More of my weird encounters with the numbers 11 and 666

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This dimension, the one that we morally so-so people live in 😉 ), is a kind of hologram, built using numbers. Good people know it, and so do evil people……

The Jews constantly strike their antisemitic foes on dates with 11 in it because 11’s, they believe, and their multiples, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99, help them succeed (in this case, with crimes).

They killed Kennedy in Dallas on an 11/22 (in 1963),

The Jewish War on the Kennedys



Secret Service agent in Dallas is ordered to dismount from the Kennedy limousine, 11/22/63


….the 7/7 London subway bombing…..

The Pentagon was started on 9/11 in 1941, on that exact same day FDR announced the US Navy would begin depth-charging German U-boats (two months BEFORE Pearl Harbor!!!), on 9/11 of 1990 Pres. George H.W. Bush promised Congress that invading Iraq would bring us a wonderful ”New World Order”…..

…..and 11 years to the day after that speech, this happened:


…On a positive note, the 888 date of the giant black sun crop circle… 8.8 (August 8) of 2015 (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 0 8)

Crop circles: just plain weird & not really relevant? How’bout alien antisemites bypassing the media to warn us?


Published on Aug 8, 2015

Crop Circles 2015 Ox Drove Nr. Bowerchalke Wiltshire. Reported 8th August 2015.


As for me, my own name adds up to 11 in numerology:  j-o-h-n-d-e-n-u-g-e-n-t

Image result for numerology john de nugent



Well, to get now to my newest story, a 666 story….

As this blog of mine proved, the top (and jew-owned) energy drink, Monster, has the three Hebrew numbers 666 on it as the logo:


Red Bull can kill you; Monster energy drink and 666






People ask me, John, how exactly can letters also be numbers?

Well, this double usage was common before the Hindu-Arabic numerals came along (1, 2, 3, 4, …) . and so letters meant both parts of words — and parts of numbers.

Think of the Roman numerals…. X, V, I, L,M, C, etc.

The current year, 2016, is MMXVI, Roman alphabetical letters that also mean numbers!

Anyway, I am slaving away for funds on a huge audiobook (Captain Archibald Ramsay’s The Nameless War) on how the jews organized many of the famous revolutions to destroy the goy leadership class…





And very reluctantly — burning the midnight oil, and with coffee just not doing it for me for stamina — I decided (also just as an experiment) to try just once some of this brew, Monster Energy Drink. (I got a Monster sugar-free Raspberry Ice Tea.)

And the change the clerk gave me back for a ten came to $6.66 — for the Monster Energy Drink with the logo 666….

Whoahhhh, cue the Twilight Zone music 🙂




Me filming me filming the can of Monster & the evil 666 receipt.



…Next thing that hit me

I was reviewing my blog here on Alex Collier, who says he is a contactee who has spoken with good nordic aliens who are warning us that our elites are servants of the Greys….

Claimed alien contactee Alex Collier — if authentic, a powerful message why we have literally anti-human elites; the Fourth German Reich and nordic aliens

Anyway,  it is mostly fascinating stuff, but somehow, watching his 1994 two-hour video, my eye wandered over to the timer at the exact moment of 47:47.….

which means 11:11 , which means 22 (earthly mastery).

11 = spiritual mastery

22 = earthly mastery

33 = mastering heaven and earth


This stuff happens to me all the times and many other things. If you pray to your angels and guides, they can happen to you too.

Just don’t shrug it off when it happens, say “Gee, that was weird,” and go back to stuffing chips in your mouth. 🙂

Angels have feelings too. 🙂



… and support

I am creating a new religion, Virtus, meaning the manly virtues, so we can fight back. This is a war that is is being fought on many levels!



SS castle Wewelsburg



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