My coming religion the exact opposite of a cult

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Working hard on my credible white organized religion. We are getting our derrières kicked by organized religions, Judaism, Islam and Luciferian Freemasonry. In unity is power!

But all we got is the truth. 😉

In the hands of the individual that truth is worth jack. In fact, carrying it around in your head alone is a burden that can ruin your whole day.

Having competence without having authority is as useless as having authority without competence. — Gustave Le Bon





John de Nugent A comrade asked me about online dating. I answered: “Dear K[], yes and the worst relationship ever came out of it.  I am creating a new religion because under-4Os are often toxic, narcissistic jerks and terrible mates. Things have gone way downhill since the 1960s. A bad woman can destroy your life.”



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Rick Prohaska a bad woman is like building your house on quicksand



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Pavlova Patroshka religion or a cult?

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Zachary Samuel Shuttleworth There’s a difference?

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John de Nugent It is based on hard evidence of life after death (meaning we are souls that have bodies) via NDE studies (near-death experiences) and reincarnation research (U. Virginia studies of 250 cases)
plus the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, a best-selling author of no-nonsense books in 11 languages.
If the founder does not claim infallibility, take all your money, teach his way is the only way, forbid you to have outside friends, drive a Rolls Royce while you live in poverty, or demand you sleep with him or his lieutantants, then it is not a cult.
It is a community; it is unity; it is goals to fight for, and values to live and raise kids by — and all that is what whites lack and will never get from Pauline Judeo-Christianity, nor can they get it again from Odinism, which has an appeal only to those whites of germanic blood (not Kelts, Slavs or Latins) and as Hitler said, no dead religion ever comes back. The good in it must be incorporated into the new, living faith.

When I speak of religion, I mean not spirituality, which is vital but an individualistic thing — your personal relationship with a higher world.

We do not need MORE individualism! We are dying from individualism while the others races play like a team!! 

We need a highly organized, hierarchical, military-style religion in the classical and eternal sense:

Religion consists of:
(1) acknowledgment of a supernatural and higher reality, usually defined as a god or gods,
(2) reverence for objects, places, and times considered sacred, that is, separated from ordinary objects, places, and times,
(3) regularly repeated ritual activities,
(4) conformance to stipulations revealed by the supernatural reality,
(5) communication with the supernatural through prayer and other activity,
(6) feeling awe, fear, mystery, etc.,
(7) integration of items 1–6 into a holistic, though not necessarily systematic, worldview, and
(8) joining a group of like-minded people.

……”Coming attractions”

An important comrade and Old Fighter seen in this photo
 I hope to have the opportunity to get together with you at some point to talk over various ideas.
I replied:
By the time we next meet in person, I will have finally started my NS religion. Just as it was the Versailles Treaty, which snapped the Germans out of their lethargy, and Dietrich Eckart, the great mentor, friend and master of theater and drama, who made Hitler into the man who he became, the key things have lined up for me. 


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