Neanderthals – Semites – Arabs – Islam — and the Hispanic and Sicilian mindset

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….First, all Semites (Jews, Arabs, Armenians, Chechens, Georgians, etc.) are NEANDERTHALS


The J haplogroup (genetic group) (, although scientist dare not say it, is the neanderthal group :



Depiction of prehistoric neanderthals; note the sloping forehead, protruding mouth, weak chin and semitic, hooked nose.

Screenshot from a National Geographic documentary


Depictions of trolls in “mythology” always resemble those of neanderthals, raising the question if the myths about trolls and ogres recall actual neanderthals (from the movie “Troll II”)


Cro magnon (white) and neanderthal (Jewish) skeletons

Cro Magnons (left) as stated above had foreheads that went straight up, and strong chins but flat mouths; neanderthals (right) have sloping foreheads, protruding mouths, and huge rib cages like gorillas, with a fire-hydrant body

A reconstructed neanderthal face and body

Many Jews…….both sephardic and khazarian/ashkenazic

Note especially the protruding mouth of “Lady Gaga,” lower-left, and (below) that of 1960s singer Carly Simon.

A 2009 picture of Simon

Convicted and hanged Jewish sex killer and pedophile Leo Max Frank (; classic protruding mouth and (in his case, a slightly) hooked nose


….and yet Arabs. Armenians and other Middle Easterners ALSO have this neanderthal gene.

An Arab-muslim warlord  preparing to attack a white, Christian army defending Europe


The Times Square bomber from Pakistan, Faisal Shahzad

Yassir Arafat, founder and head for decades of the PLO

A French Jew and synagogue president; note the fireplug body, protruding mouth and sloped forehead

Jewish boxer Vladimir Klitchko



German-Jewish Kabbalah writer Gershom Scholem (

Truly infamous Jewish neo-neanderthals: Jewish activist Samuel Untermeyer, creator of the lying Scofield Bible…

Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney chief of staff who feloniously blew the cover of a vital CIA agent in retaliation for her husband’s truthful disclosures about the bogus WMD accusations against Saddam Hussein and Iraq

Menachem Begin as a young man in 1940……

Begin as cabinet minister

Shimon Peres

Larry Silverstein (below) made $4 billion in profits off the WTC, paid out by German reinsurance company, Munich Re. He had only made two small payments on the WTC mortgage when September 11 happened, which also meant he as owner never had to remove all the asbestos in the complex at a cost to himself of billion$. The asbestos just went out into the NYC air, sickening and killing thousands of gentile New Yorkers doing the cleanup.

Henry Kissinger


…..Carroll Quigley on the Arabs (and much of this applies perfectly to the ancient Hebrews as well)

(Taken from



Carroll Quigley was a high-honors graduate of Harvard and a famous professor of history at Georgetown University (Washington DC), and the key mentor of the young Bill Clinton.  He taught at Princeton and at Harvard before becoming a professor at Georgetown in 1941, retiring in 1977, the year I entered Georgetown.




(For info on this fascinating man, who basically proved and detailed how the Jews own and control the western world, see: and scroll down 1/10th to the intro by Michael Chadwick)


Ironically, in 1979 I showed up in my own campus at Georgetown, right in front of the Walsh Building where Quigley taught, and I named the Jew, and stopped this pussy-footing around about “the banking dynasties.” I said these psychopathic plutocrats are JEWS! And that Adolf Hitler was right about them, and what needs to be done about them — and the homosexuality, abortion and race-mixing they promote!




Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi


The below information about the semitic Arabs is taken from chapter 74 of Quigley’s 1965 masterpiece, Triumph and Tragedy.


The Arabs, like other Semites who emerged from the Arabian desert at various times to infiltrate the neighboring Asiatic despotic cultures of urban civilizations, were, originally, nomadic, tribal peoples.


Their political structure was practically identical with their social structure and was based on blood relationships and not on territorial jurisdiction. They were warlike, patriarchal, extremist, violent, intolerant, and xenophobic. .

Like most tribal peoples, their political structure was totalitarian in the sense that all values, all needs, and all meaningful human experience was contained within the tribe.


Persons outside the tribal structure had no value or significance, and there were no obligations or meaning associated in contacts with them. In fact, they were hardly regarded as human beings at all.


