1. We are seeing a very strange kind of muslim here…As far as I know, homosexuality is very un-islamic (but rape not, of course, this is permitted).

    Could this and other similar cases be mind-controlled individuals, or in the case of the muslim invasion of Europe a whole mind-controlled army?

    If yes, who are controlling them?

    In the case of Europe, could it also be that some countries are emptying their jails of people of the most undesirable kind?



  2. Well, the muslim, Omar Mateen, who was the mass killer of homosexuals in Orlando, Florida (the big crisis of the week a month ago) went for years to gay bars and was apparently bisexual also.


    I think Islam is just an excuse to kill people, and vicious nerds get to live out their fantasty.

    And joining antifa to fight racism is just an excuse to beat and terrorize people.

  3. Muslim culture is much like Latino culture, i.e., the “active” partner (“pitcher”) is not considered truly homosexual, while the passive one is. Bouhlel and Mateen both look like “active” types.

    That being sad, I’m inclined to believe the primary actor in this little drama was Mossad (not that they don’t have a stable of gay Arabs they can blackmail.) The Renault Midlum truck a right-side driver model usually found in the Alps. A large reefer trailer later switched with a smaller canvas-side one. An hour to go 1 mile at 40 mph? No shattering of glass meaning it was either polycabonate or decals. Holes in truck made with angular object. No damage equivalent to striking 300 bodies–and no blood ad gore on truck either. Bodies covered with hear-reflecting mylar blankets–makes sense only if trying to keep refrigerated bodies cool to avoid rigor mortis. I think the casualties were already dead, possibly gassed, and stacked up inside the reefer car and dropped out the bottom at the truk drove slowly. Mostly foreigners from different countries. There are 900 CCTV cameras in the area that could refute this hypothesis–the French Government is now fighting to have all this footage destroyed.

  4. I think concerning the homosexual thing that perhaps these muslims who are either extremely poor, or money-obsessed, get into homosexuality with well- off white sickos (a theory).

    Also it could be the scenario Tom pointed out; hard to say.

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