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Highly recommended, especially to your non-WN, Tea Party-leaning friends!…..THANKS

I want to thank all readers who made yesterday the biggest readership day ever for this website, and I also offer thanks to all those who are now taking advantage of the fact that my US mail service has resumed (including cash donations in envelopes) after a month of blatant theft of the financial sacrifices of others, meant to help me, but instead, unbelievably, pocketed by the spiteful, incompetent, jealousy-consumed African dictator Obongo.

I also have received fervent expressions of support (found underneath this blog, but also reproduced here). they are deeply touching to me and I offer my gratitude to all who both praise and support my unending efforts.

* * *

Aldric W.

YOU ARE OUR LEADER! I know that with you to lead the forces of Aryan triumph, our victory shall certainly come, for the gods are with us, truth is with us, and the cycle of Nature is with us. Right and good are on our side, and we shall not go quietly into the ashes of dead history! WE SHALL BE RESTORED! HAIL, SOLUTREA, ARISE!!

Ian W. Fotheringham


Interesting that not any of the incidents in the Olympics which you instance gained any mention in the British press.
Do you have an e-mail address which I can use to send you an e-mail with an attachment I believe will interest you? If so please let me know it.
Ian Fotheringham Bristol UK

John De Nugent s Olympic Story Stormfront

[…] the link title, that bit is just a small fraction of the main story at the bottom of the page. Anti-white violence at the Olympics; Phora web forum defames me with fake thread; NUMEC victims rage LK __________________ DON’T FEED THE TROLLS So it is true, there is a Heaven and Hell after […]

Nick Taylor

Thank God you exist, John. Thank you to your parents for making you. Live long! We ALL need you.

ken morse

Good work, John! .
Best regards
Ken Morse

.…..Ziolympics a carnival of violent leukophobia





Beautiful Greek woman – EXPELLED!


Voula Papachristou, A White female long jumper from Greece, was EXPELLED from the Olympics for making a harmless Twitter joke about Africans in Greece: “With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!”


Politically Correct Pseudo-History!



In addition to many other weird spectacles, the Opening Ceremony features the ridiculous portrayal of 19th century British businessmen depicted as Black men.


Click to enlarge.
Premeditated assault!




Bitter because her team was losing, Lady Andrade, a colored Columbian soccer player, DELIBERATELY ASSAULTS White American Amy Wambach, leaving her with a black & blue eye. Unlike the Greek Twitterer, Andrade was NOT expelled from the Olympics.

“I was bitten!”





In women’s Judo, White Greek Ioulietta Boukouvala was BITTEN ON HER HAND by her Black Cuban opponent, Yurileidys Cobas. Boukoulava was one of the favorites to win a Gold medal, but the bite threw her off of her game and may have cost her the match. She complained: “I feel that injustice was done, that I was robbed. What can I say, I could be wrong. God will be my judge.” She added: “the officials and the technical team of the Games….must decide if she should have been penalised or disqualified from the match because she bit me.” Cobas was NOT punished.

Another dangerous “twitterer” is EXPELLED!



White Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella was EXPELLED from the Olympics for posting a Tweet in which he referred to South Korean soccer players as “a bunch of Mongoloids.”



ARRESTED by undercover cops!




A White Lithuanian basketball fan was ARRESTED for making monkey noises at Nigeria’s basketball players. If authorities wanted to throw him out of the arena for acting like a buffoon, that’s one thing…. but to ARREST him???


Slapping White women in the face is OK – but we can’t allow “Nazi” salutes!



Another White Lithuanian fan was ARRESTED for making a “Nazi” salute during a game…..ARRESTED???!!!




Cheated and heartbroken!




Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova was CHEATED out of a Gold medal when judges inflated the scores of US Black gymnast Gabby Douglas, while deflating Komova’s. Komova was stunned over being cheated and broke down in tears because of it.

Douglas consoles the cheated out Russian.
No “Nazi” blondes allowed!




German female rower Nadja Drygalla was forced to leave the Olympics after it was revealed that her boyfriend belongs to a “far right” political Party (oh horrors! But far left Communists are OK!). Not even her mind you……..her boyfriend!


