My Plan for 2010

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First, let me start off with a beautiful quote:

IN the fifth line, the meaning of the verb “abridge” in the famous Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary is to reduce. Unabridged means NOT reduced or restricted in any way, but instead COMPLETE.

Thus, an unabridged dictionary contains ALL the words in a language, and it is is HUGE. 😉

In the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Online:

Main Entry: abridge

Pronunciation: \?-?brij\

Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): abridged; abridging
Etymology: Middle English abregen, from Anglo-French abreger [ah yes, my Norman ancestors again!], from Late Latin abbreviare, from Latin ad- + brevis short more at brief
Date: 14th century

1 a archaic : deprive b : to reduce in scope : diminish <attempts to abridge the right of free speech>
2 : to shorten in duration or extent <modern transportation that abridges distance>
3 : to shorten by omission of words without sacrifice of sense : condense

synonyms see shorten

abridger noun

It is thus clear that while the feds can pass and enforce hate-CRIMES legislation (against physical violent crime based on racial hatred) they cannot and must not dare to cross the sacred red line (as in Europe or Canada) and ABRIDGE our freedom — of SPEECH.

Or the feds will trigger the full and final scenario of our race death facing us. Any abridgement of freedom of SPEECH means that THEY have by their own volition ENDED the Constitution. The FIRST Amendment is WHY we have a United States! For freedom of speech!

And thus the beginning of hate-speech laws is the END of the United States as we know it. What comes after that is naked, ugly, vicious, federal brute force, of centralized state power and terror, and the final enshacklement of the white American slave population, prior to the gradual and total extermination of the white population by DIE-OUT, except for a few blonde female sex slaves to be used by Hollywood and Wall Street jews, and of white boys used for ritual murder ( (Hey, jews reading this, the author Ariel Toaff is an Israeli tenured professor. Son of the late GRAND RABBI OF ROME, and not exactly a neo-nazi :-))


Solar General is a powerful WN-owned server of great and growing importance in our infiltrated movement. I salute their hard work.


A comrade sent me this exchange between two WNs, and how true it all is:

* * *

I hear what you are saying about the jews, but your suggestion that the jews responsible for all our woes is only mudding the issue.
Our problem is parasites of all races and origins.
I went yesterday to the local county courthouse. It is full of the pure White American parasites. No Jews, no Negroes, all rural California Whites, and all are incompetent parasites of the worst kind, who got jobs only thanks to their connections.


Hey, thanks for making all of the flowers smell like sweaty hair and bellies. My wife is going to be super-excited when I bring them home for her. (In a Florida Walmart)

The judges are also all pure blooded White Americans, but they would rival any jew in their dishonesty, cunningness and connivingness. I had to wash my hands for a long time after my visit there.
I was so disgusted with what I saw, I’ll probably stop paying property taxes to that gang of parasites.

Someone asked me: “How do you think those white people you witnessed become dishonest, cunning, conniving incompetent parasites?”

By natural selection. To be appointed a judge or a court commissioner, you have to be dishonest, cunning, conniving, and know well whose arses to kiss. Why else would the Governor appoint you ?
All the recent judges in this county were third-rate lawyers in the private practice who got appointed because they excelled in collecting the campaign money for the Governor, and were able to make it known to him.
To become a county worker, you have to have some good connections. Once you are there, your job does not depend on your performance, but only on the maintenance of those connections. No need to become competent.
The position obliges, you see…

* * *

This is what I wrote about in my seminal article on Psychopaths in Power (,

then scroll down 4/10ths on the right to the .pdf

… and I am proud that my January 2007 article has contributed to the whole WN movement seeing this issue as it is:


One physical marker is the dead look in the eyes of a psychopath.


Another comrade sent this regarding the proposed new Finnish law saying that even VISITING a WN website could cost you four years in prison [!!] (see my blogpost here:

* * *

And the irony here is that Americans are constantly being told that they are fighting for “freedom and democracy”. As if any form of representative government could long exist without freedom of speech, most especially freedom of speech with regard to who can immigrate into a nation.

