. We’re worried about terrorists, when we’re being infiltrated from within by the same insidious, government-sponsored & approved hatred we supposedly eradicated – legally, at least – in 1965.

  • K

    Keith 4 minutes ago


    Politics aside. Ben Carson exhibits signs of drug usage. From the look of his eyes, the way he closes them for extended periods of time when he speaks, the cadence of his speech, the way his speech seems slurred at times, his proclivity to mis-speak, and the sense of confusion suggests something is going on that doesn’t meet the eye. He certainly wouldn’t be the first physician with a drug problem. If you saw these same characteristics from any Joe Blow on the street, most folks would suspect there was an issue.

  • G

    Gary 9 minutes ago


    I don’t think Dr Carson will be the Republican candidate, as this story shows some of the reasons why. Look, most of these candidates are people funded by the richest and most selfish political donors, and at the end of the day these donors want people that can articulate their toxic economic and political agenda. Right now, I would say that contest is being won by Sen Ted Cruz and Sen Marco Rubio. But, there is something else going on…the donors don’t expect people to vote, or they expect that people are uncritical of some of the policy positions, and American voters can be convinced to vote against their own best interests. What Americans really need is REFORM…economic and political reform and they need to demand that these candidates show us a road map to big time reform, nothing less in 2016!!!

  • G

    geoherb 49 minutes ago


    I’d hate to be on Dr. Carson’s communications team. How in the world do they ever figure out what he’s really trying to say.

    Expand Replies (2) Reply
  • B

    Bob 29 minutes ago


    Why is it a prerequisite for politicians to shamelessly grovel at the feet of Jewish people?

    Expand Replies (5) Reply
  • T

    Tim Horton 58 minutes ago


    Unless Everyone is brain dead, King David of the House of Juda did not have a star, (Of any Kind) as a symbol for Israel! The six pointed star, a double pyramid is a cult sign coming from way back. There are many, many symbols of geometric groupings used in religions that do have history ands meaning behind them. Many emblems and symbols are Masonic, but you would have to know that to see them. On the Dollar Bill above the Eagle there is embedded in design a double pyramid or what Carson may be referring to as the Star of David. If you read your history and or the Bible, there is nothing about a star as the symbol for Juda or Israel. Israel uses this 6 pointed symbol because it somehow became popular. Additionally, on the back of a Dollar Bill you will find above the pyramid the all seeing eye of Lucifer. Again, a Masonic emblem.

    As a Seventh Day Adventist I am embarrassed that Dr. Carson even brings up things that have absolutely no relevance to qualify his intelligence, especially when it involves the need to remove his foot from his mouth.

    Expand Replies (16) Reply
  • 4

    4ever_young 33 minutes ago


    Anybody knows that hummus and feta never go well together. LOL. I guess he missed one too many of his foreign policy briefings on the region he was visiting, or he just slept through it.



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