Is that Barry Bonds in drag?




Super muscular Black US Tennis player Serena Williams obviously using steroids. In March of 2011, she was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot (a known risk associated with steroid use.) In December of 2001, she locked herself in her “Panic Room” and called police when a Tennis Association drug tester arrived at her home to take a urine/blood sample. Yet, the anti-White Marxist Olympics “looks the other way” as Williams DESTROYS all of her White opponents.

The IOC won’t allow “racist” tweets. “Crip Walks” are OK!


After stealing her Gold medal, the Queen of Steroids (or is it HGH?), performs a dance known as “The Crip Walk” upon the hallowed Wimbledon grounds. The dance was made famous by the murderous Los Angeles gang – “The Crips”. Because the dance is associated with the Crips, even degenerate MTV had banned videos showing “The Crip Walk.” But the Powers-That-Be, which do not tolerate politically incorrect “tweets”, or “Nazi salutes”, have no problem with Serena’s no-class “Crip Walk.”

A DELIBERATE punch to the balls goes unpunished!




On the brink of losing to all-White Spain, jealous Black French basketball player Nicolas Batum deliberately punches Spain’s Juan Carlos Navarro, IN THE BALLS! Unlike the evil White twitterers who were expelled from London, Batum’s violent assault (which he even ADMITTED was deliberate!), just like the other Black on White assaults, goes UNPUNISHED!



They hate her because she’s a beautiful Christian girl.


Though she is 1/4 Black, US hurdler Lolo Jones appears mostly White. She is also a devout Christian and a proud virgin. By being White (mostly), Christian, attractive, and a virgin, the charming Ms. Jones naturally became an enemy of the left wing New York Times. Just two days before her big race, The Times ran an inexplicable, and scathing hit piece about Jones! Despite being a US record holder and a two time World Champ, The Times attacked her as being just a sex symbol and not a serious athlete! Jones was so upset over The Times attack that she broke down and cried. She finished an unexpected 4th place, quite possibly because of the cruel distraction just before her big race.


Wells & Harper. Why these sistas be hatin on Lolo so much?




The hatred of Lolo Jones was not confined to the pages of the New York Times. Jealous of her success, her good looks, her White features, and, no doubt – her virginity, Jones’ Black team mates (Kellie Wells & Dawn Harper) DUMP HATRED ON LOLO in post-race interviews! The Black runners express resentment at the attention that Jones was given. The fact that Lolo overcame a brutal childhood during which she was homeless at times, and went on to become one of the world’s best hurdlers, naturally makes for a great story. There is no reason for her to be so publicly ”hated on” as she is by her Black teammates.

Die you white bitch!



Women’s handball: Black Angolan chokes British player. There was very little news of this particular attack, and no word at all of any banishment of this Black villain.




What is the higher purpose for all of this “anti-Whitism” that we saw at the Olympics? What power is driving this. Why?

And, most importantly…TO WHAT END?


My email to the webmaster of “the Phora”

* * *

Dear “sir”:

I am the real John de Nugent,


……and I demand you instantly remove this vile, fake thread purporting to be from me, containing words I never said and in fact would refuse to ever say!

This is criminal fraud, identity theft, copyright violation (misusing my image) and felonious defamation!

The next communication will be from my lawyer, and then I will sue you for every penny you are worth, and demand a court close this entire forum

I am publishing this on my blog as well.

You will also remove this defamatory image of me associated with a disgusting whigger “musician”:


The Net is starting to fill up with vile attacks on me. You have to ask yourself why.

The Net is a two-edged sword, spreading truth around the world, but ZOGlings can also sit down at a keyboard and spew hate-filled lies online against any genuine leader.

My mail is again working and I am again receiving donations in my mailbox. I guess Obongo feels that he failed to shut me down in June-July, so why prolong the scandal?