After all, how free are a people if they cannot even voice an objection to invaders (and talk about what exactly constitutes an invader — foreign culture, religion and genetics) who threaten to take their county from them? That’s probably the most important right a person can have.

Yet, the silence of the U.S. government with respect to defending the freedom of speech of Europeans is deafening.

* * *

A comrade is pushing me to run for Congress this year.

I wrote:

* * *

I will run, but not because anyone double-dares me or tries inverse psychology. Look what happened when [comrade X] got sucked into something. Look how he went to prison and then his name was slandered, to this day!

And I have hard experience in 1990 of total vote fraud. They closed down the whole frigging vote count on me!

Wikipedia (a “Hullabaloo Horowitz” at Wikipedia DELETED the entire article on JdN — because I was “insignificant” despite 2.4 million hits on my name on Bing — — and the Discovery Channnel interviewing me for FOUR HOURS with a six-man crew and their hotshot host, Oliver Steeds, so I put it up on my own website 😉

[edit] 1990 Tennessee Republican primary for US Congress

Congressional candidacy announcement, July 10, 1990, State Capitol, Nashville, Tennessee

In July-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name Jack Nugent (respecting a Southern political usage of nicknames, such as Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter) ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville, on a platform that he consistently designated as pro-white.[49], [50] He was officially awarded 26.7 percent of the vote in the primary election held on August 2, 1990 (the same day as the Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein), albeit de Nugent suspects that massive electronic vote fraud[51] denied him an outright victory on primary day, August 2, 1990. WSMV-TV (Channel 4) coverage shows anchor Jeff McAtee (photo)[52] saying during the news show Scene at Six[p.m.] that voter turnout is light in the Sixth Congressional District. Reporter Steve Linn says the light voter turnout is expected to hurt Nugent. Yet that same evening, on the same station, WSMV, during The Scene at Ten the same anchor, Jeff McAtee (jumbling his words several times, and referring to the race as the Sixth State Senate race) says Here is what the results show so far and then the wrong race results are shown. (In fact, they are for Sheriff of Davidson County, which contains Nashville, with 161 of 164 precincts reporting, i.e. 98%).

Jeff McAtee, anchor, WSMV-TV, Nashville, August 2, 1990

A political analyst, Lee Smith (1996 photo),[53], [54] then comes on to say [Nugent] was running a fairly credible race in the earlier election results that I saw and the news anchor, McAtee, agreed that it was credible for very much a newcomer! (Nugent was not only a newcomer to the state but was a New England Yankee running in a Southern state as well.) The analyst, sweating visibly in the air-conditioned television studio, then editorialized: It would be an acute embarrassment in this day and time if he won. By then the voting machines already had stopped counting Jack Nugents race at 6% of the vote tallied. photo purchased from a Nashville TV video service from the station in 1990 by John de Nugent; Lee Smith, Tennessee political analyst, WSMV-TV, August 2, 1990, Scene at Ten news (10 pm). (Click on small box icon upper right to see the enlarged photo.) Finally, reporter Steve Linn of WSMV (photo)[55] says the exact opposite of what his station had reported at 6 pm: Heavy voting and minor problems have delayed the vote tally and..[..]..there is no clear winner. The voting machine tally had been stopped by then since 8 p.m., for two hours, but not for the other election races in Tennessee. The WTVF-TV Ten OClock Report reporter lists Gregory Cochran [later deemed the winner] at 37%, Wallace Embry at 33% and Jack Nugent at 30%; thats pretty close and the screen says Precincts Reporting: 6%. (See photo of TV screen and primary results.)[56]

(Source: DVD of television coverage, in the possession of John de Nugent and available to all serious researchers.) The candidate received extensive local publicity, and allusions (not using his name) to his campaign were made by Time magazine and on the op-ed page of the New York Times (referring to a Middle Tennessee race).