Moreover, within the tribe, social significance became more intense as blood relationships became closer, moving inward from the tribes through clans to the patriarchal extended family. The sharp contrast between such a point of view and that associated with Christian society as we know it can be seen in the fact that such Semitic tribalism was endogamous, while the rule of Christian marriage is exogamous. The rules, in fact, were directly antithetical, since Arabic marriage favors unions of first cousins, while Christian marriage has consistently opposed marriage of first (or even second) cousins. In traditional Arabic society any girl was bound to marry her father’s brother’s son if he and his father wanted her, and she was usually not free to marry someone else until he had rejected her (sometimes after years of waiting).

In such traditional Arabic society, the extended family, not the individual, was the basic social unit; all property was controlled by the patriarchal head of such a family and, accordingly, most decisions were in his hands. His control of the marriage of his male descendants was ensured by the fact that a price had to be paid for a bride to her family, and this would require the patriarch’s consent.

Such a patriarchal family arose from the fact that marriage was patrilocal, the young couple residing with the groom’s father so long as he lived, while he continued to live with the groom’s paternal grandfather until the latter’s death. Such a death of the head of an extended family freed his sons to become heads of similar extended families that would remain intact, frequently for three or more generations, until the head of the family dies in his turn. Within such a family each male remains subject to the indulgent, if erratic, control of his father and the indulgent, and subservient care of his mother and unmarried sisters, while his wife is under the despotic control of her mother-in-law until her production of sons and the elimination of her elders by death will make her a despot, in turn, over her daughters-in-law.

This Arabic emphasis on the extended family as the basic social reality meant that larger social units came into existence simply by linking a number of related extended families together under the nominal leadership of the patriarch who, hy general consensus, had the best qualities of leadership, dignity, and social prestige. But such unions, being personal and essentially temporary, could be severed at any time. The personal character of such unions and the patriarchal nature of the basic family units tended to make all political relationships personal and temporary, reflections of the desires or whims of the leader and not the consequence or reflection of any basic social relationships. This tended to prevent the development of any advanced conception of the state, law, and the community (as achieved, for example, by the once tribal Greeks and Romans).




Within the family, rules were personal, patriarchal, and often arbitrary and changeable, arising from the will and often from the whims of the patriarch. This prevented the development of any advanced ideas of reciprocal common interests whose interrelationships, hy establishing a higher social structure, created, at the same time, rules superior to the individual, rules of an impersonal and permanent character in which law created authority and not, as in the Arabic system, authority created law (or at least temporary rules).


JdN: The Sicilians are basically, racially, and culturally, Italian-speaking Arabs, and the Spanish personality is based on the 700 years Arabs ruled Spain and injected Arab genes into that once purely European nation. The movie “The Godfather” was all about a violent, patriarch-run society based on blood. 

The Mediterranean powers before AD 711

AFTER the Moorish conquest of Spain and the Absasssid conquest by AD 945 of Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and southern Italy. 

The Abassids, descended from Muhammad’s uncle, Abbas, founded Baghdad (Iraq) in 762 as their capital. Its prosperity ended in 1258 with the extreme sack of Baghdad by the Mongols under Hulagu Khan. (Wiki) “In accordance with a Mongol taboo which forbade spilling royal blood, Hulagu had Al-Musta’sim wrapped in a carpet and trampled to death by horses on 20 February 1258. The Caliph’s immediate family was also executed, with the lone exceptions of his youngest son who was sent to Mongolia, and a daughter who became a slave in the harem of Hulagu. Sicily was under Arab rule for over 200 years until the Normans (my ancestors) drove them out and then ruled for 150 years.

Mafia boss Carlo Gambino

Mafioso Joseph Bonnanno

To this day the shattered cultures along the whole Pakistani-Peruvian axis [by this Quigley means the countries influenced by the Arab mindset, which for him means the Muslim world, southern Italy, Spain and its colonies in Latin America.]  and have a very weak grasp of the nature of a community or of any obligation to such a community, and regard law and politics as simply personal relationships whose chief justification is the power and position of the individual who issues the orders.


The state, as a structure of force more remote and therefore less personal than the immediate family, is regarded as an alien and exploitative personal system to be avoided and evaded simply because it is more remote (even if of similar character) than the individual’s immediate family.


This biological and patriarchal character of all significant social relationships in Arab life is reflected in the familiar feature of male dominance. Only the male is important. The female is inferior, even sub-human, and becomes significant only by producing males (the one thing, apparently, that the dominant male cannot do for himself).