08/26 @ 07:43 : Bremerton, Washington, US
08/26 @ 07:42 : Kielce, PL [POLAND]
08/26 @ 07:38 : Annapolis, Maryland, US
08/26 @ 07:38 : Blackfoot, Idaho, US
08/26 @ 07:36 : Jyv skyl , FI[NLAND]
08/26 @ 07:34 : Marion, North Carolina, US
08/26 @ 07:34 : Mexico, MX
08/26 @ 07:33 : Alexandria, Virginia, US
08/26 @ 07:33 : M nster, DE
08/26 @ 07:31 : Creazzo, IT[ALY]
08/26 @ 07:28 : Ottawa, CA
08/26 @ 07:27 : Ottawa, CA
08/26 @ 07:27 : Sarcelles, FR[ANCE]

08/26 @ 05:30 : Milton, Florida, US

08/26 @ 05:30 : Amit , Louisiana, US
08/26 @ 05:29 : Vanda, FI[NLAND]
08/26 @ 05:29 : Noordwijk, NL [NETHERLANDS]
08/26 @ 05:28 : Breda, NL
08/26 @ 05:27 : Brandon, CA[NADA]
08/26 @ 05:24 : Fuenlabrada, ES [SPAIN]
08/26 @ 05:21 : Zebulon, North Carolina, US
08/26 @ 05:20 : Blainville, CA
08/26 @ 05:20 : Halle, DE
08/26 @ 05:19 : Blainville, CA
08/26 @ 05:17 : Saint Cloud, Minnesota, US

08/26 @ 11:51 : Sarajevo, BA [BOSNIA]

08/26 @ 11:50 : Wittingen, DE
08/26 @ 11:47 : France, FR
08/26 @ 11:45 : San Jose, California, US
08/26 @ 11:42 : Tihran, IR[AN]
08/26 @ 11:42 : Wittingen, DE
08/26 @ 11:39 : Mayne, CA
08/26 @ 11:38 : Dublin, IE
08/26 @ 11:36 : Rousse, BG
08/26 @ 11:34 : Castlegar, CA
08/26 @ 11:33 : Birker d, DK

08/26 @ 11:30 : Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, US

08/26 @ 11:26 : Silver Spring, Maryland, US
08/26 @ 11:24 : Tihran, IR
08/26 @ 11:20 : New York, New York, US
08/26 @ 11:19 : V hringen, DE
08/26 @ 11:17 : Tel Aviv-yafo, IL
08/26 @ 11:17 : Denver, Colorado, US
08/26 @ 11:16 : Denver, Colorado, US
08/26 @ 11:14 : Tulsa, Oklahoma, US
08/26 @ 11:13 : Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, US

08/26 @ 11:13 : Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, US

08/26 @ 11:13 : V hringen, DE
08/26 @ 11:13 : Flower Mound, Texas, US
08/26 @ 11:13 : Den Haag, NL
08/26 @ 11:13 : Central District, HK
08/26 @ 11:12 : Houston, Texas, US
08/26 @ 11:10 : Bochum, DE
08/26 @ 11:10 : Flower Mound, Texas, US
08/26 @ 11:10 : Makati, PH
08/26 @ 11:10 : Las Vegas, Nevada, US
08/26 @ 11:09 : Palma, ES
08/26 @ 11:07 : Albania, AL
08/26 @ 11:05 : Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, US
08/26 @ 11:02 : Greenville, Ohio, US
08/26 @ 11:02 : Allen, Texas, US
08/26 @ 11:02 : Kempten, DE
08/26 @ 08:29 : Hanover, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]

08/26 @ 08:28 : Sandomierz, PL [POLAND]
08/26 @ 08:27 : Perrysburg, Ohio, US
08/26 @ 08:26 : Graz, AT [AUSTRIA]
08/26 @ 08:25 : Berkeley, California, US
08/26 @ 08:25 : Attnang, AT
08/26 @ 08:24 : Berkeley, California, US
08/26 @ 08:19 : Zurich, CH
08/26 @ 08:17 : Paris, FR[ANCE]
08/26 @ 08:12 : London, GB
08/26 @ 08:11 : Manassas, Virginia, US



After my presidential video number one came out, hacked last year and now re-released (see right below),


a young man wrote:

* * *

Presvid 1-a short summary: minority iceberg; John de Nugent biography; our brutal age

long summary: The Titanic of white America hitting the minority iceberg; JdN’s biography: family, military, political, television; JdN run for Congress in Tennessee in 1990; on Alan Colmes – Fox Radio; Discovery Channel attacks me; multilingual part; growing darkness over America, beginning with the JFK assassination; the brutal age of Kali Yuga now ending



Presvid 1-b short summary: racial mixing ban in Israel; humanimals; why only some experience God

long summary: white girls in the West taught interracial sex while Israel makes it illegal for Jews; religion the most practical way to straighten out a nation; shameless behavior is the proof of actual atheism; religion provides structure; Christianity not really believed in by most Western males; beauty reminds us of a higher, spiritual world; angels are no myth; life as challenges and tests; Vedanta the original white religion; young souls that rose recently from the animal stage, look animal-like and are oblivious to anything higher; why some experience God, and others not; old souls; four key God topics; we are eternal spiritual beings taking human journeys



* * *

My name is Cameron and I’m a young, 29-year-old real Native American [Editor: meaning a white American, Solutrean in blood and concept].
I am of German and English ancestry. Actually no one in my life cares, but I am a direct descendant of Chief Justice John Marshall on my mom’s German side and I’m a descendant of the bank robber Jesse James on my father’s side, so I stem from the man that created our judicial system and a bank robber that managed to help instigate the Civil War.;-) ..
As of this morning I had no idea who you were. I posted a thread this morning on a forum where I stated through intuition that one reason the Jewish extremists were starting all the wars around the world to get their hands on ancient Aryan monuments and artifacts.

So, I went ahead and attempted to research my intuitive thoughts by typing a search Jews destroying ancient Caucasian history. This is where your website popped up. I found your videos on the very subjects that I ve been studying.
You and I seem to be on the exact same page. I am disturbed that white nationalists are so against African-Americans and the other so-called deadbeat, enemy races. White nationalists tend to focus too much attention on the obvious effects of the jewish blueprints. They focus on the immediate dangers: the dangers of African-American mobs and illegal immigrants. They are all like moths attracted to light. I am personally not so upset with the actions of the Afro-Americans etc, because I understand them. They just want to survive. I fully understand that people are going to do what they can to survive. If that means they only have two choices, then either rob a liquor store or eat out of the garbage.

The problems with these races doesn t lie in their inherited faults. The psychopathic jewish snakes target and manipulate these primal races and subconsciously direct these races to murder and rape by starving them of social status and financial security. Attack a race s financial security and social status and watch them lash out and destroy everything around them. I feel no hate towards Africans and Mexicans I feel more so sorry for them, being so controlled by jews
So these races point a finger at compassionate gentiles (gentle). They point the finger and they say the white man has held us down . This frightens me. This almost enrages me. Caucasians, as a whole, the upper portion of Caucasians that inherited great morals, are not the enemy. We moral gentiles are nothing more than teachers, creators, inventors and generally darn-near divine!
So over time I found out that our fall from grace was the invention of porneia [Editor: New Testament Greek for “filth”]. Not the video and not the magazine but instead the idea. I mean the shunning of virginity and the idea of mating for life and bearing a child together under the law of a moral code. A built-in code that is sharply defined. Sharply defined in our ancient ancestors of England, Sumer, Germany etc. Our fall from grace was the Jewish elitists targeting our morals.
We are currently a poisoned race! Our young men masturbating daily and obsessing with homosexuality, fantasizing about rape and the general pornographically manipulated thoughts the jew has brought to our lands. He is targeting our morality.
You, sir, are right in your accusations of the jewish extremists. I need you to not run for president but instead I need you to swell up and just come to power! I unfortunately do not put too much trust in the likes of the David Dukes of this world. I do not believe that DD should lead a people. I feel like he can t be trusted. When I watched your videos, I felt a trust. I shed a tear as you touched my heart with your truths.
Our political system has been injected with too much venom. Our ideal leader/leaders of our future cannot come from our current system . To create a new one, you need to simply hold a news conference and stand on a podium and tell the American people that everything is going to change over night. We are going to deport every jew. Every society in history that has put faith in jews, lost faith in jews and then a great exodus began.
This is no different. Last time was in 1940?s Germany but this time America itself is going to jettison its jews. China is not going to save the jews. You must intimidate China and put China in its place, sir. China is the extremist jews last chance to survive.
I believe you have a natural magnetism and charm that can affect the hearts of Americans. It s funny that my first reaction when I saw your picture was that you look like the ideal Aryan. You look like a statue that Arno Breker created ..