I vowed THEN that NEVER would I run for office again until:

1) the white masses were hungry and jobless

2) I was ready personally to be a leader

3) I had a new vision to present (the Eternal Solutreans and White Safety & Heritage Zones)

4) I have an organization FIRST, so I have POLL WATCHERS to keep elections honest.

If I run without this fourth part, Roy, then this is what will happen:

1) total federal heat (the IRS is already after me, and the FBI is harassing even my small-fry supporters) to indict, attempt to arrest or kill me by “accident,” “heart attack,” “suicide” or an overt assassination a la Rockwell, prob. using a deranged WN.

2) and read this carefully — the jew goal in MY case is this: to get the masses ELATED that they now have a leader, and then CRUSH me and thus THEIR hopes. The human nervous system can stand just so many disappointments and then the hope dies. The hope itself becomes irritating and a source of torment. The soul gives up, it shrivels, and goes NUMB.

Any election where I run will see me start fast, get lots of initial support and then the jews will initiate their massive media mega-24/7 counter-strike: TOTAL LAUGHING-STOCK CHARACTER DEFAMATION followed by MASSIVE ELECTRONIC VOTE FRAUD.

THIS is what the jews want — to get everyone elated over me and then humiliate, smash and destroy me, with a media blitz without parallel since the days of Rockwell (who was a household word in the 1960s — BUT ONLY as a traitor and nut, which I well remember).

My plan is this: to finish my book, start my movement, and then hold with great seriousness an election for “President of the Americans.” (No treasonous talk about overthrowing Obongo. He can stay “President of the United States,” weak and discrediting to his NWO cause. I pray he lives long and presides for three more years over the final end of the Establishment’s “cred.”)

I shall be the president, by vote organized privately, of the original race-conscious white Americans, who predate the USA going back to 1620 and indeed go back to the Solutreans in 20,000 BC. (YouTube video:

This is based on a concept I am stealing from the greatest stealers of all, the jews. The Jewish Agency was a non-governmental organization for the jews in Palestine before they took over the whole country. It became more and more powerful and took on the trappings of the legal and power representative of the jewish community in Palestine in its dealings with the Arab Palestinians and with the British Empire, which ran Palestine after WWI. Eventually, it morphed into the State of Israel.

As I said to Alan Colmes, I am an Aryan zionist. 😉 And what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

* * *

Jewish Agency for Israel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The logo of the Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency for Israel (Hebrew: ??????? ??????? ???? ?????, HaSochnut HaYehudit L’Eretz Yisra’el), also known as the Sochnut or JAFI, served as the pre-state Jewish government before the establishment of Israel and later became the organization in charge of immigration and absorption of Jews from the Diaspora.

* * *

I may thus, as the democratically elected President of the Americans, a NGO position, ALSO run for Congress in what is now the Jewnited Snakes. 😉 Whether I win or lose, I remain the head of “THE WHITES WHO ARE NOT DOOMED.”

My goal: Never Again a white holocaust, as happened to the Solutreans at the hands of Asiatics [10,000-7,000 BC] and to the 40,000,000 Slavic Aryans of Russia and Ukraine at the hand of Soviet jews and their blood relatives, the Georgians [AD 1917-1957].

I must not throw my life away. I see no one else on the horizon who has even the faintest whiff of a gift or vision or plan for turning this situation around.

Certainly not this guy, the WN and attorney William Johnson, head of the, as well-meaning, courageous and intelligent as he may indeed be, as seen in this nice, logical, untestosteronizing video:

He might as well be asking the white working class through his Rolls Royce for the Grey Poupon! 🙂



(As the readers of know, I also urged Weber to quit, like the esteemed revisionist Carlos Porter, and I offered to run the IHR in Weber’s place. Today on a search engine such as Bing, Weber’s name gets 300,000 hits and mine gets three million. WHO thus also understands how to get media publicity and headlines?)

