Mysterious circular object moves 41 miles along underwater road in northern Pacific

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Not only are we not alone, but though it initially sounds crazy, we whites — and the Jews — are chess pieces in a huge struggle going on across the galaxy.
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent And NO, no one is going to “save us” because that would involve NUKES, and we all would die. No one, on any side, wants a fried, radioactive earth — NO ONE ON ANY SIDE. This is a struggle — economic, cultural, religious, racial, genetic and ideological — that will last for centuries until final victory.
John de Nugent

John de Nugent It began 3,000 years ago with the alien, called Yahweh, adopting the nomadic crime horde called the Habiru as his people and his instrument, using them for his species to gradually take over the world via lies and usury.…/jewish-writer-admits-early…/

John de Nugent

John de Nugent It is all laid out in this book by OXFORD PHD Joseph Farrell:…/Genes-Giants-Monsters-Men…



John de Nugent
John de Nugent Every book by Farrell (he has written 12) is fact, fact, fact, fact, fact, fact, fact, footnote, footnote, footnote, footnote — just what you would expect from an Oxford PhD. (Oxford is one of the top five universities on earth.)

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  1. I have that book. I’ve often wondered about the Melonheads and have a lot of links saved about them. It could be that they’re just elongated but supposedly they have much higher capacity and I’ve seen skulls from Peru purported to be babies that have the same skull so in their case it couldn’t be elongation. My assumption is that disease killed them as their graves seem to be hastily dug. Maybe there a huge die of the Melonheads from disease and what were left was us. They didn’t seem to be nice people as they enslaved us and they also, no matter how smart, didn’t seem to have much interest in improving things like we do.

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