Honestly, my second reaction to seeing your videos was that you are our next president. The look, the calm, witty sternness. Not a closed-off sternness but an open-palmed sternness, a true teacher who has seen it all. You re not a falsely boisterous imaginist like Obama.

He would be scared to death to confront you in a debate. But like you said, elections are rigged — we all know that.
Good luck, sir!




Since that heart-warming email we have made more videos, even better, and I have moved to the ideal area to start this Eternal Solutrean Agency, which is Apollo, Pennsylvania, where the Israeli-NUMEC scandal happened that has cost THOUSANDS THEIR LIVES.

The anger over NUMEC is INCREDIBLE HERE!

Below is the actually rather defanged Wikipedia article (link here: about the mega-scandal that is the ongoing “Apollo Affair,” and I

I spoke with a restaurateur last night, who filled me in on a lot more explosive NUMEC dirt and when I said “Hundreds have died from this Israli dumping!” he retorted:

“Hundreds? Hundreds?? THOUSANDS!”

He said that on River Road (on the Kiski River here), across from a drive-in movie theater there is a whole swimming pool of toxic NUMEC waste, with a yellow sign posted: “KEEP OUT. RADIOACTIVE WASTE.”. The NUMEC Jews just dumped it in the regular sewage system!

A truck driver told me that when he delivered steel to a company called Raychord, next to the other NUMEC location in downtown Apollo, the radioactivity was so bad HIS FM RADIO AND CB RADIO STOPPED WORKING!

Here is an actual letter confirming the Israelis were coming to NUMEC.


* * *

The Apollo Affair

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The Apollo Affair was a 1965 incident in which a US company, Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), in Apollo, Pennsylvania was investigated for losing 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium. In 1965, the FBI investigated Zalman Shapiro, the company’s president, over the loss 200 pounds of highly enriched uranium. After investigations by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other government agencies, and inquiring reporters, no charges were ever filed. A General Accounting Office study of the investigations declassified in May 2010 stated “We believe a timely, concerted effort on the part of these three agencies would have greatly aided and possibly solved the NUMEC diversion questions, if they desired to do so.”[1]

Some remain convinced that Israel received 200 pounds of enriched uranium from NUMEC,[2][3] particularly given the visit of Rafael Eitan, later revealed as an Israeli spy and who was later involved in the Jonathan Pollard incident.[4] In June 1986, analyst Anthony Cordesman told United Press International:

There is no conceivable reason for Eitan to have gone [to the Apollo plant] but for the nuclear material. [4]

In his 1991 book, The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh concluded that Shapiro did not divert any uranium; rather “it ended up in the air and water of the city of Apollo as well as in the ducts, tubes, and floors of the NUMEC plant.”[5] He also wrote that Shapiro’s meetings with senior Israeli officials in his home were related to protecting the water supply in Israel rather than any diversion of nuclear material or information.[5] A later investigation was conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (successor to the AEC) regarding an additional 198 pounds of uranium that was found to be missing between 1974 and 1976, after the plant had been purchased by Babcock & Wilcox and Shapiro was no longer associated with the company. That investigation found that more than 110 pounds of it could be accounted for by what was called “previously unidentified and undocumented loss mechanisms”, including “contamination of workers’ clothes, losses from scrubber systems, material embedded in the flooring, and residual deposits in the processing equipment.”[5] Hersh further quoted one of the main investigators, Carl Duckett, as saying “I know of nothing at all to indicate that Shapiro was guilty.”[5]

