My site hacked again yesterday — 40 hours so far this week; Manchurian Candidate Duke score 3% in US Senate race; the book by John Marks on this horrific program; how I freed myself from it

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….apologies for the site being down or incredibly slow

To save money, my webmaster took the site from an Icelandic and free-speech-protecting host to a low-cost American host. There have been nothing but problems since and it almost seems deliberate sabotage by foot-dragging and taking their sweet-ass time. As you know, my site was down Election Eve and all of Election Day…. what a coincidence…. but not one of the other websites they are hosting were down.

As the song goes, “things that make you go hmmm”… 😉

….Duke debacle: 3% of the vote in US Senate election

And it could not have happened to a more despicable and treacherous man.

 photo david-duke-debacle-us-senate-louisiana_1.jpg

Duke no longer had that “new-car smell” in this race; he was considered by the white public as a “perennial candidate,” and he last won a race 27 years ago, back in 1989. His cosmetic surgery has gone way south…..


….and his fully merited con-man reputation became his karma.

Tyler Bridges — a horrible liberal but an accurate reporter –fully exposed Duke’s womanizing, his gambling addiction, and his lies to his own supporters, most of them the little people.


I am proud that I encouraged him to write this book about a horrible con artist who (see below) is IMO, having known the man for 27 years, a Manchurian Candidate, created to control and discredit white nationalism.


At the debate, he is was certainly unfairly ganged-up on, but he then shrieked (in a tiresome voice that was even more high-pitched than normal for him) how unfair it all was, and then got very, very little of our WN message out. It was basically about how unfairly HE was being treated, the same stunt he pulled when he was on Alex Jones.


….John Marks’ book on Manchurian Candidates

Marks, as a Jew, of course does NOT go into the Jewish angle here, that Sidney Gottlieb, MD ( was the key person in it as well as the Gentile (?) Canadian psychiatrist Ewen Cameron, MD (Cameron is a Norman name, btw, like mine). So thihs book is a bit like (((Oliver Stone’s))) movie “JFK,” full of partial truths, and avoiding the Jew subject. But who are the premier mind-controllers in world history?



……Why is all this relevant?

Because it means that key white nationalists also can be mind-controlled and NOT KNOW they are mind-controlled.

The entire goal, as Lenin said, was “controlled opposition.”  The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition.”

Bingo — Duke.

And the corollary of that is to crush any genuine leader who is NOT under their control.


Wikipedia: Unethical human experimentation in the United States


The mind-controlled Americans among us who went through MK-ULTRA and Project Monarch

……David Duke and I: two colonels’ sons, both put in the Manchurian Candidate program; one escaped

David Duke and I — mind-control and the colonels’ sons

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”


…..Contact and support

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


The thing to understand clearly now is that Trump is an overt egomaniac and could turn out to be our very worst nightmare.



Because the Jews suspect him of being a Nazi (for many, many solid reasons and he is one, in a mostly negative way– conflict, machismo, destroy his enemies, mass rallies, etc.), he has to prove every day to the Jews that he is not one.

He might end up a strongman (controlling the WH, Congress and Supreme Court) and a quasi-fascist who will destroy us to stay in good with the Big Jews.

And the new order will be this:

keeping enough whites alive to be the goose that must continue laying the golden eggs for Jewry.

Not all Jews hate all whites (many, many marry them, and I had two Jewesses come on to me as an Aryan goy), many reject the pathological antigoyism of the Talmud and, like my landlord in Boston 1996-2002, Ted Weiner, they never go to the synagogue except for the High Holy Days, bar mitzvahs and funerals. They see other Jews as crooks, as Ted did, and he gave me examples of it, and believe me, not all Jews think wiping out ALL of the useful white race is a good idea for them. (And they know they can never pull the wool over the eyes of the cynical Cinese, or moan about the Holocaust to them. China has had a hundred gigantic massacres in their history, and no use for cry-babies.)

Gullible, ard-working, honest, brave and naturally liberal Whites are….


I submit you should support financially the one WN of presidential level who can keep a very, very close eye on Donald Trump… and on the continuing Jeffrey Epstein blackmail situation. Epstein’s little phone book had over a dozen private numbers for Donald Trump and even his security guard and butler.


Is Trump capable of selling us out to stay in power?

You decide. 😉

The best man to take our guns and free speech away would be a “conservative” white male. That is how it happened in Canada, Britain and France.





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