Algerian slave market for kidnapped white women





Because of the strong patrilocal character of Arab marriage, a new wife is not only subjected sexually to her husband; she is also subjected socially and personally to his family, including his brothers, and, above all, his mother (who has gained this position of domination over other females in the house by having produced male children).


Sex is regarded almost solely as simply a physiological relationship with little emphasis on the religious, emotional, or even social aspects. Love, meaning concern for the personality or developing potentialities of the sexual partner, plays little role in Arabic sexual relationships. .

The purpose of such relationships in the eyes of the average Arab is to relieve his own sexual desire or to generate sons.




Such sons are brought up in an atmosphere of whimsical, arbitrary, personal rules where they are regarded as superior beings by their mother and sisters and, inevitably, by their father and themselves, simply on the basis of their maleness.


Usually they are spoiled, undisciplined, self-indulgent, and unprincipled. Their whims are commands, their urges are laws.


They are exposed to a dual standard of sexual morality in which any female is a legitimate target of their sexual desires,


JdN: Over a 16-year period 1,400 English children in Rotherham, England were raped by Pakistanis with the full knowledge and tacit consent of the town council, police and child protective services.



…..but the girl they marry is expected to be a paragon of chaste virginity.





The original basis for this emphasis on a bride’s virginity rested on the emphasis on blood descent and was intended to be a guarantee of the paternity of children. The wife, as a child-producing mechanism, had to produce the children of one known genetic line and no other.


This emphasis on the virginity of any girl who could be regarded as acceptable as a wife was carried to extremes. The loss of a girl’s virginity was regarded as an unbearable dishonor by the girl’s family, and any girl who brought such dishonor on a family was regarded as worthy of death at the hands of her father and brothers. Once she is married, the right to punish such a transgression is transferred to her husband.




To any well-bred girl, her premarital virginity and the reservation of sexual access to her husband’s control after marriage (“her honor”) have pecuniary value. Since she has no value in herself as a person, apart from “her honor,” and has little value as a worker of any sort, her virginity before marriage has a value in money equal to the expense of keeping her for much of her life since, indeed, this is exactly what it was worth in money.



As a virgin she could expect the man who obtained her in marriage to regard that asset as equivalent to his reciprocal obligation to support her as a wife. As a matter of fact, her virginity was worth much less than that, for in traditional Arabic society, if she displeased her husband, even if she merely crossed one of his whims, he could set her aside by divorce, a process very easy for him, with little delay or obligation, but impossible to achieve on her part, no matter how eagerly she might desire it.


Moreover, once her virginity was gone, she had little value as a wife or a person, unless she had mothered a son, and could be passed along from man to man, either in marriage or otherwise, with little social obligation on anyone’s part.


German graphic: We have brought the devil into our house.



As a result of such easy divorce, and the narrow physiological basis on which sexual relationships are based, plus the lack of value of a woman once her virginity is gone,

Arab marriage is very fragile, with divorce and broken marriage about twice as frequent as in the United States.


Parts of lower Michigan, such as Dearborn, headquarters of the Ford Motor Company, are filling up with Arabs.

English and Arabic Advertise Stores in Dearborn, Michigan





Even the production of sons does not ensure the permanence of the marriage, since the sons belong to the father — whatever the cause of the marriage disruption. As a result of these conditions, marriage of several wives in sequence, a phenomenon we associate with Hollywood, is much more typical of the Arabic world and is very much more frequent than the polygamous marriage, which, while permitted under Islam, is quite rare. Not more than 5 percent of married men in the Near East today have more than one wife at the same time, because of the expense, but the number who remain in monogamous union till death is almost equally small.


As might be expected in such a society,

Arabic boys grow up egocentric, self-indulgent, undisciplined, immature, spoiled, subject to waves of emotionalism, whims, passion, and pettiness.




brit-media-wn-the-problem-not muslims-blacks


The consequence of this for the whole Pakistani-Peruvian axis will be seen in a moment.

Another aspect of Arabic society is its scorn of honest, steady manual work, especially agricultural work. This is a consequence of the fusion of at least three ancient influences. First, the archaic bureaucratic structure of Asiatic despotism, in which peasants supported warriors and scribes, regarded manual workers, especially tillers of the soil, as the lowest layer of society, and regarded the acquisition of literacy and military prowess as the chief roads to escape from physical drudgery.


