New video: “VIP pedophiles — KILL THEM ALL” (Humor & also deadly serious)

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—-(Before we begin, first my salute on April 20th to a great man!)

Gee, half my friends on FB had a birthday Monday — April 20th — wonder why? 😉


A Turk wrote today on Facebook:

Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tsung are dead. Their movements are dead. They died out of their own accord…due to their own natural ineptitude and falsity.

70 years after World War II, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism are only gaining in popularity, the masses are coming home…and ALL OF THIS is happening in the face of the largest, most comprehensive, vicious, insidious and most hateful smear campaign ever conducted in the history of mankind! Mein Führer! Your dream lives on in all of us and our time will come once more! Communism is dead but our ideology is very much alive in the hearts of the people! Happy Birthday to the greatest man who has ever walked the face of the earth, Adolf Hitler!

Roses, 1914, by Adolf Hitler in Munich




……Reviews of new video. VIP Pedophiles: KILL THEM ALL


Some reviews:

–Australian IT expert

“Hysterically funny!”


British lady (WP)


“Hi John! That is a good video! Mindblowing stuff and I like your delivery with a touch of wit. The archive footage pieces at the end are awesome.”

…From my native Rhode Island (Nico)


I truly look up to you. You are the smartest man we got for our race, a smart kind of leader. I admire you, sir. You are one of my heroes. You speak sense. I love hearing you speak.

Former US Army (20-year vet)

“The new vid on trutube is, as usual, excellently done. You tell these facts in an entertaining and colorful manner, like ‘was he putting his Frank in the wrong bun?’ ‘Hebrew homeys.’ etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you laid out the facts.”

[More reviews below]

And now the video itself:

(The AH clip in the second half is from a videographer I admire named “Rassisten”; the video was done by a videographer using the name FührerFunBus)

This video is also found on LiveLeak: and on YouTube:


JdN:  This is just the beginning of a new “save the children” approach”!

One of the big goals of this video….. is to make people see, not an isolated pencil-factory rape in a grimy, depressing Deep South sweatshop,


…but how Leo Frank was part of a pattern of millennia of Jewish pedophilia and killing of goy children...






As my “vector of victory” article says (, in polls, molesting is considered the most reprehensible of all crimes, more even than murder. I have seen grown men foam at the mouth when pedophile football coach Jerry Sandusky was on TV during his arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing.


I knew right then that this was THE searing, wakeup issue; a government that looks the other way, or is involved in, the molesting and permanent, severe mental harm of our children.

You can debate 9/11, or race, or Hitler, or the Holocaust, or WWII, gay marriage ….everything else — but

no one except a pervert himself will debate you that

1) those who sexually violate kids deserve DEATH or life in prison; and

2) everyone knows that the VIP pedophiles get away with it every day.

Statistics suggest that 1 in 5 boys and 1 in 3 girls are molested.

This causes a tidal wave of depression, suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, rage, violence, cynicism, distrust, nihilism, atheism (“God is dead — because where was He when I was raped?”) and shattered, dysfunctional lives. A minority even become molesters themselves! The cycle of horror  continues!

(I know about this first-hand! This is NOT something you can just “get over.” It SHATTERS THE CHILD’S LIFE. I had nightmare until I was 49!)


The JonBenét Ramsey rape-murder is still fresh in many a mind, 25 years now after it happened in 1990 in a high-society Denver family. (Denver, Colorado seems to be the secret capital of the NWO, btw. No surprise the wealthy parents got away with incest and murder!)



(Most do not realize the new developments, but as Wikipedia says  

Case reopening
In October 2010, the case was reopened. New interviews were conducted following a fresh inquiry by a committee which included state and federal investigators. Police were expected to use the latest DNA technology in their investigation.[52]

It was announced on January 27, 2013, that a grand jury found sufficient evidence to indict the parents in 1999 on charges of child abuse resulting in death, but the District Attorney refused to sign the indictment, leaving the impression that the grand jury investigation was inconclusive.[53]

In September 2013, Daily Camera reporter Charlie Brennan and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press filed a lawsuit to press DA Stan Garnett to release the indictment.[54] In mid-October, the judge ruled that the DA must show why the indictment should remain sealed.[55] The Denver Post (a sister paper of the Daily Camera) published an editorial calling for the indictment to be unsealed.[56] On October 25, 2013, court documents sealed in 1999 were released that revealed a 1999 grand jury had indicted John and Patsy Ramsey for child abuse resulting in death and being an accessory to a crime, including murder.)

Chilling mural at the perverted Denver International Airport (, which has a vast, off-limits, underground FEDERAL area, and cost three times what it was supposed to because there is an evil secret city underground….





The Jews will stop war, violence and hate….



Welcome to Denver, traveler!


My next video after this may be on the demon-worshipping Jews and incest, a huge problem in that satanic “community.” (

Some estimates are that FIFTY PERCENT of Jewish kids are molested by their own parents, both mothers and fathers, or are molested by their own rabbis. Many Jewish novelists, singers and “Nobel Prize winner” Elie Wiesel have alluded to incest as a common Jewish practice, and even a Chinese ambassador wrote about it 1,300 years ago, saying the Jews, by having sex with their own offspring, were surely the wickedest people on earth, which, 700 years before him, a Roman historian had also concluded, saying they do “unspeakable things.”

