Myths of Black Education (by black expert)

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JdN: One of the things I love about Pittsburgh is that in newspaper publisher Richard Scaife we have a billionaire paleo-conservative at the media helm. He subsidizes his newspapers to the tune of $20 million a year, and runs Pat Buchanan columns that other papers won’t touch — such as Buchanan’s column saying WWII was a huge mistake for the US — and today his whole fleet of newspapers here in greater Pittsburgh (city and suburbs) ran the shockingly honest critique of black schools you will read below. Scaife is one of the many reasons why the Eternal Solutrean movement is finding agreement all over this region.

Pittsburgh's Point Park fountain is at the convergence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers to form the Ohio. The city is two-thirds white, the inner suburbs are almost 90% white, and the exurbs are 98% white. Every county except Allegheny (where the 1/3 blacks and the liberal college kids live) voted against Obama for president.

Having worked from time to time as a substitute teacher when I was between regular jobs from 1981-2004, and in three states (RI, MA and VA), I can personally bear witness to the truth of every sentence below — except for the most brutal facts of all, which Williams leaves out:

–1) the African American average IQ is 85, which is 15 points below the white IQ;
–2) blacks have higher levels of testosterone, which makes them more aggressive; and
–3) they have less-developed frontal brain lobes, which translates into less self-control and more impulsive behavior.

These four black Marines murdered a white Marine named Pietrzak and his black wife. NO liberal programs for more school spending and NO conservative programs for more discipline in the classroom will change the brutal facts of African genetics being different from white or Asian genetics.

By Walter Williams Saturday, December 26, 2009 Walter Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. [source:]

Detroit’s predominantly black public schools are the worst in the nation, and it takes some doing to be worse than Washington, D.C. Only 3 percent of Detroit’s fourth-graders scored proficient on the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test, sometimes called “The Nation’s Report Card.” Twenty-eight percent scored basic and 69 percent fell below basic. “Below basic” is the NAEP category when students are unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at their grade level. The academic performance of black students in other large cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles is not much better than Detroit’s and Washington’s.

Professor Walter Williams

What’s to be done about this tragic state of black education? The education establishment and politicians tell us that we need to spend more for higher teacher pay and smaller class sizes. The fact is higher teacher salaries and smaller class sizes mean little or nothing in terms of academic achievement. Washington, D.C., for example spends more than $15,000 per student, has class sizes smaller than the nation’s average, and, with an average annual salary of $61,195, its teachers are the most highly paid in the nation.

What about role models? Standard psychobabble asserts a positive relationship between the race of teachers and administrators and student performance. That’s nonsense. Black academic performance is the worst in the very cities where large percentages of teachers and administrators are black, and often the school superintendent is black, the mayor is black, most of the city council is black and very often the chief of police is black.

Black people have accepted harebrained ideas that have made large percentages of black youngsters virtually useless in an increasingly technological economy. This destruction will continue until the day comes when black people are willing to turn their backs on liberals and the education establishment’s agenda and confront issues that are both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Many black students are alien and hostile to the education process. They have parents with little interest in their education. These students not only sabotage the education process but make schools unsafe as well. They should be removed or those students who want to learn should be provided with a mechanism to go to another school.

[JdN: It is CRUEL to put low-IQ people who are not cut out for school work in school for endless wasted years! OF COURSE these black kids feel “alien and hostile”; they are being forced to do something that deep-down they know is totally unrealistic and a total waste of their time. And how can they respect school administrators who are not living in reality?

We have two lovable mutt dogs, but I would never enter them in a glamorous show dog contest. I would also never put slow white kids in an advanced white class; handicapped teens in the Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Army Airborne or the Green Berets; or slow black kids in with faster white kids. It is CRUEL for everyone. Sometimes it is cruel to be kind, and liberals need to understand the effect of their do-good-ism: HARM.]
Another issue deemed too delicate to discuss is the overall quality of people teaching our children. Students who have chosen education as their major have the lowest SAT scores of any major. Students who have an education degree earn lower scores than any other major on graduate school admission tests. Schools of education, either graduate or undergraduate, represent the academic slums of most any university.

Yet another issue is the academic fraud committed by teachers and administrators. After all, what is it when a student is granted a diploma certifying a 12th-grade level of achievement when in fact he can’t perform at the sixth- or seventh-grade level? Prospects for improvement in black education are not likely given the cozy relationship between black politicians, civil rights organizations and teacher unions.

JdN: I had an unforgettable experience as a substitute teacher around 1987 at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington, Virginia. I was assigned not just to teach but also to watch the kids during lunch in the cafeteria, and the black, head-shaved vice principal told me: “Mr. Nugent, if any of these little black boys causes you any trouble — loud, throwing food, fighting, anything — you just point them out to me and I will handle them.” Well, eventually one black boy did get unruly and defiant, and I asked the VP to intervene. He motioned the kid to stand up and follow him around the corner where the lockers were. Next thing I heard was a loud metallic SLAM sound, then another SLAM…… Whatever happened…….  a much more obedient little black boy then returned to his cafeteria meal…… As a white man I would unquestionably have been ARRESTED  for whatever that black vice principal did (and I assume did routinely in all such cases). HE understood what no liberal can — that blacks and whites are wired differently. He was black himself. And he felt he knew what black boys need (especially if they have no father at home) — an assertive black adult male who can praise when they do right and also punish disobedience, if need be, quite quickly, quite physically.

