My site hacked 17 hours because we are turning the tide on Leo Frank, Khazarian lecher, loser and toilet strangler

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….Jews attacked my website yesterday — of course, on the centenary of the justified lynching of their guy, Leo Frank! 😉

Could not log in for seventeen straight hours.

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Nick Ziegler Asses!
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Jaime Anderson Well, hope you get it fixed soon, brother. I know it’s the Leo Frank deal; that is why they took you down. You can take a good man down, but you can’t keep a good man down.
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Jaime Anderson His site was hacked; this has nothing at all to do with Facebook.
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Brian Avran The website is up still.
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Jaime Anderson Yes it is, but he can’t login.
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Brian Avran Can you call the webhosting company? They usually straighten this stuff out
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Jaime Anderson He is working on that now. They attacked his site so he couldn’t login and post more important information about Leo Frank. It was 100 years ago today.

John has been working hard to put out as much information about Leo Frank as he could.


Dr. James Fetzer show AUGUST 12, 2015; former Marine Corps captain and professor of logic, U. Minnesota, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton

[Click on image, or here:]

…..And this video was made yesterday (Monday, August 17, 2015, the centenary of the righteous lynching) with Texas author and biker-renegade patriot Clay Douglas

Vincent Nunes Scumbags.
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John D. Nugent At 11 pm last night the webhost and I solved the hack. I again can get into my own site. 😉 I knew the Jews would do something, furious that I and the founder of have been turning the tide on the Leo Frank case.

Abe Foxman, ADL head thug (whose son just married a man), an entity whom Polish Gentiles claimed (lyingly) was their own kid so the righteous Germans would not haul his khazarian butt away. He now spend his life bashing Gentiles.


By completely taking my site down, I would have seemed like more of a visible victim of jew perdecution, so they just left the site up but hacked my login page  — but that means you cannot add anything more to your website! Or respond to new attacks on my views!


Like this SPLC sliming (see heading “” further below):


I am putting up this blog about how — due to our efforts, and the fact and my site are on page one of Google unde rthe search term “Leo Frank” — the Jewish historians, journalists, and their goy minions now admit — because the public can see the facts — that Frank may have been guilty after all. 😉

The Leo Frank Case Research Library — Information on the 1913 bludgeoning, rape,…



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John D. Nugent What makes all this so heinous is that the jewspapers have blasted the state and people of Georgia from that day to this…. cranking out five Hollyweird movies about poor little Leo, victim of bigots, and they founded the ADL to get Frank off….. But now they QUASI-admit he may have been GUILTY as charged! However, if Frank was guilty of rape and murder (the reason why even the four Jews on the grand jury voted to indict him!!) then this means the Big Jews have been DEFAMING for a hundred years 1) the heroic, brave, young, new, prosecutor Hugh Dorsey (later a two-term Ga. governor),


2) the publisher, former congressman and future US senator Tom Watson,


and 3) they have for 100 years spewed bile on the most eminent men of Georgia, who carried out the court sentence of death by hanging, claming they were an “angry, prejudiced mob”! SO WHERE IS THE APOLOGY FOR THEM; SINCE THEY WERE RIGHT?

The sheriff of Cobb County strung the lying bastard up that killed a little girl. the previous governor, the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives; the mayor of Marietta, where Mary had grown up; and many other high officials who were part of the glorious band of brothers that executed the bribing, defaming, perverted sex killer.


Frank stunned  4’11’ Mary with a punch to the eye, then, after she fainted from her head hitting a lathe, dragged the unconscious maiden into the men’s bathroom, there to rape and throttle her.

Hence I call Frank the

Jewish toilet strangler.




In jewspaper hysteria, the other states of the US (depicted as shocked women) watch as “mob rule” takes over Georgia to lynch poor wittle Weo. (Really, were the executors a mob of tobacco-juice-squirting hicks???) 

The Jews call it “shaming.”

No, when the target is innocent, Khazars, it is



“THE SHAME OF GEORGIA” in a New York City magazine



They have cranked out five Hollyweird movies about poor little Leo, victim of bigots, among them…








They began wailing and moaning “oy gevalt” the day the criminal was executed.