JdN: White, American, Christian culture honor farmers and many movies glorify them. Amish barn raising in the film “Witness”; the Amish are a white tribe that does not feel contempt for women.


Famous scene: Undercover cop played by Harrison Ford retaliates when teens harass the peaceful Amish.


Second, the fact that Classical Antiquity, whose influence on the subsequent Islamic Civilization was very great, was based on slavery, and came to regard agricultural (or other manual) work as fit for slaves, also contributed to this idea. Third, the Bedouin tradition of pastoral, warlike nomads scorned tillers of the soil as weak and routine persons of no real spirit or character, fit to be conquered or walked on but not to be respected. The combination of these three formed the lack of respect for manual work that is so characteristic of the Pakistani-Peruvian axis.


Willie Nelson plays at a FarmAid benefit concert in 2014


My English grandfather and New England grandmother had a 200-acre farm in Glocester, Rhode Island

John Thomas Colwell Elizabeth Angell Colwell


Somewhat similar to this lack of respect for manual work are a number of other characteristics of traditional Arab life that have also spread the length of the Pakistani-Peruvian axis. The chief source of many of these is the Bedouin outlook, which originally reflected the attitudes of a relatively small group of the Islamic culture but which, because they were a superior, conquering group, came to be copied by others in the society, even by the despised agricultural workers. These attitudes include lack of respect for the soil, for vegetation, for most animals, and for outsiders.


These attitudes, which are singularly ill-fitted for the geographic and climatic conditions of the whole Pakistani-Peruvian area, are to be seen constantly in the everyday life of that area as erosion, destruction of vegetation and wild life, personal cruelty and callousness to most living things, including one’s fellow men, and a general harshness and indifference to God’s creation. This final attitude, which well reflects the geographic conditions of the area, which seem as harsh and indifferent as man himself, is met by those men who must face it in their daily life as a resigned submission to fate and to the inhumanity of man to man.


Interestingly enough, these attitudes have successfully survived the efforts of the three great religions of ethical monotheism, native to the area, to change these attitudes. The ethical sides of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam sought to counteract harshness, egocentricity, tribalism, cruelty, scorn of work and of one’s fellow creatures, but these efforts, on the whole, have met with little success throughout the length of the Pakistani-Peruvian axis.


Of the three, Christianity, possibly because it set the highest standards of the three, has fallen furthest from achieving its aims. Love, humility, brotherhood, cooperation, the sanctity of work, the fellowship of the community, the image of man as a fellow creature made in the image of God, respect for women as personalities and partners of men, mutual helpmates on the road to spiritual salvation, and the vision of our universe, with all its diversity, complexity, and multitude of creatures, as a reflection of the power and goodness of God—these basic aspects of Christ’s teachings are almost totally lacking throughout the [ARAB-SEMITIC-INFLUENCED] Pakistani-Peruvian axis and most notably absent on the “Christian” portion of that axis from Sicily, or even the Aegean Sea, westward to Baja California and Tierra del Fuego.

Throughout the whole axis, human actions are not motivated by these “Christian virtues” but by the more

ancient Arabic personality traits, which became vices and sins in the Christian outlook: harshness, envy, lust, greed, selfishness, cruelty, and hatred.




Islam, the third in historical sequence of the ethical monotheistic religions of the Near East, was very successful in establishing its monotheism, but had only very moderate success in spreading its version of Jewish and Christian ethics to the Arabs. These moderate successes were counterbalanced by other, incidental consequences of Muhammad’s personal life and of the way in which Islam spread to make the Muslim religion more rigid, absolute, uncompromising, self-centered, and dogmatic.







The failure of Christianity in the areas west from Sicily was even greater, and was increased by the spread of Arab outlooks and influence to that area, and especially to Spain. The old French proverb which says that “Africa begins at the Pyrenees” does not, of course, mean by “Africa” that Black Africa which exists south of the deserts, but means the world of the Arabs w hicl1 spread, in the eighth century, across Africa from Sinai to Morocco.


This is a picture of the Spaniard who raised him from a calf, watched him be born, then sold him to the bullfighting arena. When the bull was in the arena, injured, and could endure no more, he realized his owner was there, and in desperation ran to him for help.  He got instead the kiss of betrayal and death and was killed. The Spanish newspapers have named the picture the “Kiss of Judas”.