From: carlos porter

Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 10:28 AM
Subject: Weber
Why can’t Weber fish or cut bait?

Either the gas chambers existed or they did not. If he thinks they did, that’s fine, let him prove they existed.

Why does he continue to derive a salary, however, from a revisionist organization if that is what he believes? Why doesn’t he justquit and go to work proving the existence of the gas chambers?The Jews would pay him well. Where does the $50,000 a year come from that he pays himself?

Again,if the gas chambers existed, fine, that’s great, let him prove them. He does neither. He doesn’t prove it, he doesn’t quit — he just keeps fence-sitting, trying to derive prestige and money from both sides at once. He’s a mugwump:somebody with his mug on one side of the fence, and his wump on the other.

He is a hypocrite. Let himprove it or get out.


hitlerjugendzehnjaehrige.jpg image by mugworticus

It’s real, folks — Whites are literally dying out. The jew-guilt-tripped, brainwashed Germans (a better word would be “brainsoiled”) are among the worst in refusing to make babies.

But white Americans are not far behind. In fact, one night I lay there in bed mulling things over before sleep, and it occurred to me to count how many kids 25 important WN activists whom I knew and were over age 35 actually had.

These 25 WN activists over 35 had a grand total of 12 children. Half were childless! I was a veritable baby-machine at two children!

A German comrade sent me this article by the Establishment newspaper Die Zeit [“Time” in German]. ( and I have translated it below:

* * *


Religiser werden fr mehr Kinder?

Deutschlands Einwohnerzahl schrumpft, Familienpolitik erhht die Geburtenrate nicht. Religiositt schon, wie der Vergleich mit den USA und Irland zeigt. Ein Kommentar

  • Von Malte Lehming
  • Datum 23.1.2010 – 14:56 Uhr

Michael Hanschke/dpa

In stark religise Gesellschaften gibt es mehr Kinder – brauchen wir deshalb eine Rckkehr zur Religion?

Sei doch mal spontan! Entspann dich! Einige Aufforderungen sind nutzlos. Auf Befehl hin spontan zu sein, ist unmglich. Mit dem Kinderkriegen verhlt es sich hnlich. Seit Jahren rufen deutsche Politiker ihren Landsleuten zu: Bekommt mehr Kinder! Und seit Jahren haut ihnen die Realitt ihre familienpolitischen Groanstrengungen um die Ohren.

Das Statistische Bundesamt teilte jetzt mit, dass das Geburtendefizit in Deutschland also die Zahl der Sterbeflle minus die der neugeborenen Kinder auf dem hchsten Stand seit 1976 ist und die Bevlkerungszahl weiter schrumpft. Trotz aller Milliarden, die in Krippenplatzausbau und Elterngeld gesteckt werden, verschwindet jhrlich eine Grostadt.

Folglich msste noch etwas verschwinden der Glaube an die Mglichkeiten des Staates, die Geburtenrate durch pekunire Manahmen entscheidend zu beeinflussen. Denn diese These darf als widerlegt gelten. Familienpolitik geht vom Ideal der Familienplanung aus: Wer Kinder bekommen kann ohne gravierende Einkommenseinbuen bei hoher beruflicher Flexibilitt und gesicherter ffentlicher Kinderbetreuung, der bekommt auch Kinder. Was aber, wenn das nicht stimmt? Wenn die Frage des Nachwuchses weit weniger eine Frage der Bequemlichkeit ist, als angenommen?

In den USA und Irland gibt es so gut wie keine staatliche Familienfrderung. Die Entscheidung fr den Nachwuchs ist dort auerdem mit weit greren Strapazen verbunden als bei uns. Dennoch weisen beide Lnder die hchsten Geburtenraten innerhalb der entwickelten Industriestaaten auf.