* * *

==== My final comment: I remember when I was in the Marine Corps Reserve at Anacostia Naval Air Station in 1978 (in an eastern area of Washington DC), and we were required to attend a class on NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) warfare. The audience consisted of mostly black Marines. (Our intelligence unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team, which was all-white, was much smaller than the supply unit co-located there.)

What stunned me was something that my basic training at Parris Island led me to consider impossible in the Marine Corps — these black Marines were HECKLING and ridiculing the black captain giving the NBC talk. Twice I saw people throw wadded up balls of paper at him. I can assure you that the Marine Corps lays a legendary stress on discipline, obedience and respect for orders and also for the officers or sergeants who give them.
I looked at another white Marine, who was as wide-eyed as I was.
It was CRUEL, because this guy was NOT qualified to be a Marine Corps officer, and he lacked the intelligence to give that talk. And his homeys could tell it.

While things are less bad now than in 1978, in the darkest days of the Jimmy Carter presidency, the fact remains:

Without a eugenics program, most blacks cannot compete in a modern technological society except at or near the bottom, as janitors, security guards, bus drivers, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor. And if some liberal tells them that white racism is why they are at the bottom, they will hate and lash out at Whites!

I hate the terrible effect on our own white race that we must pay for this folly of racial “equality,” and I hate the cruelty this inflicts on black people to force them, Peter Principle-like, to levels where they are not competent, and on white teachers such as myself who found many of these kids impossible to teach and even physically dangerous.

Seven years later, when I was working with a German-American foundation, I helped fund a Ludwig Beethoven Society concert in Washington DC, and onto the stage strode Washington DC mayor Marion Barry. And he pronounced the great German composer’s name as…… Beethe/Oven…..


  1. The reason liberal ‘do-goodism’ is harmful isn’t because it’s unrealistic, but because it’s forced. Compulsory education was started by the Puritans, who were influenced by the Calvinists(Calvinism was started by a Jew), and has quite negative psychological effects. Self-determination theory explains very well the psychological of how extrinsic motivation(in the case of school, external methods of manipulating the child to do something, whether reward or punishment) destroys intrinsic motivation(your inner desire to do something or grow more knowledgable about a topic).

    5 min explanation of intrinsic motivation:
    Of course, the behaviorism dominant in schooling today is based on materialism and a denial of free will, so the idea of someone being internally motivated is something completely
    rejected:modern schooling assumes a person can be completely manipulated by external forces with no consequences, since they are ‘nothing but’ external manipulations anyways, there is no self. Those that do learn without losing internal motivation do so in spite of school and not thanks to it, while most become obedient workers who lose all internal drive.

    I’ll admit it’s true that Black IQ is definitely lower than the norm, but blacks would still do much better than now under actually good, non-compulsory, education. This is not to promote the ‘Anarcho capitalism’ some types propose as a substitute, as privatizing school would be an absolutely horrible idea, leading to exploitation by the business for profit rather than the small traces of goodwill that remains in government, but it is clear psychologically that repeating this same school routine that exists now is doomed to produce more of the same problems in kids it already does.

  2. That wasn’t precisely right:I meant to say compulsory education in the USA was started by Puritans. Although Calvinism was one large promoter of compulsory education in Europe, it was not the only source, and did not initiate the idea as far as I know.

    One other relevant point I left out is that while IQ limits ‘intellectual horsepower’ so to speak, it is not exactly some impassible barrier that makes understanding of certain concepts impossible. Although in the system school creates, it can sometimes effectively act like this if it is low enough. For example, failing to satisfy the manipulative incentive requirements of a class does not guarantee your inability to understand in an environment focused on drawing out understanding of concepts rather than forcing success on tests that can often not require great understanding, while succeeding in a course doesn’t guarantee you are extremely understanding of it or will retain the memorization you probably used on the tests.

    While it’s true that a lot of Jewish ideas are quite a problem in the world, I can’t say that’s true of everyone of Jewish descent out there, since Alfie Kohn actually has done some great articles and research on the problems with modern education. This is his website if you ever want to check out his work on showing the problems with incentive manipulation in general, including in work and how school uses grades, homework, standardized tests, tests in general, and many other layers of manipulation to control kids, which is a big problem for learning, while alternative education methods going for direct teaching of understanding really make great improvements in comparison.

    Essentially the point I’m getting at on minority IQ is that it is possible for minorities to understand certain more intellectual trades and profession given the right situation, and that genetics, while somewhat significant, is not as significant as one’s educational environment, which currently is highly detrimental for both whites and minorities.

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