My relationship to my parents and the mysteries of Zionist mind control: more on media Spencer-mania

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A troll posted und rone of my Youtube videos:

He always talks against sociopaths, but he acts as oneself. He has told us probably a million lies. Remember his parents, who abused him horribly? Now, his dad is a hero and he talks only good about his mother. WTF!

But I have to say: THIS MAN HAS SOME GREAT IDEAS AND SOME GENIUS ANALYSIS! But this fact is not only a point for him. He is so good and at the same time so insane, he could as well be a government agent, who has the time of this life fooling us. I don’t say it is that way, but it could be.

I replied:

Comrade, I never said it was my parents that actually abused me. In fact, I think my father spanked me maybe once in my entire childhood. 🙂

I said the MK-ULTRA program did this, and they let the program take me. I suspect they themselves were in the program and had no choice. As for all parents, it is ancient and true wisdom to “speak not ill of the dead.”

With regard to my father,

James Waddell Nugent obituary; Constance Colwell Nugent, his first wife and my mother; her parents

yes, he WAS a war hero, he fought as a sergeant at Iwo Jima, the worst major battle the Marines ever had,


…..he fought in Korea, where 50% of his officer class was killed or wounded, he had nightmares for six months from North Korean atrocities, he earned a chestful of medals in combat, much of it hand-to-hand in the trenches, and he retired a highly respected Lieutenant Colonel.

As for my mother, Constance, she was a fine artist, a superb chef, she put me through many private lessons in the arts, she encouraged my reading and cultural development, she sang the Lord’s Prayer beautifully to me at night (and even ”Ave Maria,” though a Protestant, and she had other very good points.

And now this: were I the nut you claim, I would not be getting threats from the White House (11/22/15), the FBI (11/22/16 and 12/13/16, the state police and the sheriff.

Sheriff calls again saying FBI wants to ”ask some questions”


Russian television also would not be showing my website, nor Alex Jones twice (, and my site would not be hacked for 98 days straight — September 11, 2016 to December 19, 2016 (today!)

…..On the Jew-promoted Spencer-mania 

A comrade/donor/friend and I chatted:

P: Hi, John, Just thinking you should give this a listen. I listened to it last week.  Not half bad.
JdN: I listened to ten minutes.  So now Trendy Andy (whom I really do like and admire) is of course riding on the newest thing, which is Spencer-mania. 🙂 Before that it was Trump — and Duke (who then got 3% and is now broke, according to a very reliable report).
You have to ask WHY the media is giving Spencer huge exposure — and with me, not even allowing a Wiki article (to be more accurate, deleting a detailed article).

Wikipedia biography of John de Nugent

I had to laugh at Lady Diana Spencer’s verbal confrontation with the antifa with the “violent T-shirt”…Two guys with fem voices posturing as opposing badasses.
Anyway, good things r happening here. Bad things have led to good things. What they want is a real fighter, someone who gets back into the ring after a busted nose and busts theirs, and Trump sensed this too.  This is the right time for Virtus. *:) happy
And as always, it was NOT an American to my rescue, but once again a European……. ONE American in nine years, a Texan, has been a major donor – the others were Dutch, Germans and Finns.
The horrible truth is that it was the Jew-ridden, Calvinist England that first settled this country, and then it was Freemasons (including the half-Jew Hamilton) that led it in 1776 to our ever more obvious pseudo-freedom. *;) winking

IT IS DONE! ”The Nameless War” by Captain Ramsay [How Zionists use revolutions to destroy the Gentiles] – John de Nugent’s audio and online versions of the 1952 masterpiece by a British WWI hero, Member of Parliament — and Churchill’s irate political prisoner for 4.5 years in Brixton Prison!

So there have been two big, greedy worms in the American apple from Day One. Germany, France, Italy are ancient nations “recently” infiltrated….. but America is from the get-go a judeo-masonic creation based on toxic individualism and materialism.
The Spencers skim the surface, they are flashes in the pan, they grab the headlines and then the media gets bored and drop them. And Trump may end up that way too — and if he does not sell out, they bump him off.
Some WNS are irate about his appointee for US amb. to Israel…. Friedman, his litigation lawyer….  but I see Trump’s anti-Islamic stance as a plus, and he also gets the (highly dangerous) Jews deluding themselves that he is their friend.
How can one not loathe this mad-dog religion after what just transpired at the Berlin Christmas Market?
P: No, I get it.  Spencer is a very lame figurehead for what is supposed to be a movement that should be bold and manly.  And again, if the heeb media is promoting him, then there is a reason. And with you, they must know who you are. Anyway, glad you said that good things are happening.
It’s about time.

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  1. Spencer is the cause célèbre of East Coast Jews moving to Whitefish, MT.

    He’s being used as an excuse for the city council to flagellate itself and reassure these manic carpetbaggers that they are safe from the evil “white supremacists” in MT. The Jews and some in the “Alt Right” seem to work off each other like an improv team…

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