To this day the Arab influence is evident in southern Italy, northern Africa and, above all, in Spain. It appears in the obvious things such as architecture, music, the dance, and literature, but most prominently it appears in outlook, attitudes, motivations, and value systems. Spain and Latin America, despite centuries of nominal Christianity, are Arabic areas.

No statement is more hateful to Spaniards and Latin Americans than that. But once it is made, and once the evidence on which it was based is examined in an objective way, it becomes almost irrefutable. In Spain, the Arab conquest of 711, which was not finally ejected until 1492, served to spread Arab personality traits, in spite of the obvious antagonism between Muslim and Christian.

[JdN: But as I have shown, and I have been to Spain and have spoken there, these traits are racial. The Spaniards are genetically 1/3rd Arabic, and 10% Jewish, due to the Moorish Conquest, which the Spanish Jews of Spain facilitated by treason, betraying the fortress of Toledo, capital of Visigothic Spain.] 

In fact, the antagonism helped to build up those very traits that I have called Arabic:

intolerance, self-esteem, hatred, militarization, cruelty, dogmatism, rigidity, harshness, suspicion of outsiders,




and the rest of it. The Arab traits that were not engendered by this antagonism were built up by emulation—the tendency of a conquered people to copy their conquerors, no matter how much they profess to hate them, simply because they are a superior social class.


From this emulation came the Spanish and Latin American attitudes toward sex, family structure, and child-rearing that are the distinctive features of Spanish- speaking life today and that make Spanish-speaking areas so ambiguously part of Western Civilization in spite of their nominal allegiance to such an essential Western trait as Christianity.


For the West, even as it nominally ceases to be Christian, and most obviously in those areas which have, at least nominally, drifted furthest from Christianity, still has many of the basic Christian traits of love, humility, social concern, humanitarianism, brotherly care, and future preference, however detached these traits may have become from the Christian idea of deity or of individual salvation in a spiritual eternity.


A comrade wrote me:

Here in the States, what has happened to the Minneapolis of my youth is shocking.

Terrific! Minnesota Islamist on Terror List Gets Commercial Driver’s License to Drive Semi-Trucks not to mention the millions and millions in recently discovered Somali-run day care fraud.


…….This is why we need a powerful, factual, truth-based Aryan religion, not just jew-related facts, philosophies, videos and blogs, so our race is organized by a set of iron dogmas about life after death and warlike, protective, racial and family values that guarantee our future, and let us compete with Islam and Judaism.


You will be judged, by your folk and by God, based on how you lived!


Hitlers Stellvertreter, Teil 1

We must have a religion that expains to white women clearly that they are terminally naive and overly compassionate and nurturing because of their levels of estrogen!




In Germany you see this leftist slogan: “No sex with Nazis”


We need a religion where white-nationalist men CAN find a good mate who is not a liberal — a loving mate he can have healthy sex and make babies with, raising a happy family in a supportive community!




Folk community eagle protects family

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The enemy is very afraid I will get the financing I need to start a heroic Aryan religion that will turn us into fighters. If anyone understands the power of religion it is the Jews themselves!


I am living now in Upper Michigan, USA, on the Canadian border…My goal is go as far north as I can 😉


I am creating for Westerners a new religion based on Vedanta, the true Aryan religion of karma and reincarnation of our ancestors…. because we Westerners today are mentally, spiritually and karmically in a disastrous condition… and for me only true, ancient Indo-Aryan values can save us.

I am now completing a translation of Michael Winkler’s book Die Spirituelle Welt, “The Spiritual World.”


This fleshes out the details of exactly what happens when you die. Winkler is a very well-known political commentator in Germany ( and is often fined for being politically incorrect.



This is not a gobbledy-gook religion I am founding, but based on facts and truth. Anyone who sees this essay knows I am not inventing crap to get your money.

I wrote to a white Indian supporter in India:

I studied at the ashram in Pennsylvania of a brahmin, Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute,


One of the greatest adepts, teachers, writers, and humanitarians of the 20th century, Swami Rama (1925-1996) is the founder of the Himalayan Institute. Born in Northern India, he was raised from early childhood by the Himalayan sage, Bengali Baba. Under the guidance of his master, he traveled from monastery to monastery and studied with a variety of Himalayan saints and sages, including his grandmaster who was living in a remote region of Tibet. In addition to this intense spiritual training, Swami Rama received higher education in both India and Europe. From 1949 to 1952, he held the prestigious position of Shankaracharya of Karvirpitham in South India. Thereafter, he returned to his master to receive further training at his cave monastery, and finally in 1969, came to the United States where he founded the Himalayan Institute. His best known work, Living With the Himalayan Masters, reveals the many facets of this singular adept and demonstrates his embodiment of the living tradition of the East.