In 1993, Glenn T. Seaborg, former head of the Atomic Energy Commission wrote a book, The Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon, Adjusting to Troubled Times which devoted a chapter to Shapiro and NUMEC, the last sentence of which states:

Distinguished as Shapiro’s career has been, one cannot but wonder whether it might not have been even more illustrious had these unjust charges not been leveled against him.[6]

Later U.S. Department of Energy records show that NUMEC had the largest highly enriched uranium inventory loss of all U.S. commercial sites, with a 269 kilograms (590 lb) inventory loss before 1968, and 76 kilograms (170 lb) thereafter.[7]

At the prompting of Zalman Shapiro’s lawyer, senator Arlen Specter asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to clear him of any suspicion of diversion in August 2009. The NRC refused, stating it did “not have information that would allow it to unequivocally conclude that nuclear material was not diverted from the site…”[8]

The US Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing a cleanup of contaminated land at the site of NUMEC’s waste disposal, currently scheduled to be completed in 2015.[9]

* * *

We also have the new website:

Be sure to check it out!


Here is a story by Alexander Higgins claiming that vets are being locked up all over America for psychiatric evaluation and their guns taken away.

I responded with this comment:

* * *

Interesting report, Alexander, but Steve Quayle invents news all the time and while this new Ohio case seems legit, why the heck not publish the victim’s name??? Or even the attorney’s name?? That is very suspicious to me.

All this, as usual, is designed to make us “quail”……

Imagine if Brendon Raub’s friends or attorney had decided not to publish Raub’s name. He would have disappeared down the Memory Hole.

Quayle has no reason to hide the man’s name if this case is real and not another Steve Quayle-sque, doom-and-gloom, martial-law-is-coming-and-we-are-so-f—d tall tale.

Yes, the threat is real, but I want more FACTS regarding this specific case such as name of victim and his attorney. (Btw, I am a major anti-NWO activist, Marine vet myself, and I have been called delusional as well all over the Net by zionist trolls, but am armed to the teeth and have told the JTTF — Joint Terrorism Task Force – that I will fight to the death rather than be arrested, and they know I mean business. I was, btw, a crack shot in the service and still am, and have no gun fetish — but instead a real determination to use those guns if zionist minions seek to do a Brendon Raub on me.)

* * *

I will add the following:

TOUGH TALK IS CHEAP. I have seen over and over this NRA bumper sticker at gun shows, and the NRA president in the 1980s, former actor Charlton Heston, used it constantly:

“I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”

This t-shirt has the variant, “cold, dead fingers.”

Charlton Heston, at his retirement as NRO president, even shouted out “From my cold, dead hands!” and then held an icon Old West Sharps rifle aloft ( ….. designed and built by German-Americans Christian Sharp and A. Nippes in Philadelphia):


What I find frankly pitiful and nauseating is the bravado I hear from men who claim they will die before surrendering themselves or their guns, but then go ahead and do exactly that.

Brendon Raub surrendered.

The Order guys in the 1980s surrendered, despite being armed to the teeth.

I wonder how much fun they had doing 25 years, or 60 years in the case of Richard Scutari.

Died in prison, having surrendered himself and his guns, and gotten a 190-year sentence — the iconic David Lane ( of the famous “Fourteen Words.” He don’t look too happy in this famous photo…..

I did the extensive God video series after reflecting on all I have seen in my nearly 35 years in this Cause….. and what I have seen is…….atheism and the corresponding fear of death.

People who are atheists figure they will be dead forever when they go, and so they would rather die in prison after 25 years than live as a hero now, die proudly and fiercely as a man when the time comes, and then ascend through that famous tunnel of light to God, liberated by death from jew world, presenting themselves before God and His angels as a sinner yet a hero.

Yet they don’t do that. They ARE afraid to die. They do NOT really believe in the afterlife. They ARE functional atheists, because whatever they think they believe, their actions prove, deep-down, that they do FEAR inwardly to the very marrow of their bones that their death will be eternal.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion infamously say, in Protocol 4, paragraph 3:

“This is the reason why it is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the goyim the very principle of god-head and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.”


