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Don Smith to John de Nugent

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Thank You John, Yahweh Bless You And Your Family..

John de Nugent
John de Nugent Thank you, white brother! Visits to my site are higher than ever — over 10,000 daily. I work seven days a week, often 14 hours a day. I ascribe this boom to three things:


Don Smith
Don Smith Ok, Thank You Brother


John de Nugent
John de Nugent 1) the CIA does seems to be harassing me and my website less under Trump, as per his instructions to stop monitoring “white supremacists” — as reported by Reuters; DHS and the others are supposed to focus on Islamic extremism instead;


John de Nugent2) I spend about $500 a month (like Andrew Anglin of on special website-protecting software and have two paid webmasters monitoring the site;

My site was perma-hacked for six months straight by the CIA or someone after my site was shown on RUSSIAN television:

Russia-One (Rossiya-1) television and its general director showed my site for thirteen seconds and commented on it on SEPTEMBER 11, 2016.

John de Nugent

PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by Talmudists — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article


John de Nugent And 3) with Trump cucking out under pressure from Co-President Kushner,
Kushner Company HQ on 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (this is not a joke)
….and letting all the muslims continue to come in (except for six countries), and allowing the 30 MILLION non-violent-felon Mexicans and all the so-called “Dreamers” to stay,
….we all grasp that 1) the “Real McCoys,” the real, hard-core white nationalists, must step forward,

and 2) we must have WHITE RESERVATIONS all over America, just like the Indians!


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