Narcissist hotshot from Whiteyleaks; my retort; Jason Salyers and Henrik Holappa, egos extraordinaire

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From: WhiteyLeaks <>
Sent: Monday, 13 June 2016, 21:24
Subject: Question about Movement Personalities

I see that you have been in the “movement” for a long time.

I am looking at the Traditional Worker Party, Matthew Heimbach, Matthew
Raphael Johnson, and other persons working in their group.

I like Reagan’s idea of “trust then verify.”

What can you tell me about this new movement and these men?




Re: Question about Movement Personalities
John de Nugent <> Today at 22:41
Message body

Dear person,

I respond to people who, first, explain who they are a bit, and then address me with a minimum of respect, such as the normal salutation in all cultures, races and epochs of human history, such as

“Dear Mr de Nugent” or perhaps

“Dear comrade de Nugent.”

If this offends you, this is your issue, sir. For the last 10,000 years, whites have not just started talking to, and asking favors of, a complete stranger without the slightest greeting.

In the United States Marine Corps we break this attitude the first day.

I was in this cause, probably, and making sacrifices, before you were born, but this triggers in you no respect.





The wise-ass replied:

From: WhiteyLeaks <>
To: John de Nugent <>
Sent: Tuesday, 14 June 2016, 5:48
Subject: Re: Question about Movement Personalities

Your Majesty,

I didn’t realize I was being disrespectful. I thought I was being brief
and anonymous. This is the internet, not a personal meeting.

I saw a U.S. Marines recruitment billboard along the freeway recently.
It was a picture of a Mexican in Marines regalia with a slogan about the
Marines’ respect for Hispanics and a path to citizenship.

I sought to enlist in the Marines when I was 17 years old. I passed  the
physical exam, written tests, and evaluations. I was in the top 1% of my
class. All my uncles and ancestors had been military men.

When I realized the recruiter was being deceptive with me to get me on
board I stopped short of signing the enlistment contract.

The Marines now consider Mexican immigrants more important than me. They
put up billboards to entice Mexican nationals and minorities to enlist.
I’m glad I didn’t enlist. Having foreigners giving me orders seems
“disrespectful” to my American forbears.

And the Marines is a department of the Navy. Never forget that. And
never forget the Village People’s pop hit, “In the Navy.”

Damn, if I were a Mexican I could get a dose of that training in respect.

I don’t respect men for what they’ve done, but for who and why they have
done it.

I withdraw my request for information. Thank you for your time.

***My final response:

Dear sir,

The policies of ZOG in misusing the United States Marines are utterly irrelevant to your personal issue, which is rudeness, arrogance, narcissism and disrespect.

What a sophistry to say because the Marines are forced by Jews to hire Mexicans, you in turn have a right to be rude to me! 😉

I note you had no mention in your reply of the link I furnished to you concerning “what I have done and why” for 38 years for the white cause.

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent

Do you know “why” I did it? Because I love my race and I hate the Jews. And I hate white narcissists and psychopaths like you as much — or even more.


McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville



holocaust-museum-city-paper-article 4-30-93-page-1-of-3

2016 White House threat



And why on earth should I tell a disrespectful and total stranger such as you what I know about Dr. Matt Johnson or Matthew Heimbach, et alia?

And unlike you, Keyboard Warrior,
….I am out here with my full name, address, phone number and even a photo of my house …..



John de Nugent

306 S. Steel Street

Ontanagon MI 49953

+1 (906) 884-6689 😉

Skype: John de Nugent (Ontonagon)



…while you write an anonymous column attacking other comrades.
Ahhh, so Whiteyleaks says respected CI leader William Finck is a Jew.
Funny — he sure looks pretty German to me.
Now what exactly do YOU look like?
For all I know, you are the enemy.


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden exposes government-paid trolls:


I made a special blog of this back-and-forth, because it fit my theme of cowardly online narcissists.

Fire up your troll engines, brave sir.


Maybe I’m a Jew, too!


John de Nugent
PS I am forwarding this to Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson.


……another narcissistic selfie guy — Omar Mateen, mass murderer




Gay-killing muslim was wife-beating closet queer himself; Islam, Arabs, Jews and Neanderthals

….Carlos Porter STILL runs Holappa defamations of me AFTER Dukie Henrik Holappa goes over openly to the Enemy — Google puts Porter-Holappa screed on page one….


It does not matter the guy is a discredited traitor who in May went on nationwide tv in Scandinavia to denounce the white cause and reveal secrets of the Nordic Resistance Movement. ‘Cuz he puts out real good hate on white nationalists.