Banner headline of August 17, 1915 in Yiddish (a Jewish language composed of  medieval German mixed with Hebrew): 


They lied that the Georgia Supreme Court  had “not even considered the evidence”! (WHAT THE F—??? ) In fact they libelled the state by saying its Supreme Court was ‘not allowed by the state constitution to consider evidence.’ Hunh??? That is news to every lawyer in Georgia who ever appealed a case. 😉



How dare these disobedient goyim/”cattle” of the Georgia Supreme Court disobey the Royal Race of Yahweh?



When the jew media machine began cranking out the defamations of his state and people, and even saying little Mary herself was a slut…. (kind of like saying Hitler had one testicle and was a drug addict, homo, coward, bastard Rothschilds — say whatever you want when the person cannot defend himself)

Except for the eye color (Mary had blue peepers) this girl looked a lot like her in face and hair.


Thomas Edward Watson, US Congressman, US Senator, publisher and leading Georgia trial and murder-case lawyer for 25 years, could not belive what he was reading in the jespapers, and he yelled


This lying midget-jew judge, Clarence Shearn, trained down from New York State’s Supreme Court to Atlanta, without permission, to denounce the ruling of Georgia’s supreme court, an event of effrontery and chutzpah never seen before or since in American legal history!  


August 17, 1915 NY Times  LOL — “Indict Watson for his editorials!”



Kike-shyster Louis Marshall tried to get the US Supreme Court to hear the Frank case; they told him 7-2 to take a hike.  



Thomas Edward Watson, truth champion and All-American hero!






Two-hour audiobook by me


Four-hour audiobook by me


Four -hour audiobook by me



And he also blasted the Jews a new one through his weekly newspaper, “The Jeffersonian”!


My lady friend Margaret Huffstickler…


….recorded on this audiobook:


…and last night Margi finished this new audiobook by Mary Phagan’s brave and assiduous great-niece, Mary Phagan KEAN!



And Margi is a red-headed Southern girl herself!

She knows about rape too by non-whites.

And to boot, she is a Scorpio. 😉

(and Taurus the Bull rising and

Moon in Sagittarius the Archer!)







Thomas Edward Watson:

“Jew money has debased us, bought us, and sold us—and laughs at us,” he wrote in The Jeffersonian. “Hereafter, let no man reproach the South with lynch law; let him remember the unendurable provocation; and let him say whether lynch law is not better than no law at all.”

It was because they lost the Frank trial (August 1913) that the Big Jews founded the ADL two months later (Octoiber 1913) to get their brother Jew, Leo Max Frank, off by:

1) media hysteria and and 2) bribes…..




Yeah, right, except hate is okay to spew against Georgian (and Southern) white people!

Who cares that we Jews defamed the people of the South, whose daughter had been murdered?  




The South is backward. It shames the United States by illiteracy and incompetence. Its hill men and poor whites, its masses of feared and bullied negroes, its ignorant and violent politicians, its rotten industrial conditions and its rotten social ideas exist in circumstances which disgrace the United States in the thought of Americans and in the opinion of foreigners.

When the North exhibits a demonstration of violence against law by gutter rats of society, there is shame in the locality which was the scene of the exhibition.

When the South exhibits it, there is defiance of opinion.

The South is barely half-educated. Whatever there is explicable in the murder of Leo M. Frank is thus explainable. […] The South is half-educated. It is a region of illiteracy, blatant self-righteousness, cruelty and violence. Until it is improved by the invasion of better blood and better ideas, it will remain a reproach and a danger to the American Republic.”

The nerve, when it was the Civil War — started by the jew-Yankee North — that plunged the South into dire poverty and starvation and burned its cities ot the ground, and then brought in Yankee-jew “carpetbaggers” to set up sweatshops where workers got ONE-THIRD the wages up north!  Why was the South poor? Look in the mirror, Yankee hypocrite!

Did the South ask the psychopathic General Sherman to “March To The Sea,” burning and killing everything in his path, to “Restore the Sacred Bonds of Union”?


Atlanta, capital of Georgia, was burned at his orders, as was Richmond, the capital of  Virginia.