Um das zu erklren, greifen Bevlkerungstheoretiker immer fter auf den Faktor Religion zurck. National und international lsst sich sagen, dass religis aktive Menschen weitaus mehr Kinder haben als ihre skularen Nachbarn der gleichen Region sowie der gleichen Einkommens- und Bildungsschicht. Laut einer vom Heidelberger Religionswissenschaftler Michael Blume erstellten Tabelle existiert ein unmittelbarer Zusammenhang zwischen religiser Aktivitt (Beten, Gottesdienstbesuch) und Kinderzahl. Am wenigsten Kinder bekommen Konfessionslose.

Nun weisen auch katholische Lnder wie Polen und Italien niedrige Geburtenraten auf, whrend Schweden und das laizistische Frankreich gut abschneiden. Daher muss zwischen tradierten und vitalen religisen Gesellschaften unterschieden werden. Eine vitale Religionsgemeinschaft zeichnet sich durch starke religise Aktivitt ihrer Mitglieder, ein hohes Ma an gemeindlicher Organisation, niedrige Scheidungsraten und die Pflege des transzendenten Zusatzargumentes fr Familie und Kinder aus (Gottes Gebot: “Seid fruchtbar und mehret euch!”).

Brauchen wir eine Rckkehr zur Religion? Nicht unbedingt. In einer rapide alternden Gesellschaft mssen immer weniger Menschen immer mehr Geld erwirtschaften, damit die sozialen Sicherungssysteme (Rente, Gesundheit) nicht kollabieren. Wer den Glauben an die Familienpolitik verloren hat, aber zum Glauben an Gott nicht zurckkehren will, kann auch fr eine massive Einwanderung pldieren und fr eine rasche Aufnahme der Trkei in die EU.


* * *

Family Policy
Get more religious to get more children?

Germany’s population shrinks, and family policies does not increase the birth rate. Religiosity has, however, as shown by the U.S. and Ireland.

* From Malte Lehming
* Date 23.1.2010 – 14:56 Clock

Michael Hanschke / dpa

Highly religious societies have more children. Do we therefore need a return to religion?

“Be spontaneous! Relax!” Some appeals are useless. No one can be spontaneous when ordered to do so. Having children is similar. For years, German politicians have been calling on their fellow countrymen: Make more children! And for years reality has given their huge efforts a kick in the head.

The [German] Federal Statistical Office announced now that falling birth rates in Germany – that is, newborn children minus deaths – are at their worst since 1976 and the population continues to shrink. Despite all the billions that will be put into expanding kindergartens, nursery schools and day care, every year the equivalent of a large German city DISAPPEARS.

Consequently, something else must disappear — the belief in the ability of the state to influence the birth rate significantly by pecuniary measures. [JdN: Right. The decision to have children cannot be a selfish, julike profit-loss calculation!]

The Germans had children again under Hitler because they were joyful, and felt secure economically, emotionally and militarily.

This thesis may be considered as refuted. [The German government’s] family policy starts from the ideal of the family having children without any serious loss of income, high professional mobility and secure public childcare. But what if they did not? If the question of having offspring is much less a matter of convenience than was assumed?

[JdN: “Assumed” by the Frankfurter School judeomarxists!]

In the U.S. and Ireland, there is almost no state financial support for families. The decision to procreate the next generation there is thus associated with far greater hardships than we face. Nevertheless, both countries have the highest birthrates of all developed industrial countries.

To explain this, population theorists refer more and more back to the ancient factor of religion. Nationally and internationally it can be said that religiously active people have far more children than their secular neighbors of the same region, income and educational level. According to statistics from religious scholar Michael Blume of Heidelberg, there is a direct link between religious activity (prayer and church attendance) and the number of children. Those without any religious affiliation have the least children of all.

Nowadays, even Catholic countries like Poland and Italy have low birth rates, while Sweden and secularist France are doing well.

[JdN: This is misleading. France is “doing well” 3/4s because Arab and African immigrants are having children! 1/4 of the increase is from the very good daycare for working mothers.]

