My speech “The Necessity of Struggle” in 1984 to the National Alliance; switching to the Russian instead of Facebook; the Putin clan

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I have had it with the tyrannical, jewy Facebook. From now on it is, the Russian answer to FB. (See below)


…..the amazing Adolf on race-mixing

Quotes from Adolf Hitler on the pernicious effects of miscegenation; excellent music and video production values


If not visible in your country, use the new


…..My topic: How life is struggle — and this is good and beautiful

In my 30-minute speech found below, I did not go into spiritual issues so much, since Dr. Pierce was more of an agnostic.

I dealt with how nature teaches us to either struggle or die, which wipes those of inferior genes out.

I show how I explained to my then four-year-old daughter Ingrid….

Erika and Ingrid in 1989


…a truly heart-rending nature scene — the death of a baby gazelle at the hands of a pack of hyenas. The gazelle had not stayed glued to its devoted and protective mother……





Listening again, I see I did not have the self-confident tone back then (1984) that I have today, but I think you may find the content and delivery worth your listening.




About my years with the National Alliance, and Dr. Pierce, here is an excerpt from the “White Nationist Biography of John de Nugent (


After some activism with the NSWPP, de Nugent met Dr. William L. Pierce in 1981, a former physicist and chairman of the pro-white National Alliance.

He wrote several articles on recruiting new members for the National Alliance, spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago and chatted with fellow speaker Robert Mathews after his incredible speech about being men.


He also moderated the 1984 NA convention, and built a rapidly growing “Washington-Baltimore Unit” of the NA.



1984 speech:  “The Necessity Of Struggle” John de Nugent speech 1984 National Alliance

He left the NA on good terms in 1984, viewing it however as lacking both 1) a true religious base and 2) an adequate number of women members for a viable long-term movement.


My thanks for this audiofile from 1984 go out to Kevin Alfred Strom, who was also helping Dr. Pierce at that time (1984) and he did so for many years afterward.



And yes, I am highly familiar with the accusations against Strom, but after very careful analysis I and Margaret find them unproven.

Margaret Huffstickler

Nor are Kevin and I friends or buddies; in fact, we have not met or talked on the phone in 32 years.

But Storm posted right after the outrageous federal Chester Doles frame-up trial in Georgia ( that the JTTF [Joint Terrorism Task Force, which visited ME four times!!] threatened him with a vicious remark “You’re next” — and that is just what happened.

In Strom’s case, it was morals charges…. as if suddenly the feds, of all people, were all militant about “protecting children.” What a joke!

Anybody ever heard of the Franklin Coverup?



Prominent black Republican Larry King ran a huge federal ring of pedophiles, flying white children to Washington DC to be molested by (the book says) Vice President George H.W.Bush and the jewish homosexual and Congressman Barney Frank. Child victims who came forward were arrested for slander and sent to prison, or were murdered. In one case, a key investigator for the Nebraska senate and his little son died in an induced small-plane crash in a cornfield, and within 30 minutes the FBI had picked up with tweezers and and put in boxes every tiny shred of the sabotaged small plane.


See my:

Franklin Coverup — gigantic heartland pedophile scandal — crawling with Pharisee Jews



Victim Troy Stoner saw his brother Sean murdered to intimidate him, and developed multiple-personality disorder from years of being raped and tortured. He too was sent to prison through the exertions of the FBI.

Jew assistant district attorney Robert Sigler threatened child victim Stoner with a subpoena for perjury and prevented him from testifying what had happened to him and other innocent, trusting, Midwestern children. Female molestation victim Alisha Owens was sentenced to 27 years for speaking out!


So please do not tell me the feds care about white children, or that Strom’s psycho ex-wives did not have deals with the feds.

One, in fact, dated the cop who was “investigating” (framing) Strom!




Anyway, Kevin Strom recently ran my article from the old National Alliance magazine, National Vanguard, on William Walker.