A supporter of mine in Mt. Airy, N. Carolina named Jamie told me that his great-great-grandmother’s house was burned to the ground by Yankee troops “passing through” under General  George Stoneman and all her swine and cattle were stolen by them. She and her family had to live off eggs and acorns until the next spring, when they borrowed a neighbor’s mule to plow the fields. Her husband was killed in battle, and the Yankees shot her oldest son, aged around ten, when he resisted Northern depredations.  (Ironically, Stoneman had been the roommate of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson at West Point, but he was pitiless toward the South.)



How about this “semi-educated” Southerner? I read an article estimating his IQ at 200!




Though nearly illiterate, when not beating slaves and spitting watermeleon seeds, he wrote something called the “Declaration of Indepencence.”


Here’s another Southern yokel. He only graduated second in his class at West Point and with zero demerits ( = flawless behavior and attention to duty) in four years of study.


In Texas in 1860 with the US Army, [Wiki]  Rip Ford, a Texas Ranger at the time, described Lee as “dignified without hauteur, grand without pride…he evinced an imperturbable self-possession, and a complete control of his passions…possessing the capacity to accomplish great ends and the gift of controlling and leading men.”[79] Abraham Lincoln offered this half-educated man via Generlka Winfield Scoitt on March 28, 1861 the command of the UNION armies! But he resigned from the Us Army on  april 20 ( = Hitler’s future birthday) to defend Virginia from federal invasion.


The National Cathedral in Washington DC honors this violent and incompetent hill man with this gigantic stained glass window.


Oh yeah, there was this other “ignorant [Southern] politician.” 


And this rotten redneck.


LOL in the jew musical “Parade” YEAR is 2014, a handsome Leo Frank (ROFL) and his BLONDE wife (WTF?) grieve in terror as Southern bigots attack!


Aw, the two Jews look sooooo sweet, because they put in Aryan actors! 😉

Parade The Photography of Russell J Young

How the real Leo Frank looked, Reptosaurus Libidinosus 😉


In the very first movie about Leo-the-Martyr, by sellout goy newspaper billionaire William Randolph Hearst  and a Hollywood Jew named Selig, a handsome nordic actor is the first goy to misrepresent for pay the hideously ugly Jew Frank.

The real deal….



His lovely Ashkenazi wife Lucille, not looking too blonde that day 😉 But the mongolian-turk Khazar eyes are a nice touch. (Btw, David Duke, why DO you say that the Israelis are right and they do not descend from Khazar Turks?? 





But…See More
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John D. Nugent But here is the new jew reasoning: as the NY jewspaper “The Forward” said in August 1913 (the 100th anniversary of their brother reptile being convicted and sentenced to hang), in effect, …..‘While Frank may have been guilty [ = thus his enemies were correct and justified!!] the case has nevertheless brought about “greater Jewish unity”‘………..

Well then, that’s all that matters, isn’t it? The case was “good for the Jews”! 😉 

Who CARES that the last seconds of the life of little Mary Phagan were being raped bloody, feeling a cord strangle her, and seeing a hideous Jew drooling spit and gloating as he thrust into her? 


Who cares she never grew up to be 1) a happy wife (Mary, with her Christian personality, beauty and modesty, would have had her pick of the bachelors) and 2) become the mother of beautiful white babies?


Her murder, and defaming her avengers  all this led to the ADL and like the other fraud, the Holocaust, it has helped unify the Jews!

“Faced with persecution we brought on ourselves, we Jews have become united!”

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John D. Nugent Do THEY care they have defamed righteous white men who did the manly and courageous thing?

Governor Joseph Brown of Georgia was in office when the girl was killed, and the killer was taken before a coroner’s jury, a grand jury and a petit jury, and tried, convicted and sentenced to death — under the Constitutions of Georgia and the United States of America — in strict accordance with law under the merciless glare of hostile jewish newspapers, looking for any mistake to whine about. 



When former Governor Brown realized that his successor, John Slaton [photo below with spouse], had taken a huge bribe to let the killer off, and was the partner of Frank’s lawyer, Gov. Brown ACTED and stormed the state prison where Frank was being kept, his sentence commuted pending his “new trial.”


Time for the rope, child-killing Jew!



John D. Nugent After all, how dared Mary refuse sex to a member of the Master Race? If she had just submitted to Leo’s twisted demands (he was big into anal sex), see, none of this would have happened…. It ws the fault of the shiksa (female Gentile, in Hebrew: “piece of meat”) for frustrating lusty little Leo! Weirdo Leo needed to get off! “Me so horny!”