Hence the necessity to distinguish between traditional and still vital religious communities. A vibrant religious community is characterized by strong religious activity of its members, a high degree of communal organization, low divorce rates and the additional transcendental argument for family and children, God’s commandment: “Be fruitful and multiply!”

Do we need a return to religion? Not necessarily.

[JdN: Now comes, in my opinion, a completely ironic conclusion that signals the opposite. One must understand that in Germany it is a felony hate-speech crime to say Third World immigration is bad.]

In a rapidly aging society, we have fewer and fewer people who need to earn more and more money so the social security system (retirement and health) do not financially collapse. Anyone who has lost faith in the government’s family policy, but does not want to return to God, can always argue for more of this massive immigration — and for Turkey to rapidly enter the European Union.

=end= (JdN: in more ways than one! 😉 )

The coming struggle will be as much RELIGIOUS as racial, political and economic. We will be competing with a race whose religion is itself. We will be defining ourselves as a rival and truly “noble” race. We believe that we Aryans are by our achievements Nature’s nobility, a race living and even dying for higher values and for higher man, opposed eternally to the gutter sex, hate and greed of the other “elite” race.

We live for the Folk Community of all our Solutreans, for its creativity and altruism, for its beauty and its eternal sense of duty. We are souls that evolve from life to life throughout human history, and embrace its joys, and face its tragedies, on a rocky yet rising path. What we do, or fail in the year 2010 to do, will affect our future, now and in many lives, in this universe. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, because we will BE those children in the centuries to come.

As Julius Caesar said about the Kelts of Gaul, their belief in reincarnation made them fearless.

The implications of reincarnation to our racial struggle are far-reaching and massive. This doctrine and this reality are genuinely Aryan and they change everything.

Wikipedia: (source:

Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 April 7, 1947) was the American founder of the Ford Motor Company and father of modern assembly lines used in mass production. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. He was a prolific inventor and was awarded 161 U.S. patents. As owner of the Ford Motor Company he became one of the richest and best-known people in the world. He is credited with “Fordism“, that is, the mass production of large numbers of inexpensive automobiles using the assembly line, coupled with high wages for his workers. Ford had a global vision, with consumerism as the key to peace. Ford did not believe in accountants; he amassed one of the world’s largest fortunes without ever having his company audited under his administration. Henry Ford’s intense commitment to lowering costs resulted in many technical and business innovations, including a franchise system that put a dealership in every city in North America, and in major cities on six continents.

In 1923, [Henry] Ford’s pastor, and head of his sociology department, Episcopal minister Samuel S. Marquis, claimed that Ford believed, or “once believed” in reincarnation.[63] Though it is unclear whether or how long Ford kept such a belief, the San Francisco Examiner from August 26, 1928, published a quote which described Ford’s beliefs:

I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was twenty six. [JdN: He was then 60 years old.] Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next.

When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan. I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock.

Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more.

The discovery of reincarnation put my mind at ease. If you preserve a record of this conversation, write it so that it puts mens minds at ease. I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us.

* * *

Friends, I need financial resources to finish my book, print my door-to-door materials, to train witnessing teams, and to get $2000 worth of DVD reproduction machines transported here from North Dakota, because my key book IS A DVD (text, photos, music, videos, and I also talk directly on the video in a heart-to-heart fireside chat to the reader).

You can send a money order, cash, a check to John de Nugent, or use PayPal (to

John de Nugent

213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055

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  1. Very well done. And in this written form one can see that you love what you are speaking about.

    Would you be astounded if I told you that my youngest child (age 5) basically favored your entire piece of writing as well? I reckon it’s probably the images. 😉 I accept that once he is completely ready to leave the nest, I am going to be so retro that I might use the same reasoning as well. Aaah… enough ranting…. I completely concur about caring for the unconscious mind. This normally stays healthy if one gives proper love and attention.

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