Henrik Holappa — an agent from the beginning? Don Black bodyguard and the great Eustace Mullins let’s er rip on Duke and Black; My Awakening Duke book


….Reply to Jason Salyers, who wanted me to delete my expose of him

Jason Salyers wrote me a comment on this blogsite objecting to my exposé.

UPDATED Defamer, Manchurian Candidate & Carlos Porter ally Henrik Holappa abandons white movement, wife & daughters, marries Chinese woman & moves to China; his insane rape email of 2012; Jason Salyers goes satanic

Lacking an email address for him, I must also reply here:


Dear Mr. Salyers:

I am cognizant and grateful for your good services to me five or six years ago.

Unfortunately, your life since then has been one scandal after another. I do not expect the scandals to stop but in fact I am sure that new shameful acts will be piled on. And I know that I will be attacked publicly by the jewsmedia because of you.

It is thus not only a moral and spiritual, but also a political and practical necessity to distance myself publicly from you.

When you contacted Henrik Holappa to defame me — a man now proven to be a traitor to his race — he used false claims in 2013, and now in his new book, of what happened in my home that only could have come from you. You have destroyed my privacy yourself, as much as Holappa.

You have blasted me to several of our common WN friends, and turned several against me.

I suggest you remember the name John Hagelin


I wonder what his opinion of you might be? Or his view what got you expelled from your university? What would “Bob” think to add to all this?

The couple live in Fairfield, Iowa.[12][13] [Good to know…]

Hagelin completed an undergraduate degree in physics with highest honors (summa cum laude) from Dartmouth. He studied physics at Harvard under Howard Georgi, earning a master’s degree in 1976 and a Ph.D. in 1981.[7][9] By the time Hagelin had received his Ph.D. from Harvard, he had published “several serious papers” on particle theory.[14] In 1981, Hagelin became a postdoctoral researcher at the European Center for Particle Physics (CERN) in Switzerland, and in 1982 he moved to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).[7]

As you know, there is so much more that can be proven from court records, and all you can do is claim things.

And no WN will take your claims seriously after this photo:

The 10 months you assisted me, Mr. Salyers, were actually the cleanest, most productive, and best period of your life.

Sadly, and I did not know this before you came, you were a thief before you met me.

You stopped stealing while with me, and did good work.

After me you resumed thieving (and worst of all, you stole from the innocent, and from good organizations and companies!)

You have repeatedly betrayed people who liked and trusted you, and not just me, and now abandoned your white wife and white daughter.

Your credibility, sir, is unfortunately zero. And I am an utterly fearless man.


John de Nugent

(641) 472-3454 Jefferson County, Iowa Court Records:

Someone asked me why you would race-mix — to get attention? I replied:

He, Holappa and so many others embrace the motto of national socialism in exact reverse:

“My folk is nothing: I am everything”!

Jason Anthony Salyers is a very overt narcissist.

Sofia Smallstorm ( put in her newsletter that the University of Michigan did a study showing that 30% of young people under 30 are narcissists. (Narcissists are radically selfish, not merely vain or self-centered as most young people are — it is possible to have lots of self-confidence, even too much, and yet respect others and treat them well.)

This is how a Jason Salyers or Henrik Holappa thinks:

“If John de Nugent cannot turn things around single-handedly, though kept utterly broke by constant federal sabotage and machinations [of which both Holappa and Salyers were eyewitnesses], then he must be a despicable loser and scumbag.

We Whites could have won, especially with MY many extraordinary gifts, had he not failed to beat the Jews, thus depriving ME of MY glory, MY victory parade, and MY dreamt-of fame, sex, and power.

I will therefore, as a member of the selfie and trash-talking generation, turn on him, malign him, and spread lies against him. Every act of kindness on his part toward me was not to his credit. It was his honor and privilege to know me, the great 21-year-old, a man destined to incomparable greatness whose destiny was thwarted by John de Nugent.

The 5-foot-5 badass

Same with Holappa. Here he is in 2006, a mere private in the Finnish army, yet cocky as a field marshal.

What a generation of vipers.

This is why I am creating a new religion. Whites are now hopeless. Most of them I would not have as members if they came waving hundred-dollar bills and Harvard degrees.

Am I preaching a self-abasing humility? No. But a respect and gratitude for the work and kindness of others. That is Aryan, that is noble, and only that can save us.


…..Australian comrade observes



What all these people don’t seem to understand is that you’re one tenacious individual and quite able to produce evidence to back your claims, something which they cannot do.

It’s the age of selfishness, unfortunately.

Keep up the good work.





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  1. Mr. de Nugent,

    This is old news perhaps but whiteyleaks is run by a degenerate named Christopher Fink. He was in the news back in 1998 when he kidnapped his son and nearly starved him to death. He is indeed a narcissict. While his son was nearly starving to death Fink was busted eating a burger at McDonalds.


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