John D. Nugent So anyway, the big hack yesterday was a sign the Jews do hate me, and I relish their hate!


It shows I am doing my work well and they fear my potential to cause them much more harm in the future! Jews, count on it!

Btw, the SPLC has revised its attack on me, and the Google jews Brin and Page have put said attack at the top of page one under John de Nugent. 😉


Theme: John de Nugent is crazy because he believes in 1) whites called Solutreans came to America long before the Indians, who invaded from Asia and then genocided THEM; 2) I believe earth has been settled by waves of “aliens” (including our own ances…See More
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2.4 million hits on my name on Google at 7:43 am,. Tues., Aug 18, 2015:…

Natriumchlorit – Google Search


…..Big Jew Foxman and goy minion Oney beat sly retreat on Innocent-Angel Leo

1) “Un-righteous Gentile” Steve Oney backpedals sliley on Frank’s “innocence”


Steve Oney is the perfect shabbaz goy, a Hahvahd man, perfect Establishment resumé all round, and part of his perfection is pretending to be objective — for the goyim — while going to bat de rigeur for Leo Frank — since Gentiles  might rightly suspect the impartiality of any overtly Jewish author on the Leo Frank case. Steve Oney is the author of the 2003 book And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank.
His Leo Frank book (says Amazon) “won the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award for best work on the nation’s legal system [oooh] and the National Jewish Book Award for history. (LOL!)

Early in his career Oney was a staff writer at The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine. He has also worked as a senior writer at Premiere magazine and as a senior editor at Los Angeles magazine, and he has contributed to many other publications, among them Esquire, Time, Playboy, and The Wall Street Journal. His stories have been anthologized in The Best American Sports Writing, 2006 and The Best American Magazine Writing, 2008. Oney was educated at the University of Georgia and at Harvard, where he was a Nieman Fellow. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, designer Madeline Stuart. He is at work on a book about National Public Radio for Simon & Schuster.


Well, it has been over four years now (52 months, since April 26, 2013, the 100th anniversary of the murder of Mary Phagan) that I have been hammering away with the other curator at on this case.




And what has been the effect on Steve Oney? How does he maintain any credibility when the proof he is wrong and Frank was guilty is even on page one of Google under “Leo Frank”?

Google, page one, for the search term “Leo Frank” on the centenary of the righteous lynching




The Leo Frank Case Research Library — Information on the …

Information on the 1913 bludgeoning, rape, strangulation and mutilation of Mary Phagan and the subsequent trial, appeals and mob lynching of Leo Frank in …


What he does is (Nixonian term) a “limited hangout,” which is also what conmen do, sort of admit, or sort-of concede some point, or say “I can see how some might think this way” — to seem reasonable and sincerely “after the truth.”

In this way you get “cred” with the gullible goys. As Thomas Watson said in on e of his Leo Frank articles in Watson’s Magazine, “You can tell [most] white people anything and they will believe it.” 😉

On the one hand, he writes (as follows), nolens volens, lucrative and “award-winning” Frankophilia for the Jewish editor Gabriel Snyder [photo] of The New Republic magazine


…and for its heavily Jewish readership — pretty much what he says in his judeophilic book (


“Historical research has all but proved that Frank was innocent of the Phagan murder and that the killer was Conley.

[…] The South was guilty of a horrific moral wrong and in the aftermath closed its eyes to the lynching.


On Facebook (

2013 is the 100-year anniversary of Mary Phagan’s death and Leo Frank’s conviction for her murder. Leo Frank, a Jewish American [a fawning term: Jews ominously prefer “American Jews”]  was a superintendent in the Atlanta pencil factory where Mary Phagan’s body was found. His wrongful conviction and subsequent lynching in Marietta reverberated around the country.

The Jewish Studies Program at Georgia State University is honored to host Steve Oney and to recognize the Leo Frank case as a turning point in American Jewish history. Please join us!

Now comes the Oneyvolution 😉

“He operated a sweatshop. He employed teenage girls.

“…Frank, stiff and effete,” Oney said.

Testifying without cross-examination — an option at the time for criminal defendants in Georgia — Frank seriously damaged any hope of acquittal.