He did so on his excellent site (, which does outstanding reporting on race, history, and esthetics, thereby carrying on the great Dr. Pierce tradition:




Here is that Walker article also on my site:


JewTube deletes both my German channels with no warning; “The White Conquest of Nicaragua” (on William Walker for Dr William Pierce & National Alliance in 1982)


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….I have HAD it with Faceberg! Switching to

In harmony with the general Fed-jew view that I am a major threat — or rather my potential is, not my current status –I got a White House telephone threat in late November….

There is no way spoofing software can obtain private cell phone numbers or fool the police-connected tracing system at the phone company.
I just got a threatening phone call from the White House …. on caller ID it said “WHITE HOUSE SW”
And Mike Delaney [photo w/sign] of and Jamie Anderson, a successful truck driver and supporter, got calls TOO.
All within the last half hour, from the same white man, around 40, with a deep, official-sounding voice.
[Sorry, envy-eaten dweebs, it was not some pimply Jewish teenager, or some black WH phone operator on her lunch break. ;-) ]
Jamie and I cutting wood for the new office
Jamie and Mike were asked the identical question:

“Do you know John de Nugent?”

Upon their identical answer “Yes” he said

“We want you to know we are watching him.” [click]

I was asked:

“Are you John de Nugent?”

Upon answering “Yes” he said

“We want you to know we are watching you.” [click]

And I answered:
“Good! Just watch me!” 
I was the first blogger in America, in the summer of 2008, to obtain, via Margi’s research, the nude glamour shots of Obama’s Jewish mother, and of her Jewish father, publish them and the full details about Frank Marshall Davis.
Stanley [sic] Ann Dunham, photographed by Frank Marshall Davis
Stanley Armour Dunham
Obama, especially given his vanity, naturally would object to my exposé.
I also did one of the first exposés of the murder of three gay black men in Chicago who knew of the homosexual life style of Obama and Rahm Emanuel.
And I was one of the first to highlight the murder by fire of Ashley Turton in January 2011, as soon as it happened. Turleton knew about the Capitol Hill gay townhouse that Obama and Emanuel used for queer trysts.
Your victims, Barry:
And in January 2011 you also murdered Ashley Turleton, a white wife and mother, and chief of staff for a Long Island NY congresswoman, by burning her alive in her BMW in her garage on Capitol Hill:
The Turleton garage, which became an inferno when she put her BMW in reverse gear
Garage debris after the fire
I also am the only WN who had three squad cars from Homeland Security come by and arrest his assistant (the Finn Henrik Holappa) with steel chains around his chest, wrists and ankles.
I was also questioned at my home by the Joint Terrorism Task Force about James von Brunn (who stormed the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and shot a guard dead.).
One of those asking questions was Bill Steen of the United States Secret Service. I ran on my blog the business card he gave me (with his specific contact info whited-out at his request).

Well, it seems the crackdown on me now extends to the vile Jew outfit Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg borrowed/stole/whatever the Facebook idea from these two Aryan geniuses, the Winklevoss twins (of Dutch heritage) at Harvard, who also were US Olympic athletes.


Now the 32-year-old multibillionaire exploiting an Aryan invention meets with all the other white-haters and promises “to crack down on hate.”




With Satanyahu


After now the third 30-day suspension in three months I have had it. I may keep my acct. at FB open to answer just personal messages, but every time I post anything, they “suspend” me again.





And I do not permit any JEW to “suspend” or “discipline” me for violating his ludicrous “community guidelines” — when Jews are the most racist, imperialist, enslaving, arrogant, bigoted,  cruel, totalitarian, aggressive, evil, genociding people on earth!

I am now on, which is basically the Russian answer to Facebook.




Once again, ironically, it is Russia that defend free speech and not Jewmerica.

A comrade asked me about Putin and I replied:

A Russian scientist (an ethnic-German Russian) explained it to me this way:
Putin is the hired head of one big clan, composed of 1) Russian-nationalist KGB and 2) billionaire Jews who do not wish to kill the goose (Mother Russia) that lays the golden eggs for them; 
Opposing them is another clan, 100% Jewish, and wishing to continue the Yeltsin-era radical plundering until Russia is destroyed.
So the clan that hired Putin is better. Or, if you will, less bad. *;) winking

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