My ancestral Normandy

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The most beautiful model in France, Laetitia Casta, is from Normandy.

Aerial views of Normandy:


My distant ancestors were Vikings who conquered Normandy (“Northman-land”) in northern France.



Coat of arms of Nogent-le-Rotrou in Normandy


Yours truly in 2004 at the Abby for Men (“L’Abbaye des Hommes”), built by William the Conqueror in Caen, Normandy


At Étretat in 2004, on the coast, facing the White Cliffs of Dover on the English side


The Normans, bored by peace, went on to conquer England in 1066 — and then conquered and settled Ireland in the 1160s.

Hugh de Nugent built this in County Westmeath; it needs some roof work now.


A relative, Count Laval Nugent, born in Ireland, became a field marshal of Austria and recipient of the highest Austrian medal for valor, the Maria Theresa Order. I bear a striking physical resemblance to him in eyes, head shape and nose.

Count Nugent’s castle in Croatia (, bestowed upon him by the Austrian emperor Franz Josef after awarding him one of the highest Austrian medals for valor, the Knight’s Grand Cross of the Maria Theresa Order.



More photos of this castle:


My father James fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima in WWII…. here commemorated in Arlington, Virginia



He was a captain in the Korean War, and finally reached lieutenant colonel.


The warrior is in our blood.


“This world is a place of conflict, and he who will not fight does not deserve to live.”





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