My five biggest videos and three most viewed blogs

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If the vids below are not playing, it is the J-Team hacking Sonnenrad again. Somehow I get the feeling Jews don’t like me. 

…..53,000 views on all platforms (YouTube [2K], Trutube [the whole site was hacked; the vid had 23K vieww], Liveleak [5k views; acct. permanently deleted by Liveleak] and [currently at 28K views])


…..21,000 views on all platforms: my video in German with English subtitles — Hitler, then and now

……8,000 views: Hitler, the friend of the suffering working class

……(At least) 7,800 views music video: My heart will go on (I am usually not given credit for this)

Does this look like an oppressed people? 

I produced this video, which has gone far and wide, back in 2011 (and, frankly, honorable people should credit me with it). This is about the joy Hitler produced in the masses after he saved them from the misery of the Great Depression…

The initial scenes are from Nuremberg as Hitler lands for a Party rally, the doves released at 1:15 are from the Berlin Olympics in 1936, then more Nuremberg (the women in ethnic costumes rushing up to the Führer were ethnic German “Volksdeutsche” from outside Germany.

Then (starting with the motorcade at the “Steindl Konfektion” scene at 01:53) we see the liberated Sudetenland Germans in the spring of 1938….

2:53 is obviously the Nuremberg rally grounds on the Zeppelin Meadow with the huge white stands ….

From 03:51 on, along the parade route, with German soldiers in trucks, with boys waving tearfully in joy is again the Sudeten Germans, in the fall of 1938.

4:21 is the Heldenplatz (Hero Square) in Vienna, with the gigantic equestrian statue, the location where Adolf Hitler would announce the return of his homeland to the German Reich.

4:28 is again the Nuremberg rally grounds…4:33 is again the Olympic Stadium in Berlin…

Were the Germans of the 3rd Reich oppressed? Did they live in fear? Here we see how they felt when they saw their Führer…

Maybe now you understand why, even when Adolf Hitler visited the front, none of the soldiers were required to unload their guns (as they must do in the American military when their presidents visit them).


…..6,000 views: When men were men, and women loved it


….Three most viewed blogs

MY TOP-HIT BLOG OF ALL TIMES – 120,721 hits — Anti-white violence at the Olympics; Phora web forum fake thread; NUMEC victims rage to me over thousands of cancer deaths; Steve Quayle spreads doom & gloom again; tough-talk gun nuts who surrender meekly


Ziss vas my blogk 🙂 about a 95-year-old Churman who remembers vhat life vas like before the Fuehrer under ze Chews and after he came to power — 82,000 views

GERMAN (82.191-Ansichten u. steigend!) 95jähriger Deutscher sagt, wie es mit Versailles, Weimar u. Hitler war; MEINE 3 DEUTSCHEN VIDEOS;;

The most popular English blog, at 14,080 views, was this: Are Jews, Arabs and other Middle Easterners descendants of the primitive, violent neanderthals, and do their religions (Judaism and Islam) reflect the neanderthal nature?


Neanderthals & Semites


…….contact and support


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