And my professor of Indo-European and Sanskrit studies at Georgetown University was a brahmin from Benares, Shaligram Shukla.

I am talking a serious path to turn us aside from selfishness, cowardice and foolishness toward our true being. Sin will never satisfy! In the end, the happiness becomes sadness, the thrill becomes a nightmare, the pleasure becomes an addiction. Sin never keeps its promises. In the end, what we need is a new Aryan religion for disciplined heroes, so we can take these JEWS DOWN: 

 That IS THE ONLY MISSION and the only satisfaction. Vengeance and victory.

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May 26, ’17

Dear Mr de Nugent,

The thought of your going hungry for lack of funds nearly breaks my heart.

[] You could wring the neck of the oldest hen and cook the old girl, but that heartless idea did occur to you too, I should think. 😉

It is sad and also telling that a man of your calibre and education and culture has to live the life of an outcast.

But such is life in Weimarica, courtesy of jews  (I do not capitalize this word, any more than I capitalize the word “criminal”) and white race traitors, who are worse than the aforementioned.

If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

A deafening roar, a stampede of filthy white race traitors running to fill the empty shoes and take the place of the jews.

And I am sure of it.

Interesting times indeed.

A brave new world where poverty is the price you pay for integrity and the worst sort of low-life is always on top. Duh!

On this sombre note I bid you adieu for now for now.


–1 June 2017 via PayPal from S in Germany






    This could be a good way to get out peacefully the message to save the white race.

    Local groups of white man doing man stuff.

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    This is intended to be a full guide on how to setup a Stormer Book Club or join an existing one, and how to operate it when it is setup.

  2. John, another great and informative article – one of your best. This is totally unrelated to your article, and please forgive me for posting it here, but this is a video I think you’ll be interested in – a very mysterious small plane crash in northern Wisconsin, not too far from your location, on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 3:21 AM:

    The cryptic statement by Price County Sheriff Brian Schmidt that “We’re dealing with things that people just don’t want to talk about or see” was very strange. If he was just referring to the mangled bodies of the plane crash victims, he wouldn’t have phrased it in that cryptic manner. The “We’re dealing with things” implies larger forces at work, not a simple plane crash. And why would people not want to talk about it? That, combined with the pilot’s report about “local weather phenomenon,” despite the video below saying that only low clouds were present, makes this a very strange story indeed.

    According to the video in the article below, a recovery team member told the first newsgirl that, based on the very scattered wreckage, they believe the plane broke apart in mid-air, and Nathan Wentworth, the recovery team member interviewed, said “This was very…. extreme. We – I’ve never been on a recovery this…. uh, this scattered. Uh, and I don’t believe we’ve ever recovered a plane that’s been this um…. broken up.” Note his worried expression, as if he’s revealing too much. Also note that the second newsgirl gets an instruction in her earpiece apparently telling her to emphasize again the supposed reason (cover story?) for the crash, which causes her to say, “Oh, right,” and then a long pause in her delivery before repeating it – very suspicious!

    So according to the cover story told by the second newsgirl, the pilot supposedly crashed because his plane’s strobe lights reflected off low clouds and confused him, causing him to crash, yet a recovery team member told the first newsgirl that based on the very scattered wreckage, they believe the plane broke up in the air! So, something is definitely strange here. If the plane broke up in the air as they said, it means that the plane’s strobe lights reflecting off low clouds had nothing to do with the crash, and yet, that is the cover story they’re already pushing. I have to wonder if any bodies were even found in this crash – they may have been abducted by a UFO before having their plane disintegrated in mid-air, which has happened in previous UFO cases. That would account for the sheriff’s strange, cryptic comment. This was no ordinary plane crash, and they’re already trying to cover it up.