“He was like a computer on the stand,” Oney said. “He used words like ‘data,’ that were completely foreign to people at the time. Jurors felt that he seemed afraid to confront his guilt or innocence.

“To be kind, he was a cold fish.”


Oney said he’s “98 percent” certain Frank was wrongly convicted, but said there were some inconsistencies in his statements to police. There were also several girls who worked at the factory who said Frank made them uncomfortable.

Steve Oney is interviewed for the first 20 minutes.


In this audio interview he seems to go a bit further. To the GPT News interviewer for “On Second Thought” radio, Celeste Headlee, Steve Oney says:

“I think there is an outside chance Leo Frank was guilty, and in the book I leave the door open. […], but you know, we’re never gonna know.

The evidence was unclear 102 years ago at the trial of Leo Frank, and it has only gotten cloudier. Time has not clarified it.

[Covering his ass. sort-of, with the Jews…] If someone read my [2002-03] book, they would walk away thinking he was innocent.”

But does this represent your thinking in the the year 2015? Let me cite Oney again.

The evidence was unclear 102 years ago at the trial of Leo Frank, and it has only gotten cloudier.”




And in this article ( Oney goes even further than that (almost halfway down):

Substantial evidence points to Frank’s innocence, Oney says, but

“there are imponderables that are always going to be imponderables.”

And so the century-old case stays alive.

Definition of imponderable:  “a factor that is difficult or impossible to estimate, assess or answer” or “incapable of being weighed or evaluated with exactness.”


… Jewish Associated Press reporter Adam Geller, who had inquired of its viewport on Leo Frank.

When I joined the US Marines, I did so because I believed in the American dream, and in freedom, the rule of law, and the U.S. Constitution, which our Gentile forefathers gave to OUR nation, sacred things us us Gentiles that are worth fighting and dying for.


It is clear that you, however, are part of the Jewish people, merely living in our country, but I am part of the American people. This is our land, and you are on OUR land as terrible-behaving guests who have worn out our welcome!


Not one single Jew was involved in founding the United States of America, and I know you resent it and have been subverting it ever since you landed on these shores.






Since the first day Jews arrived in every White country, they have done everything within their means to subvert it and agitate for its moral, political and economic downfall. When I took the oath as a Marine to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” it was a holy oath. Today I renew that blood oath:

On August 26, 2013, at 10 a.m., the centennial anniversary of Leo Frank’s conviction by the jury under Judge Leonard Strickland Roan, in the Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia, I, John de Nugent, swore to my dying breath, and to YOUR dying breath, in memory of that martyred girl Mary Phagan,


That I will defend the honor, blood, culture and dreams of Magna Europa, of all White men and women, against your hatred, bigotry, and treasonous conspiracy to enslave us.

We as white male warriors are the White blood cells in the body of our folk, desatined to counter-attack against the cancer of your Talmudic Judaism,your despicable supremacism, and your gradual genocide of our White people in every nation.

The spirit of the Knights of Mary Phagan are reborn in our 21st century Solutrean movement. I seek an elite dedicated to our cause; we seek, if possible non-violently and legally, the restoration of our rights in our own country, and just as you Jews demand a homeland, we Whites too wish for lands where we can be ourselves and

no Leo Franks, negroes, muslims or Asians can rape and kill our children.

Some of the thirty five white female victims of “Dr. Huxtable,” Bill Cosby. When’ya gonna talk about THIS hate-crime, ADL and SPLC?




….to donate so I can keep my website up, — and expand this to a righteous movement of mighty white men around the world!

Working with generous patriot Jamie Anderson of the South (N. Carolina), and Mike Delaney of the North (Wisconsin), to build a new storage shed for the needs of the Mike Delaney family and his (which also is being hacked right now!)



After the Jewish in NYC caved in, now the ADL’s obese chairman-for-life Abraham Foxman also sounds the retreat on Leo Frank! My article on the 100th anniversary of Leo Frank’s death sentence seems to be changing the tide of history.

1) Foxman, worried that the ADL is too tied to the question of Frank’s guilt or innocence (and Frank was in fact guilty of

–anal and vaginal rape,


Weird Leo top-center at a Brooklyn beach



–planting evidence,

–bribing witnesses,

–attempted bribery,

–corrupting a public official – the GOVERNOR of Georgia!