Therefore Eternal Solutreanism is at its very core a religious movement. God is real, judgment is real, karma is real, and every thought, word and deed are seen by a Being you cannot b—s—t.

Believe it now, or believe it later.

And do not surrender yourself — or your guns. Otherwise you are a sickening pansy, unworthy to say “I am a man.” Unworthy to say “I am an American.” No, you ain’t. You’re just the federal personal property of Barack Hussein Obama, and cravenly afraid to die. On your knees, you beg for a few more miserable days as his prisoner.

The God videos are found here, on the right, under “Eternal Solutrean Agency.”


And more God videos, filmed last year, are being edited now, thanks to donations from readers like you.

So you will really LIVE, not just exist, and die when the time comes with no fear whatsoever, after a life full of meaning, dedicated to a world where we whites survive and thrive.

John de Nugent76 Highlands Mall 67Natrona Heights PA16055tel: (724) 212-5426email: John_

Western Union is also working just fine for sending me donations. You can go totally online and send me money using your debit or credit card, then just send me the money transfer number and I put it on my debit card in seconds.

You do not need to even leave your house!

Btw, Henrik Holappa., whom I helped so much, who was a brave soldier for our race in Finland (, yet who was bored by my religious views, impatient that I would not start any old movement, and who then attacked me last year out of the blue (as, to my shock, a total, committed political soldier of David Duke, the former Klan leader and my rival) calling me “mentally ill and a coward” —– this Henrik Holappa I once housed, clothed and fed for eight months in my own home has dropped out of the movement — as he said in an email to a mutual friend — and out of sight.

I am sad that all this tragedy has happened — and it all began when he went to prison in 2009. God only knows what happened there in a jew-run, black-prisoner-ridden place, especially with Obama as president. I do not know, but I suspect it was……not pleasant. Worse for him and me both was his sudden war on me, and that brought on my terrible retaliation on him after repeated warnings, after he joined the Duke-Black forces that are out to utterly destroy me and have been for years.

I had considered Henrik as a son. I wish Henrik, now a husband and father, very well, wherever he is, remembering our onetime friendship and his valor for our race.

This pic below was taken in October 2008, when my then fianc e and I gave $2000 to a Pittsburgh lawyer to prepare his political-asylum case.

I advise no one to surrender and go to a ZOG prison.

The scenes below from the recent movie about the Spartans, “300,” are perfect except for the fact that the ancient Greeks did not all have dark hair like most modern Greeks (who now are mixed with other Mediterranean peoples). Instead, they looked like modern northern Europeans, who are a mix of brunet and blond. (The Scottish-Irish actor Gerald Butler — a Norman name — who plays Leonidas, was even forced by the Jews who owned this movie to die his hair black and wear dark contact lenses.)

This is how Gerald Butler really appears, and how most Ancient Greeks also looked, with light-brown hair, a mix of dark and blond. In a dialogue by Plato he refers to how “dark-haired men, we say, are manly, and the fair-haired the children of the gods.”

A disgusting freak, Ephialtes, betrays Greece while Leonidas stands tall, preferring death — and glory for Sparta and Greece:


Both a French and a Canadian comrade sent me the following links on a big event coming up in Washington DC to protest Boer genocide:


All well and good…………….BUT it will take a master psychologist and all of his skill, and a religious leader as well, to get people to actually face the full horror of South Africa when Africans control whites. This South African stuff is so appallling and unsettling that is is perfect for blocking it all out.

And Obama either enrages people or they block out his arrogant, cruel smile…..

….the animal lips and protruding mouth…..

Picture of a neanderthal

…..his female’s bitchy smirk and her multi-million-dollar constant vacations, and what all that put together says about their real attitude toward the white taxpayer, and the piling-up evidence of their own hatred for whites right here. They have to face the most horrible fact of all — that this white-hating creature is now at the controls in the White House and can decree himself emergency powers at any time, and actually under the NDAA can arrest anyone right now using troops, even without a martial law decree…….

When I went to check out a rental home possibility a while back, the owner was all enthusiastic about my ideas.