(My 2011 video here goes at 77:35 into this horrid practice of incest among the Jews: Be sure to see the video “Lemon Incest ” with the Jew Serge Gainsbourg and his own daughter, with a barf bag nearby!)



And this common practice of incest among the Jews gives a whole new meaning to the word “inbred,” and explains WHY Jews turn out so incredibly ugly (far uglier than related peoples such as Arabs, Armenians, Turks, etc.) and laden with severe neurological diseases. This comes from their own parents having sex with them.


Sex is a very important thing, a central issue for humans. We are, after all, the only mammals that are “in heat” (arousable) basically almost all the time. We are a very sexual species. Men and women are very different in our human species, with big, muscular, male “hunters,” and much shorter, lighter “gatherers.” Men vote rightwing around the world, women leftwing. Men are cynical, women naive. Men vote for a candidate based on policies,  women on whether he is cute. The divorce rate is 50% because the two genders (even in a healthy society) are radically different. None of this is true with wolves, bears, dogs, rabbits or other mammals. HUMANS OBSESS ON SEX.



I had a 1990 Chevrolet Camaro and when I came out of the fitness club where I went for weightlifting, I would find some guy, who felt, I guess, “threatened” — phallically — by my car, had “keyed” it.


(“Keying” is to deliberately scratch the paint on the hood or roof with a car key. Other Camaro owners can confirm this. Cops will also pull you over for nothing, because they have to be the alpha male and your car is challenging their penis. 😉 I dumped my Camaro after six months because it triggered HATE in other males! Weird… yes, but it got me to thinking about our species, and how it ticks. We are a sex-obsessed species!)

And thus evil forms of sex are very disturbing and angering to normal humans. That is, for example, why normal people., even apolitical ones, strongly reject “gay marriage,” and pedophiles, child molesters, are routinely gang-banged or murdered in state prisons. ( I have corresponded with one prisoner who killed a Catholic priest who had molested 130 boys in Boston, of whom at least one committed suicide. The guards let him in to dispatch the fiend.) Even the murderers in maximum-security prisons, who “only” killed adults, find pedophiles to be in a category that is beyond the pale.

Scene from “Mystic River,” by Clint Eastwood. Sean Penn finds out his daughter is dead.  The killing of a child is the ultimate pain for the parent. No one can forgive a child killer. It is not in our genes. And the Jews are CHILD RAPERS AND CHILD KILLERS.

This 2003 movie, shot near where I lived in the Boston area,  won two Oscars and is an excellent introduction to the theme of the effect of molestation on a whole community, causing new tragedies decades later: (Entire movie FREE here If you want to understand this issue, this is going to be my main issue from now on — save the children. If our race can be saved, if our world can be saved, it will be through the appeal: SAVE THE CHILDREN. Or shaming people without mercy until they finally act.

Two perverts masquerading as detectives take a terrified neighborhood kid away for four days of rape.



As for this new video, “VIP PEDOPHILES — KILL THEM ALL, ”  it is designed to take the powerful Jew Leo Frank out of his year of 1915 and put him right next to the powerful Jew Jeffrey Epstein in 2015, in a sickening continuum of Talmudic horror that calls for a final solution of the Jewish problem..

If you understand my strategy and wish to support my work, which frankly is dangerous, you can send me a PayPal to

paypal or send me a registered letter, Fedex or UPS, Walmart money transfer, Western Union, Moneygram, etc. to the addresses here:



“Good job indeed, John! I didn’t know most the facts you mention in your vid.”

-German in Japan (GJ)

“Watched it twice…The beginning is great …jew nose…jew hands in the air…but then, John, without a pause…you go into truth mode… Could you stay a little longer in your jew nose-gear? 😉 …More hands up, more yiddish gesticulating? More shoananas etc…whining…and then change to be the accuser?…My two cents…


JdN: Thanks for that critique, G. I will be doing more Yiddish stuff…. Adolf actually did a lot of that in his pre-putsch days, 1920-23. I think we do need more comedy….Life is tough and grim enough as it is!

–“Eorling” (on


….South African

I got your latest video  and watched it. I tweeted it also! I was astounded by your call to hang them!
But I like it and it took a LOT OF GUTS! Just wanted you to know we South Africans appreciate what you did there, standing up for us. That’s what OUR RACE is about. It takes real balls to face these scum. They just want MORE laws to shut us all up. But there are so many laws SPECIALLY FOR THEIR PROTECTION ALREADY!!! And they WANT MORE!?!?
Some think this can only end in a fight. I also think its going to get very nasty indeed.

–Australian Putting Shrimp on the Barbie

“Bloody brilliant, John….Very well done..Watch out for the little red dot, though..LOL.”


(He sent out to others on FB)

“You have to watch this.. John has been a friend of mine for some time and was running for president of the USA… This is mind blowing. Well done, mate!”


a black antizionist (BA)

damn good video!

JdN: Thanks!

BA: The Adolf Hitler thing was, uhhh, but I get your point.