    The above videos reminded me of something that happened to me and my parents one summer night in the very same area of northern Wisconsin where this plane crashed – only a few miles away, in fact. This was in the late 1960s or early 1970s, and I was a young boy at the time. We had rented a cabin on a small lake (can’t recall its name), near the town of Hayward, Wisconsin and Lake Chippewa, to do some fishing. My dad loved to fish for muskies, which are plentiful in many northern Wisconsin lakes. My dad liked to wake us up at about 3:00 AM for our car trips, so that he could be “on the road before the traffic started,” so I think we must have been leaving to go home. It was still totally dark (no lights anywhere for miles around) and silent on this narrow, dirt or gravel road in the middle of a heavily forested area, with very tall trees on both sides of the road, and I was in the back seat of the car, with my dad driving, and my mom in the front passenger seat.

    Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the sky above and behind our car, and seemed to be following us, and it wasn’t a helicopter or plane. I recall being very scared, and my dad looking very worriedly at his rear-view mirrors many times, and my mom saying, “It’s following us!” and then later, “Is it still following us?” in a very frightened tone of voice. I remember looking out the back window at this light in the sky following us, and being very scared.

    The next thing I remember is being very tired, and being told by my parents to go to sleep. To this day, I suspect that something strange may have happened to us that night, because there seemed to be missing time. One minute we were all very scared of this light in the sky that was following us, and the next minute my parents were calm, I was very tired, and they were telling me to go to sleep (we were still driving). It was very strange, and although I remember very few things from such a young age, and so many years ago, I remember that night very clearly, and how scared I was.

    Many years later, in the early 1980s, during my rebellious teenage years, and for reasons which I still don’t fully understand, I drew a picture of a very evil-looking alien, and left it on the dinner table of our house, so my dad would see it when he came home from work. This was very uncharacteristic of me, since I never left drawings for my dad or my mom, let alone drawings of evil-looking aliens. In my minds-eye, the alien that I drew was about 7 feet tall and very thin, with long white hair, wearing a form-fitting space-suit, but with extremely muscular shoulders and arms, a very evil-looking face with large black eyes, and skin that was as white as chalk. For some reason, I associated this alien that I drew with the idea of an “Aryan/Nazi superman.” It looked similar to the tall alien in this image, but much more muscular, and with more evil-looking facial features:

    I think I knew my drawing would upset my dad, which is probably why I drew it, but I wasn’t prepared for his extreme reaction. When he came home from work and saw that drawing, he flew into a rage, and literally wanted to kill me – I’d never seen him so angry, and couldn’t understand why that drawing had such a bad effect on him. His reaction really shocked me, and scared the hell out of me. It was as if I had opened a painful, repressed memory that he didn’t want to relive, and I think it may have had something to do with that strange night in northern Wisconsin many years earlier.

    I’ve even thought about having a hypnotic regression session, so I could find out what, if anything, happened that night in northern Wisconsin, but I’m too worried about what it might uncover. It’s probably better that I don’t remember it.

    Here are some possibly related articles I found by doing a quick search on “tall white aliens”:

    Of course, {{{Forbes magazine}}} ridicules the whole idea of aliens visiting Earth, but it’s interesting that they still posted this article:

    This article from Iran’s Fars news agency, referenced in the above Forbes article, contains a very interesting RT video interview with former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on the different alien species visiting Earth:

    Could these tall white aliens who supposedly helped Nazi Germany be what Hitler was referring to when he supposedly said, “I have seen the New Man?”

    “In a conversation with Hermann Rauschning, the governor of Danzig, about the possibility of creating a new, advanced species of human through breeding, Hitler said, as reported by Rauschning, “The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!” exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly. “Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.””

    • It is good writing, and I actually read it forty years ago when it first came out, but it misses the key ingredient of religion, the belief (and the truth) that we ARE immortal souls who HAVE temporary bodies.

      Klassen was a good, courageous man, but also a scientific materialist, Darwinist and a left-brained engineering type (he invented the electric can opener, an important invention used by hundreds of millions of people,and by restaurants across the world),but he just was not cut out to start a religion. His “Creativity” philosophy (with no god or afterlife, it was never a true religion at all) has never flourished.

      As an Iranian, you should honor Zarathustra, who preached the immortality of the soul, free will, angels and demons, God versus Satan, heaven and hell, messiahs, and other ideas which ended up in late Judaism (when the Babylonian Jews, in exile, were exposed to Zoroaster via the Medo-Persian Empire).

      That is how those true, valid Zoroastrian doctrines ended up in Early Christianity.

      Christianity is 70% true, actually, which is why it has lasted so long with white people, and the 30% that is not true is Jewish stuff put back in by the “Apostle Paul,” a Sanhedrin agent.