Yet when I called back to try to seal the rental deal, he had given the trailer to two friends he had “sort-of promised it already to,” and he asked me for my first name again, in case another of his trailer homes soon also came on the market…..

Now I had told this guy I was planning to run for President. My video editor was right with me. And the guy forgot my first name……. after showing me the trailer in detail, standing with me more or less in the sun for 10 minutes, face-to-face, and I do, it seems, have a face and voice not easily forgotten, and in bars I meet people who remember me from TV two or three years ago — as I say, the voice and the face.

But as my video editor reminded me, the gent also had told us at the beginning of our encounter that he had a date that night.

So his main concern, it seems now, was just to “get laid,” to be crude. He hardly heard what I was saying, though he himself is Tea Party!

So his hormones, or need for love, or self-esteem — whatever motivates a man to get all excited over a date — overwhelmed the effect of our encounter.

I have to smile…. I have been married twice, and been in two long-term relationships, plus had not a few other girlfriends. Does he think that her two breasts and vagina — every woman I have been with has the exact same equipment — will provide him eternal happiness? Is he unaware of how women are today, fraught with issues, with anger over previous jerks they have dated, and replete with the feminist college brainwashing that all men are male-chauvinistic, oppressive pigs? (And a few actually are… Three of the four women I have been with longer-term were raped as girls or as women. And this is not surprising but tragically typical of women living in what once was America and now is Jewmerica. 🙁 As for the fourth, her previous husband, psycholgically abused as a kid by parents whorepeatedly told him he was worthless, drank away a shoe-store empire.)

I have found, like Hitler back then, that I must truly understand, drastically, finally f—g “get it,” that unlike myself, feelings, wants and hormones, not logic, duty, patriotism or reason, dictate everything for the average Joe. He is deeply, deeply unhappy at God, the world and himself, and just trying to put one foot in front of the other she he doesn’t “lose it.”

And an intellectual such as I must adapt himself totally to not how WE are, thinking long-term, thinking logically, being responsible, about what must be done, but I must adapt to how THEY are, which is psychologically miserable and living from moment to moment.

And this is the state of mind of most as described in The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal. I see it in all the abused young people, the frantic background worrying they have all the time that is so typical of abused kids who have grown up and never had therapy.

My forthcoming flyer is getting simpler and simpler in my mind for this reason. I am dealing with scared animals, humanimals, with the traits the Protocols always wanted, a public that is now scared, low-level frantic, unable to concentrate and frazzled.

“What was your first name again?” 😉

And I cannot save most of them.

So I have to get maximum commitment out of those I can, like the 300 Spartans.

With that tiny band Leonidas saved the white race from the full occupation of Europe by the multiracial hordes of the Persian Empire. With another small percentage of our people, and the help of a real God, we must do, and we will do, miracles of skill and valor, while the pitiful majority dithers. They are unaware a God sees them……and He sees US — men and women doing our duty, gaining honor and glory with Him — and with grateful future generations of our Folk.


  1. John

    Interesting that not any of the incidents in the Olympics which you instance gained any mention in the British press.
    Do you have an e-mail address which I can use to send you an e-mail with an attachment I believe will interest you? If so please let me know it.
    Ian Fotheringham Bristol UK

  2. YOU ARE OUR LEADER! I know that with you to lead the forces of Aryan triumph, our victory shall certainly come, for the gods are with us, truth is with us, and the cycle of Nature is with us. Right and good are on our side, and we shall not go quietly into the ashes of dead history! WE SHALL BE RESTORED! HAIL, SOLUTREA, ARISE!!


  1. John

    Interesting that not any of the incidents in the Olympics which you instance gained any mention in the British press.
    Do you have an e-mail address which I can use to send you an e-mail with an attachment I believe will interest you? If so please let me know it.
    Ian Fotheringham Bristol UK

  2. YOU ARE OUR LEADER! I know that with you to lead the forces of Aryan triumph, our victory shall certainly come, for the gods are with us, truth is with us, and the cycle of Nature is with us. Right and good are on our side, and we shall not go quietly into the ashes of dead history! WE SHALL BE RESTORED! HAIL, SOLUTREA, ARISE!!

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