JdN: The point is we need a Badass 😉 We been talking and radioing for years now and nothing changes.


BA: Yes, to finally handle this child molestation crisis.

Dutch supporter (DS)

DS: “We will kill them all.” – Incredible and very powerful new video, John! AVE VICTOR! May God be with you!!! HAILS!!!

It’s really good!!!

JdN: People need a laugh as a well as serious stuff….

DS: The music could have been chosen that was more serious, I believe… but the ending is quite powerful after that very powerful and truthful speech!!!


JdN: Well, someone else said that too about the music….called it “house music”…. but I think it will help it go viral….

DS: Yeah, I also believe that!!! Make it go viral!

Michigan Lady (ML)

ML: Hmmm, lose the “degenerate” house music.

JdN: Actually, the initial music and that of the last part, with AH, comes form a pretty good German band (which sings in English) in the futurepop or industrial genre called, ominously maybe, “Rotersand,” that is, “Red Sand.” (



…..What it all comes down to is this:


I wage war on the lie and the slander Jews tell to this day against heroic men, against good, chivalrous, white Christian American males, claiming Leo Frank, was convicted and executed, not because of the facts, evidence, testimony and exhibits presented at the trial against Frank, but solely because of of some supposed anti-Jewish “prejudice.” That is a disgusting, racist, anti-Gentile blood libel spewed by pathological haters and bigots whose canard of “anti-Semitism” hides their own ANTI-GENTILISM!

And does anyone care about little Mary Phagan in all this power struggle and how she died? The last seconds of her innocent life?

And that Jews are knowingly sticking up for a rapist and child murderer just because he is a Jew?

And that the Talmud say is is okay to rape Gentile females?

Prosecutor Dorsey was wrong on one thing: Leo Frank was not being a bad Jew by raping and killing Mary. He was –believe it or not, read it in the Talmud itself  — being thereby a GOOD Jew and obeying the commands of his religion when he raped and killed her! “How dare a mere goy, a shiksa (“piece of meat”=) refuse the sex demands of her Jewish lord and master? Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jews!” That is why he struck out in rage! Sex on demand and the right to humiliate is  what the Talmud told Leo was his right!




“If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

“Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

“The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)


“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)


“Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

“If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

“Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)



Judaism is a hate-filled, rape, torture and death cult. It must be banned under federal, state and local law and ALL its practitioners arrested for conspiracy to libel, steal, rape and murder.

It is not a religion; it is a worldwide psychopathology!


 Thus say I, father of two daughters and grandfather of two granddaughters! Save the children!



……MY MAJOR ESSAYS ON LEO FRANK AND MARY PHAGAN — A WHITE VICTORY AGAINST THE JEWS!  Five years of my commitment to this American breakthrough, when white men stopped talking and ACTED! 


1. Video-Promo: Script for John de Nugent’s Promo-Video About the Murder of Mary Phagan and Lynching of Leo Frank

2. Part One: Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men Who Avenged Her Honor

3. Part Two: Conclusion of Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men Who Avenged Her Honor

4. Audiobook: 2015 Centennial Reboot of Jeffersonian Publishing Company’s ‘Watson’s Magazine, January, 1915, The Leo Frank Case’ Edited by John de Nugent

5. The Jewish Daily Forward Article Analysis: John de Nugent’s Response to the Editorial of The Jewish Daily Forward by Paul Berger

6. Open Letter to Paul Berger of The Jewish Daily Forward: Open Letter from John de Nugent to Paul Berger of The Jewish Daily Forward

If any of these articles listed above do not load correctly, please refresh (reload them).

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  1. Hallo John.

    zeigt das eine Bild tatsächlich die Fabrik wo Mary Phagan gearbeitet hat?

    Auf dem Werbeschild an der Fabrik steht:

    S.S.S. For the Blood…was hat das mit Stiften zu tun?

    Das hat mit Sicherheit irgendwas satanistisches zu bedeuten.

    Serve Satans Son for Blood?

    Das arme Mädchen musste in einer solchen Höllenfabrik schuften und wurde dann auch noch so zugerichtet und ermordet.

    Sie hatte kaum eine Kindheit und musste schon früh arbeiten. Für ihr Alter sah sie auch schon recht reif aus, fast wie eine Frau.

    Auf dem Autopsyphoto sieht sie dagegen wieder wie ein Kind aus.

    Sie war ein sehr hübsches Mädchen.

    Liebe Grüsse


    (sign for weed and A.H)

    • Hallo, Kamerad.

      “SSS for the blood” war ein Medikament zur angeblichen Blutstärkung vor hundert Jahren.

      Ja, vor hundert Jahren, infolge der Schäden des von Juden verursachten US-Bürgerkrieges, war die Armut in den Südstaaten schrecklich und Kinder musste sechs Tage in der Woche arbeiten, statt zu lernen.

      Ich wünsche , Adolf wäre als Ami (meinetwegen Deutschamerikaner) auf die Welt gekommen, denn auch hier bräuchten wir den Nationalsozialismus, und mit der Macht dieses Riesenlandes hätte er es leichter gehabt im Kampf gegen die verjudeten Länder als mit dem relativ kleinen Deutschland!

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