IT nerd — or NSA saboteur?

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Was my main webmaster in 2013 merely an alcoholic dweeb (with bug-eye glasses and a 200-pound wife) — or an actual NSA saboteur? You decide. Here are the facts.


As per this blog and many others, I tried to run for sheriff of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania in 2013, in a 98% white and extremely anti-Obama, pro-gun county 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh….

And because the old sheriff was retiring, it was an open seat!

Plus my own town of Apollo had the horrendous NUMEC issue, where an Israeli-controlled nuclear fuel plant killed THOUSANDS with cancer!



I absolutely had to have donations, like any candidate for public office and especially I needed to get a CAR — so I could collect 600 signatures to get on the ballot, and then to campaign in a very rural county.

I have a lifetime ban from PayPal, and had one with all Pennsylvania banks (and you need a bank account to process both credit cards and PayPal to actually receive the money).

BUT I finally succeeded in getting a bank account at a very small local bank AND then credit card processing with (which the Jews cancelled on me with no explanation in May of 2014).

authorize-net-donate-button-sealIt just so happens I wrote my old webmaster recently, and brought up the fact that it took him two months to install the authorize donation button on my website. He denied it, and also said I got the button in February, 2013.

I wrote him back, more and more suspicious now:


This is a scan of the email confirming I had been approved for service.  Note the date:


March 14, 2013:
And this was my announcement that was functional, because it took you, my “webmaster,” TWO MONTHS
to install the button, while feeding me one excuse after another:
May 9, 2013
I have two webmasters now, my dear comrade, and when I had reinstated (briefly) in July of 2014, it took one of them 20 minutes.
I wrote a critic:
He admitted to me, exactly as I suspected, that he deliberately did not install the donations button for two months in the spring of 2013 so I could NOT get the donations needed to get a car, collect the 600 signatures, and run for sheriff in a rural county!
And this is the agent you wanted so much to get together with!
He said: “You had no plan to run.”  Plan? I RAN AND ALMOST WON FOR US CONGRESS IN 1990!  First, get signatures, and then run for office like any other candidate! I had business cards, signs ready to print up, and a platform!
And a perfect county and an OPEN SEAT FOR SHERIFF!

So was this deliberate sabotage?

What say you? Oh, he also wrote me that I was a con man and a lunatic, exactly as Carlos Porter says, and that Margi was stupid and ugly…. but hopefully smart enough to leave me…. 😉

I and Margi, Paul Fromm of Canada and Evan Thomas of Lower Michigan



Vote: is he a psychopath? Troll? Agent?

All of the above? 😉

…..Edward Snowden on NSA operatives in IT (Internet technology)


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