      Jesus was a very advanced being whose mission was to tame the dangerous Jews with a new and peaceful religion. It was never intended to be spread to Gentiles at all.

  3. Subject: THE GREATEST BOOK!
    Ben (Bernhardt) Klassen
    (1918–1993) Was a farmer, school teacher, hard rock nickel miner, electrical engineer, inventor, realtor, Florida State Republican Legislator and the founder of Creativity. His intense interest in the Laws of Nature, Race and Religion polarized into a new religion for the White Race, a task his wide and diverse background seemingly prepared him for over a lifetime.


    Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the eternal Laws of Nature; they are based on the lessons and experience of history; furthermore; they are based on logic, common sense and reality, not myth and fantasy. No other religion can honestly make this claim.

    We furthermore believe that in 6000 years of recorded history, Nature’s Eternal Religion is the most profound and meaningful religious book ever written for the survival of the White Race. It is a fundamental creed, based on the eternal Laws of Nature for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, the noblest creation in Nature’s realm. We are confident that the White Race will soon return to reality, embrace our power religion, regain control of its own destiny, and advance forward to new heights never before dreamed of.

    It is towards this noble objective, the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, that Nature’s Eternal Religion is dedicated. It is for this reason our dynamic religion was founded. We call our religion Creativity, and members thereof, Creators, because, we believe these words, in essence, best describe the characteristic soul of the White Race.

    We completely reject the Judeo-democratic-Marxist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which race is the foundation. We take a new, revolutionary and dynamic approach to the problems that face the White Race today in its desperate struggle for survival.

    Although our religion is new, the laws embodied in our religion are not new, nor are they something we have invented. On the contrary, we have only observed and put into words that which Nature in her eternal wisdom has decreed for the survival of all her creatures from the beginning of time.

    Nor is it at all remarkable that we should have observed these laws and based our religion on them. What is most strange is that the creative White Race has not done so centuries ago. In fact, it is amazing that the Romans and the Greeks failed to do so in their time. Going back even further, it is hard to understand why the highly gifted Egyptians failed to do so in their great White civilization 5000 years ago. Had the White Race done so in its earlier history, it would not now be trapped in the idiotic and precarious strugggle for survival in which in now finds itself ensnared.

    We believe that reality is more important than “believing” in the unsubstantiated ramblings of a wild and over-stimulated imagination. We believe that facts substantiated by masssive evidence are a thousand times more valid and meaningful than supernatural claims that not only are unsubstantiated, but fly in the face of reason. We refuse to accept on “faith” ludicrous claims that repudiate historical evidence, geological evidence, scientific evidence; and fallacious claims that repudiate every other kind of evidence. We believe that evidence and judgement are basic in forming conclusions and decisions in all the vital matters pertaining to our lives.

    We believe a religion that is detrimental to the survival of a race is a bad religion. A religion that helps a race to survive, expand and advance is a good religion for that race. Our creed is such a religion, and will have the most profound and far-reaching implications for the benefit and welfare of the White Race.

    It is not our intention to make the White Race less religious. On the contrary, it is our intention to have the White Race become much more strongly devoted to religion than it is today, and above all, it is our objective to give the White Race a far superior religion than the self-destructive, suicidal religion with which it is now burdened.

    We believe that the highest Law of Nature is the right of any species to survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind. We deem that for the White Race, the right to survival, expansion and advancement of its own people is not only the highest Law of Nature, but also the foundation of our religious creed.

    It is overwhelmingly clear that unless the White Race in this generation changes the suicidal course on which it is now embarked it will miserably perish from the face of the earth, overrun and inundated by a flood-tide of colored mongrels.

    We are confident that in the near future the White Race will rally, unite, and embrace the Creativity program for its own survival.

    Furthermore, we are convinced that if only one-tenth of the time, energy, and money, were spent on propagating our dynamic religion as is spent on keeping alive the sick and morbid religions now undermining our race, that Creativity would spread like wild-fire. We mean to organize all our good people and expend that energy — and more. United and organized the White Race is ten times more powerful than the rest of the world put together. We predict that our religion, Creativity, will be the supreme religion of the future. We predict that it will not only spread to all the corners of the earth, but will eventually supplant all other religions, barring none. We believe that such is inevitable.

    Ben Klassen, P.M. 0 AC – Incepto Creativitat (1973 CE)

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