— and seeking to frame two innocent Gentile employees for his crime and send THEM to the gallows!)

now Foxie suddenly is claiming the Frank case was NOT the impetus for creating the ADL.

This contradicts ten decades of ADLers claiming exactly the opposite!


Key lie:

“No, the Leo Frank case was not the impetus for the founding of the Anti-Defamation League.”

But in 1983, Abe, when you were alread a highly-paid ADL official,  “the word then” was that the Frank case caused the ADL to be set up. See the bottom here:





IN 1913.”

It is very significant that both in its editorial and Foxman have both backed subtly away from the thesis of Frank’s certain innocence.

2) Thanks to the work of,


A MASSIVE database of FACTS on the MURDER GUILT of the B’nai B’rith Atlanta president  Leo Max Frank…..

Foxman this time, you notice, did NOT repeat the usual lie that Leo Frank was “innocent”!

He said only Frank had “a completely biased trial.” That is a small-sounding….. but significant reduction in the accusation!

Claiming “the trial was biased” (which even at that is not true) … is still not the same thing as saying Frank was innocent!

This is a pullback! Yes, the $70 million-a-year ADL is reading our stuff! And this is just the beginning.

For Mary Phagan was our girl, our BEAUTIFUL AND PURE GIRL,

….and your man anally raped and strangled her, and then

…urinated on her corpse, leaving one of her 13-year-old little breasts hanging out — with a vicious bite mark on it…


…and then YOUR people, the rich JEWRY of Georgia, reelected him — AFTER his death sentence — to a second term as head of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta, Georgia!

Mary Phagan was our girl. And, you know what, it is “good for the Aryans” to keep this alive.

No Italian would say it is “anti-Italianism” to condemn Al Capone.

But YOU chose foolishly, and against the advice of your own Louis Marshall, to glorify YOUR filthy murderer, Leo Frank, whom even his own wife shunned for almolst three weeks upon his arrest, and refused to be buried next to, as the vile sex pervert, adulterer, sweat-shop tyrant, rapist, murderer, liar, defamer and pedophile that he was.

You see, Abe, The Truth (something you know nothing about, but look it up) just needs one percent as much funding as The Lie.

Lies need constant reinforcement, but the truth is self-supporting, for no one today is happy under your rule, no one wants to be poor, miserable, afraid, denigrated and ripped off by you Jews!

You Jews need BILLIONS to daily seek to convince us anew to accept our own genocide.

We just need THOUSANDS to tell the welcome message of pride, love, power and salvation.


…..What it all comes down to is this:


I wage war on the lie and the slander Jews tell to this day against heroic men, against good, chivalrous, white Christian American males, claiming Leo Frank, was convicted and executed, not because of the facts, evidence, testimony and exhibits presented at the trial against Frank, but solely because of of some supposed anti-Jewish “prejudice.” That is a disgusting, racist, anti-Gentile blood libel spewed by pathological haters and bigots whose canard of “anti-Semitism” hides their own ANTI-GENTILISM!

And does anyone care about little Mary Phagan in all this power struggle and how she died? The last seconds of her innocent life?

And that Jews are knowingly sticking up for a rapist and child murderer just because he is a Jew?

And that the Talmud say is is okay to rape Gentile females?


Prosecutor Hugh Dorsey said one wrong thing about judaism in his summation to the jury (maybe out of ignorance, but maybe out of strategy):

Leo Frank was not being a bad Jew by raping and killing Mary.

He was being a “good” Jew –believe it or not, read it in the Talmud itself.-

He was obeying the commands of his religion when he raped and killed her!

“How dare a mere goy, a shiksa (“piece of meat”=) refuse the sex demands of her Jewish lord and master? Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jews!” That is why he struck out in rage! Sex on demand and the right to humiliate is  what the Talmud told Leo was his right!




“If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

“Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

“The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)


“Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

“If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.”(Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

“Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)



Your Judaism is a hate-filled cult of rape, torture and death.

Judaism must be banned under federal, state and local law — and ALL its active practitioners arrested for conspiracy to libel, steal, rape and murder:

–crimes against humanity

–crimes against peace

–and war crimes.

Judaism is not a religion; it is a dangerous worldwide sect of psychopaths!


 Thus say I, father of two daughters and grandfather of two granddaughters!


 We shall save our women and children!


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